IBM patents granted on 20 October 2009

58 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,607,176 Trainable rule-based computer file usage auditing system
2 7,607,172 Method of protecting a computing system from harmful active content in documents
3 7,607,129 Method and apparatus for using virtual machine technology for managing parallel communicating applications
4 7,607,128 Method and system for enabling a server application to be executed in the same virtual machine as a client application using direct object oriented programming method calls
5 7,607,124 Method for debugging a business process flow
6 7,607,114 Designer’s intent tolerance bands for proximity correction and checking
7 7,607,100 Method, system and program product for display management of web page phone/fax numbers by a data processing system
8 7,607,097 Translating emotion to braille, emoticons and other special symbols
9 7,607,088 Computer program product, apparatus and method for displaying a plurality of entities in a tooltip for a cell of a table
10 7,607,078 Paper and electronic recognizable forms
11 7,607,060 System and method for performing high speed memory diagnostics via built-in-self-test
12 7,607,043 Analysis of mutually exclusive conflicts among redundant devices
13 7,607,028 Mitigate power supply noise response by throttling execution units based upon voltage sensing
14 7,607,009 Method for distributing and authenticating public keys using time ordered exchanges
15 7,607,007 Method and apparatus for message routing in a computer system
16 7,607,006 Method for asymmetric security
17 7,606,988 Systems and methods for providing a dynamic memory bank page policy
18 7,606,987 Apparatus and method for magnetic head control in storage accesses
19 7,606,973 System and method for pervasive computing with a portable non-volatile memory device
20 7,606,965 Information handling system with virtualized I/O adapter ports
21 7,606,935 Systems and methods of automatic retransmission of electronic mail
22 7,606,906 Bundling and sending work units to a server based on a weighted cost
23 7,606,900 Regulating access to a scarce resource
24 7,606,899 Regulating access to a scarce resource
25 7,606,862 Method and system for authorizing a restricted callable status in an instant messaging system
26 7,606,846 Managing large OLAP in an analytical context
27 7,606,845 Apparatus, systems, and method for concurrent storage to an active data file storage pool, copy pool, and next pool
28 7,606,832 System and method for orchestrating composite web services in constrained data flow environments
29 7,606,829 Model entity operations in query results
30 7,606,803 Method and system for dynamic creation of service flows
31 7,606,795 System and method for verifying the integrity and completeness of records
32 7,606,791 Internal parameters (parameters aging) in an abstract query
33 7,606,743 Method for identifying product assets in a supply chain used to satisfy multiple customer demands
34 7,606,742 Pre-processor for inbound sales order requests with link to a third party available to promise (ATP) system
35 7,606,719 Power on demand tiered response time pricing
36 7,606,717 Isolating user interface design from business object design using Java interface concepts
37 7,606,388 Contents border detection apparatus, monitoring method, and contents location detection method and program and storage medium therefor
38 7,606,341 Circuit for bit alignment in high speed multichannel data transmission
39 7,606,251 Method, system, and computer program product for reducing network copies by port-based routing to application-specific buffers
40 7,606,166 System and method for computing a blind checksum in a host ethernet adapter (HEA)
41 7,606,141 Implementing N-way fast failover in virtualized Ethernet adapter
42 7,606,067 Method to create a uniformly distributed multi-level cell (MLC) bitstream from a non-uniform MLC bitstream
43 7,606,060 Eight transistor SRAM cell with improved stability requiring only one word line
44 7,606,033 Mounting a heat sink in thermal contact with an electronic component
45 7,606,024 Computer lock system
46 7,606,013 Electro-static discharge protection circuit
47 7,606,010 Mg-Zn oxide tunnel barriers and method of formation
48 7,605,992 Robust LPOS detection with predictor and bit verifier
49 7,605,813 Displaying arbitrary relationships in a tree-map visualization
50 7,605,705 Method and apparatus for tracking or identifying items in a set
51 7,605,612 Techniques for reducing power requirements of an integrated circuit
52 7,605,566 Staggered backup battery charging system
53 7,605,447 Highly manufacturable SRAM cells in substrates with hybrid crystal orientation
54 7,605,429 Hybrid crystal orientation CMOS structure for adaptive well biasing and for power and performance enhancement
55 7,605,081 Sub-lithographic feature patterning using self-aligned self-assembly polymers
56 7,605,077 Dual metal integration scheme based on full silicidation of the gate electrode
57 7,605,075 Multilayer circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
58 7,605,072 Interconnect structure with a barrier-redundancy feature