IBM patents granted on 21 June 2016

161 US patents granted on 21 June 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,374,910 Printed circuit board copper plane repair
2 9,374,800 Determining location of a user of a mobile device
3 9,374,711 Monitoring unauthorized access point
4 9,374,703 Customizable serviceability mechanism
5 9,374,675 Public service awareness of crowd movement and concentration
6 9,374,672 Detection of unauthorized wireless personal area network low energy devices
7 9,374,649 Smart hearing aid
8 9,374,555 Dynamic character substitution for web conferencing based on sentiment
9 9,374,551 Personal video recording with messaging
10 9,374,432 Cross-site data analysis
11 9,374,425 Behavior based client selection for disparate treatment
12 9,374,421 Management of digital content distribution
13 9,374,418 Systems, methods and algorithms for logical movement of data objects
14 9,374,416 Universal architecture for client management extensions on monitoring, control, and configuration
15 9,374,414 Embedding global and collective in a torus network with message class map based tree path selection
16 9,374,401 Communication traffic management
17 9,374,392 Method and apparatus for dynamic destination address control in a computer network
18 9,374,345 Transparent encryption/decryption gateway for cloud storage services
19 9,374,334 Programmatic message partner list management
20 9,374,324 Determining virtual adapter access controls in a computing environment
21 9,374,316 Interoperability for distributed overlay virtual environment
22 9,374,312 Load balancing traffic in a MPLS network
23 9,374,287 Managing processing branches in an operator graph
24 9,374,273 Dynamic HTTP load balancing
25 9,374,241 Tagging virtual overlay packets in a virtual networking system
26 9,374,228 Verifying a geographic location of a virtual disk image executing at a data center server within a data center
27 9,374,108 Convolution-encoded hyper-speed channel with robust trellis error-correction
28 9,374,106 Efficient context save/restore during hardware decompression of DEFLATE encoded data
29 9,374,073 Clock signal controller
30 9,373,783 Spin torque transfer MRAM device formed on silicon stud grown by selective epitaxy
31 9,373,743 Silicon heterojunction photovoltaic device with wide band gap emitter
32 9,373,741 Heterostructure germanium tandem junction solar cell
33 9,373,702 Carbon-doped cap for a raised active semiconductor region
34 9,373,641 Methods of forming field effect transistors using a gate cut process following final gate formation
35 9,373,639 Thin channel-on-insulator MOSFET device with n+ epitaxy substrate and embedded stressor
36 9,373,638 Complementary metal-oxide silicon having silicon and silicon germanium channels
37 9,373,624 FinFET devices including epitaxially grown device isolation regions, and a method of manufacturing same
38 9,373,618 Integrated FinFET capacitor
39 9,373,590 Integrated circuit bonding with interposer die
40 9,373,582 Self aligned via in integrated circuit
41 9,373,561 Integrated circuit barrierless microfluidic channel
42 9,373,559 Low-stress dual underfill packaging
43 9,373,550 Selectively degrading current resistance of field effect transistor devices
44 9,373,545 Semiconductor structure including a through electrode, and method for forming the same
45 9,373,543 Forming interconnect features with reduced sidewall tapering
46 9,373,538 Interconnect level structures for confining stitch-induced via structures
47 9,373,524 Die level chemical mechanical polishing
48 9,373,501 Hydroxyl group termination for nucleation of a dielectric metallic oxide
49 9,373,415 Dynamic hard error detection
50 9,373,383 STT-MRAM sensing technique
51 9,373,360 Instantaneous preview of data associated with a video
52 9,373,357 Error protection of data stored using variable-length headers
53 9,373,353 Negative select access mechanism
54 9,373,346 Adjustable spacing formatter head
55 9,373,345 Pro-active protection of communication devices that are senstive to vibration or shock
56 9,373,328 Speech retrieval method, speech retrieval apparatus, and program for speech retrieval apparatus
57 9,373,324 Applying speaker adaption techniques to correlated features
58 9,373,272 Dynamically updating map projections
59 9,373,137 Mapping transactions between the real world and a virtual world
60 9,373,136 Identifying and visualizing attributes of items based on attribute-based RFID tag proximity
61 9,373,096 Smart cloud workload balancer
62 9,373,090 Work-item notification classifier
63 9,373,086 Crowdsource reasoning process to facilitate question answering
64 9,373,081 Alert management system and method
65 9,373,075 Applying a genetic algorithm to compositional semantics sentiment analysis to improve performance and accelerate domain adaptation
66 9,373,073 Time-division multiplexed neurosynaptic module with implicit memory addressing for implementing a universal substrate of adaptation
67 9,373,058 Scene understanding using a neurosynaptic system
68 9,372,996 Protecting data owned by an operating system in a multi-operating system mobile environment
69 9,372,991 Detecting malicious computer code in an executing program module
70 9,372,990 Detecting heap spraying on a computer
71 9,372,986 Selective password synchronization
72 9,372,982 ID usage tracker
73 9,372,974 CAPTCHA challenge incorporating obfuscated characters
74 9,372,967 Support for secure objects in a computer system
75 9,372,936 Partial data report generation with data costing notification
76 9,372,933 Personalized quantitative measure of accessibility
77 9,372,924 Ontology driven dictionary generation and ambiguity resolution for natural language processing
78 9,372,919 Generating visualizations of a display group of tags representing content instances in objects satisfying a search criteria
79 9,372,910 Managing remote data replication
80 9,372,908 Merging an out of synchronization indicator and a change recording indicator in response to a failure in consistency group formation
81 9,372,902 Accessing and editing virtually-indexed message flows using structured query langauge (SQL)
82 9,372,897 Scoring relationships between entities based on proximity in space and time
83 9,372,894 Scoring relationships between entities based on proximity in space and time
