IBM patents granted on 21 August 2007

67 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,260,838 Incorporating password change policy into a single sign-on environment
2 7,260,817 Method using array range check information for generating versioning code before a loop for execution
3 7,260,810 Method of extracting properties of back end of line (BEOL) chip architecture
4 7,260,799 Exploiting suspected redundancy for enhanced design verification
5 7,260,790 Integrated circuit yield enhancement using Voronoi diagrams
6 7,260,785 Method and system for object retransmission without a continuous network connection in a digital media distribution system
7 7,260,784 Display data mapping method, system, and program product
8 7,260,779 Methods and apparatus for automatic page break detection
9 7,260,778 Printing pages in accordance with a remainder computation formula
10 7,260,765 Methods and apparatus for dynamically reconfigurable parallel data error checking
11 7,260,760 Method and apparatus to disable compaction of test responses in deterministic test-set embedding-based BIST
12 7,260,757 System and method for testing electronic devices on a microchip
13 7,260,755 Skewed inverter delay line for use in measuring critical paths in an integrated circuit
14 7,260,752 Method and apparatus for responding to critical abstracted platform events in a data processing system
15 7,260,743 System and method for achieving autonomic computing self-healing, utilizing meta level reflection and reasoning
16 7,260,739 Method, apparatus and program storage device for allowing continuous availability of data during volume set failures in a mirrored environment
17 7,260,718 Method for adding external security to file system resources through symbolic link references
18 7,260,698 Method and system for page initialization using off-level worker thread
19 7,260,695 Scanning modified data during power loss
20 7,260,679 Apparatus and method to manage a data cache using a first and second least recently used list
21 7,260,664 Interrupt mechanism on an IO adapter that supports virtualization
22 7,260,663 System and method for presenting interrupts
23 7,260,647 Method of load balancing traffic among routers in a data transmission system
24 7,260,617 Method, system, and article of manufacture for implementing security features at a portal server
25 7,260,615 Apparatus and method for analyzing remote data
26 7,260,612 Switching system duplicating file operation command according to quantity of file servers and sending writing and reading commands according to a switching order
27 7,260,600 User specified parallel data fetching for optimized web access
28 7,260,589 High performance support for XA protocols in a clustered shared database
29 7,260,575 Performance optimization for data sharing across batch sequential processes and on-line transaction processes
30 7,260,571 Disambiguation of term occurrences
31 7,260,570 Retrieving matching documents by queries in any national language
32 7,260,566 System and method for generating horizontal view for SQL queries to vertical database
33 7,260,542 Method and system for the real time sale of sensor data
34 7,260,537 Disambiguating results within a speech based IVR session
35 7,260,534 Graphical user interface for determining speech recognition accuracy
36 7,260,495 System and method for test generation for system level verification using parallel algorithms
37 7,260,494 Eclipz wiretest for differential clock/oscillator signals
38 7,260,491 Duty cycle measurement apparatus and method
39 7,260,487 Histogram difference method and system for power/performance measurement and management
40 7,260,265 Enhancing compression while transcoding JPEG images
41 7,260,262 Display control method, and program, information processing apparatus and optical character recognizer
42 7,260,216 State machine representation for encrypting and decrypting a set of data values and method for protecting the same
43 7,260,190 System and method for managing voicemails using metadata
44 7,260,145 Method and systems for analyzing the quality of high-speed signals
45 7,260,096 Method and router for forwarding internet data packets
46 7,260,062 Flow control in network devices
47 7,259,986 Circuits and methods for providing low voltage, high performance register files
48 7,259,966 Apparatus, system, and method for reducing rotational vibration transmission within a data storage system
49 7,259,934 Pole tip trimmed magnetic recording head with minimal edge rounding
50 7,259,763 Embedded analytics in information visualization
51 7,259,701 Method and structure for lossy compression of continuous data with extensible motifs
52 7,259,697 Method and system for performing character-based streaming of mixed-byte encoded data
53 7,259,694 Wireless communication system and method to provide geo-spatial related event data
54 7,259,665 Battery backed service indicator aids for field maintenance
55 7,259,625 High Q monolithic inductors for use in differential circuits
56 7,259,602 Method and apparatus for implementing fault tolerant phase locked loop (PLL)
57 7,259,590 Driver for multi-voltage island/core architecture
58 7,259,585 Selective on-die termination for improved power management and thermal distribution
59 7,259,580 Method and apparatus for temporary thermal coupling of an electronic device to a heat sink during test
60 7,259,420 Multiple-gate device with floating back gate
61 7,259,333 Composite laminate circuit structure
62 7,259,049 Self-aligned isolation double-gate FET
63 7,259,025 Ferromagnetic liner for conductive lines of magnetic memory cells
64 7,258,809 MRAM wet etch method
65 7,258,574 Snap-fit electromagnetic shield
66 7,258,537 Fast firing flattening apparatus for sintered multilayer ceramic electronic substrates
67 7,257,882 Multilayer coil assembly and method of production