IBM patents granted on 22 March 2011

117 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,913,313 Method and system for invisibly embedding into a text document the license identification of the generating licensed software
2 7,913,303 Method and system for dynamically protecting a computer system from attack
3 7,913,299 Systems, methods and computer program products for firewall use of certified binaries
4 7,913,262 Method and system for improved computer network efficiency in use of remote procedure call applications
5 7,913,254 Method and system for mapping threads or tasks to CPUs in a parallel computer
6 7,913,251 Hypervisor virtualization of OS console and operator panel
7 7,913,247 Software updates based on RSS feeds
8 7,913,245 Apparatus, system and method for modular distribution and maintenance of non-“object code only” dynamic components
9 7,913,243 Method and system for generating and applying patches to a computer program concurrently with its execution
10 7,913,240 Method and apparatus for transforming java native interface function calls into simpler operations during just-in-time compilation
11 7,913,239 Method and apparatus for a programming framework for pattern matching and transformation of intermediate language expression trees
12 7,913,235 On-demand creation of POSIX locale source
13 7,913,227 Methods and apparatus for management of configuration item lifecycle state transitions
14 7,913,218 Reduction of XOR/XNOR subexpressions in structural design representations
15 7,913,216 Accurate parasitics estimation for hierarchical customized VLSI design
16 7,913,208 Optimal simplification of constraint-based testbenches
17 7,913,205 Method and system for reversing the effects of sequential reparameterization on traces
18 7,913,202 Wafer level I/O test, repair and/or customization enabled by I/O layer
19 7,913,201 Structure for estimating power consumption of integrated circuitry
20 7,913,199 Structure for a duty cycle correction circuit
21 7,913,193 Determining relative amount of usage of data retaining device based on potential of charge storing device
22 7,913,191 Common input/output interface for application programs
23 7,913,172 Fine-grained, label-based, XML access control model
24 7,913,166 Method and apparatus for implied editing action through directional and ordered data selection
25 7,913,155 Synchronizing method and system
26 7,913,140 Method and device to detect failure of static control signals
27 7,913,136 Method for performing a logic built-in-self-test in an electronic circuit
28 7,913,132 System and method for scanning sequential logic elements
29 7,913,123 Concurrently sharing a memory controller among a tracing process and non-tracing processes using a programmable variable number of shared memory write buffers
30 7,913,117 Providing removable storage management services using removable storage error information
31 7,913,106 Failover in a host concurrently supporting multiple virtual IP addresses across multiple adapters
32 7,913,093 Method and system for providing access to information on an article to which a tag is coupled
33 7,913,089 Identification information creating apparatus, identification information resolving apparatus, information system utilizing the apparatuses, controlling method and program thereof
34 7,913,079 Method and system for selective email acceptance via encoded email identifiers
35 7,913,077 Preventing IP spoofing and facilitating parsing of private data areas in system area network connection requests
36 7,913,070 Time-of-life counter for handling instruction flushes from a queue
37 7,913,068 System and method for providing asynchronous dynamic millicode entry prediction
38 7,913,067 Method and system for overlapping execution of instructions through non-uniform execution pipelines in an in-order processor
39 7,913,066 Early exit processing of iterative refinement algorithm using register dependency disable and programmable early exit condition
40 7,913,048 Data subscribe-and-publish mechanisms and methods for producer-consumer pre-fetch communications
41 7,913,041 Cache reconfiguration based on analyzing one or more characteristics of run-time performance data or software hint
42 7,913,034 DRAM access command queuing
43 7,913,024 Differentiating traffic types in a multi-root PCI express environment
44 7,913,010 Network on chip with a low latency, high bandwidth application messaging interconnect
45 7,912,988 Receive queue device with efficient queue flow control, segment placement and virtualization mechanisms
46 7,912,979 In-order delivery of plurality of RDMA messages
47 7,912,976 Method and system for throttling network transmissions using per-receiver bandwidth control at the application layer of the transmitting server
48 7,912,969 Methods and apparatus for randomization of periodic behavior in communication network
49 7,912,968 End-to-end (e2e) service level agreement (SLA) compliance across both managed and unmanaged network segments
50 7,912,957 Autonomic service routing using observed resource requirement for self-optimization
51 7,912,953 Administering devices including allowed action lists
52 7,912,946 Method using footprints in system log files for monitoring transaction instances in real-time network
