IBM patents granted on 23 August 2016

181 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,426,924 Screw attachment system for electronic assemblies
2 9,426,523 Video composition by dynamic linking
3 9,426,518 Recording video content in relevant segments of a television program based on identifying keywords in on-screen text, closed captioning text and/or program audio
4 9,426,477 Method and apparatus for encoding surveillance video
5 9,426,308 Enabling mobile computing devices to track data usage among mobile computing devices that share a data plan
6 9,426,292 Call center anxiety feedback processor (CAFP) for biomarker based case assignment
7 9,426,241 Performance of secure mobile applications
8 9,426,237 Web navigation using web navigation pattern histories
9 9,426,221 Dynamic proximity based networked storage
10 9,426,202 Transforming application cached template using personalized content
11 9,426,201 Transforming application cached template using personalized content
12 9,426,197 Compile-time tuple attribute compression
13 9,426,194 Ending tuple processing in a stream-based computing application
14 9,426,192 Predicting viewing activity of a posting to an activity stream
15 9,426,167 Management of decommissioned server assets in a shared data environment
16 9,426,163 Collaboration space with event-trigger configuration views
17 9,426,160 Delivering author specific content
18 9,426,155 Extending infrastructure security to services in a cloud computing environment
19 9,426,152 Secure transfer of web application client persistent state information into a new domain
20 9,426,146 Digital certificate issuer-correlated digital signature verification
21 9,426,112 Preventing modification of an email
22 9,426,111 Tracking conversation threads among electronic communications
23 9,426,110 Automatic determination of additional languages used in social networks
24 9,426,109 Selective forwarding of components of an attached archive in email system
25 9,426,103 Host state-sensing for message interruption
26 9,426,098 Synchronizing out-of-sync elements in a distributed fibre channel forwarder
27 9,426,095 Apparatus and method of switching packets between virtual ports
28 9,426,090 Method and system for policy based lifecycle management of virtual software appliances
29 9,426,076 Dynamic middlebox redirection based on client characteristics
30 9,426,074 System detection method and apparatus and flow control method and device
31 9,426,067 Integrated switch for dynamic orchestration of traffic
32 9,426,060 Software defined network (SDN) switch clusters having layer-3 distributed router functionality
33 9,426,057 Data re-routing for specific end user avoidance
34 9,426,054 Aliasing of named data objects and named graphs for named data networks
35 9,426,053 Aliasing of named data objects and named graphs for named data networks
36 9,426,047 Automatic transformation of messages between service versions
37 9,426,034 Usage policy for resource management
38 9,426,030 Automatically generating configuration images and deploying computer components in a computing environment that comprises a shared pool of configurable computing resources
39 9,426,023 Automatic reconfiguration of network parameters during file system failover
40 9,426,022 SEA failover mechanism with minimized packet losses
41 9,425,973 Resource-based synchronization between endpoints in a web-based real time collaboration
42 9,425,825 Path encoding and decoding
43 9,425,736 Variable capacitor structure
44 9,425,381 Low voltage transistor and logic devices with multiple, stacked piezoelectronic layers
45 9,425,319 Integrated circuits including FINFET devices with lower contact resistance and reduced parasitic capacitance and methods for fabricating the same
46 9,425,312 Silicon-containing, tunneling field-effect transistor including III-N source
47 9,425,309 Method for forming metal semiconductor alloys in contact holes and trenches
48 9,425,298 Lateral bipolar transistor
49 9,425,293 Stacked nanowires with multi-threshold voltage solution for pFETs
50 9,425,292 Field effect transistor device spacers
51 9,425,291 Stacked nanosheets by aspect ratio trapping
52 9,425,279 Semiconductor device including high-K metal gate having reduced threshold voltage variation
53 9,425,260 Application of super lattice films on insulator to lateral bipolar transistors
54 9,425,196 Multiple threshold voltage FinFETs
55 9,425,184 Electrostatic discharge devices and methods of manufacture
56 9,425,164 Low alpha tin
57 9,425,124 Compliant pin fin heat sink and methods
58 9,425,108 Method to prevent lateral epitaxial growth in semiconductor devices
