IBM patents granted on 23 July 2013

406 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,495,755 Tracing traitor coalitions and preventing piracy of digital content in a broadcast encryption system
2 8,495,754 Dual trust architecture
3 8,495,750 Filesystem management and security system
4 8,495,740 Method and system for dynamically protecting a computer system from attack
5 8,495,739 System and method for ensuring scanning of files without caching the files to network device
6 8,495,730 Dynamically constructed capability for enforcing object access order
7 8,495,728 Internet appliance integrating telephone function security and guidance features
8 8,495,723 Method and system for the supply of data, transactions and electronic voting
9 8,495,719 Cross-domain access prevention
10 8,495,718 Authentication method and apparatus
11 8,495,710 Port tapping for secure access
12 8,495,702 Method and system for user defined local storage of information and objects in a virtual world
13 8,495,701 Indexing of security policies
14 8,495,664 System, method and program product for invoking a remote method
15 8,495,661 Relevant alert delivery with event and alert suppression in a distributed processing system
16 8,495,659 Eliminating redundancy in instance data of different versioned classes in communication between object request brokers using a common class definition
17 8,495,658 Adaptive content platform and application integration with the platform
18 8,495,655 Messaging in a parallel computer using remote direct memory access (`RDMA`)
19 8,495,654 Intranode data communications in a parallel computer
20 8,495,650 Method for determining a number of threads to maximize utilization of a system
21 8,495,649 Scheduling threads having complementary functional unit usage on SMT processors
22 8,495,647 Method and program for recording object allocation site
23 8,495,643 Message selection based on time stamp and priority in a multithreaded processor
24 8,495,641 Efficiently boosting priority of read-copy update readers while resolving races with exiting and unlocking processes
25 8,495,640 Component-specific disclaimable locks
26 8,495,638 Component-specific disclaimable locks
27 8,495,636 Parallelizing single threaded programs by performing look ahead operation on the single threaded program to identify plurality of instruction threads prior to execution
28 8,495,635 Mechanism to enable and ensure failover integrity and high availability of batch processing
29 8,495,633 Interpreting I/O operation requests from pageable guests without host intervention
30 8,495,632 Partition adjunct for data processing system
31 8,495,630 Transferring objects between virtual machines
32 8,495,629 Virtual machine relocation system and associated methods
33 8,495,628 Para-virtualization in a nested virtualization environment using reduced number of nested VM exits
34 8,495,627 Resource allocation based on anticipated resource underutilization in a logically partitioned multi-processor environment
35 8,495,624 Provisioning a suitable operating system environment
36 8,495,623 System and method for network image propagation without a predefined network
37 8,495,622 Micro installation process for software packaging and distribution
38 8,495,620 System and method for application configuration comparison and reuse
39 8,495,615 Method, system and computer program for distributing software patches
40 8,495,612 Systems and methods for upgrading a version of software
41 8,495,608 Communicating with an update logic image
42 8,495,607 Performing aggressive code optimization with an ability to rollback changes made by the aggressive optimizations
43 8,495,605 Policy-based program optimization to minimize environmental impact of software execution
44 8,495,604 Dynamically distribute a multi-dimensional work set across a multi-core system
45 8,495,603 Generating an executable version of an application using a distributed compiler operating on a plurality of compute nodes
46 8,495,595 Method of selecting an expression evaluation technique for domain-specific language compilation
47 8,495,594 Method and system for providing a componentized resource adapter architecture
48 8,495,593 Method and system for state machine translation
49 8,495,592 Presenting completion progress status of an installer via join points
50 8,495,590 User-specific software debugging
51 8,495,589 Holding threads in a software debugger
52 8,495,588 Abstraction-guided synthesis
53 8,495,587 Method, apparatus or software for selectively activating a trace function
54 8,495,584 Automated desktop benchmarking
55 8,495,583 System and method to determine defect risks in software solutions
56 8,495,581 Code evaluation based on failure prediction
57 8,495,580 Facilitating use of model transformations
