IBM patents granted on 20 September 2016

123 US patents granted on 20 September 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,451,684 Dual pulse driven extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation source method
2 9,451,650 Peer-to-peer sharing of network resources
3 9,451,582 Controlling delivery of notifications in real-time communications based on communication channel state
4 9,451,504 Mobility management of OSI connections between cell towers
5 9,451,465 Electronically binding to a lost mobile device
6 9,451,454 Mobile device identification for secure device access
7 9,451,410 Method for detecting mobile device charging points
8 9,451,083 Communication answering time estimation
9 9,451,042 Scheduling and execution of DAG-structured computation on RDMA-connected clusters
10 9,451,038 Managing contact status updates in a presence management system
11 9,451,033 Enhanced command selection in a networked computing environment
12 9,451,027 Optimizing remote direct memory access (RDMA) with cache aligned operations
13 9,451,025 Distributed storage network with alternative foster storage approaches and methods for use therewith
14 9,451,015 Service agreement performance validation in a cloud hosted environment
15 9,450,985 Server validation with dynamic assembly of scripts
16 9,450,976 Managing data traffic in the presence of a sensitive site
17 9,450,974 Intrusion management
18 9,450,906 Managing a messaging queue in an asynchronous messaging system
19 9,450,878 Dynamic middlebox redirection based on client characteristics
20 9,450,868 Layer 2 packet switching without look-up table for ethernet switches
21 9,450,853 Secure cloud management agent
22 9,450,841 Streaming state data for cloud management
23 9,450,833 Predicting hardware failures in a server
24 9,450,822 Dynamic extensible application server management
25 9,450,820 Dynamic extensible application server management
26 9,450,795 Signal modulation using guard band determination for improved frequency spectrum efficiency
27 9,450,682 Method and system using vibration signatures for pairing master and slave computing devices
28 9,450,615 Multi-bit error correction method and apparatus based on a BCH code and memory system
29 9,450,603 Compression of integer data using a common divisor
30 9,450,381 Monolithic integrated photonics with lateral bipolar and BiCMOS
31 9,450,278 Cathode material for lithium–oxygen battery
32 9,450,180 Structure and method to reduce shorting in STT-MRAM device
33 9,450,179 Spin torque transfer MRAM device formed on silicon stud grown by selective epitaxy
34 9,450,136 Electrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements
35 9,450,095 Single spacer for complementary metal oxide semiconductor process flow
36 9,450,079 FinFET having highly doped source and drain regions
37 9,449,921 Voidless contact metal structures
38 9,449,885 High germanium content FinFET devices having the same contact material for nFET and pFET devices
39 9,449,884 Semiconductor device with trench epitaxy and contact
40 9,449,874 Self-forming barrier for subtractive copper
41 9,449,871 Hybrid airgap structure with oxide liner
42 9,449,827 Metal semiconductor alloy contact resistance improvement
43 9,449,820 Epitaxial growth techniques for reducing nanowire dimension and pitch
44 9,449,812 Hydrogen-free silicon-based deposited dielectric films for nano device fabrication
45 9,449,810 Advanced ultra low k SiCOH dielectrics prepared by built-in engineered pore size and bonding structured with cyclic organosilicon precursors
46 9,449,638 Controlling the transport of a tape within a tape transport system
47 9,449,637 Reduced reel motor disturbances in a tape drive system
48 9,449,628 Quasi-statically oriented, bi-directional tape recording head
49 9,449,622 Differing magnetic read sensors on a magnetic head
50 9,449,620 Magnetic recording head having protected reader sensors and near zero recession writer poles
51 9,449,619 Direction dependent tape head assembly to reduce tape-head friction
52 9,449,524 Dynamic role-based instructional symbiont for software application instructional support
53 9,449,353 Enabling enforcement of licensing terms in distributing content in containers by including a key in the container containing the pertinent licensing terms
54 9,449,314 Virtualization of a central processing unit measurement facility
55 9,449,309 Managing emails at an electronic mail client
56 9,449,306 User identifier management
57 9,449,273 Semantic web technologies in system automation
58 9,449,234 Displaying relative motion of objects in an image
59 9,449,206 Network cable tracking system
60 9,449,194 Secure access to running client application features from a browser application
61 9,449,190 Method and system for run-time dynamic and interactive identification software authorization requirements and privileged code locations, and for validation of other software program analysis results
62 9,449,189 Protection of state data in computer system code
63 9,449,184 Time based access control in social software
