IBM patents granted on 22 November 2016

166 US patents granted on 22 November 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,504,189 Thermoelectric-enhanced, inlet air-cooled thermal conductors
2 9,504,188 Air-moving assembly with auxiliary turbine drive
3 9,504,184 Flexible coolant manifold-heat sink assembly
4 9,504,123 Hybrid high electron mobility transistor and active matrix structure
5 9,504,087 Facilitating mobile phone conversations
6 9,504,004 Method for device to report when it may be missing
7 9,503,959 Transmitting and receiving data based on multipath
8 9,503,904 Partitioning a coordination area in a wireless network
9 9,503,864 Detection of unauthorized wireless personal area network low energy devices
10 9,503,788 End user programming for a television multimedia device
11 9,503,693 Identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
12 9,503,685 Background replacement for videoconferencing
13 9,503,549 Real-time data analysis for resource provisioning among systems in a networked computing environment
14 9,503,548 Subscriber based priority of messages in a publisher-subscriber domain
15 9,503,541 Fast mobile web applications using cloud caching
16 9,503,515 Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
17 9,503,514 Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
18 9,503,513 Robust transmission of data utilizing encoded data slices
19 9,503,508 Declarative and adaptive content management
20 9,503,498 Web page script management
21 9,503,489 Streaming data on data processes
22 9,503,482 Providing a common security policy for a heterogeneous computer architecture environment
23 9,503,479 Assessment of network perimeter security
24 9,503,471 Pre-processing system for minimizing application-level denial-of-service in a multi-tenant system
25 9,503,461 Authentication based on proximate devices
26 9,503,458 Retrospective policy safety net
27 9,503,455 Controlling access to storage devices shared by host systems
28 9,503,446 Authentication within openflow network
29 9,503,444 System and method for sharing access to a service within a home network
30 9,503,404 Correction of incoming messaging
31 9,503,397 Applying a client policy to a group of channels
32 9,503,383 Flow control for reliable message passing
33 9,503,382 Scalable flow and cogestion control with openflow
34 9,503,334 Allocating operators of a streaming application to virtual machines based on monitored performance
35 9,503,331 Blade enclosure
36 9,503,329 Correlating road network information and user mobility information for wireless communication network planning
37 9,503,313 Network interface card having overlay gateway functionality
38 9,503,220 Method for redelivering a subset of messages in a packet to a receiver application
39 9,503,194 External cavity laser based wavelength division multiplexing superchannel transceivers
40 9,503,090 High speed level translator
41 9,503,063 Mechanically tunable superconducting qubit
42 9,502,673 Transistor devices with tapered suspended vertical arrays of carbon nanotubes
43 9,502,641 Double synthetic antiferromagnet using rare earth metals and transition metals
44 9,502,640 Structure and method to reduce shorting in STT-MRAM device
45 9,502,609 Simplified process for vertical LED manufacturing
46 9,502,562 Fin field effect transistor including self-aligned raised active regions
47 9,502,540 Uniform height tall fins with varying silicon germanium concentrations
48 9,502,523 Nanowire semiconductor device including lateral-etch barrier region
49 9,502,518 Multi-channel gate-all-around FET
50 9,502,506 Structure for FinFET fins
51 9,502,504 SOI lateral bipolar transistors having surrounding extrinsic base portions
52 9,502,500 Forming multi-stack nanowires using a common release material
53 9,502,435 Hybrid high electron mobility transistor and active matrix structure
54 9,502,420 Structure and method for highly strained germanium channel fins for high mobility pFINFETs
55 9,502,418 Semiconductor devices with sidewall spacers of equal thickness
56 9,502,411 Strained finFET device fabrication
57 9,502,407 Integrating a planar field effect transistor (FET) with a vertical FET
58 9,502,405 Semiconductor device with authentication code
59 9,502,350 Interconnect scaling method including forming dielectric layer over subtractively etched first conductive layer and forming second conductive material on dielectric layer
60 9,502,325 Integrated circuit barrierless microfluidic channel
61 9,502,313 Polysilicon resistor formation in silicon-on-insulator replacement metal gate finFET processes
62 9,502,309 Forming CMOSFET structures with different contact liners
63 9,502,307 Forming a semiconductor structure for reduced negative bias temperature instability
64 9,502,302 Process for integrated circuit fabrication including a uniform depth tungsten recess technique
65 9,502,292 Dual shallow trench isolation liner for preventing electrical shorts
66 9,502,278 Substrate holder assembly for controlled layer transfer
67 9,502,245 Elimination of defects in long aspect ratio trapping trench structures
68 9,502,243 Multi-orientation SOI substrates for co-integration of different conductivity type semiconductor devices
69 9,502,138 Data encoding in solid-state storage apparatus
70 9,502,107 Writing multiple levels in a phase change memory
71 9,502,077 Shingle verify archive appliance
72 9,502,059 Hybrid tape head assembly and drive for accepting the same
73 9,502,052 Writing redundant data on tape media
74 9,502,036 Correcting text with voice processing
75 9,501,928 Utilizing social media to affect road traffic routing
76 9,501,825 Real-time functional-MRI connectivity analysis
77 9,501,809 System and method for photorealistic imaging workload distribution
78 9,501,778 Delivering personalized recommendations that relate to transactions on display
79 9,501,766 Generating a storage drive qualification test plan
80 9,501,763 Social collaborative scoring for message prioritization according to a temporal factor between sender and recipient
81 9,501,757 Identifying remote objects on a client system
82 9,501,753 Exploring the impact of changing project parameters on the likely delivery date of a project
83 9,501,728 Power conservation in an image forming apparatus by delaying activation of a printing drum
84 9,501,659 Inheriting social network information
85 9,501,658 Avoiding file content reading using machine information
86 9,501,654 Sensitive data obfuscation in output files
