IBM patents granted on 23 January 2007

37 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,168,070 Aggregate bandwidth through management using insertion of reset instructions for cache-to-cache data transfer
2 7,168,057 Targeted optimization of buffer-tree logic
3 7,168,039 Method and system for reducing the horizontal space required for displaying a column containing text data
4 7,168,009 Method and system for identifying errors in computer software
5 7,168,006 Method and system for saving the state of integrated circuits upon failure
6 7,168,002 Preservation of error data on a diskless platform
7 7,167,998 Problem determination using probing
8 7,167,971 System and method for adaptive run-time reconfiguration for a reconfigurable instruction set co-processor architecture
9 7,167,969 Apparatus and method for writing data to mirrored storage using multiple tasks working in parallel
10 7,167,968 Storage pre-alignment and EBCDIC, ASCII and unicode basic latin conversions for packed decimal data
11 7,167,964 Memory defragmentation in chipcards
12 7,167,953 System and method for adaptively managing pages in a memory
13 7,167,952 Method and system for performing a memory-mode write to cache
14 7,167,917 Visual tool for developing service components for use in advanced intelligent networks
15 7,167,915 Monitoring storage resources used by computer applications distributed across a network
16 7,167,901 Method and apparatus for improved bookmark and histories entry creation and access
17 7,167,889 Decimal multiplication for superscaler processors
18 7,167,878 System and method for identifying and maintaining base table data blocks requiring deferred incremental integrity maintenance
19 7,167,875 Web page thumbnails and user configured complementary information provided from a server
20 7,167,874 System and method for command line administration of project spaces using XML objects
21 7,167,853 Matching and compensation tests for optimizing correlated subqueries within query using automatic summary tables
22 7,167,806 Method and system for measuring temperature and power distribution of a device
23 7,167,551 Intermediary device based callee identification
24 7,167,471 Network processor with single interface supporting tree search engine and CAM
25 7,167,385 Method and apparatus for controlling the timing of precharge in a content addressable memory system
26 7,167,339 Method for producing and inspecting tape head air-skiving edges
27 7,167,311 Polarizing beamsplitter
28 7,167,259 System and method for merging line work objects using tokenization and selective compression
29 7,167,173 Method and structure for image-based object editing
30 7,167,083 Recording and indicating the state of an apparatus remotely
31 7,167,053 Integrated circuit amplifier device and method using FET tunneling gate current
32 7,166,913 Heat dissipation for heat generating element of semiconductor device and related method
33 7,166,904 Structure and method for local resistor element in integrated circuit technology
34 7,166,521 SOI wafers with 30-100 .ANG. buried oxide (BOX) created by wafer bonding using 30-100 .ANG. thin oxide as bonding layer
35 7,166,327 Method of preparing a conjugated molecular assembly
36 7,166,241 Water-soluble electrically conducting polymers, their synthesis and use
37 7,165,685 System, method, and apparatus for improved packaging of data tape cartridges