64 9,449,134 Dynamically reconfigurable logic circuits using native field-programmable gate array primitives
65 9,449,103 Systems and methods for presenting electronic contact lists
66 9,449,096 Identifying influencers for topics in social media
67 9,449,073 Measuring and displaying facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells
68 9,449,072 Automatic log sensor tuning
69 9,449,060 Post-migration validation of ETL jobs and exception management
70 9,449,059 Report data justifiers
71 9,449,036 Handling an increase in transactional data without requiring relocation of preexisting data between shards
72 9,449,033 Intent based automation of data management operations by a data management engine
73 9,449,030 Method for native program to inherit same transaction content when invoked by primary program running in separate environment
74 9,448,979 Managing a display of results of a keyword search on a web page by modifying attributes of DOM tree structure
75 9,448,971 Content management system that renders multiple types of data to different applications
76 9,448,958 Network resource management system utilizing physical network identification for bridging operations
77 9,448,953 Memory subsystem and computer system
78 9,448,945 Using a decrementer interrupt to start long-running hardware operations before the end of a shared processor dispatch cycle
79 9,448,943 Partial volume access in a physical stacked volume
80 9,448,939 Collecting memory operand access characteristics during transactional execution
81 9,448,934 Affinity group access to global data
82 9,448,920 Granting and revoking supplemental memory allocation requests
83 9,448,916 Software test automation systems and methods
84 9,448,912 Providing service address space for diagnostics collection
85 9,448,911 Providing service address space for diagnostics collection
86 9,448,910 Computer-implemented method, program, and tracer node for obtaining trace data relating to particular virtual machine
87 9,448,902 Validating connection, structural characteristics and positioning of cable connectors
88 9,448,901 Remote direct memory access for high availability nodes using a coherent accelerator processor interface
89 9,448,895 Recording activity of software threads in a concurrent software environment
90 9,448,891 Performing a data write on a storage device
91 9,448,873 Data processing analysis using dependency metadata associated with error information
92 9,448,861 Concurrent processing of multiple received messages while releasing such messages in an original message order with abort policy roll back
93 9,448,854 Full exploitation of parallel processors for data processing
94 9,448,851 Smarter big data processing using collaborative map reduce frameworks
95 9,448,850 Discovering a resource in a distributed computing system
96 9,448,846 Dynamically configurable hardware queues for dispatching jobs to a plurality of hardware acceleration engines
97 9,448,845 Extendible input/output data mechanism for accelerators
98 9,448,843 Allocating a global resource to consumers across different regions of a distributed grid environment based on use data and demand data of each consumer
99 9,448,842 Selecting and resizing currently executing job to accommodate execution of another job
100 9,448,836 Alerting hardware transactions that are about to run out of space
101 9,448,835 Thread-based cache content saving for task switching
102 9,448,833 Profiling multiple virtual machines in a distributed system
103 9,448,832 Apparatus and method for validating application deployment topology in cloud computing environment
104 9,448,822 System and method for managing a virtual machine environment
105 9,448,812 Algorithm for updating XML schema registry using schema pass by value with message
106 9,448,798 Silent store detection and recording in memory storage
107 9,448,797 Restricted instructions in transactional execution
108 9,448,796 Restricted instructions in transactional execution
109 9,448,778 Optimizing compiler performance by object collocation
110 9,448,769 Employing code overlays to facilitate software development
111 9,448,744 Mapping locations of logical volume records on a physical stacked volume
112 9,448,730 Method and apparatus for dispersed storage data transfer
113 9,448,729 Implementing paging optimization to avoid populate on page fault during an IO read
114 9,448,727 File load times with dynamic storage usage
115 9,448,725 Self-adapting keypad
116 9,448,724 Dynamically customizable touch screen keyboard for adapting to user physiology
117 9,448,615 Managing power savings in a high availability system at a redundant component level of granularity
118 9,448,612 Management to reduce power consumption in virtual memory provided by plurality of different types of memory devices
119 9,448,280 Circuit test system and method using a wideband multi-tone test signal
120 9,448,277 Integrated time dependent dielectric breakdown reliability testing
121 9,447,514 Electrodeposition of thin-film cells containing non-toxic elements
122 9,447,448 Drone-based microbial analysis system
123 9,446,487 Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling