IBM patents granted on 21 April 2015

103 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,015,821 User authentication
2 9,015,738 Video stream measurement
3 9,015,730 Natural language access to application programming interfaces
4 9,015,726 Scheduling jobs of a multi-node computer system based on environmental impact
5 9,015,724 Job dispatching with scheduler record updates containing characteristics combinations of job characteristics
6 9,015,723 Resource optimization for real-time task assignment in multi-process environments
7 9,015,715 Common contiguous memory region optimized long distance virtual machine migration
8 9,015,713 Facilitating customer-initiated virtual machine migration and swapping
9 9,015,708 System for improving the performance of high performance computing applications on cloud using integrated load balancing
10 9,015,707 Virtual machine rapid provisioning system
11 9,015,705 Computing device having a migrated virtual machine accessing physical storage space on another computing device
12 9,015,704 Context agent injection using virtual machine introspection
13 9,015,697 On-demand software module deployment
14 9,015,691 Software object lock management using observations
15 9,015,685 Code analysis for simulation efficiency improvement
16 9,015,678 Testing internationalized software using test resource file and test font
17 9,015,676 Varying removal of internal breakpoints during debugging of code
18 9,015,666 Updating product documentation using automated test scripts
19 9,015,665 Generating functional artifacts from low level design diagrams
20 9,015,664 Automated tagging and tracking of defect codes based on customer problem management record
21 9,015,602 Restoring an occluded window in application sharing software
22 9,015,593 Managing advisories for complex model nodes in a graphical modeling application
23 9,015,569 System and method for resource-adaptive, real-time new event detection
24 9,015,552 Data deduplication using CRC-seed differentiation between data and stubs
25 9,015,537 Bit error rate based wear leveling for solid state drive memory
26 9,015,531 Preventing distribution of a failure
27 9,015,522 Implementing DRAM failure scenarios mitigation by using buffer techniques delaying usage of RAS features in computer systems
28 9,015,501 Structure for asymmetrical performance multi-processors
29 9,015,449 Region-weighted accounting of multi-threaded processor core according to dispatch state
30 9,015,443 Reducing remote reads of memory in a hybrid computing environment
31 9,015,423 Reducing store operation busy times
32 9,015,419 Avoiding aborts due to associativity conflicts in a transactional environment
33 9,015,414 Load balancing based upon data usage
34 9,015,413 Management of data using inheritable attributes
35 9,015,380 Exchanging message data in a distributed computer system
36 9,015,362 Monitoring network performance and detecting network faults using round trip transmission times
37 9,015,339 Monitoring streams buffering to optimize operator procressing
38 9,015,325 Performing maintenance operations on cloud computing node without requiring to stop all virtual machines in the node
39 9,015,252 Method and system for forcing e-mail addresses into blind carbon copy (“Bcc”) to enforce privacy
40 9,015,239 System and method for integrating third party applications into a named collaborative space
41 9,015,210 Activity-based block management of a clustered file system
42 9,015,208 Mapping data elements in a user interface
43 9,015,183 Accelerating time series data base queries using dictionary based representations
44 9,015,168 Device and method for generating opinion pairs having sentiment orientation based impact relations
45 9,015,164 High availability for cloud servers
46 9,015,162 Integrating smart social question and answers enabled for use with social networking tools
47 9,015,137 Creating and maintaining order of a log stream
48 9,015,133 Optimized resizing for RCU-protected hash tables
49 9,015,132 Name search using multiple bitmap distributions
50 9,015,125 Flexibly managing record retention via a records management software program
51 9,015,119 Performing a background copy process during a backup operation
52 9,015,118 Determining and presenting provenance and lineage for content in a content management system
53 9,015,116 Consistent replication of transactional updates
54 9,015,105 Declarative schema-directed data model management
55 9,015,104 Declarative schemea-directed data model management
56 9,015,102 Match engine for detection of multi-pattern rules
57 9,015,032 Multilingual speech recognition and public announcement
58 9,015,031 Predicting lexical answer types in open domain question and answering (QA) systems
59 9,015,030 Translating prompt and user input
60 9,015,027 Fast emulation of virtually addressed control flow
61 9,015,025 Verifying processor-sparing functionality in a simulation environment
62 9,015,024 Enabling reuse of unit-specific simulation irritation in multiple environments
63 9,015,022 Simulating non-volatile memory in virtual distributed switches
64 9,015,012 Completion of partial coverage tasks
65 9,015,006 Automated enablement of performance data collection
66 9,014,868 Power factor
67 9,014,827 Dynamically generating a manufacturing production work flow with selectable sampling strategies
68 9,014,722 Dynamic service binding providing transparent switching of information services having defined coverage regions
69 9,014,634 Social network based Wi-Fi connectivity
70 9,014,478 Reading order determination apparatus, method, and program for determining reading order of characters
71 9,014,369 Voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) scrambling mechanism
72 9,014,347 Voice print tagging of interactive voice response sessions
73 9,014,254 Testing a decision feedback equalizer (`DFE`)
74 9,014,219 Link aggregation (LAG) information exchange protocol
75 9,014,161 Multi-tier indexing methodology for scalable mobile device data collection
76 9,014,028 Identifying and transitioning to an improved VOIP session
77 9,014,023 Mobile network services in a mobile data network
78 9,013,994 Distributed chassis architecture having integrated service appliances
79 9,013,872 Dry-cooling unit with gravity-assisted coolant flow
80 9,013,857 Altering capacitance of MIM capacitor having reactive layer therein
81 9,013,827 Coarse actuator positioning algorithm
82 9,013,826 Tape dimension compensation
83 9,013,822 Creating a single library image from multiple independent tape libraries
84 9,013,426 Providing a sense of touch in a mobile device using vibration
85 9,013,403 Remote controlling of mouse cursor functions of a computer device
86 9,013,310 Circuit structure and method of fabrication for facilitating radio frequency identification (RFID)
87 9,013,304 Locating computer-controlled entities
88 9,013,287 Vehicle-induced roadway debris monitoring
89 9,013,202 Testing structure and method of using the testing structure
90 9,013,010 Nanopore sensor device
91 9,013,008 Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacturing the same
92 9,013,001 Stress-generating shallow trench isolation structure having dual composition
93 9,012,997 Semiconductor device including ESD protection device
94 9,012,970 Self-aligned process to fabricate a memory cell array with a surrounding-gate access transistor
95 9,012,587 Photo-patternable dielectric materials and formulations and methods of use
96 9,012,329 Nanogap in-between noble metals
97 9,012,283 Integrated circuit (IC) chip having both metal and silicon gate field effect transistors (FETs) and method of manufacture
98 9,012,266 Copper post solder bumps on substrates
99 9,012,136 Detection of an analyte in a sample
100 9,012,133 Removal of alkaline crystal defects in lithographic patterning
101 9,011,704 Methods for texturing magnetic head surface
102 9,009,971 Wicking and coupling element(s) facilitating evaporative cooling of component(s)
103 9,009,968 Coolant manifold with separately rotatable manifold section(s)