IBM patents granted on 22 August 2006

50 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,096,505 System and method to support varying maximum cryptographic strength for common data security architecture (CDSA) applications
2 7,096,470 Method and apparatus for implementing thread replacement for optimal performance in a two-tiered multithreading structure
3 7,096,469 Method and apparatus for enforcing capacity limitations in a logically partitioned system
4 7,096,459 Methods and apparatus for root cause identification and problem determination in distributed systems
5 7,096,458 Method and apparatus to create and compare debug scenarios of a computer process
6 7,096,457 Promotion of features in reusable software component types
7 7,096,451 Mesh plane generation and file storage
8 7,096,450 Enhancement of performance of a conductive wire in a multilayered substrate
9 7,096,436 Macro design techniques to accommodate chip level wiring and circuit placement across the macro
10 7,096,434 Method, system and program product providing a configuration specification language supporting arbitrary mapping functions for configuration constructs
11 7,096,417 System, method and computer program product for publishing interactive web content as a statically linked web hierarchy
12 7,096,411 Method and apparatus for reliable resynchronization of sequential decoders
13 7,096,365 Digital signature
14 7,096,362 Internet authentication with multiple independent certificate authorities
15 7,096,342 Flexible LUN/LBA interface for content addressable reference storage
16 7,096,339 System and method for detecting memory management programming errors
17 7,096,335 Structure and method for efficient management of memory resources
18 7,096,333 Limited concurrent host access in a logical volume management data storage environment
19 7,096,321 Method and system for a cache replacement technique with adaptive skipping
20 7,096,297 System and method for delaying an interrupt request until corresponding data is provided to a destination device
21 7,096,289 Sender to receiver request retry method and apparatus
22 7,096,281 Efficient connectivity between multiple topology subnets via common connection network
23 7,096,276 Email routing according to email content
24 7,096,254 Electronic mail distribution network implementation for safeguarding sender’s address book covering addressee aliases with minimum interference with normal electronic mail transmission
25 7,096,232 Calendar-enhanced directory searches including dynamic contact information
26 7,096,229 Dynamic content generation/regeneration for a database schema abstraction
27 7,096,218 Search refinement graphical user interface
28 7,096,217 Global query correlation attributes
29 7,096,215 Virus checking and reporting for computer database search results
30 7,096,167 System and method for molecular dynamic simulation
31 7,096,075 Apparatus, method and program for physical state controller
32 7,095,842 Enabling caller controlled hold queue position adjustment
33 7,095,835 Time based regulation of use of a telephone line
34 7,095,788 Circuit for facilitating simultaneous multi-directional transmission of multiple signals between multiple circuits using a single transmission line
35 7,095,750 Apparatus and method for virtualizing a queue pair space to minimize time-wait impacts
36 7,095,614 Electronic module assembly
37 7,095,523 Virtual printer with asynchronous job and device status
38 7,095,474 Patterns of electrically conducting polymers and their application as electrodes or electrical contacts
39 7,095,328 System and method for non intrusive monitoring of “at risk” individuals
40 7,095,264 Programmable jitter signal generator
41 7,095,252 Charge sharing reduction by applying intrinsic parallelism in complex dynamic domino type CMOS gates
42 7,095,104 Overlap stacking of center bus bonded memory chips for double density and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,095,063 Multiple supply gate array backfill structure
44 7,095,006 Photodetector with hetero-structure using lateral growth
45 7,094,966 Packaging integrated circuits with adhesive posts
46 7,094,651 Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
47 7,094,634 Structure and method for manufacturing planar SOI substrate with multiple orientations
48 7,094,616 High resolution cross-sectioning of polysilicon features with a dual beam tool
49 7,094,614 In-situ monitoring of chemical vapor deposition process by mass spectrometry
50 7,093,479 Method and apparatus for indicating a parameter of transmitted fluid