58 8,495,579 Testing notification-based software applications
59 8,495,578 Integrated software development system, method for validation, computer arrangement and computer program product
60 8,495,574 Code coverage tool
61 8,495,573 Checkpoint and restartable applications and system services
62 8,495,572 Apparatus and method for identifying contextual changes in source code
63 8,495,568 System and method of identifying and tracking software pattern software recipes
64 8,495,567 Transferring annotations across versions of the data
65 8,495,566 Widget combos: a widget programming model
66 8,495,564 Automated merging in a software development environment
67 8,495,560 Converting an activity diagram into code
68 8,495,559 Extracting platform independent models from composite applications
69 8,495,558 Modifier management within process models
70 8,495,554 Matching systems with power and thermal domains
71 8,495,553 Native threshold voltage switching
72 8,495,552 Structured latch and local-clock-buffer planning
73 8,495,551 Shaping ports in integrated circuit design
74 8,495,548 Multi-patterning lithography aware cell placement in integrated circuit design
75 8,495,547 Providing secondary power pins in integrated circuit design
76 8,495,545 Using direct memory access to initialize a programmable logic device
77 8,495,542 Automated management of verification waivers
78 8,495,540 Generating capacitance look-up tables for wiring patterns in the presence of metal fills
79 8,495,537 Timing analysis of an array circuit cross section
80 8,495,536 Computing validation coverage of integrated circuit model
81 8,495,535 Partitioning and scheduling uniform operator logic trees for hardware accelerators
82 8,495,534 Post-placement cell shifting
83 8,495,533 Synthesizing VHDL multiple wait behavioral FSMs into RT level FSMs by preprocessing
84 8,495,530 Retargeting for electrical yield enhancement
85 8,495,528 Method for generating a plurality of optimized wavefronts for a multiple exposure lithographic process
86 8,495,527 Pattern recognition with edge correction for design based metrology
87 8,495,525 Lithographic error reduction by pattern matching
88 8,495,524 Gradient-based search mechanism for optimizing photolithograph masks
89 8,495,523 Gradient-based search mechanism for optimizing photolithograph masks
90 8,495,521 Relationship map generator
91 8,495,518 Contextual abnormality CAPTCHAs
92 8,495,513 Automated content generation through selective combination
93 8,495,511 Care label method for a self service dashboard construction
94 8,495,507 Topic based guidance for electronic communications
95 8,495,506 Identifying mutual friends in online environments
96 8,495,505 Perspective based tagging and visualization of avatars in a virtual world
97 8,495,504 Customizable branch navigational area control
98 8,495,503 Indicating the context of a communication
99 8,495,502 System and method for interaction between users of an online community
100 8,495,501 Managing multiple and/or repeated out of office notification periods
101 8,495,500 Portal-based podcast development
102 8,495,497 Graphical guides to aid user selection of groups of instruction packages
103 8,495,496 Computer method and system automatically providing context to a participant’s question in a web conference
104 8,495,491 Locale and operating platform independent font selection
105 8,495,485 System, method, and apparatus for location identification of content
106 8,495,484 Intelligent link population and recommendation
107 8,495,478 Frame boundary detection and decoding
108 8,495,471 Solid-state storage system with parallel access of multiple flash/PCM devices
109 8,495,470 Efficient rewrite technique for tape drives
110 8,495,469 Implementing enhanced IO data conversion with protection information model including parity format of data integrity fields
111 8,495,452 Handling corrupted background data in an out of order execution environment
112 8,495,444 Frequency modification techniques that adjust an operating frequency to compensate for aging electronic components
113 8,495,439 Deterministic data verification in storage controller
114 8,495,432 Blocking write access to memory modules of a solid state drive
115 8,495,431 Temperature-profiled device fingerprint generation and authentication from power-up states of static cells
116 8,495,430 Generate diagnostic data for overdue thread in a data processing system
117 8,495,428 Quality of service management of end user devices in an end user network
118 8,495,427 Detecting defects in deployed systems
119 8,495,425 System and method to efficiently identify bad components in a multi-node system utilizing multiple node topologies
120 8,495,423 Flash-based memory system with robust backup and restart features and removable modules
121 8,495,415 Method and system for maintaining backup copies of firmware
