IBM patents granted on 21 July 2009

62 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,565,700 Method for tracking the expiration of encrypted content using device relative time intervals
2 7,565,687 Transmission control system, server, terminal station, transmission control method, program and storage medium
3 7,565,662 Program agent initiated processing of enqueued event actions
4 7,565,659 Light weight context switching
5 7,565,655 Methods and systems for control discovery in computing systems
6 7,565,650 Method, apparatus and computer program product for deploying software via post-load images
7 7,565,636 System for performing verification of logic circuits
8 7,565,633 Verifying mask layout printability using simulation with adjustable accuracy
9 7,565,621 Methods and apparatus for providing graphical indicators and inline controls for relating and managing portlets in a graphical user interface
10 7,565,617 Electronic web sticky
11 7,565,606 Automated spell analysis
12 7,565,585 Integrated redundancy architecture and method for providing redundancy allocation to an embedded memory system
13 7,565,569 Data protection in a mass storage system
14 7,565,565 Automated error recovery of a licensed internal code update on a storage controller
15 7,565,560 Supplying combinations of clock frequency, voltage, and current to processors
16 7,565,549 System and method for the managed security control of processes on a computer system
17 7,565,545 Method, system and program product for auditing electronic transactions based on biometric readings
18 7,565,488 Apparatus, system, and method for integrated blade raid controller and storage
19 7,565,486 Method and apparatus for handling multi-volume datasets in a tape storage system
20 7,565,485 Storage system with inhibition of cache destaging
21 7,565,484 Methods, apparatus and computer programs for scheduling storage requests
22 7,565,431 Method, system, and program for determining information on a storage system in a network
23 7,565,424 Data processing system, method, and product for reporting loss of service application
24 7,565,412 Methods for detecting outbound nagling on a TCP network connection
25 7,565,398 Procedure for dynamic reconfiguration of resources of logical partitions
26 7,565,369 System and method for mining time-changing data streams
27 7,565,349 Method for computing frequency distribution for many fields in one pass in parallel
28 7,565,347 Indexing and searching of electronic message transmission thread sets
29 7,565,346 System and method for sequence-based subspace pattern clustering
30 7,565,342 Dynamic semi-join processing with runtime optimization
31 7,565,324 Shared authorization data authentication method for transaction delegation in service-based computing environments
32 7,565,310 Method and system and program product for a design pattern for automating service provisioning
33 7,565,293 Seamless hybrid computer human call service
34 7,565,272 System and methods for integrating authoring with complexity analysis for computing system operation procedures
35 7,565,218 Method and system of prioritization for managing manufacturing processes
36 7,565,217 Traversal of empty regions in a searchable data structure
37 7,564,977 System, method and program product for anonymous transfer of messages
38 7,564,976 System and method for performing security operations on network data
39 7,564,843 Method, system and article for improved network performance by avoiding IP-ID wrap-arounds causing data corruption on fast networks
40 7,564,739 Storage cell design evaluation circuit including a wordline timing and cell access detection circuit
41 7,564,729 Differential and hierarchical sensing for memory circuits
42 7,564,690 Method for grounding a heat sink in thermal contact with an electronic component using a grounding spring having multiple-jointed spring fingers
43 7,564,354 Monitoring device for detecting opening of packaging
44 7,564,319 Vertical LC tank device
45 7,564,307 Common mode feedback amplifier with switched differential capacitor
46 7,564,290 Design structure for a high-speed level shifter
47 7,564,259 Digital circuit with dynamic power and performance control via per-block selectable operating voltage
48 7,564,256 Integrated circuit testing methods using well bias modification
49 7,564,118 Chip and wafer integration process using vertical connections
50 7,564,086 Self-aligned, silicided, trench-based DRAM/eDRAM processes with improved retention
51 7,564,081 finFET structure with multiply stressed gate electrode
52 7,563,714 Low resistance and inductance backside through vias and methods of fabricating same
53 7,563,710 Method of fabrication of interconnect structures
54 7,563,704 Method of forming an interconnect including a dielectric cap having a tensile stress
55 7,563,670 Method for etching single-crystal semiconductor selective to amorphous/polycrystalline semiconductor and structure formed by same
56 7,563,657 High performance FET devices and methods thereof
57 7,563,636 Method of forming a pixel sensor cell for collecting electrons and holes
58 7,563,563 Wet developable bottom antireflective coating composition and method for use thereof
59 7,563,558 Negative resists based on acid-catalyzed elimination of polar molecules
60 7,563,430 Inorganic metal chalcogen cluster precursors and methods for forming colloidal metal chalcogenide nanoparticles using the same
61 7,562,816 Integrating touch, taste, and/or scent with a visual interface of an automated system for an enhanced user experience
62 7,562,742 Air exhaust/inlet sound attenuation mechanism