IBM patents granted on 21 May 2013

142 US patents granted on 21 May 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,448,258 Security classification based on user interaction
2 8,448,230 System and method for real world biometric analytics through the use of a multimodal biometric analytic wallet
3 8,448,216 Method and apparatus for orchestrating policies in service model of service-oriented architecture system
4 8,448,189 Identifying intrusions into a network data processing system
5 8,448,188 Web user interface component coordination
6 8,448,178 Prediction based priority scheduling
7 8,448,176 Execution of work units in a heterogeneous computing environment
8 8,448,175 Deadlock detection in a parallel program
9 8,448,173 Method and apparatus for implementing a transactional store system using a helper thread
10 8,448,171 Communications between virtual machines that have been migrated
11 8,448,169 Managing unique electronic identification for kernel extensions in isolated virtual space
12 8,448,163 Deploying J2EE web applications in an OSGI environment
13 8,448,157 Eliminating redundant operations for common properties using shared real registers
14 8,448,154 Method, apparatus and software for processing software for use in a multithreaded processing environment
15 8,448,152 High-level language, architecture-independent probe program compiler
16 8,448,147 Heterogenic Coverage Analysis
17 8,448,144 Testing software applications with progress tracking
18 8,448,142 Incremental runtime compliance validation of renderable objects
19 8,448,141 Evaluation of software based on change history
20 8,448,139 Automatic correction of application based on runtime behavior
21 8,448,133 Software development, deployment and evolution system, method and program product
22 8,448,129 Work packet delegation in a software factory
23 8,448,124 Post timing layout modification for performance
24 8,448,123 Implementing net routing with enhanced correlation of pre-buffered and post-buffered routes
25 8,448,121 Implementing Z directional macro port assignment
26 8,448,119 Method and system for design and modeling of vertical interconnects for 3DI applications
27 8,448,118 Determining intra-die wirebond pad placement locations in integrated circuit
28 8,448,113 Efficiently applying a single timing assertion to multiple timing points in a circuit using creating a deffinition
29 8,448,110 Method to reduce delay variation by sensitivity cancellation
30 8,448,108 Matching systems with power and thermal domains
31 8,448,103 Manufacturing features of different depth by placement of vias
32 8,448,098 Fracturing continuous photolithography masks
33 8,448,092 Positional effects in a three-dimensional desktop environment
34 8,448,080 Target server identification in a virtualized data center
35 8,448,069 Object set property viewer
36 8,448,060 Method, system and software tool for processing an electronic form
37 8,448,027 Energy-efficient failure detection and masking
38 8,448,014 Self-healing failover using a repository and dependency management system
39 8,448,013 Failure-specific data collection and recovery for enterprise storage controllers
40 8,448,006 Performing virtual and/or physical resource management for power management
41 8,447,998 Reducing current draw of a plurality of solid state drives at computer startup
42 8,447,975 Workstation application server programming protection via classloader policy based visibility control
43 8,447,960 Pausing and activating thread state upon pin assertion by external logic monitoring polling loop exit time condition
44 8,447,955 Efficient memory update process for well behaved applications executing on a weakly-ordered processor
45 8,447,954 Parallel pipelined vector reduction in a data processing system
46 8,447,951 Method and apparatus for managing TLB
47 8,447,949 Detection of zero address events in address formation
48 8,447,940 Backup copy enhancements to reduce primary version access
49 8,447,938 Backing up a deduplicated filesystem to disjoint media
50 8,447,935 Method and apparatus for facilitating communication between virtual machines
51 8,447,932 Recover store data merging
52 8,447,930 Managing in-line store throughput reduction
53 8,447,929 Demand based partitioning of microprocessor caches
54 8,447,921 Recovering failed writes to vital product data devices
55 8,447,913 Method to monitor read/write status of flash memory devices
56 8,447,912 Paging memory from random access memory to backing storage in a parallel computer
57 8,447,909 Register access in distributed virtual bridge environment
58 8,447,905 Dynamic multi-level cache including resource access fairness scheme
59 8,447,891 Dynamically assigning virtual functions to client applications
60 8,447,859 Adaptive business resiliency computer system for information technology environments
61 8,447,857 Transforming HTTP requests into web services trust messages for security processing
62 8,447,848 Preparing execution of systems management tasks of endpoints
63 8,447,846 Using unique local unicast addresses in a global domain name server by providing a centralized registry
64 8,447,830 Pro-active HTTP content delivery
65 8,447,818 Partially and completely duplicative messages handling
66 8,447,808 Virtual presence server
67 8,447,795 Transactional processing for clustered file systems
68 8,447,794 Methods, systems, and computer program products for viewing file information
69 8,447,793 Efficient remembered set for region-based garbage collectors
70 8,447,788 Generating a service-oriented architecture policy based on a context model