122 8,495,414 SVC cluster configuration node failover system and method
123 8,495,412 Autonomous propagation of virtual input/output (VIO) operation(s) to second VIO server (VIOS) due to a detected error condition at a first VIOS
124 8,495,411 All row, planar fault detection system
125 8,495,406 Apparatus for resuming a system from a power failure after the main power supply has recovered and prior to fully recharging the backup power supply by enabling the receiption of input/output commands by the cache memory at a rate proportational to the amount of charge on the backup power supply currently available
126 8,495,367 Nondestructive interception of secure data in transit
127 8,495,366 Secure kerberized access of encrypted file system
128 8,495,361 Securely creating an endorsement certificate in an insecure environment
129 8,495,357 Data security policy enforcement
130 8,495,356 System for securing virtual machine disks on a remote shared storage subsystem
131 8,495,352 System and method for instantiation of distributed applications from disk snapshots
132 8,495,351 Preparing and preserving a system configuration during a hot upgrade
133 8,495,349 Generating a primary BIOS code memory address and a recovery BIOS code memory address, where the recovery BIOS service code is loaded when the primary BIOS code fails to execute
134 8,495,342 Configuring plural cores to perform an instruction having a multi-core characteristic
135 8,495,341 Instruction length based cracking for instruction of variable length storage operands
136 8,495,334 Address translation for use in a pattern matching accelerator
137 8,495,328 Providing frame start indication in a memory system having indeterminate read data latency
138 8,495,326 Execution of a perform frame management function instruction
139 8,495,321 Firehose dump of SRAM write cache data to non-volatile memory using a supercap
140 8,495,318 Memory page management in a tiered memory system
141 8,495,313 Transferring learning metadata between storage servers having clusters via copy services operations on a shared virtual logical unit that stores the learning metadata
142 8,495,311 Updating shared variables atomically
143 8,495,308 Processor, data processing system and method supporting a shared global coherency state
144 8,495,307 Target memory hierarchy specification in a multi-core computer processing system
145 8,495,302 Selecting a target number of pages for allocation to a partition
146 8,495,296 System and method for optimizing data remanence over hubrid disk clusters using various storage technologies
147 8,495,287 Clock-based debugging for embedded dynamic random access memory element in a processor core
148 8,495,286 Write buffer for improved DRAM write access patterns
149 8,495,281 Intra-block memory wear leveling
150 8,495,274 Address translation table to enable access to virtual functions
151 8,495,272 Method to save bus switching power and reduce noise in an engineered bus
152 8,495,271 Injection of I/O messages
153 8,495,269 Administering computing system resources in a computing system
154 8,495,267 Managing shared computer memory using multiple interrupts
155 8,495,265 Avoiding non-posted request deadlocks in devices by holding the sending of requests
156 8,495,262 Using a table to determine if user buffer is marked copy-on-write
157 8,495,261 Redispatching suspended tasks after completion of I/O operations absent I/O interrupts
158 8,495,260 System, method and program product to manage transfer of data to resolve overload of a storage system
159 8,495,259 Implementing storage adapter performance optimization with hardware chains to select performance path
160 8,495,258 Implementing storage adapter performance optimization with hardware accelerators offloading firmware for buffer allocation and automatically DMA
161 8,495,256 Hard disk drive availability following transient vibration
162 8,495,255 Discovery and configuration of device configurations
163 8,495,253 Bi-directional data transfer within a single I/O operation
164 8,495,252 Implementing PCI-express memory domains for single root virtualized devices
165 8,495,250 Asynchronous file operations in a scalable multi-node file system cache for a remote cluster file system
166 8,495,227 Method and system to distribute policies
167 8,495,222 Network system, server, client terminal, timeout information providing method, timeout information display method, and programs
168 8,495,219 Identity management method and system
169 8,495,217 Mechanism for preventing client partition crashes by removing processing resources from the client logical partition when an NPIV server goes down
170 8,495,208 Migrating virtual machines among networked servers upon detection of degrading network link operation