59 9,425,105 Semiconductor device including self-aligned gate structure and improved gate spacer topography
60 9,425,079 Semiconductor structure with integrated passive structures
61 9,425,053 Block mask litho on high aspect ratio topography with minimal semiconductor material damage
62 9,424,971 Magnetic trap for cylindrical diamagnetic materials
63 9,424,948 Detection of initial state by eFuse array
64 9,424,877 Variable stopwrite threshold
65 9,424,869 Device and method for controlling the position of a head relative to a tape within a tape transport system
66 9,424,806 Presenting data in a graphical overlay
67 9,424,802 Assistance for color recognition
68 9,424,744 Method and apparatus for traffic management
69 9,424,736 Asset-based weather and event alerts
70 9,424,725 School perimeter security system
71 9,424,670 Interactive threshold setting for pie charts
72 9,424,659 Real time processing of video frames
73 9,424,614 Updating distribution management system model responsive to real-time asset identification and location inputs
74 9,424,611 User interface for managing questions and answers across multiple social media data sources
75 9,424,559 Annotation of communications
76 9,424,552 Managing website registrations
77 9,424,546 Prioritising event processing based on system workload
78 9,424,544 Archival management of business processes in a cloud environment
79 9,424,543 Authenticating a response to a change request
80 9,424,540 Identifying service oriented architecture shared service opportunities
81 9,424,538 Security aware email server
82 9,424,532 Machine training and search engine for providing specialized cognitive healthcare apparatus
83 9,424,530 Dataset classification quantification
84 9,424,525 Forecasting future states of a multi-active cloud system
85 9,424,520 Semantic database driven form validation
86 9,424,494 Pure convolutional neural network localization
87 9,424,485 Grid data processing method and apparatus
88 9,424,423 Static security analysis using a hybrid representation of string values
89 9,424,407 Weak password support in a multi-user environment
90 9,424,406 Asset protection based on redundantly associated trusted entitlement verification
91 9,424,403 Obtaining software asset insight by analyzing collected metrics using analytic services
92 9,424,389 Implementing enhanced performance dynamic evaluation circuit by combining precharge and delayed keeper
93 9,424,388 Dividing lithography exposure fields to improve semiconductor fabrication
94 9,424,386 Generating place and route abstracts
95 9,424,369 Method and system for storing and retrieving tags
96 9,424,368 Storing and retrieving tags
97 9,424,358 Searching and classifying information about geographic objects within a defined area of an electronic map
98 9,424,343 Management of an electronic calendar using short message service (SMS)
99 9,424,326 Writing data avoiding write conflicts in a dispersed storage network
100 9,424,316 Controlling mirroring of tables based on access prediction
101 9,424,311 Query routing based on complexity class determination
102 9,424,308 Hierarchical in-memory sort engine
103 9,424,300 Data allocation containers in a partitioned table of a computer database system for holding data based on usage
104 9,424,299 Method for preserving conceptual distance within unstructured documents
105 9,424,298 Preserving conceptual distance within unstructured documents
106 9,424,289 Conforming data structure instances to schema versions
107 9,424,284 Mapping neural dynamics of a neural model on to a coarsely grained look-up table
108 9,424,271 Atomic incremental load for map-reduce systems on append-only file systems
109 9,424,253 Domain specific natural language normalization
110 9,424,248 Preventing frustration in online chat communication
111 9,424,244 Data filtering based on a cell entry
112 9,424,242 Data capture and analysis
113 9,424,237 Flexible analytics-driven webpage design and optimization
114 9,424,232 Processing of linear systems of equations
115 9,424,221 Automated cabling process for a complex environment
116 9,424,216 Ascertaining configuration of a virtual adapter in a computing environment
117 9,424,196 Adjustment of the number of task control blocks allocated for discard scans
118 9,424,194 Probabilistic associative cache
119 9,424,192 Private memory table for reduced memory coherence traffic
120 9,424,171 Resource-constrained test automation
121 9,424,170 Second failure data capture in co-operating multi-image systems
122 9,424,164 Memory error tracking in a multiple-user development environment
123 9,424,160 Detection of data flow bottlenecks and disruptions based on operator timing profiles in a parallel processing environment
