IBM patents granted on 20 May 2008

96 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 D569,379 Disk drive carrier for a network attached storage unit
2 D569,339 Multi-orientation battery charging cradle
3 7,376,971 Computer implemented method and system for controlling use of digitally encoded products
4 7,376,961 Contactless power and/or data transmission in an automated data storage library employing segmented coils
5 7,376,948 Selective generation of an asynchronous notification for a partition management operation in a logically-partitioned computer
6 7,376,933 System and method for creating application content using an open model driven architecture
7 7,376,932 XML-based textual specification for rich-media content creation–methods
8 7,376,924 Methods for placement which maintain optimized behavior, while improving wireability potential
9 7,376,914 Method and computer program product for designing power distribution system in a circuit
10 7,376,911 Method and system for controlling screen focus for files and applications during presentations
11 7,376,910 Displaying objects using group and object priority levels
12 7,376,905 Method, system, and computer program product for user-specified GUI object distribution
13 7,376,900 Method and system to control operation of a portlet
14 7,376,896 System for recording world wide web browsing sessions navigation on a real-time basis and for subsequently displaying the recorded sessions as surrogate browsing sessions with user enabled real-time modification
15 7,376,890 Method and system for checking rotate, shift and sign extension functions using a modulo function
16 7,376,888 Interleaved recording of separated error correction encoded information
17 7,376,887 Method for fast ECC memory testing by software including ECC check byte
18 7,376,875 Method of improving logical built-in self test (LBIST) AC fault isolations
19 7,376,863 Apparatus, system, and method for error checking and recovery of transmitted data in a SCSI environment
20 7,376,862 Multiple sourcing storage devices for ultra reliable mirrored storage subsystems
21 7,376,860 Checkpoint/resume/restart safe methods in a data processing system to establish, to restore and to release shared memory regions
22 7,376,859 Method, system, and article of manufacture for data replication
23 7,376,852 Method for controlling power change for a semiconductor module
24 7,376,841 Portable computer with a hand impression
25 7,376,832 Distributed method, system and computer program product for establishing security in a publish/subscribe data processing broker network
26 7,376,823 Method and system for automatic detection, inventory, and operating system deployment on network boot capable computers
27 7,376,816 Method and systems for executing load instructions that achieve sequential load consistency
28 7,376,809 Systems and methods for multi-frame control blocks
29 7,376,808 Method and system for predicting the performance benefits of mapping subsets of application data to multiple page sizes
30 7,376,806 Efficient maintenance of memory list
31 7,376,795 Memory coherence protocol enhancement using cache line access frequencies
32 7,376,792 Variable cache data retention system
33 7,376,770 System and method for virtual adapter resource allocation matrix that defines the amount of resources of a physical I/O adapter
34 7,376,763 Method for transferring data from a memory subsystem to a network adapter by extending data lengths to improve the memory subsystem and PCI bus efficiency
35 7,376,739 Persistence of inter-application communication patterns and behavior under user control
36 7,376,730 Method for characterizing and directing real-time website usage
37 7,376,713 Apparatus, system and method of distributing block data on a private network without using TCP/IP
38 7,376,703 Instant messaging with caller identification
39 7,376,684 Efficient parallel bitwise sweep during garbage collection
40 7,376,676 Method, system, and program for autonomic copy services solutions
41 7,376,675 Simulating multi-user activity while maintaining original linear request order for asynchronous transactional events
42 7,376,660 System and method for extensible java server page resource management
43 7,376,659 System, method, and computer program product for generating a web application with dynamic content
44 7,376,646 Cost-based subquery correlation and decorrelation
45 7,376,641 Information retrieval from a collection of data
46 7,376,639 Selectivity estimation for conjunctive predicates in the presence of partial knowledge about multivariate data distributions
47 7,376,638 System and method for addressing inefficient query processing
48 7,376,634 Method and apparatus for implementing Q&A function and computer-aided authoring
49 7,376,631 Method, apparatus and computer program product for reporting energy consumption
50 7,376,623 System and method for accessibility content copyright permission
51 7,376,613 Business method for comparison shopping with dynamic pricing over a network
52 7,376,610 Computerized method and system for score based evaluation of capital market investment decisions and strategies
53 7,376,602 Method for facilitating and maintaining an active parts data repository
54 7,376,565 Method, system, and apparatus for monitoring security events using speech recognition
55 7,376,532 Maximal temperature logging
56 7,376,487 Nesting negotiation for self-mobile devices
57 7,376,476 Methods for changing time intervals of the occurrence of audio information from local and remote sites
58 7,376,469 Methods and apparatus for implementing manual and hybrid control modes in automated graphical indicators and controls
59 7,376,421 Delayed mobile node registration with home agent
60 7,376,310 Optical waveguide element with controlled birefringence
61 7,376,309 Optical structure
62 7,376,220 Automatically updating a voice mail greeting
63 7,376,129 Enabling collaborative applications using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based Voice over Internet protocol Networks (VoIP)
64 7,376,106 Code-division-multiple-access (DS-CDMA) channels with aperiodic codes
65 7,376,083 Apparatus and method for modeling queueing systems with highly variable traffic arrival rates
66 7,376,082 Quality of service for iSCSI
67 7,376,062 System and method for logical shredding of data stored on worm media
68 7,376,006 Enhanced programming performance in a nonvolatile memory device having a bipolar programmable storage element
69 7,376,001 Row circuit ring oscillator method for evaluating memory cell performance
70 7,375,963 System and method for cooling a module
71 7,375,962 Jet orifice plate with projecting jet orifice structures for direct impingement cooling apparatus
72 7,375,961 Rotatable component support assembly for an electronics enclosure
73 7,375,910 Data storage cartridge having a plurality of cartridge memories
74 7,375,840 Method and system for the management of files and mail attachments
75 7,375,809 Alignment routine for optically based tools
76 7,375,657 Method and system for performing streaming of encoded data
77 7,375,624 Telematic parametric speed metering system
78 7,375,513 Methods for measuring magnetostriction in magnetoresistive elements
79 7,375,413 Trench widening without merging
80 7,375,410 Ultra-thin SOI vertical bipolar transistors with an inversion collector on thin-buried oxide (BOX) for low substrate-bias operation and methods thereof
81 7,375,371 Structure and method for thermally stressing or testing a semiconductor device
82 7,375,339 Monitoring ionizing radiation in silicon-on insulator integrated circuits
83 7,375,278 Mounting components to a hardware casing
84 7,375,172 Underlayer compositions containing heterocyclic aromatic structures
85 7,375,039 Local plasma processing
86 7,375,034 Recessing trench to target depth using feed forward data
87 7,375,021 Method and structure for eliminating aluminum terminal pad material in semiconductor devices
88 7,375,000 Discrete on-chip SOI resistors
89 7,374,998 Selective incorporation of charge for transistor channels
90 7,374,988 NFET and PFET devices and methods of fabricating same
91 7,374,987 Stress inducing spacers
92 7,374,980 Field effect transistor with thin gate electrode and method of fabricating same
93 7,374,952 Methods of patterning a magnetic stack of a magnetic memory cell and structures thereof
94 7,374,793 Methods and structures for promoting stable synthesis of carbon nanotubes
95 7,374,428 Land Grid Array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
96 7,374,085 Product purchase system, product purchase method, a storage medium for storing a program for executing the product purchasing method, and a server used therefor