171 8,495,206 Method and system for job scheduling in distributed data processing system with identification of optimal network topology
172 8,495,190 Providing access by a client application program over an internet protocol (IP) network to a server application program instance
173 8,495,189 Managing the performance of an application carried out using a plurality of pluggable processing components
174 8,495,185 Minimizing network resource overhead consumption by reports from one or more agents distributed in an electronic data network of nodes
175 8,495,184 Resolution of conflicting network settings on a software partition server
176 8,495,176 Tiered XML services in a content management system
177 8,495,174 Method and apparatus for resource transfer
178 8,495,160 System for controlling retention of data messages
179 8,495,157 Method and apparatus for distributed policy-based management and computed relevance messaging with remote attributes
180 8,495,154 Content usage tracking in superdistribution
181 8,495,149 Off-line smartphone file system snapshots
182 8,495,148 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing community messaging services
183 8,495,146 Source initiated autonomic recipient e-mail address correction redistribution
184 8,495,141 Efficient maintenance of a distributed system membership view
185 8,495,139 Automatic scheduling and establishment of conferences
186 8,495,138 Processing responses to a web page
187 8,495,137 Preventing cross-site request forgery attacks on a server
188 8,495,136 Transaction-initiated batch processing
189 8,495,135 Preventing cross-site request forgery attacks on a server
190 8,495,131 Method, system, and program for managing locks enabling access to a shared resource
191 8,495,127 Improving scalability and throughput of a publish/subscribe network
192 8,495,124 Decimal floating point mechanism and process of multiplication without resultant leading zero detection
193 8,495,113 Incorporating browser-based find functionality into customized webpage displays
194 8,495,112 Distributed file hierarchy management in a clustered redirect-on-write file system
195 8,495,110 Concurrent processing of transactions and read operations achieving serialization and isolation in clustered file systems
196 8,495,108 Virtual node subpool management
197 8,495,106 Write instruction datasource for database write procedure
198 8,495,105 Consolidating input messages for social activity summarization
199 8,495,102 Method, system, and program product for organizing a database
200 8,495,101 Defining a data structure for pattern matching
201 8,495,100 Semantic version control system for source code
202 8,495,095 Systems and methods of networking enhancements using location based services
203 8,495,093 Multiway trie data structure that dynamically adjusts node sizes in a manner that reduces memory footprint and improves access speed
204 8,495,087 Aggregate contribution of iceberg queries
205 8,495,086 Verifying licenses of musical recordings with multiple soundtracks
206 8,495,085 Supporting efficient partial update of hierarchically structured documents based on record storage
207 8,495,084 Molecular level similarity search and computer aided drug discovery process
208 8,495,081 Method, system and computer program product for federating tags across multiple systems
209 8,495,080 Initializing a multi-tenant database
210 8,495,079 Initializing a multi-tenant database
211 8,495,078 System and method for abstraction of objects for cross virtual universe deployment
212 8,495,072 Attribute-based identification schemes for objects in internet of things
213 8,495,069 Associating records in healthcare databases with individuals
214 8,495,067 Partitioning management of system resources across multiple users
215 8,495,066 Photo-based virtual world creation system for non-professional volunteers
216 8,495,053 Method and system for advanced downloading of URLs for WEB navigation
217 8,495,050 Identifying universal resource locator rewriting rules
218 8,495,043 System and method for allowing updates to database objects
219 8,495,041 Data structure, computer system, method and computer program for searching database
220 8,495,033 Data processing
221 8,495,032 Policy based sharing of redundant data across storage pools in a deduplicating system
222 8,495,031 Records declaration filesystem monitoring
223 8,495,030 Records declaration filesystem monitoring
224 8,495,029 Maintaining a data structure with data set names and pointers to a plurality of catalogs
225 8,495,027 Processing archive content based on hierarchical classification levels
226 8,495,018 Transitioning application replication configurations in a networked computing environment
227 8,495,012 System and method for managing root file system
228 8,495,008 Application-aware recording and replay
