IBM patents granted on 22 July 2008

85 US patents granted on 22 July 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,404,192 Apparatus, system, and method for isolating a storage application from a network interface driver
2 7,404,189 Scheduler supporting web service invocation
3 7,404,185 Method and apparatus of adaptive integration activity management for business application integration
4 7,404,184 Efficient firmware update for hierarchical data storage systems
5 7,404,183 Transforming locks in software loops
6 7,404,179 Fast source file to line number table association
7 7,404,174 method for generating a set of test patterns for an optical proximity correction algorithm
8 7,404,164 IC design modeling allowing dimension-dependent rule checking
9 7,404,163 Static timing slacks analysis and modification
10 7,404,159 Critical area computation of composite fault mechanisms using Voronoi diagrams
11 7,404,149 User-defined assistive GUI glue
12 7,404,125 Compilable memory structure and test methodology for both ASIC and foundry test environments
13 7,404,115 Self-synchronising bit error analyser and circuit
14 7,404,114 System and method for balancing delay of signal communication paths through well voltage adjustment
15 7,404,113 Flexible row redundancy system
16 7,404,108 Notification method and apparatus in a data processing system
17 7,404,105 High availability multi-processor system
18 7,404,104 Apparatus and method to assign network addresses in a storage array
19 7,404,095 Firmware controlled supply voltage adjustment
20 7,404,077 Extension of X.509 certificates to simultaneously support multiple cryptographic algorithms
21 7,404,075 Method, system and computer program product for generic and flexible collection of a hardware data image
22 7,404,062 System and method of allocating contiguous memory in a data processing system
23 7,404,046 Cache memory, processing unit, data processing system and method for filtering snooped operations
24 7,404,045 Directory-based data transfer protocol for multiprocessor system
25 7,404,041 Low complexity speculative multithreading system based on unmodified microprocessor core
26 7,404,039 Data migration with reduced contention and increased speed
27 7,404,036 Rebalancing of striped disk data
28 7,404,017 Method for managing data flow through a processing system
29 7,404,011 System and method for accessing different types of back end data stores
30 7,404,005 Method, system, and program for selecting one of multiple paths to communicate with a device
31 7,403,999 Classification support system and method for fragmented IP packets
32 7,403,998 Estimating network management bandwidth
33 7,403,994 Method of doing business over a network by transmission and retransmission of digital information on a network during time slots
34 7,403,958 Synchronization-replication concurrency using non-shared snapshot query on a history table at read-uncommitted isolation level
35 7,403,955 Method and system for updating attachment files
36 7,403,952 Numa system resource descriptors including performance characteristics
37 7,403,949 Elimination of redundant objects in storage systems
38 7,403,937 Abstractly mapped physical data fields
39 7,403,914 Client-server methods for dynamic content configuration for microbrowsers
40 7,403,907 Customer checkout accelerator
41 7,403,904 System and method for sequential decision making for customer relationship management
42 7,403,903 System and method for ongoing supporting a procurement and accounts payable system
43 7,403,897 Voice output device, information input device, file selection device, telephone set, and program and recording medium of the same
44 7,403,896 Speech recognition system and program thereof
45 7,403,884 Transient simulation using adaptive piecewise constant model
46 7,403,878 Using nodes for representing hyper-edges in process models
47 7,403,795 Telephone network edge node device and method for bridging and privacy
48 7,403,785 Consolidating online privacy preferences
49 7,403,662 Browsing JPEG images using MPEG hardware chips
50 7,403,536 Method and system for resequencing data packets switched through a parallel packet switch
51 7,403,532 Method and apparatus for hardware forwarding of LAN frames over ATM networks
52 7,403,527 Lookups by collisionless direct tables and cams
53 7,403,479 Optimization of network adapter utilization in EtherChannel environment
54 7,403,467 Storage device and method for scanning a storage medium
55 7,403,451 Media vaulting in an automated data storage library
56 7,403,412 Integrated circuit chip with improved array stability
57 7,403,409 276-pin buffered memory module with enhanced fault tolerance
58 7,403,393 Apparatus and system for cooling heat producing components
59 7,403,390 Ultra dense multipurpose server
60 7,403,350 Multiple servo sensor configuration for magnetic tape timing based servo
61 7,403,115 System and method for surveillance of suspects of automated banking machine fraud
62 7,403,073 Phase locked loop and method for adjusting the frequency and phase in the phase locked loop
63 7,403,061 Method of improving fuse state detection and yield in semiconductor applications
64 7,403,057 CML delay cell with linear rail-to-rail tuning range and constant output swing
65 7,403,054 Sub-picosecond multiphase clock generator
66 7,403,039 Flexible multimode logic element for use in a configurable mixed-logic signal distribution path
67 7,402,912 Method and power control structure for managing plurality of voltage islands
68 7,402,890 Method for symmetric capacitor formation
69 7,402,883 Back end of the line structures with liner and noble metal layer
70 7,402,870 Ultra shallow junction formation by epitaxial interface limited diffusion
71 7,402,857 Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
72 7,402,854 Three-dimensional cascaded power distribution in a semiconductor device
73 7,402,848 Integrated circuit having gates and active regions forming a regular grating
74 7,402,751 Electrical bifurcated splice
75 7,402,532 Structure to improve adhesion between top CVD low-k dielectric and dielectric capping layer
76 7,402,466 Strained silicon CMOS on hybrid crystal orientations
77 7,402,463 Adopting feature of buried electrically conductive layer in dielectrics for electrical anti-fuse application
78 7,402,442 Physically highly secure multi-chip assembly
79 7,402,254 Method and structure for producing Z-axis interconnection assembly of printed wiring board elements
80 7,402,194 Carbon nanotubes as low voltage field emission sources for particle precipitators
81 7,402,053 Pin grid array zero insertion force connectors configurable for supporting large pin counts
82 7,402,052 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
83 7,401,637 Pressure-only molten metal valving apparatus and method
84 7,401,503 Method for analysis through layer-by-layer sample removal using a cantilever probe
85 7,401,380 Low overhead hinge assembly