IBM patents granted on 21 April 2009

158 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,523,498 Method and system for monitoring personal computer documents for sensitive data
2 7,523,496 Authenticating without opening electronic mail
3 7,523,494 Determining blocking measures for processing communication traffic anomalies
4 7,523,488 Method for performing data access transformation with request authorization processing
5 7,523,463 Technique to generically manage extensible correlation data
6 7,523,462 Method for providing a real time view of heterogeneous enterprise data
7 7,523,453 System, method and program product for maintaining session information during dynamic resource additions or updates
8 7,523,450 Apparatus, system, and method for identifying fixed memory address errors in source code at build time
9 7,523,449 System and method for adaptive run-time reconfiguration for a reconfigurable instruction set co-processor architecture
10 7,523,448 Optimizing compiler
11 7,523,446 User-space return probes
12 7,523,445 Method for generating an explanation of a CSP solution
13 7,523,442 JNDI validation
14 7,523,433 System and method for automated analysis and hierarchical graphical presentation of application results
15 7,523,418 Techniques for choosing a position on a display having a cursor
16 7,523,417 Changing display of data based on a time-lapse widget
17 7,523,412 Method and system for providing a scroll-bar pop-up with quick find for rapid access of sorted list data
18 7,523,408 Representing status information in a storage subsystem copy services product
19 7,523,393 Dynamically updating rendered content
20 7,523,389 Document display device, method, and program product
21 7,523,388 Differential dynamic content delivery with a planned agenda
22 7,523,386 World wide web document distribution system with a plurality of alternate user-interface formats selectively available for each bookmarked web document
23 7,523,379 Method for time-delayed data protection
24 7,523,367 Method and apparatus to verify non-deterministic results in an efficient random manner
25 7,523,365 Dynamic determination of signal quality in a digital system
26 7,523,364 Double DRAM bit steering for multiple error corrections
27 7,523,359 Apparatus, system, and method for facilitating monitoring and responding to error events
28 7,523,357 Monitoring system and method
29 7,523,356 Storage controller and a system for recording diagnostic information
30 7,523,352 System and method for examining remote systems and gathering debug data in real time
31 7,523,345 Cascading failover of a data management application for shared disk file systems in loosely coupled node clusters
32 7,523,341 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for recovery from failures in a computing environment
33 7,523,336 Controlled power sequencing for independent logic circuits that transfers voltage at a first level for a predetermined period of time and subsequently at a highest level
34 7,523,322 Method and apparatus for supplying power in an automated data storage and retrieval system
35 7,523,318 Method and system for automated password generation
36 7,523,317 Computer grid access management system
37 7,523,316 Method and system for managing the display of sensitive content in non-trusted environments
38 7,523,309 Method of restricting access to emails by requiring multiple levels of user authentication
39 7,523,307 Method for ensuring content protection and subscription compliance
40 7,523,305 Employing cyclic redundancy checks to provide data security
41 7,523,302 Electronic recipe management
42 7,523,298 Polymorphic branch predictor and method with selectable mode of prediction
43 7,523,291 System and method for testing for memory address aliasing errors
44 7,523,290 Very high speed page operations in indirect accessed memory systems
45 7,523,275 Method, system, and program for maintaining a copy relationship between primary volumes and corresponding secondary volumes
46 7,523,273 Autonomic storage provisioning to enhance storage virtualization infrastructure availability
47 7,523,271 Apparatus, system, and method for regulating the number of write requests in a fixed-size cache
48 7,523,268 Reducing number of rejected snoop requests by extending time to respond to snoop request
49 7,523,267 Method for ensuring fairness among requests within a multi-node computer system
50 7,523,265 Systems and arrangements for promoting a line to exclusive in a fill buffer of a cache
51 7,523,262 Apparatus and method for providing global session persistence
52 7,523,260 Propagating data using mirrored lock caches
53 7,523,233 System and method of tunneling SAS-extender discovery through a fibre-channel fabric
54 7,523,228 Method for performing a direct memory access block move in a direct memory access device
55 7,523,219 Method and apparatus for affinity of users to application servers
56 7,523,213 Efficient approach with the toleration of stale data to dynamically transform and unify data quality in client and server with continuous transaction flows
57 7,523,208 Message filtering
58 7,523,207 Configuration of fibre channel SAN path
59 7,523,206 Method and system to dynamically apply access rules to a shared resource
60 7,523,204 Coordinated quiesce of a distributed file system
61 7,523,202 Method, system, and storage medium for resolving contention issues during channel program execution
62 7,523,200 Dynamic access decision information module
63 7,523,197 Method for IP address discovery in rapidly changing network environment
64 7,523,195 Method and system for monitoring server events in a node configuration by using direct communication between servers
65 7,523,193 Method and apparatus for DNS pre-fetching for multiple clients
66 7,523,183 Locator for computer equipment
67 7,523,177 Systems providing dynamic undeployment of services in a computing network
68 7,523,176 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for reconfiguring a storage area network to support the execution of an application automatically upon execution of the application
69 7,523,174 Dynamic portal assembly
70 7,523,173 System and method for web page acquisition
71 7,523,171 Multidimensional hashed tree based URL matching engine using progressive hashing
72 7,523,157 Managing a plurality of processors as devices
73 7,523,155 Method, system and program product for using open mobile alliance (OMA) alerts to send client commands/requests to an OMA DM server
74 7,523,153 Method of forcing 1’s and inverting sum in an adder without incurring timing delay
75 7,523,147 Method and system for managing inventory for a migration using history data