229 8,495,005 Methods for matching metadata from disparate data sources
230 8,495,004 Determining and storing at least one results set in a global ontology database for future use by an entity that subscribes to the global ontology database
231 8,495,002 Software tool for training and testing a knowledge base
232 8,494,999 Sensor based truth maintenance method and system
233 8,494,996 Creation and revision of network object graph topology for a network performance management system
234 8,494,995 Systems and methods for dynamically reconfiguring predictive analytics within workflows using selective user feedback
235 8,494,994 Fast adaptation in real-time systems
236 8,494,979 Detection of unknown scenarios
237 8,494,975 Method and tool for estimating a ship date profile for a business
238 8,494,971 System, method, and program for editing production schedule
239 8,494,932 Fluid flow measurement system
240 8,494,931 Management of actions based on priority levels and calendar entries
241 8,494,928 Methods and apparatus for complementing user entries associated with events of interest through context
242 8,494,924 Method, system and program product for processing transaction data
243 8,494,916 Managing fresh-product inventory
244 8,494,910 Method, system and program product for supporting a transaction between electronic device users
245 8,494,891 Meeting scheduling system with options for resolving scheduling conflicts
246 8,494,890 Keeping working hours and calendar entries up-to-date
247 8,494,889 Optimized maintenance schedules based on smart city maintenance profiles
248 8,494,885 Modeling distribution of emergency relief supplies for disaster response operations
249 8,494,872 Personalized electronic healthcare management
250 8,494,860 Voice output device, information input device, file selection device, telephone set, and program and recording medium of the same
251 8,494,851 System and method for contextual social network communications during phone conversation
252 8,494,837 Active learning systems and methods for rapid porting of machine translation systems to new language pairs or new domains
253 8,494,836 Technology for selecting texts suitable as processing objects
254 8,494,833 Emulating a computer run time environment
255 8,494,823 Method and system for determining service area of supply chain by simulating service cycle time
256 8,494,822 Method for joint modeling of mean and dispersion
257 8,494,821 Method for joint modeling of mean and dispersion
258 8,494,806 Method, program and apparatus for optimizing configuration parameter set of system
259 8,494,784 System and method for identification of microRNA target sites and corresponding targeting microRNA sequences
260 8,494,783 Method and apparatus for storing and processing molecular information
261 8,494,707 Maintaining a dynamic service registry for a self-diagnosing device
262 8,494,674 Fast-access self-repairing tape library using mobile robots
263 8,494,564 GPS driven architecture for delivery of location based multimedia and method of use
264 8,494,370 Locating components in data center
265 8,494,341 Method and system for display of a video file
266 8,494,278 Handwritten character recognition based on frequency variations in characters
267 8,494,277 Handwritten character recognition based on frequency variations in characters
268 8,494,276 Tactile input recognition using best fit match
269 8,494,273 Adaptive optical character recognition on a document with distorted characters
270 8,494,223 Real-time annotation of images in a human assistive environment
271 8,494,170 Redundant key server encryption environment
272 8,494,167 Method and apparatus for restoring encrypted files to an encrypting file system based on deprecated keystores
273 8,494,166 Use of indirect data keys for encrypted tape cartridges
274 8,494,159 System and practice for surveillance privacy-protection certification and registration
275 8,494,143 Teleconference presentation retrieval management
276 8,494,142 Methods to improve fraud detection on conference calling systems based on observation of participants’ call time durations
277 8,494,141 Rules-based teleconferencing
278 8,494,136 Systems and arrangements for communicating with an automated interactive telecommunications service system
279 8,494,127 Systems and methods for processing audio using multiple speech technologies
280 8,494,122 Interactive voice response (IVR) system call interruption handling
281 8,494,053 Method and apparatus of temporal filtering for side information interpolation and extrapolation in Wyner-Ziv video compression systems
282 8,494,038 Common mode noise reduction within differential signal
283 8,494,036 Resource adaptive spectrum estimation of streaming data
284 8,494,004 Resource allocation in peer-to-peer streaming
