IBM patents granted on 20 October 2015

129 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,167,728 Information technology equipment cooling method
2 9,167,721 Direct facility coolant cooling of a rack-mounted heat exchanger
3 9,167,455 Virtualized wireless communication system and establishing method thereof
4 9,167,438 Mobility detection for edge applications in wireless communication networks
5 9,167,380 Activating a mobile device based on location of mobile device in a sector of a cell
6 9,167,147 Mobile device field of view region determination
7 9,167,103 Subsidizing wireless services in geo-fenced zones
8 9,167,087 Dynamic media content for collaborators including disparate location representations
9 9,167,069 Alternate notification selection
10 9,167,041 Maintaining session initiation protocol application session affinity in SIP container cluster environments
11 9,167,039 Caching large objects with multiple, unknown, and varying anchor points at an intermediary proxy device
12 9,167,034 Optimized peer-to-peer file transfers on a multi-node computer system
13 9,167,029 Adjusting individuals in a group corresponding to relevancy
14 9,167,019 System and method for establishing a voice over IP session
15 9,167,009 Presenting data to electronic meeting participants
16 9,166,996 Automatic correction of security downgraders
17 9,166,979 Protecting online meeting access using secure personal universal resource locators
18 9,166,978 Automatic resource provisioning for meeting collaboration
19 9,166,944 Systems and methods for using social network analysis to schedule communications
20 9,166,943 Systems and methods for using social network analysis to schedule communications
21 9,166,925 Virtual quantized congestion notification
22 9,166,923 Network congestion notification preservation and modification during transmission of network data between physical network and virtual network
23 9,166,914 FIFO affinity for multiple ports
24 9,166,909 Dynamic redirection of network traffic within a system under test
25 9,166,905 End-to-end multipathing through network having switching devices compatible with different protocols
26 9,166,896 Session-based server transaction storm controls
27 9,166,869 Management of distributed network switching cluster
28 9,166,865 Mobility operation resource allocation
29 9,166,822 Transmission of instant messages according to availability
30 9,166,627 Combination error and erasure decoding for product codes
31 9,166,618 Data encoding and decoding
32 9,166,587 Soft error resilient FPGA
33 9,166,346 Retractable interconnect device configured to switch between electrical paths
34 9,166,181 Hybrid junction field-effect transistor and active matrix structure
35 9,166,165 Uniform critical dimension size pore for PCRAM application
36 9,166,072 Field-effect localized emitter photovoltaic device
37 9,166,049 Method to enhance strain in fully isolated finFET structures
38 9,165,836 Methods of forming replacement gate structures using a gate height register process to improve gate height uniformity and the resulting integrated circuit products
39 9,165,801 Partial solution replacement in recyclable persulfuric acid cleaning systems
40 9,165,600 High density timing based servo format
41 9,165,553 Information processing device, large vocabulary continuous speech recognition method and program including hypothesis ranking
42 9,165,478 System and method to enable blind people to have access to information printed on a physical document
43 9,165,426 System and method for attending a recorded event in a metaverse application
44 9,165,388 Method of automatic cropping
45 9,165,375 Automatically determining field of view overlap among multiple cameras
46 9,165,328 System, method and computer program product for classification of social streams
47 9,165,280 Predictive user modeling in user interface design
48 9,165,270 Predicting likelihood of customer attrition and retention measures
49 9,165,266 Resource management framework for holding auctions and applying service level characteristics in response to bids for resources
50 9,165,262 Automatic generation of assent indication in a document approval function for collaborative document editing
51 9,165,252 Utilizing failures in question and answer system responses to enhance the accuracy of question and answer systems
52 9,165,251 Construction of rules for use in a complex event processing system
53 9,165,248 Using global and local catastrophes across sub-populations in parallel evolutionary computing
54 9,165,247 Using global and local catastrophes across sub-populations in parallel evolutionary computing
55 9,165,217 Techniques for ground-level photo geolocation using digital elevation
56 9,165,216 Identifying and generating biometric cohorts based on biometric sensor input
57 9,165,152 Secure non-invasive method and system for distribution of digital assets
58 9,165,115 Finding time-dependent associations between comparative effectiveness variables
59 9,165,092 Wind farm layout in consideration of three-dimensional wake
60 9,165,090 Concise modeling and architecture optimization
61 9,165,089 Presenting unique search result contexts
