IBM patents granted on 21 October 2014

146 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,869,287 Hybrid analysis of vulnerable information flows
2 8,869,274 Identifying whether an application is malicious
3 8,869,264 Attesting a component of a system during a boot process
4 8,869,250 Providing secure dynamic role selection and managing privileged user access from a client device
5 8,869,246 Mask based challenge response test
6 8,869,177 Decoupling components of a software system at compile time and load time
7 8,869,168 Scheduling synchronization in association with collective operations in a parallel computer
8 8,869,167 Application hibernation
9 8,869,166 Effective management of blocked-tasks in preemptible read-copy update
10 8,869,165 Integrating flow orchestration and scheduling of jobs and data activities for a batch of workflows over multiple domains subject to constraints
11 8,869,164 Scheduling a parallel job in a system of virtual containers
12 8,869,160 Goal oriented performance management of workload utilizing accelerators
13 8,869,159 Scheduling MapReduce jobs in the presence of priority classes
14 8,869,158 Job scheduling to balance energy consumption and schedule performance
15 8,869,155 Increasing parallel program performance for irregular memory access problems with virtual data partitioning and hierarchical collectives
16 8,869,153 Quality of service scheduling for simultaneous multi-threaded processors
17 8,869,149 Concurrency identification for processing of multistage workflows
18 8,869,148 Concurrency identification for processing of multistage workflows
19 8,869,136 Calculating migration points for application migration
20 8,869,128 Compiling method, program, and information processing apparatus
21 8,869,127 Refactoring programs for flexible locking
22 8,869,124 Method and program product for costing and planning the re-hosting of computer-based applications
23 8,869,119 Preferential execution of method calls in hybrid systems
24 8,869,118 System aware performance counters
25 8,869,117 Capturing multi-component trace for unit of work
26 8,869,098 Computer method and apparatus for providing model to model transformation using an MDA approach
27 8,869,085 Multi-finger transistor layout for reducing cross-finger electric variations and for fully utilizing available breakdown voltages
28 8,869,081 Automating integrated circuit device library generation in model based metrology
29 8,869,054 Framework for persistent user interactions within web-pages
30 8,869,035 Increasing resilience of a network service
31 8,869,032 Telecom web browsers, and methods for defining a telecom web browser
32 8,869,025 Method and system for identifying advertisement in web page
33 8,869,011 Unequal error protection scheme for headerized sub data sets
34 8,869,007 Three dimensional (3D) memory device sparing
35 8,869,006 Partial-maximum distance separable (PMDS) erasure correcting codes for storage arrays
36 8,868,994 High performance virtual Converged Enhanced Ethernet with persistent state flow control
37 8,868,986 Relevant alert delivery in a distributed processing system with event listeners and alert listeners
38 8,868,984 Relevant alert delivery in a distributed processing system with event listeners and alert listeners
39 8,868,978 Reclaiming discarded solid state devices
40 8,868,977 Utilizing auxiliary variables in modeling test space for system behavior
41 8,868,976 System-level testcase generation
42 8,868,975 Testing and operating a multiprocessor chip with processor redundancy
43 8,868,966 SVC cluster configuration node failover
44 8,868,965 SVC cluster configuration node failover
45 8,868,963 Dynamically configurable placement engine
46 8,868,960 Synchronous clock stop in a multi nodal computer system
47 8,868,950 Reliability-aware disk power management
48 8,868,930 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
49 8,868,886 Task switch immunized performance monitoring
50 8,868,876 Dedicated large page memory pools
51 8,868,875 Enabling throttling on average write throughput for solid state storage devices
52 8,868,874 Managing remote data replication
53 8,868,871 Synchronous extent migration protocol for paired storage
54 8,868,869 Enhanced copy-on-write operation for solid state drives
55 8,868,860 Restore in cascaded copy environment
56 8,868,857 Managing remote data replication
57 8,868,850 Recovering data segment contents in a distributed shared memory
58 8,868,844 System and method for a software managed cache in a multiprocessing environment
59 8,868,837 Cache directory lookup reader set encoding for partial cache line speculation support
60 8,868,828 Implementing storage adapter performance optimization with cache data/directory mirroring
61 8,868,810 Managing over-initiative thin interrupts
62 8,868,755 Two-level management of locks on shared resources
63 8,868,749 Workload placement on an optimal platform in a networked computing environment
64 8,868,748 Two-level management of locks on shared resources
65 8,868,746 Allocation of central application resources based on social agreements
66 8,868,744 Transactional messaging support in connected messaging networks
67 8,868,738 Automatic server position determination
68 8,868,709 Programmatically selecting a service provider based on assured quality of service attributes
69 8,868,676 Methods and systems for verifying server-storage device connectivity
70 8,868,673 Optimized data communications in a parallel computer
71 8,868,652 Systems and methods for federating open social networks for analyses