76 7,523,144 Method, system and program product for determining a file format for use in a translation operation
77 7,523,138 Content monitoring in a high volume on-line community application
78 7,523,135 Risk and compliance framework
79 7,523,119 XPath evaluation and information processing
80 7,523,118 System and method for optimizing federated and ETL’d databases having multidimensionally constrained data
81 7,523,116 Selection of optimal execution environment for software applications
82 7,523,106 Computerized data mining system, method and program product
83 7,523,098 Systems and methods for efficient data searching, storage and reduction
84 7,523,095 System and method for generating refinement categories for a set of search results
85 7,523,094 Asynchronous task for energy cost aware database query optimization
86 7,523,093 System and method for providing trickle resource discovery
87 7,523,092 Optimization of aspects of information technology structures
88 7,523,088 Method for increasing system resource availability in database management systems
89 7,523,070 Managing a virtual persona through selective association
90 7,523,059 Calculating financial risk of a portfolio using distributed computing
91 7,523,041 Method of displaying real-time service level performance, breach, and guaranteed uniformity with automatic alerts and proactive rebating for utility computing environment
92 7,523,034 Adaptation of Compound Gaussian Mixture models
93 7,523,028 Method of and system for simulating a light-emitting device
94 7,523,008 Thermal calibration in cell processor
95 7,522,926 Location identification
96 7,522,895 Receiver monitoring and alert system
97 7,522,776 Digital video media duplication or transmission quality measurement
98 7,522,761 System and method for detecting a streak in a compressed gray scale image
99 7,522,719 System and method for server based conference call volume management
100 7,522,718 Telephony service invocation using service descriptors
101 7,522,687 Clock and data recovery system and method for clock and data recovery based on a forward error correction
102 7,522,680 Apparatus, system, and method for asymmetric maximum likelihood detection
103 7,522,670 Digital transmission circuit and method providing selectable power consumption via single-ended or differential operation
104 7,522,621 Apparatus and method for efficiently modifying network data frames
105 7,522,597 Interface internet protocol fragmentation of large broadcast packets in an environment with an unaccommodating maximum transfer unit
106 7,522,590 Managing message arrival to ensure proper matching of unordered messages
107 7,522,581 Overload protection for SIP servers
108 7,522,541 Identification of the configuration topology, existing switches, and miswires in a switched network
109 7,522,524 Employing one or more multiport systems to facilitate servicing of asynchronous communications events
110 7,522,512 Silicon carbide indents for probe storage utilizing thermomechanically activated polymer media
111 7,522,511 Method for mechanical data storage device operation and control
112 7,522,458 Memory and method of controlling access to memory
113 7,522,414 Apparatus for extending an operator panel
114 7,522,373 Burst communications via a bus bar and bus bar relay for an automated data storage library
115 7,522,367 Asynchronous read channel shaped toward generalized partial response characteristics
116 7,522,359 Write mode servo scan diagnostic for magnetic tape data storage cartridge
117 7,522,320 Document character box dropout
118 7,522,164 Using self-adjustable three-dimensional matrix to simplify the construction of a complex 3D scene
119 7,522,158 Systems, methods, and media for determining the location of a stylus for a portable electronic device
120 7,522,071 Metric sampling method
121 7,522,057 System and method for non intrusive monitoring of “at-risk” individuals
122 7,522,029 Phase change actuator
123 7,522,000 Design structure for a serial link output stage differential amplifier
124 7,521,992 Current-integrating amplifier
125 7,521,973 Clock-skew tuning apparatus and method
126 7,521,968 Slew rate control for driver circuit
127 7,521,952 Test structure for electromigration analysis and related method
128 7,521,950 Wafer level I/O test and repair enabled by I/O layer
129 7,521,819 Automobile key for keyless vehicle operation
130 7,521,808 Wiring paterns formed by selective metal plating
131 7,521,798 Stacked imager package
132 7,521,776 Soft error reduction of CMOS circuits on substrates with hybrid crystal orientation using buried recombination centers
133 7,521,772 Monocrystalline extrinsic base and emitter heterojunction bipolar transistor and related methods
134 7,521,763 Dual stress STI
135 7,521,760 Integrated circuit chip with FETs having mixed body thickness and method of manufacture thereof
136 7,521,748 Method to eliminate arsenic contamination in trench capacitors
137 7,521,735 Multiple layer and crystal plane orientation semiconductor substrate
138 7,521,637 Multilayer printed circuit board having via arrangements for reducing crosstalk among vias
139 7,521,582 Percursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
140 7,521,377 SiCOH film preparation using precursors with built-in porogen functionality
141 7,521,376 Method of forming a semiconductor structure using a non-oxygen chalcogen passivation treatment
142 7,521,367 FIB/RIE method for in-line circuit modification of microelectronic chips containing organic dielectric
143 7,521,359 Interconnect structure encased with high and low k interlevel dielectrics
144 7,521,346 Method of forming HfSiN metal for n-FET applications
145 7,521,345 High-temperature stable gate structure with metallic electrode
146 7,521,336 Crack stop for low K dielectrics
147 7,521,327 High f.sub.T and f.sub.max bipolar transistor and method of making same
148 7,521,308 Dual layer stress liner for MOSFETS
149 7,521,307 CMOS structures and methods using self-aligned dual stressed layers
150 7,521,287 Wire and solder bond forming methods
151 7,521,280 Method for forming an optical image sensor with an integrated metal-gate reflector
152 7,521,172 Topcoat material and use thereof in immersion lithography processes
153 7,521,094 Method of forming polymer features by directed self-assembly of block copolymers
154 7,521,091 Method of preparing an extended conjugated molecular assembly
155 7,521,090 Method of use of epoxy-containing cycloaliphatic acrylic polymers as orientation control layers for block copolymer thin films
156 7,520,951 Method of transferring nanoparticles to a surface
157 7,520,753 Method of using coil contact as electrical interconnect
158 7,520,443 System, method, and program for extracting invisible information