IBM patents granted on 21 December 2010

86 US patents granted on 21 December 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,856,664 Method, system and computer program for a secure backup license server in a license management system
2 7,856,663 Security screening of electronic devices by device identifier
3 7,856,662 Denying unauthorized access to a private data processing network
4 7,856,653 Method and apparatus to protect policy state information during the life-time of virtual machines
5 7,856,640 Web client endpoint emulator
6 7,856,639 Monitoring and controlling applications executing in a computing node
7 7,856,630 System, method and program to manage program updates
8 7,856,628 Method for simplifying compiler-generated software code
9 7,856,627 Method of SIMD-ization through data reshaping, padding, and alignment
10 7,856,626 Method of refactoring methods within an application
11 7,856,621 Method for synchronization of concurrently modified interdependent semi-derived artifacts
12 7,856,618 Adaptively generating code for a computer program
13 7,856,615 Computer method and apparatus for managing software configurations using change flow hierarchies
14 7,856,609 Using constraints in design verification
15 7,856,607 System and method for generating at-speed structural tests to improve process and environmental parameter space coverage
16 7,856,600 System and method for user driven interactive application integration
17 7,856,582 Techniques for logic built-in self-test diagnostics of integrated circuit devices
18 7,856,575 Collaborative troubleshooting computer systems using fault tree analysis
19 7,856,573 WPAR halted attack introspection stack execution detection
20 7,856,544 Stream processing in super node clusters of processors assigned with stream computation graph kernels and coupled by stream traffic optical links
21 7,856,540 System and article of manufacture for removing alias addresses from an alias address pool
22 7,856,536 Providing a process exclusive access to a page including a memory address to which a lock is granted to the process
23 7,856,535 Adaptive snoop-and-forward mechanisms for multiprocessor systems
24 7,856,533 Probabilistic method for performing memory prefetching
25 7,856,521 Apparatus and method to control access to stored information
26 7,856,511 Processing of data to suspend operations in an input/output processing system
27 7,856,503 Method and apparatus for dynamic content generation
28 7,856,500 Method for placing composite applications in a federated environment
29 7,856,496 Information gathering tool for systems administration
30 7,856,495 Identification of equipment location in data center
31 7,856,484 Web and lotus notes adapter layers
32 7,856,482 Method and system for correlating transactions and messages
33 7,856,469 Searchable instant messaging chat repositories using topic and identifier metadata
34 7,856,462 System and computer program product for performing an inexact query transformation in a heterogeneous environment
35 7,856,458 Online analytical processing (OLAP)
36 7,856,455 System, method and program product for generating triggers for a relational database
37 7,856,448 Access control decision method and system
38 7,856,440 Method and system for separating content identifiers from content reconstitution information in virtual machine images
39 7,856,439 Method and system for using semantic information to improve virtual machine image management
40 7,856,436 Dynamic holds of record dispositions during record management
41 7,856,435 Selecting keywords representative of a document
42 7,856,425 Article of manufacture and system for fast reverse restore
43 7,856,417 Method and system for filing electronic mails
44 7,856,416 Automated latent star schema discovery tool
45 7,856,413 Dynamic search criteria on a search graph
46 7,856,409 Nucleotide sequence screening
47 7,856,366 Multiple accounts for health record bank
48 7,856,352 Method and system of presenting a document to a user
49 7,856,347 Facilitating simulation of a model within a distributed environment
50 7,856,344 Method for transforming overlapping paths in a logical model to their physical equivalent based on transformation rules and limited traceability
51 7,856,341 Heat sink
52 7,856,332 Real time system for monitoring the commonality, sensitivity, and repeatability of test probes
53 7,856,290 Nesting negotiation for self-mobile devices
54 7,856,287 Large scale supply planning
55 7,856,030 Dynamic time division multiplexing circuit without a shadow table
56 7,856,027 Inbound blocking of data received from a LAN in a multi-processor virtualization environment
57 7,856,014 High capacity multicast forwarding
58 7,855,980 Identification of the configuration topology, existing switches, and miswires in a switched network
59 7,855,966 Network congestion detection and automatic fallback: methods, systems and program products
60 7,855,954 Speculative credit data flow control
61 7,855,877 Apparatus for display movement of a laptop computer
62 7,855,800 Apparatus and method for providing printer separator pages
63 7,855,663 System for utilizing RFID tags to manage automotive parts
64 7,855,644 Method and apparatus for disabling an active data tag device
65 7,855,563 Robust cable connectivity test receiver for high-speed data receiver
66 7,855,534 Method for regulating a voltage using a dual loop linear voltage regulator with high frequency noise reduction
67 7,855,455 Lock and key through-via method for wafer level 3 D integration and structures produced
68 7,855,442 Silicon based package
69 7,855,430 Electronic components on trenched substrates and method of forming same
70 7,855,428 Conductive liner at an interface between a shallow trench isolation structure and a buried oxide layer
71 7,855,420 Structure for a latchup robust array I/O using through wafer via
72 7,855,142 Methods of forming dual-damascene metal interconnect structures using multi-layer hard masks
73 7,855,137 Method of making a sidewall-protected metallic pillar on a semiconductor substrate
74 7,855,135 Method to reduce parastic capacitance in a metal high dielectric constant (MHK) transistor
75 7,855,133 Formation of carbon and semiconductor nanomaterials using molecular assemblies
76 7,855,130 Corrosion inhibitor additives to prevent semiconductor device bond-pad corrosion during wafer dicing operations
77 7,855,110 Field effect transistor and method of fabricating same
78 7,855,105 Planar and non-planar CMOS devices with multiple tuned threshold voltages
79 7,855,104 Structure and method for latchup suppression
80 7,855,101 Layer transfer process and functionally enhanced integrated circuits produced thereby
81 7,855,045 Immersion topcoat materials with improved performance
82 7,854,878 Method for forming and aligning chemically mediated dispersion of magnetic nanoparticles in a polymer
83 7,854,781 Mount for air filter and bezel assembly
84 7,854,547 Bidirectional and expandable heat flow measurement tool for units of air cooled electrical equipment
85 7,854,368 Method and structure for controlled impedance wire bonds using co-dispensing of dielectric spacers
86 7,854,202 Overhead transport service vehicle and method