IBM patents granted on 22 May 2012

94 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,185,959 Digital rights management of captured content based on capture associated locations
2 8,185,951 Method of handling user groups in desktop and web based applications in a heterogeneous authentication environment
3 8,185,938 Method and system for network single-sign-on using a public key certificate and an associated attribute certificate
4 8,185,914 User-configurable variables
5 8,185,908 Dynamic scheduling in a distributed environment
6 8,185,907 Method and system for assigning logical partitions to multiple shared processor pools
7 8,185,905 Resource allocation in computing systems according to permissible flexibilities in the recommended resource requirements
8 8,185,903 Managing system resources
9 8,185,902 Method, system and computer program for distributing a plurality of jobs to a plurality of computers
10 8,185,901 Parsing an application to find serial and parallel data segments to minimize migration overhead between serial and parallel compute nodes
11 8,185,899 Prediction based priority scheduling
12 8,185,896 Method for data processing using a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
13 8,185,895 Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing an anchor pointer in an operating system context structure for improving the efficiency of accessing thread specific data
14 8,185,885 Providing recovery data for program code
15 8,185,883 Instruction exploitation through loader late fix-up
16 8,185,881 Procedure summaries for pointer analysis
17 8,185,880 Optimizing heap memory usage
18 8,185,878 Program maintenance support device, program maintenance supporting method, and program for the same
19 8,185,876 Method and implementation for constructing of corrected java native code
20 8,185,870 Managing an application software partition
21 8,185,869 System and apparatus for real-time dynamic modification of service-oriented systems using annotations to specify real-time system constraints
22 8,185,866 User configurable language independent code assist method, system, article of manufacture, and computer program product
23 8,185,859 System and method to improve chip yield, reliability and performance
24 8,185,852 Performing minimization of input count during structural netlist overapproximation
25 8,185,829 Method and system for rating exchangeable gestures via communications in virtual world applications
26 8,185,827 Role tailored portal solution integrating near real-time metrics, business logic, online collaboration, and web 2.0 content
27 8,185,814 Differential dynamic delivery of content according to user expressions of interest
28 8,185,803 Apparatus for providing error correction capability to longitudinal position data
29 8,185,801 System to improve error code decoding using historical information and associated methods
30 8,185,800 System for error control coding for memories of different types and associated methods
31 8,185,780 Visually marking failed components
32 8,185,779 Controlling computer storage systems
33 8,185,754 Time-based storage access and method of power savings and improved utilization thereof
34 8,185,750 Method for extending the CRTM in a trusted platform
35 8,185,731 Device for configuring functional capabilities in a data processing system
36 8,185,712 System and method for intelligent storage migration
37 8,185,704 High performance real-time read-copy update
38 8,185,701 System and method for an adaptive list prefetch
39 8,185,694 Testing real page number bits in a cache directory
40 8,185,682 USB 2.0 bi-directional bus channel with boost circuitry
41 8,185,679 Controlling bus access
42 8,185,676 Transitions between ordered and ad hoc I/O request queueing
43 8,185,662 Using end-to-end credit flow control to reduce number of virtual lanes implemented at link and switch layers
44 8,185,654 Systems and methods for content-aware load balancing
45 8,185,649 Subscription propagation in a high performance highly available content-based publish/subscribe system
46 8,185,632 Discovery of a generic device in a non-linear discovery framework
47 8,185,631 Controlling service failover in clustered storage apparatus networks
48 8,185,610 Method for client-side aggregation of asynchronous, context-sensitive request operations for java server pages (JSP)
49 8,185,606 Email change tracking
50 8,185,593 System and method for freezing portions of a chat conversation in an instant messaging system
51 8,185,592 Method and program product for preventing distribution of an e-mail message
52 8,185,578 Client server system and method for executing an application utilizing distributed objects
53 8,185,572 Data correction circuit
54 8,185,569 Generation of test cases with range constraints for floating point add and subtract instructions
55 8,185,555 Model extension framework
56 8,185,540 Visual structuring of multivariable data
57 8,185,527 Personal resources organizer with calendar interface and object detection
58 8,185,525 Ordering query results based on value range filtering
59 8,185,518 Method, system and program product for rewriting structured query language (SQL) statements
60 8,185,512 Prioritization of search requests using search templates
61 8,185,498 Data deduplication by separating data from meta data
62 8,185,496 Separating file data streams to enhance progressive incremental processing
63 8,185,491 Method of organizing software design decision instances
64 8,185,480 System and method for optimizing pattern recognition of non-gaussian parameters
65 8,185,454 Method and system for assigning amortizable revenue components associated with a revenue bill of material for an ordered product to appropriate revenue accounts
66 8,185,450 Method and system for self-service manufacture and sale of customized virtual goods
67 8,185,420 Approximating cycle times within material flow network
68 8,185,411 Method, system, and apparatus for patient controlled access of medical records
69 8,185,371 Modeling full and half cycle clock variability
70 8,185,352 Benchmarking correlated stream processing systems
71 8,185,304 Method, computer program and system for optimising routes provided by navigation systems
72 8,185,227 Method and system for determining manufacturing throughput target
73 8,184,898 Analysis of leaded components
74 8,184,475 Robust local bit select circuitry to overcome timing mismatch
75 8,184,472 Split-gate DRAM with lateral control-gate MuGFET
76 8,184,465 Programmable semiconductor device
77 8,184,436 Liquid-cooled electronics rack with immersion-cooled electronic subsystems
78 8,184,176 Digital camera blending and clashing color warning system
79 8,184,116 Object based avatar tracking
80 8,184,092 Simulation of writing on game consoles through the use of motion-sensing technology
81 8,183,950 Auto-calibration for ring oscillator VCO
82 8,183,949 Compensation of VCO gain curve offsets using auto-calibration
83 8,183,948 Ultra-compact PLL with wide tuning range and low noise
84 8,183,920 Variable gain amplifier with reduced power consumption
85 8,183,712 Method and system for organizing and optimizing electricity consumption
86 8,183,694 Reversing tone of patterns on integrated circuit and nanoscale fabrication
87 8,183,642 Gate effective-workfunction modification for CMOS
88 8,183,159 Device component forming method with a trim step prior to sidewall image transfer (SIT) processing
89 8,183,145 Structure and methods of forming contact structures
90 8,182,978 Developable bottom antireflective coating compositions especially suitable for ion implant applications
91 8,182,099 Noise immune optical encoder for high ambient light projection imaging systems
92 8,181,846 Method of full-field solder coverage using a vacuum fill head
93 8,181,594 Method and apparatus for fabricating or altering microstructures using local chemical alterations
94 8,181,593 Apparatus for applying a layer to a hydrophobic surface