IBM patents granted on 21 August 2012

184 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,250,650 Front-end protocol for server protection
2 8,250,642 System, method and program for managing firewalls
3 8,250,637 Determining the degree of relevance of duplicate alerts in an entity resolution system
4 8,250,635 Enabling authentication of openID user when requested identity provider is unavailable
5 8,250,631 Protecting against denial of service attacks using trust, quality of service, personalization, and hide port messages
6 8,250,628 Dynamic augmentation, reduction, and/or replacement of security information by evaluating logical expressions
7 8,250,627 Transaction authorization
8 8,250,626 Securing data accessed by a software package pre-loaded on a computer system
9 8,250,590 Apparatus, system, and method for seamless multiple format metadata abstraction
10 8,250,585 Extensible framework for managing UI state in a composite AJAX application
11 8,250,583 Workflow processing system and method with federated database system support
12 8,250,582 Chargeback reduction planning for information technology management
13 8,250,578 Pipelining hardware accelerators to computer systems
14 8,250,577 Mechanism to enable and ensure failover integrity and high availability of batch processing
15 8,250,568 Installing and upgrading an application in a computer system
16 8,250,563 Distributed autonomic solutions repository
17 8,250,557 Configuring a dependency graph for dynamic by-pass instruction scheduling
18 8,250,554 Systems and methods for generating and distributing executable procedures for technical desk-side support
19 8,250,553 Method and data processing system for finding problems caused by access to uninitialized data storage in assembler programs
20 8,250,552 High efficiency compilation framework for streamlining the execution of compiled code
21 8,250,551 Refining tail call optimizations at link-time
22 8,250,547 Fast image loading mechanism in cell SPU
23 8,250,546 Code assist for multiple statement patterns including automated translation of code examples to a user context
24 8,250,543 Software tracing
25 8,250,538 Optimization of system performance through scenario evaluation
26 8,250,532 Efficient development of configurable software systems in a large software development community
27 8,250,521 Method and apparatus for the design and development of service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions
28 8,250,515 Clock alias for timing analysis of an integrated circuit design
29 8,250,509 Slack-based timing budget apportionment
30 8,250,486 Computer controlled user interactive display interface for accessing graphic tools with a minimum of display pointer movement
31 8,250,485 Web accessibility assistant
32 8,250,479 Message flow interactions for display in a user interface
33 8,250,476 Asynchronous immersive communications in a virtual universe
34 8,250,475 Managing icon integrity
35 8,250,472 Documentation system
36 8,250,467 Deriving menu-based voice markup from visual markup
37 8,250,464 Parsing a markup language document
38 8,250,462 Method and system of fulfilling requests for information from a network client
39 8,250,461 Persistently self-replicating multiple ranges of cells through a table
40 8,250,458 Method, system, and software tool for emulating a portal application
41 8,250,455 Assisting document creation
42 8,250,440 Address generation checking
43 8,250,405 Accelerating recovery in MPI environments
44 8,250,404 Process integrity of work items in a multiple processor system
45 8,250,402 Method to precondition a storage controller for automated data collection based on host input
46 8,250,396 Hardware wake-and-go mechanism for a data processing system
47 8,250,395 Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) control for simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) processors
48 8,250,389 Profiling an application for power consumption during execution on a plurality of compute nodes
49 8,250,384 Optimizer mechanism to increase battery length for mobile devices
50 8,250,383 Temperature threshold application signal trigger for real-time relocation of process
51 8,250,382 Power control of servers using advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) states
52 8,250,366 Method and system for electronic vehicle document display
53 8,250,355 Method, system, and product for identifying provisioning operations via planning methods
54 8,250,352 Isolating workload partition space
55 8,250,348 Methods and apparatus for dynamically switching processor mode
56 8,250,347 Digital data processing apparatus having hardware multithreading support including cache line limiting mechanism for special class threads
57 8,250,345 Structure for multi-threaded processing
58 8,250,338 Broadcasting instructions/data to a plurality of processors in a multiprocessor device via aliasing
59 8,250,336 Method, system and computer program product for storing external device result data
60 8,250,335 Method, system and computer program product for managing the storage of data
