IBM patents granted on 20 November 2007

81 US patents granted on 20 November 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,299,503 Apparatus and method for location specific authentication using powerline networking
2 7,299,492 Multi-level multi-user web services security system and method
3 7,299,477 Identification of the source of a client/server flow
4 7,299,474 Application window closure in response to event in parent window
5 7,299,473 Method and apparatus for reducing library size on a compressed file system
6 7,299,471 Common thread server
7 7,299,470 Method and system for regulating communication traffic using a limiter thread
8 7,299,469 Hierarchical weighting of donor and recipient pools for optimal reallocation in logically partitioned computer systems
9 7,299,468 Management of virtual machines to utilize shared resources
10 7,299,465 Configurable application integrating service request and fulfillment process
11 7,299,464 System and method for transferring data between virtual machines or other computer entities
12 7,299,456 Run into function
13 7,299,453 Testing measurements
14 7,299,451 Remotely driven system for multi-product and multi-platform testing
15 7,299,448 Context-sensitive attributes
16 7,299,442 Probabilistic congestion prediction with partial blockages
17 7,299,436 System and method for accurately modeling an asynchronous interface using expanded logic elements
18 7,299,432 Method for preserving constraints during sequential reparameterization
19 7,299,426 System and method to improve chip yield, reliability and performance
20 7,299,418 Navigation method for visual presentations
21 7,299,409 Dynamically updating rendered content
22 7,299,407 Marking and annotating electronic documents
23 7,299,404 Dynamic maintenance of web indices using landmarks
24 7,299,376 Apparatus, system, and method for verifying backup data
25 7,299,374 Clock control method and apparatus for a memory array
26 7,299,372 Hierarchical management for multiprocessor system with real-time attributes
27 7,299,371 Hierarchical management for multiprocessor system
28 7,299,367 Methods, systems and computer program products for developing resource monitoring systems from observational data
29 7,299,336 Scaling address space utilization in a multi-threaded, multi-processor computer
30 7,299,327 Content-on-demand memory key with positive access evidence feature
31 7,299,319 Method and apparatus for providing hardware assistance for code coverage
32 7,299,313 System, method and storage medium for a memory subsystem command interface
33 7,299,288 System and method for concurrent security connections
34 7,299,273 Method and system to bundle message over a network
35 7,299,266 Memory management offload for RDMA enabled network adapters
36 7,299,254 Binary coded decimal addition
37 7,299,249 Apparatus, system, and program for determining consistency of a database
38 7,299,248 Method, system, program for determining frequency of updating database histograms
39 7,299,234 Method and apparatus for validating and configuring database transaction requests from multiple clients
40 7,299,232 Low overhead methods and apparatus shared access storage devices
41 7,299,231 Method and system of subsetting a cluster of servers
42 7,299,229 Grid quorum
43 7,299,225 High performance predicate push-down for non-matching predicate operands
44 7,299,224 Method and infrastructure for processing queries in a database
45 7,299,194 Method and system for researching sales effects of advertising using association analysis
46 7,299,193 Method and meeting scheduler for automated meeting scheduling using delegates, representatives, quorums and teams
47 7,299,187 Voice command processing system and computer therefor, and voice command processing method
48 7,299,180 Name entity extraction using language models
49 7,299,146 Apparatus and method to calibrate a system having an input signal and an output signal
50 7,299,144 Method and apparatus for implementing automatic-calibration of TDR probing system
51 7,299,126 System and method for evaluating moving queries over moving objects
52 7,299,125 In-transit package location tracking and reporting
53 7,298,961 Portable video recording device for both converting video cassette recorders (VCR) to digital recorders and for converting video cassette recording content into stored digital data
54 7,298,935 Waveguide polarization beam splitters and method of fabricating a waveguide wire-grid polarization beam splitter
55 7,298,926 Image size reduction method and system
56 7,298,925 Efficient scaling in transform domain
57 7,298,904 Method and apparatus for scaling handwritten character input for handwriting recognition
58 7,298,831 Automated distribution of an instant messaging request for an unavailable intended recipient to a backup recipient
59 7,298,789 Polarization modulation with amplitude differential
60 7,298,749 Completion coalescing by TCP receiver
61 7,298,661 Semiconductor memory device
62 7,298,639 Reprogrammable electrical fuse
63 7,298,623 Organic substrate with integral thermal dissipation channels, and method for producing same
64 7,298,618 Cooling apparatuses and methods employing discrete cold plates compliantly coupled between a common manifold and electronics components of an assembly to be cooled
65 7,298,617 Cooling apparatus and method employing discrete cold plates disposed between a module enclosure and electronics components to be cooled
66 7,298,601 Over-voltage protection for voltage regulator modules of a parallel power system
67 7,298,377 System and method for cache optimized data formatting
68 7,298,193 Methods and arrangements to adjust a duty cycle
69 7,298,176 Dual-gate dynamic logic circuit with pre-charge keeper
70 7,298,161 Circuitry and methodology to establish correlation between gate dielectric test site reliability and product gate reliability
71 7,298,139 Systems and methods for measuring magnetostriction in magnetoresistive elements
72 7,298,009 Semiconductor method and device with mixed orientation substrate
73 7,298,008 Electrostatic discharge protection device and method of fabricating same
74 7,297,811 Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers and associated methods of synthesis and use
75 7,297,618 Fully silicided gate electrodes and method of making the same
76 7,297,601 Method for reduced N+ diffusion in strained Si on SiGe substrate
77 7,297,583 Method of making strained channel CMOS transistors having lattice-mismatched epitaxial
78 7,297,582 Method of forming high voltage N-LDMOS transistors having shallow trench isolation region with drain extensions
79 7,297,015 Apparatus for docking a printed circuit board
80 7,296,740 Routing telecommunications to a user in dependence upon location
81 7,296,725 Feed devices and methods for injection molded solder systems