IBM patents granted on 22 September 2015

118 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,144,178 Selective clamping of electronics card to coolant-cooled structure
2 9,143,626 Subsidizing wireless services in geo-fenced zones
3 9,143,611 System and method for routing calls
4 9,143,582 Interoperability for distributed overlay virtual environments
5 9,143,580 Brokering and provisioning in high-speed networks
6 9,143,567 Gateway device to connect native fibre channel ports to pure fibre channel over ethernet storage area networks
7 9,143,559 Directory server replication
8 9,143,521 Detection of intrusion in a wireless network
9 9,143,520 Method and apparatus for computer network security
10 9,143,502 Method and system for secure binding register name identifier profile
11 9,143,472 Updating an e-mail recipient list
12 9,143,462 Large send support in layer 2 switch to enhance effectiveness of large receive on NIC and overall network throughput
13 9,143,444 Virtual link aggregation extension (VLAG+) enabled in a TRILL-based fabric network
14 9,143,441 Sliced routing table management
15 9,143,394 System and method for graph based K-redundant resiliency for IT cloud
16 9,143,382 Automatic download of web content in response to an embedded link in an electronic mail message
17 9,143,378 Rendering components within different browser environments
18 9,143,356 Method and system for email processing
19 9,143,355 Dynamic bridge for object transfer
20 9,143,326 Method and system for encrypting data
21 9,143,259 Multi-node system networks with optical switches
22 9,143,161 Field level compression in parallel data flows
23 9,142,660 Method to fabricate a vertical transistor having an asymmetric gate with two conductive layers having different work functions
24 9,142,651 Methods of forming a FinFET semiconductor device so as to reduce punch-through leakage currents and the resulting device
25 9,142,560 Layout to minimize FET variation in small dimension photolithography
26 9,142,506 E-fuse structures and methods of manufacture
27 9,142,501 Under ball metallurgy (UBM) for improved electromigration
28 9,142,488 Manganese oxide hard mask for etching dielectric materials
29 9,142,471 Doped, passivated graphene nanomesh, method of making the doped, passivated graphene nanomesh, and semiconductor device including the doped, passivated graphene nanomesh
30 9,142,272 Dual asynchronous and synchronous memory system
31 9,142,245 Tension transients suppression during acceleration and/or deceleration for storage tape drive
32 9,142,213 Generating vocal user interface code from a data meta-model
33 9,142,186 Assistance for color recognition
34 9,142,050 Effective arrangement of data elements
35 9,142,047 Visualizing data transfers in distributed file system
36 9,142,046 Effective arrangement of data elements
37 9,142,033 Real time processing of video frames
38 9,141,981 Method, system, and computer program product for long-term on-line comparison shopping
39 9,141,965 Database usage trends based on database lock requests
40 9,141,942 Event scheduler based on real-time analytics and business rules
41 9,141,927 Determining costs for workflows
42 9,141,924 Generating recommendations for staffing a project team
43 9,141,921 Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts
44 9,141,920 Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts
45 9,141,919 System and method for object migration using waves
46 9,141,910 Inner passage relevancy layer for large intake cases in a deep question answering system
47 9,141,907 Network driven actuator mapping agent and bus and method of use
48 9,141,866 Summarizing salient events in unmanned aerial videos
49 9,141,821 Selective encryption of data stored on removable media in an automated data storage library
50 9,141,819 Encrypted tape access control via challenge-response protocol
51 9,141,813 Ordered deletion of content in storage systems
52 9,141,792 Application-level anomaly detection
53 9,141,767 Software configuration based on entitlement records
54 9,141,749 Interconnect structures and methods for back end of the line integration
55 9,141,733 Method, system, and computer program product for modeling resistance of a multi-layered conductive component
56 9,141,732 Simulation execution method, program, and system
57 9,141,715 Automated hyperlinking in electronic communication
58 9,141,711 Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session
59 9,141,710 Persisting annotations within a cobrowsing session
60 9,141,699 Determining data feed usage
61 9,141,692 Inferring sensitive information from tags
62 9,141,689 Persona management system for communications
63 9,141,668 Expert locator based on user polling
64 9,141,667 Efficient join with one or more large dimension tables
65 9,141,662 Intelligent evidence classification and notification in a deep question answering system
66 9,141,660 Intelligent evidence classification and notification in a deep question answering system
67 9,141,639 Bitmap selection for remote copying of updates
68 9,141,637 Predictive data management in a networked computing environment
69 9,141,631 Table boundary detection in data blocks for compression
70 9,141,624 Managing the storage of media content
71 9,141,623 System for on-line archiving of content in an object store
72 9,141,620 Dynamic presentations management
73 9,141,605 Attribution using semantic analysis
74 9,141,603 Computer program product and computer system for language-enhanced programming tools
75 9,141,597 Method and system of fulfilling requests for information from a network client
76 9,141,569 Tracking a relative arrival order of events being stored in multiple queues using a counter
77 9,141,558 Secure memory control parameters in table look aside buffer data fields and support memory array
78 9,141,551 Specific prefetch algorithm for a chip having a parent core and a scout core
79 9,141,550 Specific prefetch algorithm for a chip having a parent core and a scout core
80 9,141,547 Architecture support of best-effort atomic transactions for multiprocessor systems
81 9,141,540 Garbage collection of interned strings
82 9,141,526 Reclaiming units by searching units for a predetermined criterion and storing data from a valid subunit
83 9,141,525 Adaptive prestaging in a storage controller
84 9,141,520 Test coverage analysis
85 9,141,516 Testing transaction applications
86 9,141,494 Isolating a PCI host bridge in response to an error event
87 9,141,493 Isolating a PCI host bridge in response to an error event
88 9,141,478 Reconstructive error recovery procedure (ERP) using reserved buffer
89 9,141,477 Data protection for variable length records by utilizing high performance block storage metadata
90 9,141,460 Identify failed components during data collection
91 9,141,456 System and method for performance management of large scale SDP platforms
92 9,141,453 Reduced footprint core files in storage constrained environments
93 9,141,441 Managing computing resources through aggregated core management
94 9,141,437 Methods and systems for migrating network resources to improve network utilization
95 9,141,433 Automated cloud workload management in a map-reduce environment
96 9,141,432 Dynamic pending job queue length for job distribution within a grid environment
97 9,141,424 Achieving continuous availability for planned workload and site switches with no data loss
98 9,141,421 Reducing power grid noise in a processor while minimizing performance loss
99 9,141,405 User interface construction
100 9,141,397 Live initialization of a boot device
101 9,141,396 Live initialization of a boot device
102 9,141,379 Automated code coverage measurement and tracking per user story and requirement
103 9,141,377 Visualization of code units across disparate systems
104 9,141,364 Caching and analyzing images for faster and simpler cloud application deployment
105 9,141,358 Reducing application startup time by optimizing spatial locality of instructions in executables
106 9,141,353 Dynamically building locale objects at run-time
107 9,141,352 Dynamically building locale objects at run-time
108 9,141,342 Programmatic conversion of support documentation into executable programs
109 9,141,303 Method for selectively performing a secure data erase to ensure timely erasure
110 9,141,295 Load balancing of data reads in storage environments
111 9,141,264 Variable refresh rates for portions of shared screens
112 9,141,259 Pressure navigation on a touch sensitive user interface
113 9,141,183 Collective operation management in a parallel computer
114 9,141,173 Thread consolidation in processor cores
115 9,141,159 Minimizing aggregate cooling and leakage power with fast convergence
116 9,140,669 Mapping density and temperature of a chip, in situ
117 9,139,698 Preparation of functional polysulfones
118 9,139,175 Automotive vehicle skid recovery system