IBM patents granted on 21 March 2006

68 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,017,179 Data receiving apparatus and method
2 7,017,154 Eliminating store/restores within hot function prolog/epilogs using volatile registers
3 7,017,149 Automated servlet configuration
4 7,017,142 Method and apparatus for applying business rules in an object model driven context
5 7,017,139 Triangular assignment of pins used for diagonal interconnections between diagonal chips in a multi-chip module
6 7,017,128 Concurrent electrical signal wiring optimization for an electronic package
7 7,017,114 Automatic correlation method for generating summaries for text documents
8 7,017,095 Functional pattern logic diagnostic method
9 7,017,094 Performance built-in self test system for a device and a method of use
10 7,017,077 System and method of error retention for threaded software
11 7,017,073 Method and apparatus for fault-tolerance via dual thread crosschecking
12 7,017,066 Method, system and synchronization circuit for providing hardware component access to a set of data values without restriction
13 7,017,049 Method and system providing secure socket layer session sharing between network based servers and a client
14 7,017,031 Method, apparatus and system for managing released promotion bits
15 7,017,028 Apparatus and method for updating pointers for indirect and parallel register access
16 7,017,024 Data processing system having no system memory
17 7,017,014 Method, system and program product for maintaining data consistency across a hierarchy of caches
18 7,016,985 Method, system, and program for prioritizing input/output (I/O) requests submitted to a device driver
19 7,016,982 Virtual controller with SCSI extended copy command
20 7,016,977 Method and system for multilingual web server
21 7,016,972 Method and system for providing and viewing performance analysis of resource groups
22 7,016,968 Method and apparatus for facilitating the providing of content
23 7,016,965 System and method for asynchronously reading data across secure sockets layer sessions
24 7,016,959 Self service single sign on management system allowing user to amend user directory to include user chosen resource name and resource security data
25 7,016,933 Translation and substitution of transmitted environmental data
26 7,016,920 Method for tracking relationships between specified file name and particular program used for subsequent access in a database
27 7,016,917 System and method for storing conceptual information
28 7,016,915 Method for processing XML queries over relational data and meta-data using a relational database system
29 7,016,911 Management of user-defined routine libraries in database environments
30 7,016,898 Extension of browser web page content labels and password checking to communications protocols
31 7,016,897 Authentication referral search for LDAP
32 7,016,896 Pattern search method, pattern search apparatus and computer program therefor, and storage medium thereof
33 7,016,860 Honoring of electronic coupons
34 7,016,839 MVDR based feature extraction for speech recognition
35 7,016,835 Speech and signal digitization by using recognition metrics to select from multiple techniques
36 7,016,827 Method and system for ensuring robustness in natural language understanding
37 7,016,798 Method of extract gate delay parameter in high frequency circuits
38 7,016,710 Power optimized request response communication protocol with timer mechanism to enforce client to generate request
39 7,016,667 Wireless communications device and method for use with telephone network edge node providing bridging and privacy
40 7,016,448 Synchronization state detector
41 7,016,413 Adaptively encoding a picture of contrasted complexity having normal video and noisy video portions
42 7,016,403 Apparatus and method for determining the quality of a digital signal
43 7,016,299 Network node failover using path rerouting by manager component or switch port remapping
44 7,016,251 Method and apparatus for initializing SRAM device during power-up
45 7,016,143 Utilization of tape head electronic lapping guides (ELG’s) as servo format verifiers
46 7,016,136 Method and system for adjusting a magnetic tape head
47 7,016,135 Apparatus and method for automated interconnection and disconnection of disk drive carrier in a system
48 7,016,060 Method, system, and program for reconfiguring logical printers in a network printing system
49 7,015,920 Method and system for providing useable images on a high resolution display when a 2D graphics window is utilized with a 3D graphics window
50 7,015,723 Dynamic-static logical control element for signaling an interval between the end of a control signal and a logical evaluation
51 7,015,600 Pulse generator circuit and semiconductor device including same
52 7,015,582 Dummy metal fill shapes for improved reliability of hybrid oxide/low-k dielectrics
53 7,015,581 Low-K dielectric material system for IC application
54 7,015,580 Roughened bonding pad and bonding wire surfaces for low pressure wire bonding
55 7,015,574 Electronic device carrier adapted for transmitting high frequency signals
56 7,015,552 Dual work function semiconductor structure with borderless contact and method of fabricating the same
57 7,015,152 Method of film deposition, and fabrication of structures
58 7,015,150 Exposed pore sealing post patterning
59 7,015,146 Method of processing backside unlayering of MOSFET devices for electrical and physical characterization including a collimated ion plasma
60 7,015,140 Selective salicidation methods
61 7,015,082 High mobility CMOS circuits
62 7,014,980 Photoresist composition
63 7,014,959 CD uniformity of chrome etch to photomask process
64 7,014,958 Method for dry etching photomask material
65 7,014,731 Semiconductor device having a thermoset-containing dielectric material and methods for fabricating the same
66 7,014,122 Method and apparatus for performing bit-aligned permute
67 7,014,116 Price verification method, device and program product
68 7,014,094 Method of reforming reformable members of an electronic package and the resultant electronic package