IBM patents granted on 20 November 2012

69 US patents granted on 20 November 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,316,427 Enhanced personal firewall for dynamic computing environments
2 8,316,420 Access control on dynamically instantiated portal applications
3 8,316,383 Determining availability parameters of resource in heterogeneous computing environment
4 8,316,381 Graphics for end to end component mapping and problem-solving in a network environment
5 8,316,376 Optimizing workflow execution against a heterogeneous grid computing topology
6 8,316,375 Load-balancing of processes based on inertia
7 8,316,370 Method and apparatus for accessing a shared data structure in parallel by multiple threads
8 8,316,363 Concurrent embedded application update
9 8,316,355 Method and system for analyzing parallelism of program code
10 8,316,353 Problem analysis via matching contiguous stack trace lines to symptom rules
11 8,316,348 Method, framework, and program product for formatting and serving web content
12 8,316,347 Architecture view generation method and system
13 8,316,346 Method and system for selecting a software architecture for implementing service integration
14 8,316,335 Multistage, hybrid synthesis processing facilitating integrated circuit layout
15 8,316,333 Implementing timing pessimism reduction for parallel clock trees
16 8,316,316 Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen items to each other
17 8,316,310 System and method for human identification proof for use in virtual environments
18 8,316,309 User-created metadata for managing interface resources on a user interface
19 8,316,284 Collecting failure information on error correction code (ECC) protected data
20 8,316,274 Systems and methods for message encoding and decoding
21 8,316,259 Convolution-encoded data storage on a redundant array of independent devices
22 8,316,240 Securing computer log files
23 8,316,219 Synchronizing commands and dependencies in an asynchronous command queue
24 8,316,218 Look-ahead wake-and-go engine with speculative execution
25 8,316,207 Assigning efficiently referenced globally unique identifiers in a multi-core environment
26 8,316,187 Cache memory including a predict buffer
27 8,316,182 Hierarchical storage management for database systems
28 8,316,173 System, method, and computer program product for analyzing monitor data information from a plurality of memory devices having finite endurance and/or retention
29 8,316,172 Interruption facility for adjunct processor queues
30 8,316,169 Physical to hierarchical bus translation
31 8,316,162 Tape drive, tape drive recording system, and method for selecting improved tape speed in response to intermittent read requests
32 8,316,159 Demand-based DMA issuance for execution overlap
33 8,316,130 System, method and computer program product for provisioning of resources and service environments
34 8,316,126 Stitching transactions
35 8,316,115 Sharing performance data between different information technology product/solution deployments
36 8,316,109 Supporting memory management in an offload of network protocol processing
37 8,316,100 Autonomic correction of incorrect identities in repositories
38 8,316,080 Internationalization of a message service infrastructure
39 8,316,072 Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using register block data format routines
40 8,316,057 Restoring deduplicated data objects from sequential backup devices
41 8,316,035 Systems and arrangements of text type-ahead
42 8,316,034 Analyzing binary data streams to identify embedded record structures
43 8,316,013 Programmatic retrieval of tabular data within a cell of a query result
44 8,316,006 Creating an ontology using an online encyclopedia and tag cloud
45 8,315,996 Efficient management of customized functionality within shared data objects
46 8,315,993 Policy decision stash for storage lifecycle management
47 8,315,991 Detecting inadvertent or malicious data corruption in storage subsystems and recovering data
48 8,315,904 Organization for promotion management
49 8,315,894 Workforce management using constraint programming with efficient ordering of variables
50 8,315,882 Efficient, peer-to-peer CAPTCHA-based verification and demand management for online services
51 8,315,879 Attaching audio generated scripts to graphical representations of applications
52 8,315,866 Generating representations of group interactions
53 8,315,799 Location based full address entry via speech recognition
54 8,315,729 Enhancing investigation of variability by inclusion of similar objects with known differences to the original ones
55 8,315,616 Mobile device solution that provides enhanced user control for outgoing data handling
56 8,315,595 Providing trusted communication
57 8,315,409 Modifications of audio communications in an online environment
58 8,315,388 System and method of decoupling and exposing computing device originated location information
59 8,315,264 Network system using path health information for path selection
60 8,315,068 Integrated circuit die stacks having initially identical dies personalized with fuses and methods of manufacturing the same
61 8,315,049 Cover latch of a blade server
62 8,315,013 Magnetic write head with flux diverting structure
63 8,314,983 Nonvolatile nano-electromechanical system device
64 8,314,700 Deterring theft of mobile electronic devices
65 8,314,463 Method for fabricating super-steep retrograde well MOSFET on SOI or bulk silicon substrate, and device fabricated in accordance with the method
66 8,314,005 Homogeneous porous low dielectric constant materials
67 8,314,001 Vertical stacking of field effect transistor structures for logic gates
68 8,313,990 Nanowire FET having induced radial strain
69 8,313,979 Phase change memory cell having vertical channel access transistor