62 9,165,083 Dynamic web portal page
63 9,165,080 Systems and methods for creating scalable presence subscriptions in federated presence environments
64 9,165,078 Row-based data filtering at a database level
65 9,165,077 Technology for web site crawling
66 9,165,075 Managing user ratings in a web services environment
67 9,165,042 System and method for efficiently performing similarity searches of structural data
68 9,165,025 Transaction recovery in a transaction processing computer system employing multiple transaction managers
69 9,165,022 Maintaining a data structure with data set names and pointers to a plurality of catalogs
70 9,165,021 Managing database object placement on multiple storage devices
71 9,165,015 Scalable and user friendly file virtualization for hierarchical storage
72 9,165,007 Log message optimization to ignore or identify redundant log messages
73 9,164,999 Managing the storage of media content
74 9,164,995 Establishing usage policies for recorded events in digital life recording
75 9,164,986 Real-time multi-lingual adaptation of manufacturing instructions in a manufacturing management system
76 9,164,977 Error correction in tables using discovered functional dependencies
77 9,164,964 Context-aware text document analysis
78 9,164,960 Matrix storage for system identification
79 9,164,950 Use tag clouds to visualize components related to an event
80 9,164,935 Determining when to throttle interrupts to limit interrupt processing to an interrupt processing time period
81 9,164,929 False power failure alert impact mitigation
82 9,164,921 Dynamic reuse and reconfiguration of logical data objects in a virtual tape system
83 9,164,915 Reserving fixed page areas in real storage increments
84 9,164,912 Conflict resolution of cache store and fetch requests
85 9,164,911 Atomic execution over accesses to multiple memory locations in a multiprocessor system
86 9,164,908 Managing out-of-order memory command execution from multiple queues while maintaining data coherency
87 9,164,899 Administering thermal distribution among memory modules of a computing system
88 9,164,898 Administering thermal distribution among memory modules of a computing system
89 9,164,882 Chaining move specification blocks
90 9,164,879 Role-oriented testbed environments for use in test automation
91 9,164,878 Evaluating coverage of a software test
92 9,164,876 Controlling asynchronous call return
93 9,164,871 Evaluation of statement-level breakpoints
94 9,164,869 Scalable and precise string analysis using index-sensitive static string abstractions
95 9,164,863 Detecting relative crowd density via client devices
96 9,164,856 Persistent messaging mechanism
97 9,164,854 Thread sparing between cores in a multi-threaded processor
98 9,164,853 Multi-core re-initialization failure control system
99 9,164,846 Restarting a software system
100 9,164,821 Performing diagnostic tracing of an executing application to identify suspicious pointer values
101 9,164,818 Event-handler for selecting responsive actions
102 9,164,814 Acceleration prediction in hybrid systems
103 9,164,813 Using a debug engine to identify threads that wait for a mutex
104 9,164,812 Method and system to manage memory accesses from multithread programs on multiprocessor systems
105 9,164,802 System, method and program product for allocating resources and services
106 9,164,801 Probabilistic optimization of resource discovery, reservation and assignment
107 9,164,792 Executing a gather operation on a parallel computer that includes a plurality of compute nodes
108 9,164,791 Hierarchical thresholds-based virtual machine configuration
109 9,164,784 Signalizing an external event using a dedicated virtual central processing unit
110 9,164,783 Load time resolution for dynamic binding languages
111 9,164,761 Obtaining data in a pipelined processor
112 9,164,759 Test management domain asset discovery and analysis
113 9,164,743 Strength reduction compiler optimizations for operations with unknown strides
114 9,164,738 Database mapping of models for reporting tools in model driven development
115 9,164,725 Apparatus and method for calculating an SHA-2 hash function in a general purpose processor
116 9,164,699 Channel subsystem server time protocol commands
117 9,164,688 Sub-block partitioning for hash-based deduplication
118 9,164,676 Storing multi-stream non-linear access patterns in a flash based file-system
119 9,164,665 Outputting management information based on state of managed object
120 9,164,664 System and method for avatar cloning
121 9,164,572 Method and apparatus for mitigating effects of memory scrub operations on idle time power savings mode
122 9,164,563 Processor noise mitigation using differential critical path monitoring
123 9,164,496 Intelligent switching
124 9,164,302 Repairable touch panel
125 9,164,142 Testing electronic components on electronic assemblies with large thermal mass
126 9,164,017 Identification of plastic material composition
127 9,163,442 Universal system for mounting rack doors
128 9,162,883 Doped carbon nanotubes and transparent conducting films containing the same
129 9,162,260 Cleaning mechanism for a computer using cooling fan airflow output