IBM patents granted on 22 March 2016

189 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,295,182 Dual coil with adapter to move between redundant and non-redundant high performance heat exchanger
2 9,295,181 Coolant-conditioning unit with automated control of coolant flow valves
3 9,295,097 Temporary collaborative ad-hoc network of hardware nodes to perform function
4 9,294,944 Method and apparatus to monitor and analyze end to end flow control in an Ethernet/enhanced Ethernet environment
5 9,294,895 Caching at the wireless tower with remote charging services
6 9,294,814 Simulation method and system
7 9,294,792 Dynamic rebroadcast scheduling of videos
8 9,294,786 Coordination of video and/or audio recording
9 9,294,617 Identifying a contact based on a voice communication session
10 9,294,616 Identifying a contact based on a voice communication session
11 9,294,585 Near live-migration of operating system and application
12 9,294,573 Determining the status of a device through use of a publisher/subscriber interface
13 9,294,569 Cell fabric hardware acceleration
14 9,294,557 Hardware level generated interrupts indicating load balancing status for a node in a virtualized computing environment
15 9,294,543 Generation of representational state transfer interface from application programming interfaces
16 9,294,541 Method and system for correlation of session activities to a browser window in a client-server enviroment
17 9,294,525 Social sharing of contacts information
18 9,294,464 Automatic authorization of users and configuration of software development environment
19 9,294,420 Augmenting a real-time collaboration with ranked electronic bulletin board posts
20 9,294,398 Multipath effectuation within singly contiguous network fabric via switching device routing logic programming
21 9,294,385 Deadlock-free routing in fat tree networks
22 9,294,377 Content-based user interface, apparatus and method
23 9,294,372 Status determination in computer network-based communications system
24 9,294,363 Adjusting quality of service in a cloud environment based on application usage
25 9,294,362 Adjusting quality of service in a cloud environment based on application usage
26 9,294,357 Optimizing resource usage in systems which include heterogeneous devices, including sensors and smartphones
27 9,294,356 Optimizing resource usage in systems which include heterogeneous devices, including sensors and smartphones
28 9,294,341 Multipath fiber channel over ethernet networks
29 9,294,303 Resource configuration change management
30 9,294,276 Countering server-based attacks on encrypted content
31 9,294,204 Removing network delay in a live broadcast
32 9,294,125 Leveraging language structure to dynamically compress a short message service (SMS) message
33 9,294,122 Field level compression in parallel data flows
34 9,293,687 Passivation and alignment of piezoelectronic transistor piezoresistor
35 9,293,588 FinFET with a silicon germanium alloy channel and method of fabrication thereof
36 9,293,583 Finfet with oxidation-induced stress
37 9,293,576 Semiconductor device with low-k gate cap and self-aligned contact
38 9,293,557 Low temperature spacer for advanced semiconductor devices
39 9,293,530 High aspect ratio trapping semiconductor with uniform height and isolated from bulk substrate
40 9,293,474 Dual channel hybrid semiconductor-on-insulator semiconductor devices
41 9,293,464 Structure to enhance gate induced strain effect in multigate devices
42 9,293,463 CMOS transistors including gate spacers of the same thickness
43 9,293,459 Method and structure for improving finFET with epitaxy source/drain
44 9,293,412 Graphene and metal interconnects with reduced contact resistance
45 9,293,375 Selectively grown self-aligned fins for deep isolation integration
46 9,293,374 Self-aligned low defect segmented III-V finFET
47 9,293,373 Method for fabricating CMOS finFETs with dual channel material
48 9,293,221 Three terminal fuse with FinFET
49 9,293,198 Programming of gated phase-change memory cells
50 9,293,192 SRAM cell with dynamic split ground and split wordline
51 9,293,158 Apparatus having tunnel magnetoresistive sensor for contact recording
52 9,293,152 Abrasion test methods and devices
53 9,293,150 Smoothening the information density of spoken words in an audio signal
54 9,293,148 Reducing noise in a shared media session
55 9,293,133 Improving voice communication over a network
56 9,293,045 Vehicle to vehicle communication
57 9,293,041 Traffic monitoring via telecommunication data
58 9,293,038 Traffic control agency deployment and signal optimization for event planning
59 9,292,965 Accelerated data structure positioning based upon view orientation
60 9,292,891 Recovery of time due to an unplanned event on a reserved route
61 9,292,872 Interactive product configuration
62 9,292,836 Determining communication recipient availability
63 9,292,835 Determining communication recipient availability