53 7,912,923 Enhanced position control of web pages
54 7,912,918 Multi-path data retrieval from redundant array
55 7,912,917 Persisting forms data in a composite web application environment
56 7,912,913 Facilitating presentation and monitoring of electronic mail messages with reply by constraints
57 7,912,910 Triggering a communication system to automatically reply to communications
58 7,912,901 Automating application state of a set of computing devices responsive to scheduled events based on historical data
59 7,912,878 Method for storing messages in a directory
60 7,912,874 Apparatus and system for defining a metadata schema to facilitate passing data between an extensible markup language document and a hierarchical database
61 7,912,873 Topology mapping of a mulitier compute infrastructure
62 7,912,870 Automated generation of modeling language profiles
63 7,912,853 Query processing client-server database system
64 7,912,851 Caching pages via host variable correlation
65 7,912,848 Dynamic optimization of prepared statements in a statement pool
66 7,912,844 System for navigating beans using filters and container managed relationships
67 7,912,838 System and method for performing just-in-time priming of a database cache
68 7,912,817 System and method for data management through decomposition and decay
69 7,912,813 CMDB-based policy propagation
70 7,912,812 Smart data caching using data mining
71 7,912,805 System for matching pattern-based data
72 7,912,803 Creating a session log with a table of records for a computing device being studied for usability by a plurality of usability experts
73 7,912,798 System for estimating storage requirements for a multi-dimensional clustering data configuration
74 7,912,794 Computerized cost estimate system and method
75 7,912,727 Apparatus and method for integrated phrase-based and free-form speech-to-speech translation
76 7,912,703 Unsupervised stemming schema learning and lexicon acquisition from corpora
77 7,912,694 Print events in the simulation of a digital system
78 7,912,670 Testing processor cores
79 7,912,630 Method and system for performing programmatic actions based upon vehicle approximate locations
80 7,912,568 Tuning order configurator performance by dynamic integration of manufacturing and field feedback
81 7,912,284 Methods and apparatus for filtering video packets for large-scale video stream monitoring
82 7,912,281 Mechanisms for reducing a size of a color bitmap
83 7,912,106 Enhanced surface-emitting photonic device
84 7,912,048 Apparatus and method for detecting network address translation device
85 7,912,047 Method and program for classifying fragmented messages
86 7,911,989 Information processing system, information processing unit, control method, program and a recording medium
87 7,911,975 System and method for network flow traffic rate encoding
88 7,911,971 Mapping tool for configuring communications environments
89 7,911,960 Delayed-start method for minimizing internal switch congestion
90 7,911,886 Preparing a multimedia stream based on a geographical location parameter and a bounding volume
91 7,911,829 Scalable magnetic memory devices
92 7,911,827 Implementing enhanced SRAM stability and enhanced chip yield with configurable wordline voltage levels
93 7,911,820 Regulating electrical fuse programming current
94 7,911,803 Current distribution structure and method
95 7,911,739 Writing and reading multi-level patterned magnetic recording media
96 7,911,731 Fiber brush for cable-less accessors in a tape library
97 7,911,726 Managing data storage media and multiple cartridge memories of a data storage cartridge
98 7,911,263 Leakage current mitigation in a semiconductor device
99 7,911,049 Electrically optimized and structurally protected via structure for high speed signals
100 7,911,025 Fuse/anti-fuse structure and methods of making and programming same
101 7,911,024 Ultra-thin SOI vertical bipolar transistors with an inversion collector on thin-buried oxide (BOX) for low substrate-bias operation and methods thereof
102 7,911,008 SRAM cell having a rectangular combined active area for planar pass gate and planar pull-down NFETS
103 7,910,911 Phase change memory with tapered heater
104 7,910,910 Phase-change memory cell and method of fabricating the phase-change memory cell
105 7,910,484 Method for preventing backside defects in dielectric layers formed on semiconductor substrates
106 7,910,451 Simultaneous buried strap and buried contact via formation for SOI deep trench capacitor
107 7,910,450 Method of fabricating a precision buried resistor
108 7,910,418 Complementary metal gate dense interconnect and method of manufacturing
109 7,910,413 Structure and method of fabricating FinFET with buried channel
110 7,910,408 Damage propagation barrier and method of forming
111 7,910,290 Photoresist topcoat for a photolithographic process
112 7,909,902 Modified hexagonal perforated pattern
113 7,909,552 Rotatable partition system for a freight carrying enclosure
114 7,909,208 Process of monitoring dispensing of process fluids in precision processing operations
115 7,909,180 Load balancing robust computer frame
116 7,908,906 Fluidic test apparatus and method
117 7,908,719 Package fastening clip with tamper evident feature