IBM patents granted on 22 June 2010

91 US patents granted on 22 June 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,743,422 System and method for validating a computer platform when booting from an external device
2 7,743,406 System and method of preventing alteration of data on a wireless device
3 7,743,403 Computer program products and systems for transparent data encryption and decryption
4 7,743,379 Variable resource sets
5 7,743,375 Information handling system including dynamically merged physical partitions
6 7,743,373 Method and apparatus for managing software catalog and providing configuration for installation
7 7,743,355 Method of achieving timing closure in digital integrated circuits by optimizing individual macros
8 7,743,353 Enhanced verification by closely coupling a structural overapproximation algorithm and a structural satisfiability solver
9 7,743,316 Method and system for hiding sensitive data in an electronic spreadsheet environment
10 7,743,286 Method, system and program product for analyzing demographical factors of a computer system to address error conditions
11 7,743,282 Capturing computer application diagnostics
12 7,743,280 Method and system for analyzing memory leaks occurring in java virtual machine data storage heaps
13 7,743,274 Administering correlated error logs in a computer system
14 7,743,271 Use of a UUID as a time epoch to determine if the system clock has been reset backwards in time
15 7,743,270 Assigning clock arrival time for noise reduction
16 7,743,237 Register file bit and method for fast context switch
17 7,743,234 Facilitating communication within an emulated processing environment
18 7,743,231 Fast sparse list walker
19 7,743,222 Methods, systems, and media for managing dynamic storage
20 7,743,218 Updating an invalid coherency state in response to snooping an operation
21 7,743,206 Dynamic loading of virtual volume data in a virtual tape server
22 7,743,201 Apparatus and method to assign addresses to a plurality of information storage devices
23 7,743,199 Method and apparatus for obtaining trace information of multiple processors on an SoC using a segmented trace ring bus to enable a flexible trace output configuration
24 7,743,198 Load distribution in storage area networks
25 7,743,189 PCI function south-side data management
26 7,743,185 Method, system, and computer program product for dynamically selecting software buffers for aggregation according to current system characteristics
27 7,743,180 Method, system, and program for managing path groups to an input/output (I/O) device
28 7,743,153 Killing login-based sessions with a single action
29 7,743,142 Verifying resource functionality before use by a grid job submitted to a grid environment
30 7,743,140 Binding processes in a non-uniform memory access system
31 7,743,130 Exposing logic flows of web services and permitting logic flow modifications
32 7,743,129 Methods and arrangements to detect a failure in a communication network
33 7,743,124 System using vital product data and map for selecting a BIOS and an OS for a server prior to an application of power
34 7,743,107 System and method for using remote module on VIOS to manage backups to remote backup servers
35 7,743,105 System, method and program for selecting recipients of an e-mail
36 7,743,098 Meeting invitation processing in a calendaring system
37 7,743,095 Device, method and computer program product for providing an alert indication
38 7,743,068 Computerized method, system and program product for generating a data mining model
39 7,743,062 Apparatus for selecting documents in response to a plurality of inquiries by a plurality of clients by estimating the relevance of documents
40 7,743,060 Architecture for an indexer
41 7,743,052 Method and apparatus for projecting the effect of maintaining an auxiliary database structure for use in executing database queries
42 7,743,036 High performance support for XA protocols in a clustered shared database
43 7,743,020 Automatic instance data mapping generation
44 7,743,018 Transient storage in distributed collaborative computing environments
45 7,743,008 Adaptive management method with workflow control
46 7,742,998 Method and system for administering compliance with international shipping requirements
47 7,742,960 Method and device for calculating a price for using a specific link in a network
48 7,742,956 Method for facilitating and maintaining an active parts data repository
49 7,742,938 System and method for evaluating maintenance costs of products
50 7,742,909 Reconstruction of data from simulation models
51 7,742,632 Alternating phase shift mask inspection using biased inspection data
52 7,742,601 Encryption method using synchronized continuously calculated pseudo-random key
53 7,742,480 Selective header field dispatch in a network processing system
54 7,742,476 Synchronous peer to peer deployed application propagation for large clusters
55 7,742,454 Network performance by dynamically setting a reassembly timer based on network interface
56 7,742,422 Distributed message routing in a virtualized messaging system using recursive least squares links cost estimation with choke points
57 7,742,419 Method, system and article for improved TCP performance during packet reordering
58 7,742,417 Burst traffic smoothing for SIP processing elements
59 7,742,357 Securing an integrated circuit
60 7,742,327 Computer-readable medium encoding a back-gate controlled asymmetrical memory cell and memory using the cell
61 7,742,315 Circuit on a printed circuit board
62 7,742,287 Apparatus for display movement of a laptop computer
63 7,742,254 Servo channel for tape drive systems
64 7,742,252 Apparatus, system, and method for controlling recording head substrate bias voltage
65 7,742,160 Determining angle of incidence with respect to workpiece
66 7,741,919 Architecture for maintaining constant voltage-controlled oscillator gain
67 7,741,857 System and method for de-embedding a device under test employing a parametrized netlist
68 7,741,834 Method to monitor substrate viability by a sensor mounted to a substrate
69 7,741,821 Start-up circuit and method for high voltage power distribution circuit
70 7,741,736 System and method for multiple sense point voltage regulation
71 7,741,722 Through-wafer vias
72 7,741,721 Electrical fuses and resistors having sublithographic dimensions
73 7,741,698 Post last wiring level inductor using patterned plate process
74 7,741,681 Latchup robust array I/O using through wafer via
75 7,741,672 Bridged gate FinFet
76 7,741,658 Self-aligned super stressed PFET
77 7,741,645 Three-dimensional integrated heterogeneous semiconductor structure
78 7,741,231 Techniques for providing decoupling capacitance
79 7,741,226 Optimal tungsten through wafer via and process of fabricating same
80 7,741,217 Dual workfunction silicide diode
81 7,741,188 Deep trench (DT) metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor
82 7,741,186 Creating increased mobility in a bipolar device
83 7,741,184 Fin device with capacitor integrated under gate electrode
84 7,741,181 Methods of forming mixed gate CMOS with single poly deposition
85 7,741,166 Oxidation method for altering a film structure
86 7,741,165 Polycrystalline SiGe Junctions for advanced devices
87 7,741,153 Modular chip integration techniques
88 7,740,933 Patterned, high surface area substrate with hydrophilic/hydrophobic contrast, and method of use
89 7,740,806 Ceramic microarray spotting device for bioassay printing
90 7,740,713 Flux composition and techniques for use thereof
91 7,740,472 Method and device for flowing a liquid on a surface