IBM patents granted on 23 February 2016

101 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,271,428 Cooling host module
2 9,271,292 Interference process of interference signal
3 9,271,146 Mobile privacy information proxy
4 9,271,140 Scaling storage capability for subscriber data across multiple devices and device types in a mobile data network
5 9,270,950 Identifying a locale for controlling capture of data by a digital life recorder based on location
6 9,270,940 Remote object sensing in video
7 9,270,809 Device function disablement during vehicle motion
8 9,270,798 Ring-tone detection in a VoIP call
9 9,270,783 System and method for photorealistic imaging workload distribution
10 9,270,755 Managing inventory data for a distributed cache provided by a plurality of wireless mobile devices
11 9,270,749 Leveraging social media to assist in troubleshooting
12 9,270,739 Flow-directed collaborative communication
13 9,270,714 Content preview generation using social network analysis
14 9,270,671 Biometric-based wireless device association
15 9,270,620 Memory transfer optimization of network adapter data placement when performing header-data split operations
16 9,270,618 Source routing with fabric switches in an ethernet fabric network
17 9,270,612 Software-defined networking interface between multiple platform managers
18 9,270,562 Session-based server transaction storm controls
19 9,270,541 Dynamic generation of policy enforcement rules and actions from policy attachment semantics
20 9,270,539 Predicting resource provisioning times in a computing environment
21 9,270,535 Inferred discovery of a data communications device
22 9,270,525 Distributed dynamic virtual machine configuration service
23 9,270,523 Reconfiguring interrelationships between components of virtual computing networks
24 9,270,298 Selecting storage units to rebuild an encoded data slice
25 9,270,268 Compensated impedance calibration circuit
26 9,270,116 Smart outlet
27 9,270,071 Microwave connector with filtering properties
28 9,269,932 Power source encapsulation
29 9,269,815 FinFET semiconductor device with a recessed liner that defines a fin height of the FinFet device
30 9,269,792 Method and structure for robust finFET replacement metal gate integration
31 9,269,783 Body contacted transistor with reduced parasitic capacitance
32 9,269,627 Fin cut on SIT level
33 9,269,611 Integrated circuits having gate cap protection and methods of forming the same
34 9,269,440 High density search engine
35 9,269,415 Utilization of the anomalous hall effect or polarized spin hall effect for MRAM applications
36 9,269,114 Dynamic negotiation and authorization system to record rights-managed content
37 9,269,076 Techniques to facilitate collaborative social coding
38 9,269,065 Automated product shipment with carrier quality feedback
39 9,269,044 Neuromorphic event-driven neural computing architecture in a scalable neural network
40 9,269,042 Producing spike-timing dependent plasticity in a neuromorphic network utilizing phase change synaptic devices
41 9,268,974 High-frequency entropy extraction from timing jitter
42 9,268,965 Gathering, storing and using reputation information
43 9,268,952 Scalable precomputation system for host-opaque processing of encrypted databases
44 9,268,950 Concealing sensitive patterns from linked data graphs
45 9,268,928 Smart pen system to restrict access to security sensitive devices while continuously authenticating the user
46 9,268,892 Identification of unknown sources for logic built-in self test in verification
47 9,268,890 Designing photonic switching systems utilizing equalized drivers
48 9,268,889 Verification of asynchronous clock domain crossings
49 9,268,879 Hardware projection of fixed and variable length columns of database tables
50 9,268,868 Group bookmarks
51 9,268,863 Hierarchical in-memory sort engine
52 9,268,854 Analytics based on pipes programming model
53 9,268,851 Ranking information content based on performance data of prior users of the information content
54 9,268,837 Data entry commentary and sheet reconstruction for multidimensional enterprise system
55 9,268,825 Presenting a combined search results summary in a graphical view
56 9,268,823 Partial match derivation using text analysis
57 9,268,805 Managing reusable artifacts using placeholders
58 9,268,804 Managing a multi-version database
59 9,268,786 Applying a minimum size bound on content defined segmentation of data
60 9,268,785 Preserving redundancy in data deduplication systems by designation of virtual address
61 9,268,777 Methods and apparatus for data collection
62 9,268,776 Methods and apparatus for data collection
63 9,268,756 Display of user comments to timed presentation
64 9,268,747 Method for detecting negative opinions in social media, computer program product and computer
65 9,268,738 Three-dimensional permute unit for a single-instruction multiple-data processor
66 9,268,721 Holding by a memory controller multiple central processing unit memory access requests, and performing the multiple central processing unit memory requests in one transfer cycle
67 9,268,704 Low latency data exchange
68 9,268,703 Techniques for cache injection in a processor system from a remote node
69 9,268,679 Using an alias volume name for a volume to allocate space to a data set
70 9,268,676 Data storage mechanism using storage system determined write locations
71 9,268,660 Matrix and compression-based error detection
72 9,268,641 Large scale subscription based dispersed storage network
73 9,268,639 Storing data in a distributed storage network
74 9,268,623 Analyzing update conditions for shared variable directory information in a parallel computer
75 9,268,614 Configuring a parallel computer based on an interleave rate of an application containing serial and parallel segments
76 9,268,612 Deployment of mobile workloads based on proximity
77 9,268,599 Recording and profiling transaction failure addresses of the abort-causing and approximate abort-causing data and instructions in hardware transactional memories
78 9,268,598 Recording and profiling transaction failure source addresses and states of validity indicator corresponding to addresses of aborted transaction in hardware transactional memories
79 9,268,580 Overlaying help, training, documentation, or translation over an existing application
80 9,268,574 Efficient rollback and retry of conflicted speculative threads with hardware support
81 9,268,572 Modify and execute next sequential instruction facility and instructions therefor
82 9,268,566 Character data match determination by loading registers at most up to memory block boundary and comparing
83 9,268,563 Verification of a vector execution unit design
84 9,268,558 Searching source code
85 9,268,557 Wrapping computer software applications
86 9,268,543 Efficient code cache management in presence of infrequently used complied code fragments
87 9,268,540 Code generation using data marking
88 9,268,533 Method and apparatus for enabling layered property definition in traditional and cloud computing environments
89 9,268,532 Constructing a service oriented architecture shared service
90 9,268,526 Dual-buffer serialization and consumption of variable-length data records produced by multiple parallel threads
91 9,268,497 Increased in-line deduplication efficiency
92 9,268,496 Choosing a multipath I/O (MPIO) path control module (PCM) for a logical unit number (LUN) on a host that supports multiple PCMS
93 9,268,475 Graphical user interface control for scrolling content
94 9,268,454 Trigger event based data feed of virtual universe data
95 9,268,405 Adaptive gesture-based method, system and computer program product for preventing and rehabilitating an injury
96 9,268,385 Introducing selective energy efficiency in a virtual environment
97 9,268,347 Implementing dynamic regulator output current limiting
98 9,268,343 Cooling system
99 9,268,160 Three dimensional image projector with single modulator
100 9,268,017 Near-field millimeter wave imaging
101 9,268,002 Implantable or insertable nuclear magnetic resonant imaging system