IBM patents granted on 23 August 2011

141 US patents granted on 23 August 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,006,312 Data communications system, terminal, and program
2 8,006,303 System, method and program product for intrusion protection of a network
3 8,006,296 Method and system for transmitting information across a firewall
4 8,006,290 System and method for ratification of policies
5 8,006,289 Method and system for extending authentication methods
6 8,006,288 Method and apparatus for accessing a computer application program
7 8,006,254 Bequeathing privilege to a dynamically loaded module
8 8,006,248 Method, apparatus and computer program for facilitating communication between a client application and a server application
9 8,006,244 Controller for multiple instruction thread processors
10 8,006,243 Method and apparatus for remote installation of network drivers and software
11 8,006,241 Automatic software installation and cleanup
12 8,006,240 Support continuous availability by allowing the use of multiple concurrent versions of shared artifact libraries, with proper bind-drain semantics, for long-lived process application consumers
13 8,006,238 Workload partitioning in a parallel system with hetergeneous alignment constraints
14 8,006,237 Program code conversion
15 8,006,234 Method and system for identifying runaway software agents
16 8,006,233 System and method for the automatic verification of privilege-asserting and subject-executed code
17 8,006,231 Apparatus and method to automate the testing of a graphical user interface
18 8,006,230 Systems, methods and computer programs for determining dependencies between logical components in a data processing system or network
19 8,006,229 Program maintenance support device and program for the same
20 8,006,223 Method and system for estimating project plans for packaged software applications
21 8,006,221 System and method for testing multiple processor modes for processor design verification and validation
22 8,006,214 Exact geometry operations on shapes using fixed-size integer coordinates
23 8,006,213 Optimization method of integrated circuit design for reduction of global clock load and balancing clock skew
24 8,006,211 IC chip and design structure including stitched circuitry region boundary identification
25 8,006,210 Logic transformation and gate placement to avoid routing congestion
26 8,006,208 Reducing coupling between wires of an electronic circuit
27 8,006,207 Parallel intrusion search in hierarchical VLSI designs with substituting scan line
28 8,006,182 Method and computer program product for implementing automatic avatar status indicators
29 8,006,181 System for handling novel words in a spellchecking module
30 8,006,174 System in a spreadsheet for exporting-importing the content of input cells from a scalable template instance to another
31 8,006,169 Data transfer error checking
32 8,006,157 Resource-light method and apparatus for outlier detection
33 8,006,155 Testing an operation of integrated circuitry
34 8,006,153 Multiple uses for BIST test latches
35 8,006,152 Scan chain fail diagnostics
36 8,006,138 Software quality assessment based on semantic similarities
37 8,006,135 Method and system for remote node debugging using an embedded node controller
38 8,006,133 Non-disruptive I/O adapter diagnostic testing
39 8,006,126 Data integrity validation in storage systems
40 8,006,122 Methods, systems, and computer products for detection of and policy directed resolution of signaling sympathy sickness in a multisystem cluster
41 8,006,108 Dynamic selection of group and device power limits
42 8,006,098 Integrating legacy application/data access with single sign-on in a distributed computing environment
43 8,006,097 Password generation using genre selection
44 8,006,081 Computer program product for generic and flexible collection of a hardware data image
45 8,006,070 Method and apparatus for inhibiting fetch throttling when a processor encounters a low confidence branch instruction in an information handling system
46 8,006,050 System for determining allocation of tape drive resources for a secure data erase process
47 8,006,049 Export of logical volumes by pools
48 8,006,039 Method, system, and computer program product for merging data
49 8,006,028 Enabling memory module slots in a computing system after a repair action
50 8,006,013 Method and apparatus for preventing bus livelock due to excessive MMIO
51 8,006,006 System and method for aggregating transmit completion interrupts
52 8,006,003 Apparatus, system, and method for enqueue prioritization
53 8,005,989 Caching lookups based upon TCP traffic flow characteristics
54 8,005,986 Consistent snapshots of dynamic heterogeneously managed data
55 8,005,984 Flexible procedure for quiescing multiplexed client
56 8,005,982 Data storage method and system
57 8,005,973 Method and system for playing video on a mobile device
58 8,005,972 Detection of inconsistent data in communications networks
59 8,005,965 Method and system for secure server-based session management using single-use HTTP cookies
60 8,005,955 Quasi-high availability hosted applications
61 8,005,935 Methods and computer program products for managing application performance on a network
62 8,005,934 Channel presence in a composite services enablement environment
63 8,005,933 Probabalistic throttling of application server requests
64 8,005,923 System and method of obfuscating queue management
65 8,005,905 Dynamic information selection based on associated data
66 8,005,903 Method and apparatus for managing locally stored E-mail messages
67 8,005,880 Half width counting leading zero circuit
68 8,005,872 Method for fast deletion of physically clustered data
69 8,005,869 System for defining data mappings between data structures