61 8,250,330 Memory controller having tables mapping memory addresses to memory modules
62 8,250,329 Preemptive write-inhibition for thin provisioning storage subsystem
63 8,250,326 Data swapping in a storage system
64 8,250,324 Method to efficiently locate meta-data structures on a flash-based storage device
65 8,250,323 Determining whether to use a repository to store data updated during a resynchronization
66 8,250,315 Dynamic nest level determination for nested transactional memory rollback
67 8,250,310 Assigning data to NVRAM of shared access hybrid hard drives
68 8,250,308 Cache coherency protocol with built in avoidance for conflicting responses
69 8,250,307 Sourcing differing amounts of prefetch data in response to data prefetch requests
70 8,250,306 Method for improving frequency-based caching algorithms by maintaining a stable history of evicted items
71 8,250,305 Method, system and computer program product for data buffers partitioned from a cache array
72 8,250,304 Cache memory device and system with set and group limited priority and casting management of I/O type data injection
73 8,250,303 Adaptive linesize in a cache
74 8,250,299 Multi-host concurrent writing to magnetic tape
75 8,250,298 Mechanisms for reducing DRAM power consumption
76 8,250,281 Data communications through a host fibre channel adapter
77 8,250,273 Secure handling and routing of message-signaled interrupts
78 8,250,265 Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
79 8,250,260 Method, arrangement, data processing program and computer program product for exchanging message data in a distributed computer system
80 8,250,256 Methods, systems and computer products for user-managed multi-path performance in balanced or unbalanced fabric configurations
81 8,250,243 Diagnostic data collection and storage put-away station in a multiprocessor system
82 8,250,237 Communication with database client users
83 8,250,229 Internet protocol security (IPSEC) packet processing for multiple clients sharing a single network address
84 8,250,227 Providing different rates to different users of a download service
85 8,250,212 Requester-side autonomic governor
86 8,250,206 Communication control
87 8,250,202 Distributed notification and action mechanism for mirroring-related events
88 8,250,201 Servlet monitoring tool
89 8,250,192 Data server administration using a chatbot
90 8,250,185 Semantic matching of federation intents and services capabilities in a planning system for automatic service federation
91 8,250,164 Query performance data on parallel computer system having compute nodes
92 8,250,160 Checking destination email addresses against historical address information
93 8,250,155 System and method for autogenerated email follow-up
94 8,250,154 Structured archiving and retrieval of linked messages in a synchronous collaborative environment
95 8,250,152 E-mail delivery options usability tool
96 8,250,148 Reducing memory accesses in processing TCP/IP packets
97 8,250,143 Network driven actuator mapping agent and bus and method of use
98 8,250,140 Enabling connections for use with a network
99 8,250,134 Processing multiple requests by a statically identified user server prior to user server termination
100 8,250,133 Massively parallel supercomputer
101 8,250,132 Managing messages related to workflows
102 8,250,130 Reducing bandwidth requirements for matrix multiplication
103 8,250,123 Contactless IC memory on removeable media
104 8,250,122 Systems and methods for simultaneous file transfer and copy actions
105 8,250,117 Processing a spreadsheet for storage in a database
106 8,250,115 Method, apparatus and software for processing data encoded as one or more data elements in a data format
107 8,250,113 Web service discovery via data abstraction model
108 8,250,112 Constructing declarative componentized applications
109 8,250,111 Automatic detection and correction of hot pages in a database system
110 8,250,105 Input data structure for data mining
111 8,250,101 Ontology guided reference data discovery
112 8,250,093 Method and system for utilizing a cache for path-level access control to structured documents stored in a database
113 8,250,066 Search results ranking method and system
114 8,250,063 Restricting a fan-out search in a peer-to-peer network based on accessibility of nodes
115 8,250,059 Crawling browser-accessible applications
116 8,250,047 Hybrid multi-threaded access to data structures using hazard pointers for reads and locks for updates
117 8,250,045 Non-invasive usage tracking, access control, policy enforcement, audit logging, and user action automation on software applications
118 8,250,044 Byte-code representations of actual data to reduce network traffic in database transactions
119 8,250,041 Method and apparatus for propagation of file plans from enterprise retention management applications to records management systems
120 8,250,036 Methods of consistent data protection for multi-server applications
121 8,250,032 Optimizing publish/subscribe matching for non-wildcarded topics
122 8,250,028 Method for coordinating updates to database and in-memory cache