285 8,493,898 Macro diversity in a mobile data network with edge breakout
286 8,493,896 Switching between two communication modes in a WLAN
287 8,493,859 Method and apparatus for adaptive bandwidth control with a bandwidth guarantee
288 8,493,842 Implementing exchange of failing lane information for fault-tolerant communication links
289 8,493,829 Overwrite control method for data in tape recording apparatus, and tape recording apparatus
290 8,493,812 Boost circuit for generating an adjustable boost voltage
291 8,493,801 Strobe offset in bidirectional memory strobe configurations
292 8,493,774 Performing logic functions on more than one memory cell within an array of memory cells
293 8,493,746 Additives for grain fragmentation in Pb-free Sn-based solder
294 8,493,738 Cooled electronic system with thermal spreaders coupling electronics cards to cold rails
295 8,493,716 Locking cage for electronic modules
296 8,493,708 Capacitor structure
297 8,493,699 Low viscosity electrostatic discharge (ESD) dissipating adhesive
298 8,493,691 Tape drive system
299 8,493,682 Head wrap procedure
300 8,493,580 Generation of executables for a heterogeneous mix of multifunction printers
301 8,493,446 Intelligent headlight control using camera sensors
302 8,493,410 Simulation method and system
303 8,493,398 Dynamic data type aligned cache optimized for misaligned packed structures
304 8,493,380 Method and system for constructing virtual space
305 8,493,346 Morphing touchscreen keyboard interface
306 8,493,250 Comparator offset cancellation in a successive approximation analog-to-digital converter
307 8,493,228 Cable management display
308 8,493,221 Filter fouling detection using comparative temperature rise analysis
309 8,493,216 Generating deportment and comportment cohorts
310 8,493,213 System and methods for locating mobile devices using location and presence information
311 8,493,211 Providing event indications to prevent indication storms in an event model
312 8,493,188 Haptic motion feedback device
313 8,493,117 Leakage tolerant delay locked loop circuit device
314 8,493,113 PLL bandwidth correction with offset compensation
315 8,493,093 Time division multiplexed limited switch dynamic logic
316 8,493,089 Programmable logic circuit using three-dimensional stacking techniques
317 8,493,075 Method and apparatus for preventing circuit failure
318 8,493,054 Calibration of non-contact voltage sensors
319 8,492,910 Underfill method and chip package
320 8,492,903 Through silicon via direct FET signal gating
321 8,492,901 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS)-compatible high-aspect ratio through-wafer vias and low-stress configuration thereof
322 8,492,899 Method to electrodeposit nickel on silicon for forming controllable nickel silicide
323 8,492,897 Microstructure modification in copper interconnect structures
324 8,492,892 Solder bump connections
325 8,492,880 Multilayered low k cap with conformal gap fill and UV stable compressive stress properties
326 8,492,878 Metal-contamination-free through-substrate via structure
327 8,492,871 Electrical fuse and method of making
328 8,492,869 3D integrated circuit device having lower-cost active circuitry layers stacked before higher-cost active circuitry layer
329 8,492,868 Method, apparatus, and design structure for silicon-on-insulator high-bandwidth circuitry with reduced charge layer
330 8,492,866 Isolated Zener diode
331 8,492,859 Magnetic tunnel junction with spacer layer for spin torque switched MRAM
332 8,492,854 Integrated circuit having raised source drains devices with reduced silicide contact resistance and methods to fabricate same
333 8,492,852 Interface structure for channel mobility improvement in high-k metal gate stack
334 8,492,848 Application of cluster beam implantation for fabricating threshold voltage adjusted FETs
335 8,492,846 Stress-generating shallow trench isolation structure having dual composition
336 8,492,845 Gate-to-gate recessed strap and methods of manufacture of same
337 8,492,843 Lateral hyperabrupt junction varactor diode in an SOI substrate
338 8,492,842 Method for forming retrograded well for MOSFET
339 8,492,841 Trench-generated transistor structures, device structures, and design structures
340 8,492,839 Same-chip multicharacteristic semiconductor structures
341 8,492,838 Isolation structures for SOI devices with ultrathin SOI and ultrathin box
342 8,492,823 High performance tapered varactor
343 8,492,821 Enhanced capacitance trench capacitor
344 8,492,820 Integrated circuit and a method using integrated process steps to form deep trench isolation structures and deep trench capacitor structures for the integrated circuit
345 8,492,819 FET eDRAM trench self-aligned to buried strap
346 8,492,818 High capacitance trench capacitor
347 8,492,817 Highly scalable trench capacitor