84 9,372,892 Bloom filter construction method for use in a table join operation portion of processing a query to a distributed database
85 9,372,887 Compression ratio improvement by lazy match evaluation on the string search CAM
86 9,372,886 Data filtering in the internet of things
87 9,372,883 Manipulation of multi-tenancy database
88 9,372,881 System for identifying a correspondence between a COBOL copybook or PL/1 include file and a VSAM or sequential dataset
89 9,372,880 Reclamation of empty pages in database tables
90 9,372,869 Method for intelligently categorizing data to delete specified amounts of data based on selected data characteristics
91 9,372,868 Efficiency of file synchronization in a linear tape file system
92 9,372,861 Identifying unstructured elements of a collaborative place in a hierarchically structured manner
93 9,372,856 Generating custom text documents from multidimensional sources of text
94 9,372,849 Dynamic highlighting of repetitions in electronic documents
95 9,372,845 Managing product configuration
96 9,372,826 RDMA-optimized high-performance distributed cache
97 9,372,820 Network resource management system utilizing physical network identification for bridging operations
98 9,372,819 I/O device N.sub.–port ID virtualization
99 9,372,815 Estimating processor load using peripheral adapter queue behavior
100 9,372,805 Operating on translation look-aside buffers in a multiprocessor environment
101 9,372,801 Managing a cache in a multi-node virtual tape controller
102 9,372,797 Adaptively enabling and disabling snooping fastpath commands
103 9,372,784 Test system configuration method and system
104 9,372,783 Recording the core data of a computer process which provides trace data
105 9,372,782 Dynamic tracing framework for debugging in virtualized environments
106 9,372,781 Program subset execution and debug
107 9,372,780 Breakpoint continuation for stream computing
108 9,372,779 System, method, apparatus and computer program for automatic evaluation of user interfaces in software programs
109 9,372,778 Collaborative based caching
110 9,372,777 Collecting and attaching a bug trace to a problem information technology ticket
111 9,372,754 Restoring from a legacy OS environment to a UEFI pre-boot environment
112 9,372,751 Free space collection in log structured storage systems
113 9,372,748 Evaluating reliability of a software module using development life cycle
114 9,372,747 Evaluating reliability of a software module using development life cycle
115 9,372,745 Analytics output for detection of change sets system and method
116 9,372,740 Systems and methods for situational application development in the enterprise environment
117 9,372,739 Monitoring of subscriber message processing in a publish/subscribe messaging environment
118 9,372,736 Leveraging path information to generate predictions for parallel business processes
119 9,372,732 Data processing work allocation
120 9,372,727 Cross architecture virtual machine migration
121 9,372,725 Dynamically adjusting wait periods according to system performance
122 9,372,722 Reliable asynchronous processing of a synchronous request
123 9,372,717 Interruption of chip component managing tasks
124 9,372,713 Optimizing virtual storage size in a virtual computer system based on information related to virtual machines, user inputs and/or configuration parameters
125 9,372,712 Optimizing virtual storage size in a virtual computer system based on information related to virtual machines, user inputs and/or configuration parameters
126 9,372,709 Distribution of a service implemented by intra-connected virtual machines
127 9,372,705 Selecting a host for a virtual machine using a hardware multithreading parameter
128 9,372,702 Non-disruptive code update of a single processor in a multi-processor computing system
129 9,372,693 Run-time instrumentation sampling in transactional-execution mode
130 9,372,690 Analysis of data integration job
131 9,372,689 Synchronizing comments in source code with text documents
132 9,372,688 Automatic discovery of a JavaScript API
133 9,372,676 Method and system for loading status control of DLL
134 9,372,669 Multiple architecture viewpoints in single unified modeling language (UML) model
135 9,372,668 Interconnecting portal components with dialog state transitions
136 9,372,664 Comparing event data sets
137 9,372,643 Data set management
138 9,372,642 RAID 10 reads optimized for solid state drives
139 9,372,640 Configure storage class memory command
140 9,372,637 Inferring application type based on input-output characteristics of application storage resources
141 9,372,633 Indication of a destructive write via a notification from a disk drive that emulates blocks of a first block size within blocks of a second block size
142 9,372,630 Migration of newly allocated data to a storage tier
143 9,372,628 Deduplication tracking for accurate lifespan prediction
144 9,372,627 Dynamic feedback-based throughput control for black-box storage systems
145 9,372,616 Smart interactive bookmarks
146 9,372,606 Dynamically selecting and ordering facets and facet values in a user interface based on user preference
147 9,372,602 Password presentation management
148 9,372,596 Assistive overlay for report generation
149 9,372,558 Setting vibration portions in pieces of electronic data that are displayable on a display device
150 9,372,519 Dynamic power distribution
151 9,372,394 Test pattern layout for test photomask and method for evaluating critical dimension changes
152 9,372,312 Optical device
153 9,372,307 Monolithically integrated III-V optoelectronics with SI CMOS
154 9,372,305 Alignment of single-mode polymer waveguide (PWG) array and silicon waveguide (SIWG) array of providing adiabatic coupling
155 9,372,232 Collecting diagnostic data from chips
156 9,372,231 Scan chain latch design that improves testability of integrated circuits
157 9,372,208 Signal monitoring of through-wafer vias using a multi-layer inductor
158 9,372,171 Nanopore sensor for detecting molecular interactions
159 9,372,089 Monitoring suggested routes for deviations
160 9,372,086 Control system for indicating if people can reach locations that satisfy a predetermined set of conditions and requirements
161 9,371,431 Poly(ether sulfone)s and poly(ether amide sulfone)s and methods of their preparation