64 9,292,825 Multi-tier inventory visibility
65 9,292,821 System and method for transforming a component business model
66 9,292,810 Re-factoring, rationalizing and prioritizing a service model and assessing service exposure in the service model
67 9,292,800 Statistical estimation of origin and destination points of trip using plurality of types of data sources
68 9,292,798 Iterative active feature extraction
69 9,292,797 Semi-supervised data integration model for named entity classification
70 9,292,794 Voltage-based clustering to infer connectivity information in smart grids
71 9,292,791 Systems, methods, and computer program products for expediting expertise
72 9,292,788 Event-driven universal neural network circuit
73 9,292,766 Techniques for ground-level photo geolocation using digital elevation
74 9,292,708 Protection of interpreted source code in virtual appliances
75 9,292,702 Dynamic switching of security configurations
76 9,292,697 Matrix code for encryption, storage, and transmission of data
77 9,292,693 Remediation of security vulnerabilities in computer software
78 9,292,690 Anomaly, association and clustering detection
79 9,292,682 Accessing a second web page from a dispersed storage network memory based on a first web page selection
80 9,292,678 Unlocking a computing device via images
81 9,292,673 Virtual key management and isolation of data deployments in multi-tenant environments
82 9,292,662 Method of exploiting spare processors to reduce energy consumption
83 9,292,658 Evidence based medical record
84 9,292,652 Generic design rule checking (DRC) test case extraction
85 9,292,635 System and method for collaborative vehicle crash planning and sequence deployment
86 9,292,619 Method and system for detecting movement of a signed element in a structured document
87 9,292,616 Social balancer for indicating the relative priorities of linked objects
88 9,292,604 Crawling rich Internet applications
89 9,292,601 Determining a purpose of a document
90 9,292,597 Smart question routing and answerer growing for online community question-answer services
91 9,292,596 Relevance-based information processing
92 9,292,595 Creating new documents based on global intent and local context
93 9,292,591 Visual analytics for spatial clustering
94 9,292,582 Rendering a database record in a fixed display space
95 9,292,577 User accessibility to data analytics
96 9,292,576 Hypothesis-driven, real-time analysis of physiological data streams using textual representations
97 9,292,575 Dynamic data aggregation from a plurality of data sources
98 9,292,572 Database index profile based weights for cost computation
99 9,292,565 Template-based recognition of food product information
100 9,292,561 Data readiness using initiator region last commit selection
101 9,292,560 Reducing collisions within a hash table
102 9,292,546 Method, computer system, and physical computer storage medium for organizing data into data structures
103 9,292,543 Real time backup system for computer users
104 9,292,535 Protecting data segments in a computing environment
105 9,292,531 Selective erasure of expired files or extents in deduplicating virtual media for efficient file reclamation
106 9,292,506 Dynamic generation of demonstrative aids for a meeting
107 9,292,496 Product interoperability determination
108 9,292,495 Contextual updating of existing documents using natural language processing
109 9,292,490 Unsupervised learning of deep patterns for semantic parsing
110 9,292,486 Validation of formulas with external sources
111 9,292,484 Method and system for automatically providing information to an electronic form
112 9,292,483 Intelligent text annotation
113 9,292,478 Visual editor for editing complex expressions
114 9,292,473 Predicting a time of failure of a device
115 9,292,462 Broadcast for a distributed switch network
116 9,292,460 Versatile lane configuration using a PCIe PIE-8 interface
117 9,292,453 Storing a system-absolute address (SAA) in a first level translation look-aside buffer (TLB)
118 9,292,446 Speculative prefetching of remote data
119 9,292,445 Non-data inclusive coherent (NIC) directory for cache
120 9,292,444 Multi-granular cache management in multi-processor computing environments
121 9,292,443 Multilevel cache system
122 9,292,439 Method, device and computer program for identifying items having high frequency of occurrence among items included in a text data stream
123 9,292,437 Optimizing virtual memory allocation in a virtual machine based upon a previous usage of the virtual memory blocks
124 9,292,427 Modifying memory space allocation for inactive tasks
125 9,292,421 System and method for resource modeling and simulation in test planning
126 9,292,420 Collaborative computer aided test plan generation
127 9,292,413 Setting breakpoints in a code debugger used with a GUI object
128 9,292,410 Using traceability links strength for software development integrity monitoring
