IBM patents granted on 22 September 2009

50 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,594,263 Operating a communication network through use of blocking measures for responding to communication traffic anomalies
2 7,594,231 Apparatus and method for assuring recovery of temporary resources in a logically partitioned computer system
3 7,594,219 Method and apparatus for monitoring compatibility of software combinations
4 7,594,217 Matching client interfaces with service interfaces
5 7,594,209 Method for incorporating Miller capacitance effects in digital circuits for an accurate timing analysis
6 7,594,200 Method for finding multi-cycle clock gating
7 7,594,192 Method and apparatus for identifying hotkey conflicts
8 7,594,186 Dialog box positioning
9 7,594,183 Capturing a workflow
10 7,594,165 Embedded ad hoc browser web to spreadsheet conversion control
11 7,594,144 Handling fatal computer hardware errors
12 7,594,141 Apparatus, system, and method for signaling logical errors in an EIS remote function call
13 7,594,140 Task based debugger (transaction-event-job-trigger)
14 7,594,139 Extracting log and trace buffers in the event of system crashes
15 7,594,138 System and method of error recovery for backup applications
16 7,594,104 System and method for masking a hardware boot sequence
17 7,594,096 Load lookahead prefetch for microprocessors
18 7,594,094 Move data facility with optional specifications
19 7,594,080 Temporary storage of memory line while waiting for cache eviction
20 7,594,078 D-cache miss prediction and scheduling
21 7,594,055 Systems and methods for providing distributed technology independent memory controllers
22 7,594,036 Header compression in messages
23 7,594,028 Counting of GVRP protocol data units within a network bridge
24 7,593,990 Automatically sending a URL by e-mail or telephone
25 7,593,955 Generation of aggregatable dimension information within a multidimensional enterprise software system
26 7,593,940 System and method for creation, representation, and delivery of document corpus entity co-occurrence information
27 7,593,931 Apparatus, system, and method for performing fast approximate computation of statistics on query expressions
28 7,593,929 Context sensitive term expansion with dynamic term expansion
29 7,593,865 Back-end data routing method, system and program product
30 7,593,860 Career analysis method and system
31 7,593,844 Document translation systems and methods employing translation memories
32 7,593,600 Black white image scaling for optical character recognition
33 7,593,528 Managing device keys in cryptographic communication
34 7,593,413 Secure system and method for SAN management in a non-trusted server environment
35 7,593,386 Database management apparatuses for transmitting packets
36 7,593,353 Methods and apparatus for content delivery via application level multicast with minimum communication delay
37 7,593,326 Method and apparatus for managing bandwidth requirements for video on demand services
38 7,593,288 System for providing read clock sharing between memory devices
39 7,593,227 Isolation valve and coolant connect/disconnect assemblies and methods of fabrication for interfacing a liquid cooled electronics subsystem and an electronics housing
40 7,593,194 Tape recording head promoting lateral motion
41 7,593,024 Screen calibration for display devices
42 7,593,012 Graphics image generation method, program and statistical data drawing apparatus
43 7,592,933 Techniques for 9B10B and 7B8B coding and decoding
44 7,592,851 High performance pseudo dynamic pulse controllable multiplexer
45 7,592,817 Alignment correction system and method of use
46 7,592,685 Device and methodology for reducing effective dielectric constant in semiconductor devices
47 7,592,671 Strained silicon-on-insulator by anodization of a buried p+ silicon germanium layer
48 7,592,247 Sub-lithographic local interconnects, and methods for forming same
49 7,592,245 Poly filled substrate contact on SOI structure
50 7,591,624 Reticle storage pod (RSP) transport system utilizing FOUP adapter plate