123 8,250,024 Search relevance in business intelligence systems through networked ranking
124 8,250,010 Electronic learning synapse with spike-timing dependent plasticity using unipolar memory-switching elements
125 8,249,999 Systems and method for costing of service proposals
126 8,249,984 System and method for fair-sharing in bandwidth sharing ad-hoc networks
127 8,249,937 Tier-based dynamic incentive arbitration in an on-demand computing environment
128 8,249,911 Workflow system, information processor, and method and program for workflow management
129 8,249,872 Skipping radio/television program segments
130 8,249,859 Technology for selecting texts suitable as processing objects
131 8,249,858 Multilingual administration of enterprise data with default target languages
132 8,249,857 Multilingual administration of enterprise data with user selected target language translation
133 8,249,848 Verifying a processor design using a processor simulation model
134 8,249,846 Automated simulation fabric discovery and configuration
135 8,249,756 Method, device and system for responsive load management using frequency regulation credits
136 8,249,542 Receiver and integrated AM-FM/IQ demodulators for gigabit-rate data detection
137 8,249,501 Self-detecting electronic connection for electronic devices
138 8,249,399 Optical character recognition verification
139 8,249,371 Selective predictor and selective predictive encoding for two-dimensional geometry compression
140 8,249,328 Optical imaging and analysis of a graphic symbol
141 8,249,314 Anonymous and revocable fingerprint recognition
142 8,249,301 Video object classification
143 8,249,263 Method and apparatus for providing audio motion feedback in a simulated three-dimensional environment
144 8,249,235 Conference call prioritization
145 8,249,233 Apparatus and system for representation of voices of participants to a conference call
146 8,249,231 System and computer program product for predicting churners in a telecommunications network
147 8,249,226 In-progress voicemail transfer based on identity
148 8,249,225 Identifying caller preferences based on voice print analysis
149 8,249,224 Providing speaker identifying information within embedded digital information
150 8,249,177 Detection of frame marker quality
151 8,249,124 Optical wavelength switch
152 8,249,083 Method, apparatus and computer program for processing a message using a message processing node
153 8,249,000 Controlling the delivery of messages to a mobile client
154 8,248,952 Optimization of network adapter utilization in EtherChannel environment
155 8,248,899 Preparing a multimedia stream by collating tracks
156 8,248,805 System to improve an in-line memory module
157 8,248,801 Thermoelectric-enhanced, liquid-cooling apparatus and method for facilitating dissipation of heat
158 8,248,727 Magnetic head with components separated by insulative portions and electrically coupled together by connective element
159 8,248,466 Image processing using multiple image devices
160 8,248,435 Edit tool for line vector data
161 8,248,422 Efficient texture processing of pixel groups with SIMD execution unit
162 8,248,415 User-defined non-visible geometry featuring ray filtering
163 8,248,412 Physical rendering with textured bounding volume primitive mapping
164 8,248,404 Event determination in a virtual universe
165 8,248,402 Adaptive ray data reorder for optimized ray temporal locality
166 8,248,401 Accelerated data structure optimization based upon view orientation
167 8,248,302 Reflection-type phase shifter having reflection loads implemented using transmission lines and phased-array receiver/transmitter utilizing the same
168 8,248,249 Self-powered RFID tag activated by a fluid
169 8,248,152 Switched capacitor voltage converters
170 8,248,097 Method and apparatus for probing a wafer
171 8,248,094 Acquisition of silicon-on-insulator switching history effects statistics
172 8,248,082 Method for determining the current return path integrity in an electric device connected or connectable to a further device
173 8,247,947 Coupling piezoelectric material generated stresses to devices formed in integrated circuits
174 8,247,905 Formation of vertical devices by electroplating
175 8,247,904 Interconnection between sublithographic-pitched structures and lithographic-pitched structures
176 8,247,895 4D device process and structure
177 8,247,877 Structure with reduced fringe capacitance
178 8,247,709 Method of making a replaceable knockout part in a metal panel and systems thereof
179 8,247,319 Method to enable the process and enlarge the process window for silicide, germanide or germanosilicide formation in structures with extremely small dimensions
180 8,247,292 Nonvolative memory device using semiconductor nanocrystals and method of forming same
181 8,247,271 Formation of alpha particle shields in chip packaging
182 8,247,261 Thin substrate fabrication using stress-induced substrate spalling
183 8,246,050 Intelligent system to indicate appropriate trajectories in cue sports
184 8,245,401 Casted heat sink and tube cold plate with peritectically reacted metals