87 9,501,648 Configuring configuration settings using a user context
88 9,501,636 Automatically altering and encrypting passwords in systems
89 9,501,634 Efficient browser-based identity management providing personal control and anonymity
90 9,501,628 Generating a distrubition package having an access control execution program for implementing an access control mechanism and loading unit for a client
91 9,501,609 Selection of corners and/or margins using statistical static timing analysis of an integrated circuit
92 9,501,608 Timing analysis of circuits using sub-circuit timing models
93 9,501,603 Integrated circuit design changes using through-silicon vias
94 9,501,591 Dynamically modifiable component model
95 9,501,565 Knowledge-based editor with natural language interface
96 9,501,562 Identification of complementary data objects
97 9,501,534 Extreme value computation
98 9,501,532 Method and apparatus for ranking-based information processing
99 9,501,529 Searching content managed by a search engine using relational database type queries
100 9,501,528 Efficient response of common information model (CIM) server
101 9,501,527 Bloom filter construction method for use in a table join operation portion of processing a query to a distributed database
102 9,501,525 Answer sequence evaluation
103 9,501,512 Optimizing storage in a publish / subscribe environment
104 9,501,493 Instantiating virtualization unit on storage or proxy node for performing operation based on node having hardware characteristics for serving required file system role for operation
105 9,501,489 Resource reconciliation based on external factors
106 9,501,471 Generating a context for translating strings based on associated application source code and markup
107 9,501,459 Detecting influence caused by changing the source code of an application from which a document object model tree and cascading style sheet may be extracted
108 9,501,439 Communicating in an integrated circuit using hardware-managed virtual channels
109 9,501,432 System and method for computer memory with linked paths
110 9,501,427 Primary memory module with record of usage history
111 9,501,416 Demote instruction for relinquishing cache line ownership
112 9,501,411 Cache backing store for transactional memory
113 9,501,404 Back-up and restoration of data between volatile and flash memory
114 9,501,395 Re-aligning a compressed data array
115 9,501,389 Test machine management
116 9,501,387 Test cases generation for different test types
117 9,501,385 Testing functional correctness and idempotence of software automation scripts
118 9,501,384 Testing functional correctness and idempotence of software automation scripts
119 9,501,377 Generating and implementing data integration job execution design recommendations
120 9,501,366 Dispersed storage network with parameter search and methods for use therewith
121 9,501,360 Rebuilding data while reading data in a dispersed storage network
122 9,501,358 Adjusting a dispersal parameter of dispersedly stored data
123 9,501,356 Fast data back-up and restore between volatile and flash memory
124 9,501,355 Storing data and directory information in a distributed storage network
125 9,501,349 Changing dispersed storage error encoding parameters
126 9,501,344 Data dump for a memory in a data processing system
127 9,501,341 Directory synchronization of a dispersed storage network
128 9,501,334 Protocol for communication of data structures
129 9,501,333 Multiprocessor system with multiple concurrent modes of execution
130 9,501,327 Concurrently processing parts of cells of a data structure with multiple processes
131 9,501,323 Management of resources within a computing environment
132 9,501,318 Scheduling and execution of tasks based on resource availability
133 9,501,314 Reducing aborts caused by a runtime helper called during execution of a transaction block
134 9,501,313 Resource management and allocation using history information stored in application’s commit signature log
135 9,501,309 Monitoring hypervisor and provisioned instances of hosted virtual machines using monitoring templates
136 9,501,308 Implementing coherent accelerator function isolation for virtualization
137 9,501,306 Placing virtual machines in a virtual environment
138 9,501,297 Launching a target application based on characteristics of a string of characters in a source application
139 9,501,295 Method and system for handling locale and language in a cloud management system
140 9,501,285 Register allocation to threads
141 9,501,283 Cross-pipe serialization for multi-pipeline processor
142 9,501,279 Local instruction loop buffer utilizing execution unit register file
143 9,501,275 Compositing deltas when merging artifacts in a version control system
144 9,501,274 Qualitative feedback correlator
145 9,501,273 Data sharing
146 9,501,268 Generating SIMD code from code statements that include non-isomorphic code statements
147 9,501,267 Generating a service component architecture (SCA) module with service oriented architecture (SOA) model elements
148 9,501,265 Developing collective operations for a parallel computer
149 9,501,262 Vectorized Galois field multiplication
150 9,501,260 High speed and low power circuit structure for barrel shifter
151 9,501,242 Solid-state drive data security enhancement
152 9,501,240 Efficient free-space management of multi-target peer-to-peer remote copy (PPRC) modified sectors bitmap in bind segments
153 9,501,235 Efficient reduction of read disturb errors
154 9,501,232 Transactional memory operations with write-only atomicity
155 9,501,221 Dynamically changing a buffer flush threshold of a tape drive based on historical transaction size
156 9,501,207 Providing context-aware input data
157 9,501,200 Smart display
158 9,501,115 Optimizing power consumption by dynamic workload adjustment
159 9,501,107 276-pin buffered memory card with enhanced memory system interconnect
160 9,501,069 Control of solid state memory device temperature using queue depth management
161 9,500,810 Continuous evanescent perturbation gratings in a silicon photonic device
162 9,499,669 Electronic circuit board containing a flame retardant filler prepared from a bridged polysilsesquioxane
163 9,498,837 Vacuum transition for solder bump mold filling
164 9,498,727 Pre-fetching items in a virtual universe based on avatar communications
165 9,498,131 Aids for maintaining scheduled medication dosing
166 9,498,031 Impact protection for electronic devices