IBM patents granted on 22 February 2011

162 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,895,664 Determination of access checks in a mixed role based access control and discretionary access control environment
2 7,895,653 Internet robot detection for network distributable markup
3 7,895,646 IKE daemon self-adjusting negotiation throttle
4 7,895,645 Multiple user credentials
5 7,895,611 Methods and apparatus for creation of parsing rules
6 7,895,607 Method for displaying and formatting messages in web applications using JavaServer Faces
7 7,895,602 System and article of manufacture for duplicate message elimination during recovery when multiple threads are delivering messages from a message store to a destination queue
8 7,895,601 Collective send operations on a system area network
9 7,895,593 Apparatus and method for monitoring and routing status messages
10 7,895,589 Dynamic data-driven application integration adapters
11 7,895,576 Method for automating internationalization software testing
12 7,895,571 Method and apparatus for resolving client-side logic
13 7,895,570 Accessible role and state information in HTML documents
14 7,895,567 Pre-assembling drag-and-drop objects before committing a drop object
15 7,895,562 Adaptive weighting method for layout optimization with multiple priorities
16 7,895,561 System and method for text based placement engine for custom circuit design
17 7,895,557 Concurrent buffering and layer assignment in integrated circuit layout
18 7,895,556 Method for optimizing an unrouted design to reduce the probability of timing problems due to coupling and long wire routes
19 7,895,547 Test pattern based process model calibration
20 7,895,545 Methods for designing a product chip a priori for design subsetting, feature analysis, and yield learning
21 7,895,544 Method to graphically identify registers with unbalanced slack as part of placement driven synthesis optimization
22 7,895,539 System for improving a logic circuit and associated methods
23 7,895,538 System and method for providing a common instruction table
24 7,895,537 Method and apparatus for setting attributes and initiating actions through gestures
25 7,895,535 Method of graphical display of hierarchical hardlinks to files in a file system
26 7,895,528 System and method for reversing a windows close action
27 7,895,523 Method, system and program product for obscuring supplemental web content
28 7,895,521 Bandwidth usage and latency reduction of remote desktop software based on preferred rendering of a user selected area
29 7,895,512 Capturing and processing change information in a web-type environment
30 7,895,511 Copy and paste of cells in a multi-dimensional spreadsheet
31 7,895,502 Error control coding methods for memories with subline accesses
32 7,895,493 Bus failure management method and system
33 7,895,490 Method and system for testing an electronic circuit to identify multiple defects
34 7,895,487 Scan chain diagnostics using logic paths
35 7,895,483 Software memory leak analysis using memory isolation
36 7,895,477 Resilience to memory errors with firmware assistance
37 7,895,474 Recovery and restart of a batch application
38 7,895,473 Method and apparatus for identifying access states for variables
39 7,895,470 Collecting and representing knowledge
40 7,895,465 Memory preserved cache failsafe reboot mechanism
41 7,895,462 Managing recovery and control of a communications link via out-of-band signaling
42 7,895,459 Structure for a system and method of predicting power events in an intermittent power environment and dispatching computational operations of an integrated circuit accordingly
43 7,895,454 Instruction dependent dynamic voltage compensation
44 7,895,435 Framework for managing attributes of objects
45 7,895,428 Applying firmware updates to servers in a data center
46 7,895,426 Secure power-on reset engine
47 7,895,419 Rotate then operate on selected bits facility and instructions therefore
48 7,895,413 Microprocessor including register renaming unit for renaming target registers in an instruction with physical registers in a register sub-file
49 7,895,407 Memory consistency protection in a multiprocessor computing system
50 7,895,383 Event queue in a logical partition
51 7,895,382 Method and apparatus for qualifying collection of performance monitoring events by types of interrupt when interrupt occurs
52 7,895,376 Hardware configuration information system, method, and computer program product
53 7,895,374 Dynamic segment sparing and repair in a memory system
54 7,895,362 Multiple message source electronic data interchange (EDI) enveloper with batching support
55 7,895,352 System and method for throttling host throughput
56 7,895,333 Estimating network management bandwidth
57 7,895,330 Queuing of instant messaging requests
58 7,895,328 System and method for context-based serialization of messages in a parallel execution environment
59 7,895,323 Hybrid event prediction and system control
60 7,895,303 Server time protocol control messages and methods
61 7,895,285 Business to business event communications
62 7,895,281 Method and system for excluding recipients in an electronic communication system
63 7,895,278 Method for automatically modifying electronic distribution lists using predefined rules
64 7,895,277 Conditional reminders for conveyed electronic messages
65 7,895,268 Multiple perspective activity map display
66 7,895,260 Processing data access requests among a plurality of compute nodes
67 7,895,259 Method for preventing use of multiple application instances
68 7,895,243 Method and system for moving content in a content object stored in a data repository
69 7,895,238 Generating an information catalog for a business model
70 7,895,232 Object-oriented twig query evaluation
71 7,895,231 Queuing model for a plurality of servers
72 7,895,228 Federated query management
73 7,895,219 System and method for guided and assisted structuring of unstructured information
74 7,895,211 Method and system for reinserting a chain in a hash table
75 7,895,208 Device, system, and method of creating virtual social networks based on web-extracted features
76 7,895,203 Method for deferred deletion of entries for a directory service backing store
77 7,895,196 Computer system for identifying storylines that emerge from highly ranked web search results
78 7,895,195 Method and apparatus for constructing a link structure between documents
79 7,895,191 Improving performance of database queries
80 7,895,190 Indexing and querying XML documents stored in a relational database
81 7,895,189 Index exploitation
82 7,895,185 Row-identifier list processing management