70 8,005,868 System and method for multiple distinct aggregate queries
71 8,005,867 System and method for measuring the value of elements in an information repository
72 8,005,839 Method and apparatus for aggregation in uncertain data
73 8,005,834 Method and apparatus to map associations with BitSets
74 8,005,829 Technique for searching for keywords determining event occurrence
75 8,005,824 On the role of market economics in ranking search results
76 8,005,809 Workload periodicity analyzer for autonomic database components
77 8,005,807 Object oriented query path expression to relational outer join translator method, system, and article of manufacture, and computer program product
78 8,005,800 Data storage system for fast reverse restore
79 8,005,798 Method and apparatus for partial data set recovery
80 8,005,788 System and method for legacy system component incremental migration
81 8,005,781 Connection of value networks with information technology infrastructure and data via applications and support personnel
82 8,005,776 Adapting media storage based on user interest as determined by biometric feedback
83 8,005,773 System and method for cortical simulation
84 8,005,736 Multi-level transaction flow monitoring
85 8,005,705 Validating a baseline of a project
86 8,005,703 Event scheduling forecasting for a calendaring system using historically collected event data
87 8,005,700 Customer relationship management system with compliance tracking capabilities
88 8,005,674 Data modeling of class independent recognition models
89 8,005,662 Translation method, translation output method and storage medium, program, and computer used therewith
90 8,005,626 System and computer readable medium for discovering gene regulatory models and genetic networks using relational fuzzy models
91 8,005,560 Method of optimizing queue times in a production cycle
92 8,005,272 Digital life recorder implementing enhanced facial recognition subsystem for acquiring face glossary data
93 8,005,202 Automatic generation of a callflow statistics application for speech systems
94 8,005,161 Method, hardware product, and computer program product for performing high data rate wireless transmission
95 8,005,141 Method for efficient encoding and decoding quantized sequence in Wyner-Ziv coding of video
96 8,005,082 Concurrent enablement of persistent information unit pacing
97 8,005,025 Dynamic media content for collaborators with VOIP support for client communications
98 8,004,974 Virtualized computing architecture having multiple realms
99 8,004,970 Method, system and program product for setting a transmission rate in a network
100 8,004,884 Iterative write pausing techniques to improve read latency of memory systems
101 8,004,841 Method and apparatus of water cooling several parallel circuit cards each containing several chip packages
102 8,004,832 Variable flow computer cooling system for a data center and method of operation
103 8,004,799 Magnetic reader with piggybacked fence
104 8,004,792 Magnetic write transducer
105 8,004,789 Detection and acquisition of a servo pattern subject to lateral motion
106 8,004,740 Device and system for reflective digital light processing (DLP)
107 8,004,518 Combined spatial index for static and dynamic objects within a three-dimensional scene
108 8,004,441 Small-area digital to analog converter based on master-slave configuration
109 8,004,415 Liquid exposure detection
110 8,004,414 Use of RFIDs to measure flow-rates of materials flowing through piping
111 8,004,387 Methods and systems to improve RFID inventory polling accuracy
112 8,004,345 Minimizing non-linearity errors
113 8,004,335 Phase interpolator system and associated methods
114 8,004,305 Electronic circuit for measurement of transistor variability and the like
115 8,004,289 Wafer-to-wafer alignments
116 8,004,278 Techniques for electrically characterizing tunnel junction film stacks with little or no processing
117 8,004,097 Carrier wafer having alignment keys and supporting a chip
118 8,004,060 Metal gate compatible electrical antifuse
119 8,004,059 eFuse containing SiGe stack
120 8,004,024 Field effect transistor
121 8,003,536 Electromigration resistant aluminum-based metal interconnect structure
122 8,003,524 Plating seed layer including an oxygen/nitrogen transition region for barrier enhancement
123 8,003,520 Air gap structure having protective metal silicide pads on a metal feature
124 8,003,516 BEOL interconnect structures and related fabrication methods
125 8,003,512 Structure of UBM and solder bumps and methods of fabrication
126 8,003,488 Shallow trench isolation structure compatible with SOI embedded DRAM
127 8,003,474 Electrically programmable fuse and fabrication method
128 8,003,473 Bipolar transistor with silicided sub-collector
129 8,003,463 Structure, design structure and method of manufacturing dual metal gate Vt roll-up structure
130 8,003,455 Implantation using a hardmask
131 8,003,453 Self-aligned process for nanotube/nanowire FETs
132 8,003,428 Method of forming an inverted lens in a semiconductor structure
133 8,003,425 Methods for forming anti-reflection structures for CMOS image sensors
134 8,003,412 Method and apparatus for measurement and control of photomask to substrate alignment
135 8,003,319 Systems and methods for controlling position of charged polymer inside nanopore
136 8,003,309 Photoresist compositions and methods of use in high index immersion lithography
137 8,003,305 Method for patterning a semiconductor wafer
138 8,002,477 Devices and methods for side-coupling optical fibers to optoelectronic components
139 8,002,178 Virtual membership card system and providing method, and virtual membership card reading method
140 8,002,164 Step-down transition of a solder head in the injection molding soldering process
141 8,002,025 Containment of a wafer-chuck thermal interface fluid