129 9,292,407 System and method for adaptively collecting performance and event information
130 9,292,403 System-wide topology and performance monitoring GUI tool with per-partition views
131 9,292,399 Design-Based weighting for logic built-in self-test
132 9,292,398 Design-based weighting for logic built-in self-test
133 9,292,390 Pulsed-latch based razor with 1-cycle error recovery scheme
134 9,292,386 Apparatus and method for allocating processing requests
135 9,292,385 Transforming data in a distributed storage and task network
136 9,292,373 Query rewrites for data-intensive applications in presence of run-time errors
137 9,292,366 Linking sources to copied text
138 9,292,363 Predicting application programming interface consumption using social networks
139 9,292,357 Software enabled and disabled coalescing of memory transactions
140 9,292,349 Detecting deployment conflicts in heterogenous environments
141 9,292,348 System overhead-based automatic adjusting of number of running processors within a system
142 9,292,338 Scheduling event streams depending on content information data
143 9,292,337 Software enabled and disabled coalescing of memory transactions
144 9,292,333 Image instance mapping
145 9,292,330 Replacing virtual machine disks
146 9,292,325 Managing a virtual computer resource
147 9,292,318 Initiating software applications requiring different processor architectures in respective isolated execution environment of an operating system
148 9,292,317 Cloud of virtual clouds for increasing isolation among execution domains
149 9,292,316 Cloud of virtual clouds for increasing isolation among execution domains
150 9,292,315 Sharing of classes for modular programs in a multi-tenant environment
151 9,292,313 Detection of component operating state by computer
152 9,292,311 Method and apparatus for providing software problem solutions
153 9,292,305 Declarative instance based access control for application resources with persisted attributes and state
154 9,292,303 Suspend profiles and hinted suspending
155 9,292,296 Code optimization based on information of readably converted executed instruction groups represented in address file
156 9,292,291 Instruction merging optimization
157 9,292,290 Instruction set architecture with opcode lookup using memory attribute
158 9,292,289 Enhancing reliability of transaction execution by using transaction digests
159 9,292,282 Server-side translation for custom application support in client-side scripts
160 9,292,267 Compiling nested relational algebras with multiple intermediate representations
161 9,292,256 Shift significand of decimal floating point data
162 9,292,247 Co-browsing a page including clippable and non-clippable portions
163 9,292,227 Method for divisionally managing files on a user basis, and a storage system and computer program product thereof
164 9,292,224 Providing indirect data addressing for a control block at a channel subsystem of an I/O processing system
165 9,292,215 Managing virtual hard disk snapshots
166 9,292,214 Systems and methods for migrating data
167 9,292,212 Detecting storage errors in a dispersed storage network
168 9,292,210 Thermally sensitive wear leveling for a flash memory device that includes a plurality of flash memory modules
169 9,292,209 Multiple I/O request processing in a storage system
170 9,292,208 Processing input/output requests using proxy and owner storage systems
171 9,292,206 Method and apparatus for optimizing the performance of a storage system
172 9,292,182 Business intelligence dashboard assembly tool with indications of relationships among content elements
173 9,292,171 Border menu for context dependent actions within a graphical user interface
174 9,292,170 Unified presentation of scattered message data
175 9,292,156 Enabling a user to invoke a function via a shortcut key in a multi-window computing environment
176 9,292,155 Tool-tip for multimedia files
177 9,292,154 Synchronizing a GUI operation among machines using different languages
178 9,292,119 Display devices and methods for detecting user-intended touch input
179 9,292,074 Distributed power budgeting
180 9,292,057 System for mounting and cooling a computer component
181 9,292,023 Decreasing the internal temperature of a computer in response to corrosion
182 9,291,734 Full waveform inversion using combined shot data and no scratch disk
183 9,291,474 System and method for providing global positioning system (GPS) feedback to a user
184 9,291,408 Data center with dual radiator cabinets for redundant operation
185 9,291,281 Thermostat-controlled coolant flow within a heat sink
186 9,291,234 Load adapting vibration isolation pallet mechanisms
187 9,289,921 Method of forming single-mode polymer waveguide array connector
188 9,289,794 Microfluidic surface processing device and method
189 9,289,681 Suggested actions within a virtual environment