83 7,895,171 Compressibility estimation of non-unique indexes in a database management system
84 7,895,168 Data mining using variable rankings and enhanced visualization methods
85 7,895,165 Management of redundant object in storage systems
86 7,895,155 Method and system for updating document content and metadata via plug-in chaining in a content management system
87 7,895,152 Method, apparatus and system for business performance monitoring and analysis using metric network
88 7,895,150 Enterprise planning and performance management system providing double dispatch retrieval of multidimensional data
89 7,895,147 Methodology and computer program product for effecting rule evaluation in policy based data management
90 7,895,144 Risk assessment in a pre/post security area within an airport
91 7,895,143 Risk assessment in an area external to an airport
92 7,895,137 Rules generation for IT resource event situation classification
93 7,895,133 Pricing method and system
94 7,895,125 Method, system and program products for sharing state information across domains
95 7,895,124 Method for protecting sensitive data during execution
96 7,895,095 System and method for front end business logic and validation
97 7,895,069 System and method for implementing database concurrency for allowing multiple agents to coordinate execution of tasks in a cluster
98 7,895,050 Packaging and distributing service elements
99 7,895,038 Signal enhancement via noise reduction for speech recognition
100 7,895,037 Method and system for trimming audio files
101 7,895,030 Visualization method for machine translation
102 7,895,029 System and method of automating the addition of RTL based critical timing path counters to verify critical path coverage of post-silicon software validation tools
103 7,895,028 Structure for increasing fuse programming yield
104 7,895,024 Sequence pattern descriptors for transmembrane structural details
105 7,895,008 Method of performing measurement sampling of lots in a manufacturing process
106 7,895,005 Duty cycle measurement for various signals throughout an integrated circuit device
107 7,894,980 Method and apparatus for estimating real-time travel times over a transportation network based on limited real-time data
108 7,894,940 Nesting negotiation for self-mobile devices
109 7,894,919 Fully automated paste dispense system for dispensing small dots and lines
110 7,894,828 System and method for establishing peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing ad hoc networks
111 7,894,794 Method and system for triggering a local emergency system using wireless means
112 7,894,639 Digital life recorder implementing enhanced facial recognition subsystem for acquiring a face glossary data
113 7,894,627 Methods and apparatus for incremental approximate nearest neighbor searching
114 7,894,608 Secure approach to send data from one system to another
115 7,894,599 Enhanced data security with redundant inclusive data encryption segments
116 7,894,550 Method, apparatus, and system for source coding with iterative side information generation and decoding process
117 7,894,478 Method and system for network management providing access to application bandwidth usage calculations
118 7,894,351 Detection of link status in blade systems
119 7,894,291 Circuit and method for controlling a standby voltage level of a memory
120 7,894,272 Multi-level memory cell utilizing measurement time delay as the characteristic parameter for level definition
121 7,894,247 Scalable magnetic random access memory device
122 7,894,245 Spin-current switchable magnetic memory element and method of fabricating the memory element
123 7,894,161 Tape head assembly having a single beam and multiple modules coupled to the beam
124 7,894,157 Variable spring-force mechanism for advancing tape media cartridges in a deep slot cell
125 7,894,154 Method and system for improving data access time
126 7,894,150 Error compensation using a reserve track
127 7,893,936 Generating efficient spatial indexes for predictably dynamic objects
128 7,893,861 Time-to-digital based analog-to-digital converter architecture
129 7,893,841 Determining cartridge conflicts with deep slot technology
130 7,893,830 System and method of dynamically weighted analysis for intrusion decision-making
131 7,893,766 Adaptive common mode bias for differential amplifier input circuits
132 7,893,549 Microelectronic lithographic alignment using high contrast alignment mark
133 7,893,529 Thermoelectric 3D cooling
134 7,893,520 Efficient interconnect structure for electrical fuse applications
135 7,893,502 Threshold voltage improvement employing fluorine implantation and adjustment oxide layer
136 7,893,494 Method and structure for SOI body contact FET with reduced parasitic capacitance
137 7,893,493 Stacking fault reduction in epitaxially grown silicon
138 7,893,492 Nanowire mesh device and method of fabricating same
139 7,893,485 Vertical SOI trench SONOS cell
140 7,893,480 Trench memory with self-aligned strap formed by self-limiting process
141 7,893,479 Deep trench in a semiconductor structure
142 7,893,470 Techniques for coupling in semiconductor devices
143 7,893,468 Optical sensor including stacked photodiodes
144 7,892,968 Via gouging methods and related semiconductor structure
145 7,892,956 Methods of manufacture of vertical nanowire FET devices
146 7,892,945 Nanowire mesh device and method of fabricating same
147 7,892,940 Device and methodology for reducing effective dielectric constant in semiconductor devices
148 7,892,932 Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive strain and methods of manufacturing and design structure
149 7,892,928 Method of forming asymmetric spacers and methods of fabricating semiconductor device using asymmetric spacers
150 7,892,926 Fuse link structures using film stress for programming and methods of manufacture
151 7,892,910 Bipolar transistor with raised extrinsic self-aligned base using selective epitaxial growth for BiCMOS integration
152 7,892,899 Hybrid orientation substrate and method for fabrication thereof
153 7,892,885 Techniques for modular chip fabrication
154 7,892,705 Photomask and method of making thereof
155 7,892,648 SiCOH dielectric material with improved toughness and improved Si-C bonding
156 7,892,635 Precursors for porous low-dielectric constant materials for use in electronic devices
157 7,891,978 Search and rescue training simulator
158 7,891,951 Fan with improved heat dissipation
159 7,891,895 Receipt printer configurable for full or partial cut
160 7,891,865 Structure for bolometric on-chip temperature sensor
161 7,891,538 Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
162 7,891,295 Printing in a medium