72 8,868,628 Sharing computer data among computers
73 8,868,623 Enhanced garbage collection in a multi-node environment
74 8,868,620 Techniques for composing data queries
75 8,868,617 Common connection definitions for database clients
76 8,868,609 Tagging method and apparatus based on structured data set
77 8,868,601 Distributed file system logging
78 8,868,599 Computing correlated aggregates over a data stream
79 8,868,584 Compression pattern matching
80 8,868,578 Building information technology services from a library of elements
81 8,868,575 Method and system for transformation of logical data objects for storage
82 8,868,573 Computing and applying order statistics for data preparation
83 8,868,556 Method and device for tagging a document
84 8,868,533 Method and apparatus for intelligent capture of document object model events
85 8,868,526 Parallel segmented index supporting incremental document and term indexing
86 8,868,524 Floating merge selection viewer
87 8,868,518 Processing of streaming data with keyed aggregation
88 8,868,516 Managing enterprise data quality using collective intelligence
89 8,868,485 Data flow cost modeling
90 8,868,477 Multi-compartment neurons with neural cores
91 8,868,441 Non-disruptively changing a computing environment
92 8,868,381 Control system design simulation using switched linearization
93 8,868,037 Secure remote control of notification operations of communication devices
94 8,867,920 Optical de-multiplexing device
95 8,867,819 Information technology asset location using visual detectors
96 8,867,711 Telecom web browsers, and methods for defining a telecom web browser
97 8,867,707 Automatically updating meeting information
98 8,867,668 Coupling system for data receivers
99 8,867,550 Sliced routing table management with replication
100 8,867,403 Virtual network overlays
101 8,867,395 Accelerating data packet parsing
102 8,867,375 Failback to a primary communications adapter
103 8,867,341 Traffic management of client traffic at ingress location of a data center
104 8,867,337 Structure-aware caching
105 8,867,304 Command throttling for multi-channel duty-cycle based memory power management
106 8,867,209 Two-phase, water-based immersion-cooling apparatus with passive deionization
107 8,867,205 Fluid cooling system and associated fitting assembly for electronic component
108 8,867,160 Reducing total seek time for determining an access sequence of data stored on a tape medium
109 8,867,024 Reflective film interface to restore transverse magnetic wave contrast in lithographic processing
110 8,866,938 Frame to frame persistent shadow reduction within an image
111 8,866,847 Providing augmented reality information
112 8,866,823 In-betweening interactive states
113 8,866,771 Multi-touch multi-user gestures on a multi-touch display
114 8,866,629 Built-in automated electrostatic discharge monitor for computing units
115 8,866,608 Facility sanitization management
116 8,866,599 Method of activating a supplemental visual warning signal based on frequency emitted from a generator of a primary audible warning signal
117 8,866,504 Determining local voltage in an electronic system
118 8,866,306 Signal path and method of manufacturing a multiple-patterned semiconductor device
119 8,866,266 Silicon nanotube MOSFET
120 8,866,261 Self-aligned silicide bottom plate for eDRAM applications by self-diffusing metal in CVD/ALD metal process
121 8,866,257 System involving electrically reprogrammable fuses
122 8,866,227 Thin semiconductor-on-insulator MOSFET with co-integrated silicon, silicon germanium and silicon doped with carbon channels
123 8,866,226 SOI radio frequency switch with enhanced electrical isolation
124 8,866,214 Vertical transistor having an asymmetric gate
125 8,866,207 Magnetic stacks with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for spin momentum transfer magnetoresistive random access memory
126 8,866,204 Method to form finFET/trigate devices on bulk semiconductor wafers
127 8,866,079 Compact imaging receiver architecture
128 8,866,026 Construction of reliable stacked via in electronic substrates–vertical stiffness control method
129 8,866,003 Solar cell employing an enhanced free hole density p-doped material and methods for forming the same
130 8,865,597 Ta–TaN selective removal process for integrated device fabrication
131 8,865,572 Dislocation engineering using a scanned laser
132 8,865,571 Dislocation engineering using a scanned laser
133 8,865,561 Back-gated substrate and semiconductor device, and related method of fabrication
134 8,865,556 Using fast anneal to form uniform Ni(Pt)Si(Ge) contacts on SiGe layer
135 8,865,551 Reducing the inversion oxide thickness of a high-k stack fabricated on high mobility semiconductor material
136 8,865,537 Differential excitation of ports to control chip-mode mediated crosstalk
137 8,865,531 Multi-direction wiring for replacement gate lines
138 8,865,530 Extremely thin semiconductor on insulator (ETSOI) logic and memory hybrid chip
139 8,865,502 Solar cells with plated back side surface field and back side electrical contact and method of fabricating same
140 8,865,497 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
141 8,865,017 Silicon surface texturing method for reducing surface reflectance
142 8,864,536 Implementing hybrid molded solder-embedded pin contacts and connectors
143 8,864,518 Stack connector component having high speed and low speed pins
144 8,864,379 Drawer mounting system
145 8,864,178 Apparatus for quick connects used in a computing system environment
146 8,864,020 Mapping an image to an object using a matrix code