71 8,447,786 Language extensions for creating, accessing, querying and updating RDF data
72 8,447,781 Content-based file system security
73 8,447,780 Unified user identification with automatic mapping and database absence handling
74 8,447,776 Estimating and managing energy consumption for query processing
75 8,447,773 Accessing a database
76 8,447,772 Energy monetary cost aware query optimization
77 8,447,764 Indexing and searching of electronic message transmission thread sets
78 8,447,753 Semantic verification of multidimensional data sources
79 8,447,749 Local results processor for use in a pattern matching accelerator
80 8,447,743 Techniques for processing database queries including user-defined functions
81 8,447,735 Backing up data objects identified by search program and corresponding to search query
82 8,447,732 Deduplication in network storage with data residence compliance
83 8,447,725 Journaling database changes using minimized journal entries that may be output in human-readable form
84 8,447,714 System for electronic learning synapse with spike-timing dependent plasticity using phase change memory
85 8,447,695 System and method for processing feedback entries received from software
86 8,447,603 Rating speech naturalness of speech utterances based on a plurality of human testers
87 8,447,586 Apparatus and method for supporting verification of software internationalization
88 8,447,583 Self initialized host cell spatially aware emulation of a computer instruction set
89 8,447,333 Selective processing of location-sensitive data streams
90 8,447,308 Detection of failures in a telecommunication system
91 8,447,274 Managing voicemail greeting based on location of wireless communication device
92 8,447,273 Hand-held user-aware security device
93 8,447,269 Systems and methods for joint analytics on user level and network level data of a communications network
94 8,447,139 Object recognition using Haar features and histograms of oriented gradients
95 8,447,110 Time-series analysis of keywords
96 8,447,038 Method and systems using identifier tags and authenticity certificates for detecting counterfeited or stolen brand objects
97 8,446,842 Method and apparatus for identifying similar sub-graphs in a network
98 8,446,760 Multilevel programming of phase change memory
99 8,446,759 Multilevel programming of phase change memory
100 8,446,757 Spin-torque transfer magneto-resistive memory architecture
101 8,446,748 Content addressable memories with wireline compensation
102 8,446,738 Motherboard assembly for interconnecting and distributing signals and power
103 8,446,735 Semiconductor package
104 8,446,684 Magnetic tape servo format allowing for increased linear tape density and systems thereof
105 8,446,667 Contact microscope using point source illumination
106 8,446,119 Controlling an electric motor by dynamic switching
107 8,446,070 Micro-electro-mechanical device with a piezoelectric actuator
108 8,446,014 Integrated circuit interconnect structure
109 8,446,006 Structures and methods to reduce maximum current density in a solder ball
110 8,445,974 Asymmetric FET including sloped threshold voltage adjusting material layer and method of fabricating same
111 8,445,971 Field effect transistor device with raised active regions
112 8,445,967 Semiconductor switching device employing a quantum dot structure
113 8,445,965 Strained semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating strained semiconductor devices
114 8,445,961 Measuring floating body voltage in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (MOSFET)
115 8,445,949 Field effect transistors (FETS) and methods of manufacture
116 8,445,948 Gate patterning of nano-channel devices
117 8,445,946 Gated diode memory cells
118 8,445,918 Thermal enhancement for multi-layer semiconductor stacks
119 8,445,892 p-FET with a strained nanowire channel and embedded SiGe source and drain stressors
120 8,445,791 Implementing increased latching force with gasket for perpendicular surfaces
121 8,445,789 Cable having ESD dissipative adhesive electrically connecting leads thereof
122 8,445,666 Ribonucleic acid interference molecules
123 8,445,384 High density six transistor FinFET SRAM cell layout
124 8,445,377 Mechanically robust metal/low-k interconnects
125 8,445,374 Soft error rate mitigation by interconnect structure
126 8,445,371 Self-aligned contacts
127 8,445,362 Apparatus and method for programming an electronically programmable semiconductor fuse
128 8,445,356 Integrated circuit having back gating, improved isolation and reduced well resistance and method to fabricate same
129 8,445,355 Metal-insulator-metal capacitors with high capacitance density
130 8,445,345 CMOS structure having multiple threshold voltage devices
131 8,445,337 Generation of multiple diameter nanowire field effect transistors
132 8,445,334 SOI FinFET with recessed merged Fins and liner for enhanced stress coupling
133 8,445,331 Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
134 8,445,320 Graphene channel-based devices and methods for fabrication thereof
135 8,445,316 Non-lithographic method of patterning contacts for a photovoltaic device
136 8,445,313 Method for forming a self-aligned bit line for PCRAM and self-aligned etch back process
137 8,445,306 Hybrid MEMS RF switch and method of fabricating same
138 8,444,868 Method for removing copper oxide layer
139 8,444,774 Flux composition and process for use thereof
140 8,444,754 Electrostatic control of air flow to the inlet opening of an axial fan
141 8,444,328 Electro-optical assembly fabrication
142 8,444,043 Uniform solder reflow fixture