348 8,492,816 Deep trench decoupling capacitor
349 8,492,811 Self-aligned strap for embedded capacitor and replacement gate devices
350 8,492,807 Micro-electro-mechanical system tiltable lens
351 8,492,803 Field effect device with reduced thickness gate
352 8,492,802 Multiple orientation nanowires with gate stack sensors
353 8,492,794 Vertical polysilicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor
354 8,492,748 Collapsable gate for deposited nanostructures
355 8,492,658 Laminate capacitor stack inside a printed circuit board for electromagnetic compatibility capacitance
356 8,492,504 Catalytic depolymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents
357 8,492,295 On-chip cooling for integrated circuits
358 8,492,294 Semiconductor-on-insulator substrate and structure including multiple order radio frequency harmonic suppressing region
359 8,492,293 High density selective deposition of carbon nanotubes onto a substrate
360 8,492,290 Fabrication of silicon oxide and oxynitride having sub-nanometer thickness
361 8,492,289 Barrier layer formation for metal interconnects through enhanced impurity diffusion
362 8,492,286 Method of forming E-fuse in replacement metal gate manufacturing process
363 8,492,280 Method for simultaneously forming features of different depths in a semiconductor substrate
364 8,492,275 Method to form uniform silicide by selective implantation
365 8,492,274 Metal alloy cap integration
366 8,492,272 Passivated through wafer vias in low-doped semiconductor substrates
367 8,492,270 Structure for nano-scale metallization and method for fabricating same
368 8,492,268 IC having viabar interconnection and related method
369 8,492,267 Pillar interconnect chip to package and global wiring structure
370 8,492,265 Pad bonding employing a self-aligned plated liner for adhesion enhancement
371 8,492,262 Direct IMS (injection molded solder) without a mask for forming solder bumps on substrates
372 8,492,252 Three dimensional integration and methods of through silicon via creation
373 8,492,247 Programmable FETs using Vt-shift effect and methods of manufacture
374 8,492,241 Method for simultaneously forming a through silicon via and a deep trench structure
375 8,492,239 Homogeneous porous low dielectric constant materials
376 8,492,237 Methods of fabricating a bipolar junction transistor with a self-aligned emitter and base
377 8,492,234 Field effect transistor device
378 8,492,228 Field effect transistor devices having thick gate dielectric layers and thin gate dielectric layers
379 8,492,220 Vertically stacked FETs with series bipolar junction transistor
380 8,492,218 Removal of an overlap of dual stress liners
381 8,492,214 Damascene metal gate and shield structure, methods of manufacture and design structures
382 8,492,208 Compressive (PFET) and tensile (NFET) channel strain in nanowire FETs fabricated with a replacement gate process
383 8,492,207 Implementing eFuse circuit with enhanced eFuse blow operation
384 8,492,199 Reworkable underfills for ceramic MCM C4 protection
385 8,492,194 Chemical mechanical polishing stop layer for fully amorphous phase change memory pore cell
386 8,492,187 High throughput epitaxial liftoff for releasing multiple semiconductor device layers from a single base substrate
387 8,492,171 Techniques and structures for testing integrated circuits in flip-chip assemblies
388 8,492,079 Method of forming a pattern of an array of shapes including a blocked region
389 8,491,987 Selectively coated self-aligned mask
390 8,491,984 Structure resulting from chemical shrink process over BARC (bottom anti-reflective coating)
391 8,491,965 Method of controlling orientation of domains in block copolymer films
392 8,491,806 Chemical-mechanical polishing formulation and methods of use
393 8,491,772 Redox method of forming a coaxial probe structure of elongated electrical conductors projecting from a support structure
394 8,491,769 Embedding a nanotube inside a nanopore for DNA translocation
395 8,491,768 Method of purifying nanoparticles in a colloid
396 8,491,739 Implementing interleaved-dielectric joining of multi-layer laminates
397 8,491,683 Computer system including electrodes for automated dust filter cleaning
398 8,491,340 Edge connector that accommodates printed circuit boards of varying thickness
399 8,491,083 Inkjet printing of microfluidic channels
400 8,490,993 Self-tracking cart
401 8,490,710 In-computer fire suppression
402 8,490,709 Fire suppression control system and method
403 8,490,679 Condenser fin structures facilitating vapor condensation cooling of coolant
404 8,490,619 Solar energy alignment and collection system
405 8,490,377 High flex-life electrical cable assembly
406 8,490,244 Methodologies for automatic 3-D device structure synthesis from circuit layouts for device simulation