IBM patents granted on 23 April 2013

102 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,429,758 System and method for privacy protection using identifiability risk assessment
2 8,429,742 Detection of a denial of service attack on an internet server
3 8,429,717 Method for activating virtual machine, apparatus for simulating computing device and supervising device
4 8,429,709 Privacy ontology for identifying and classifying personally identifiable information and a related GUI
5 8,429,682 Disc with embedded flash memory and disc drive
6 8,429,662 Passing initiative in a multitasking multiprocessor environment
7 8,429,659 Scheduling jobs within a cloud computing environment
8 8,429,658 Lock deferral for real-time garbage collection
9 8,429,651 Enablement and acceleration of live and near-live migration of virtual machines and their associated storage across networks
10 8,429,645 Method for optimizing migration of software applications to address needs
11 8,429,638 Instruction exploitation through loader late fix-up
12 8,429,633 Managing memory to support large-scale interprocedural static analysis for security problems
13 8,429,628 System and method for comparing partially decompiled software
14 8,429,621 Component lock tracing by associating component type parameters with particular lock instances
15 8,429,620 Memory leak diagnosis
16 8,429,619 Executable high-level trace file generation system
17 8,429,614 Method and apparatus of effective functional test data generation for web service testing
18 8,429,610 Computer method and apparatus for providing version-aware impact analysis
19 8,429,603 Virtual typing executables
20 8,429,599 Computer method and system for enforcing derived union constraints
21 8,429,596 Method, and aggregation component for aggregating application components
22 8,429,590 System-level method for reducing power supply noise in an electronic system
23 8,429,584 Method, electronic design automation tool, computer program product, and data processing program for creating a layout for design representation of an electronic circuit and corresponding port for an electronic circuit
24 8,429,570 Pattern recognition with edge correction for design based metrology
25 8,429,451 Method of handling a message
26 8,429,449 Optimized placement of virtual machines in a network environment
27 8,429,441 Operating processor below maximum turbo mode frequency by sending higher than actual current amount signal to monitor
28 8,429,433 Dynamically adjusting an operating state of a data processing system running under a power cap
29 8,429,401 Method and apparatus for virtually erasing data from WORM storage devices
30 8,429,382 Information handling system including a multiple compute element processor with distributed data on-ramp data-off ramp topology
31 8,429,381 Micro grid computing system in tiered structure of bridge coupled processing hub with sensor and actuator docking bay
32 8,429,377 Optimizing TLB entries for mixed page size storage in contiguous memory
33 8,429,373 Method for implementing on demand configuration changes
34 8,429,363 Multiple incremental virtual copies
35 8,429,350 Cache line use history based done bit modification to D-cache replacement scheme
36 8,429,349 Techniques for cache injection in a processor system with replacement policy position modification
37 8,429,348 Method and mechanism for delaying writing updates to a data cache
38 8,429,323 Memory mapped input/output bus address range translation
39 8,429,273 Network management system accelerated event desktop client
40 8,429,258 Using unique local unicast addresses in a global domain name server by providing a centralized registry
41 8,429,238 Method for providing feedback to a publisher
42 8,429,237 Managing an electronic mail in a communication network
43 8,429,220 Data exchange among data sources
44 8,429,218 Process restart on a compute node
45 8,429,217 Executing fixed point divide operations using a floating point multiply-add pipeline
46 8,429,213 Method of forcing 1’s and inverting sum in an adder without incurring timing delay
47 8,429,206 Method and apparatus for rule-based transformation of policies
48 8,429,201 Updating a database from a browser
49 8,429,193 Security control of analysis results
50 8,429,192 System and method for supporting a plurality of access control list types for a file system in an operating system
51 8,429,191 Domain based isolation of objects
52 8,429,182 Populating a task directed community in a complex heterogeneous environment based on non-linear attributes of a paradigmatic cohort member
53 8,429,144 Interprocess communication using a single semaphore
54 8,429,143 Methods and systems for improving hash table performance
55 8,429,127 Circumventing queue downtime in a queue damage scenario
56 8,429,116 Efficient update methods for large volume data updates in data warehouses
57 8,429,107 System for address-event-representation network simulation
58 8,429,036 Digital media usage in response to impact data
59 8,429,033 Automatically adjusting inventory based on loaner parts and order demands
60 8,429,032 Method and system for managing inventory for a migration using forecast/inventory displays
61 8,429,016 Generating an alert based on absence of a given person in a transaction
62 8,428,989 Cross functional area service identification
63 8,428,986 Return on investment analysis tool for storage systems
64 8,428,983 Facilitating availability of information technology resources based on pattern system environments
65 8,428,982 Monitoring business performance
66 8,428,930 Page mapped spatially aware emulation of a computer instruction set
67 8,428,921 Dynamically adjusting simulation fidelity based on checkpointed fidelity state
68 8,428,421 Playback of damaged video media using downloaded content
69 8,428,367 System and method for electronic document classification
70 8,428,360 System and method for real-time new event detection on video streams
71 8,428,304 Retrieving scenes from moving image data
72 8,428,119 Method and apparatus for multi-hypothesis decoder side-information coding
73 8,428,110 Pipelining and sub-rate operation for memory links
74 8,428,065 Group communication system achieving efficient total order and state synchronization in a multi-tier environment
75 8,427,951 Method, system, and apparatus for reliable data packet recovery in a link layer of a data center ethernet network
76 8,427,896 Dynamic wordline assist scheme to improve performance tradeoff in SRAM
77 8,427,894 Implementing single bit redundancy for dynamic SRAM circuit with any bit decode
78 8,427,834 Rotatable latch for compressing thermal interface material between a heat generating electrical component and a cooling electrical component
79 8,427,833 Thermal power plane for integrated circuits
80 8,427,780 Planar magnetic writer having offset portions
81 8,427,774 Pass-through mechanism for linear tape library
82 8,427,318 Method and system for carbon value tracking and labeling
83 8,427,312 Tamper detection, memorization, and indication for packaging
84 8,427,201 Local result processor
85 8,426,967 Scaled-down phase change memory cell in recessed heater
86 8,426,921 Three-dimensional integrated circuits and techniques for fabrication thereof
87 8,426,917 Body-tied asymmetric P-type field effect transistor
88 8,426,856 Thermally sensitive material embedded in the substrate
89 8,426,316 Ta-TaN selective removal process for integrated device fabrication
90 8,426,300 Self-aligned contact for replacement gate devices
91 8,426,268 Embedded DRAM memory cell with additional patterning layer for improved strap formation
92 8,426,265 Method for growing strain-inducing materials in CMOS circuits in a gate first flow
93 8,426,247 Polymer and solder pillars for connecting chip and carrier
94 8,426,242 Composite target sputtering for forming doped phase change materials
95 8,426,241 Structure and method of fabricating a CZTS photovoltaic device by electrodeposition
96 8,426,236 Method and structure of photovoltaic grid stacks by solution based processes
97 8,426,113 Chemically amplified silsesquioxane resist compositions
98 8,425,308 Counter-balancing in-play video game incentives/rewards by creating a counter-incentive
99 8,425,237 Socket having heat-dissipating vents
100 8,425,236 Tall mezzanine connector
101 8,425,115 Multi-layered thermal sensor for integrated circuits and other layered structures
102 8,424,201 Electronic component for an electronic carrier substrate