IBM patents granted on 22 April 2008

90 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 D567,234 System storage unit
2 7,363,629 Method, system, and program for remote resource management
3 7,363,625 Method for changing a thread priority in a simultaneous multithread processor
4 7,363,621 Program converting apparatus, method, and program
5 7,363,618 Software testing
6 7,363,617 Database breakpoint apparatus and method
7 7,363,613 Program maintenance support device, program maintenance supporting method, and program for the same
8 7,363,611 Printing a mask with maximum possible process window through adjustment of the source distribution
9 7,363,609 Method of logic circuit synthesis and design using a dynamic circuit library
10 7,363,603 Method and system for case-splitting on nodes in a symbolic simulation framework
11 7,363,601 Integrated circuit selective scaling
12 7,363,590 Calendar bar interface for electronic mail interaction
13 7,363,544 Program debug method and apparatus
14 7,363,543 Method and apparatus for generating diagnostic recommendations for enhancing process performance
15 7,363,533 High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus
16 7,363,513 Server denial of service shield
17 7,363,509 Method, system and program product for electronically executing contracts within a secure computer infrastructure
18 7,363,490 Method and system for selective email acceptance via encoded email identifiers
19 7,363,487 Method and system for dynamic client authentication in support of JAAS programming model
20 7,363,469 Method and system for on-demand scratch register renaming
21 7,363,468 Load address dependency mechanism system and method in a high frequency, low power processor system
22 7,363,456 System and method of allocating contiguous memory in a data processing system
23 7,363,454 Storage pool space allocation across multiple locations
24 7,363,442 Separate handling of read and write of read-modify-write
25 7,363,433 Cache member protection with partial make MRU allocation
26 7,363,432 Method and apparatus for directory-based coherence with distributed directory management
27 7,363,404 Creation and management of destination ID routing structures in multi-host PCI topologies
28 7,363,399 Method, apparatus and computer program product providing storage network dynamic tuning of I/O flow with Queue Depth
29 7,363,397 System and method for DMA controller with multi-dimensional line-walking functionality
30 7,363,374 Method and system for fault-tolerant remote boot in the presence of boot server overload/failure with self-throttling boot servers
31 7,363,369 Monitoring thread usage to dynamically control a thread pool
32 7,363,368 System and method for transaction recording and playback
33 7,363,348 Method and system in an office application for providing content dependent help information
34 7,363,344 Method for redirecting an instant message in response to a notification of a change in a first MAC address to a second MAC address of a recipient
35 7,363,340 Method and system for generating auxiliary-server cache identifiers
36 7,363,329 Method for duplicate detection on web-scale data in supercomputing environments
37 7,363,327 Change log handler for synchronizing data sources
38 7,363,324 Method, system and program for prioritizing maintenance of database tables
39 7,363,317 Memory efficient XML shredding with partial commit
40 7,363,313 Method, system, and program product for rebasing an application
41 7,363,303 Multi-column multi-data type internationalized sort extension method for web applications
42 7,363,297 Utilization of logical fields with conditional constraints in abstract queries
43 7,363,286 File system path alias
44 7,363,277 Detecting copyright violation via streamed extraction and signature analysis in a method, system and program
45 7,363,259 Value-based framework for inventory management
46 7,363,223 Policy analysis framework for conversational biometrics
47 7,363,178 Method and apparatus for measuring the relative duty cycle of a clock signal
48 7,363,144 Method and apparatus for predicting future travel times over a transportation network
49 7,362,973 Protecting secret data entry from infrared and audio eavesdropping
50 7,362,908 Adaptive generation of Q-table2 for improved image quality
51 7,362,863 DES hardware throughput for short operations
52 7,362,753 Method and hardware apparatus for implementing frame alteration commands
53 7,362,744 Database management system and method of using it to transmit packets
54 7,362,706 Method and apparatus for hierarchial scheduling of virtual paths with underutilized bandwidth
55 7,362,705 Dynamic load-based credit distribution
56 7,362,698 Method, system and service for achieving synchronous communication responsive to dynamic status
57 7,362,697 Self-healing chip-to-chip interface
58 7,362,651 Using common mode differential data signals of DDR2 SDRAM for control signal transmission
59 7,362,606 Asymmetrical memory cells and memories using the cells
60 7,362,582 Cooling structure using rigid movable elements
61 7,362,574 Jet orifice plate with projecting jet orifice structures for direct impingement cooling apparatus
62 7,362,543 Magnetoresistive/inductive write head assembly formed with seed layers having a uniform thickness
63 7,362,537 Velocity adaptive compensator for a synchronous sampling time-base servo system
64 7,362,412 Method and apparatus for cleaning a semiconductor substrate in an immersion lithography system
65 7,362,330 Adaptive span computation when ray casting
66 7,362,243 Apparatus and method using color-coded or pattern-coded keys in two-key input per character text entry
67 7,362,184 Frequency divider monitor of phase lock loop
68 7,362,154 Radiation hardened latch
69 7,362,138 Flexible multimode logic element for use in a configurable mixed-logic signal distribution path
70 7,362,137 High speed voltage level shifter circuits
71 7,361,993 Terminal pad structures and methods of fabricating same
72 7,361,991 Closed air gap interconnect structure
73 7,361,989 Stacked imager package
74 7,361,973 Embedded stressed nitride liners for CMOS performance improvement
75 7,361,959 CMOS circuits including a passive element having a low end resistance
76 7,361,950 Integration of a MIM capacitor with a plate formed in a well region and with a high-k dielectric
77 7,361,611 Doped nitride film, doped oxide film and other doped films
78 7,361,584 Detection of residual liner materials after polishing in damascene process
79 7,361,581 High surface area aluminum bond pad for through-wafer connections to an electronic package
80 7,361,556 Method of fabricating semiconductor side wall fin
81 7,361,539 Dual stress liner
82 7,361,457 Real-time configurable masking
83 7,361,444 Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication thereof
84 7,361,026 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
85 7,361,025 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
86 7,361,024 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
87 7,360,686 Method and system for discovering significant subsets in collection of documents
88 7,360,685 Controlling electronic withdrawals by a withdrawal device
89 7,360,684 Controlling electronic withdrawals by a transaction processor
90 7,360,308 Coaxial via structure for optimizing signal transmission in multiple layer electronic device carriers