124 9,424,159 Performance measurement of hardware accelerators
125 9,424,155 Use efficiency of platform memory resources through firmware managed I/O translation table paging
126 9,424,135 Migration of large data from on-line content management to archival content management
127 9,424,132 Adjusting dispersed storage network traffic due to rebuilding
128 9,424,130 Efficiently accessing an encoded data slice in a memory container utilizing a memory bin
129 9,424,120 Prioritizing first failure data capture (FFDC) data for analysis
130 9,424,119 Query rewrites for data-intensive applications in presence of run-time errors
131 9,424,116 Program development in a distributed server environment
132 9,424,110 Providing a recovery placeholder within an application
133 9,424,108 Launching and managing unattended application programs
134 9,424,104 High performance locks
135 9,424,102 Task grouping by context
136 9,424,097 Dynamically managing workload placements in virtualized environments based on current user globalization customization requests
137 9,424,095 Method and system for controlling the processing of requests for web resources
138 9,424,094 Server consolidation using virtual machine resource tradeoffs
139 9,424,087 Optimizing collective operations
140 9,424,086 Support of non-trivial scheduling policies along with topological properties
141 9,424,082 Application startup page fault management in a hardware multithreading environment
142 9,424,072 Alerting hardware transactions that are about to run out of space
143 9,424,071 Transaction digest generation during nested transactional execution
144 9,424,061 Bandwidth-efficient virtual machine image delivery
145 9,424,055 Multi-function instruction that determines whether functions are installed on a system
146 9,424,044 Silent mode and resource reassignment in branch prediction logic for branch instructions within a millicode routine
147 9,424,037 Instructions and functions for evaluating program defined conditions
148 9,424,036 Scalable decode-time instruction sequence optimization of dependent instructions
149 9,424,035 Conditional transaction end instruction
150 9,424,025 Verification of backward compatibility of software components
151 9,424,014 Strength reduction compiler optimizations for operations with unknown strides
152 9,424,012 Programmable code fingerprint
153 9,424,011 Recursive expression simplification
154 9,424,010 Extraction of functional semantics and isolated dataflow from imperative object oriented languages
155 9,424,006 Execution optimization of mobile applications
156 9,424,000 Instruction for performing a pseudorandom number seed operation
157 9,423,981 Logical region allocation with immediate availability
158 9,423,975 Substitution of a target volume of a secondary storage controller for a source volume of a primary storage controller for executing a write operation
159 9,423,973 Asynchronous tape backup and restore from tape backup in a disk storage environment
160 9,423,968 Using host transfer rates to select a recording medium transfer rate for transferring data to a recording medium
161 9,423,963 Generalized storage allocation for multiple architectures
162 9,423,962 Intelligent snapshot point-in-time management in object storage
163 9,423,953 Emulating pressure sensitivity on multi-touch devices
164 9,423,859 Delaying execution in a processor to increase power savings
165 9,423,804 Control of solid state memory device temperature using queue depth management
166 9,423,582 Integrated photodetector waveguide structure with alignment tolerance
167 9,423,563 Variable buried oxide thickness for a waveguide
168 9,423,354 Sensor for imaging inside equipment
169 9,423,345 Chemical sensors based on plasmon resonance in graphene
170 9,423,061 Locking quick connect spray shield with visual indicator
171 9,423,058 Formed hose with different fiber-reinforced regions
172 9,423,001 Load adapting vibration isolation pallet mechanisms
173 9,422,445 Sulfonamide-containing topcoat and photoresist additive compositions and methods of use
174 9,422,386 Flame retardant acrylic/PLA copolymer
175 9,422,378 Hexahydrotriazine, dithiazine, and thioether functionalized materials
176 9,422,154 Feedback control of dimensions in nanopore and nanofluidic devices
177 9,421,946 Wiper control mechanism
178 9,421,540 Microfluidic device with auxiliary and bypass channels
179 9,421,468 Rendering of artifacts in a virtual universe environment in response to user tags
180 9,421,455 Multiple user single avatar video game input system
181 9,421,087 Artificial electronic skin