IBM patents granted on 23 June 2009

157 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,552,474 Detecting the presence of an installation on a data processing system based on the relative storage locations of one or more files
2 7,552,472 Developing and assuring policy documents through a process of refinement and classification
3 7,552,465 Method and apparatus for time-based communications port protection
4 7,552,448 Method and apparatus for conducting data transactions between multiple programs
5 7,552,447 System and method for using root cause analysis to generate a representation of resource dependencies
6 7,552,444 Method and apparatus for attaching an informational dialog to a java bean
7 7,552,437 Maintaining application operations within a suboptimal grid environment
8 7,552,429 Integrated development environment for managing software licensing restrictions
9 7,552,428 Method for JIT compiler to optimize repetitive synchronization
10 7,552,425 Implementing enhanced compiled breakpoint analysis
11 7,552,423 Separations-of-duties analysis tool for object-oriented integrated enterprise wide computing applications
12 7,552,421 Method for adding comments to deleted code
13 7,552,417 System for search and analysis of systematic defects in integrated circuits
14 7,552,413 System and computer program for verifying performance of an array by simulating operation of edge cells in a full array model
15 7,552,412 Integrated circuit (IC) chip design method, program product and system
16 7,552,407 Method and system for performing target enlargement in the presence of constraints
17 7,552,406 Incorporation of uncertainty information in modeling a characteristic of a device
18 7,552,401 Detachable and reattachable portal pages
19 7,552,399 Extensible icons with multiple drop zones
20 7,552,396 Associating screen position with audio location to detect changes to the performance of an application
21 7,552,385 Efficient storage mechanism for representing term occurrence in unstructured text documents
22 7,552,384 Systems and method for optimizing tag based protocol stream parsing
23 7,552,383 Method for efficiently processing comments to records in a database, while avoiding replication/save conflicts
24 7,552,376 Modeling error correction capability with estimation of defect parameters
25 7,552,374 Apparatus and method for tracking packets in a reliably connected transmission system
26 7,552,361 Software testing optimization apparatus and method
27 7,552,346 Dynamically adapting software for reducing a thermal state of a processor core based on its thermal index
28 7,552,327 Method and apparatus for conducting a confidential search
29 7,552,318 Branch lookahead prefetch for microprocessors
30 7,552,312 Identifying messaging completion in a parallel computer by checking for change in message received and transmitted count at each node
31 7,552,309 Data storage methods for hierarchical copies
32 7,552,308 Method and apparatus for temporary mapping of executable program segments
33 7,552,307 Method for initializing a random access memory
34 7,552,305 Dynamic and real-time management of memory
35 7,552,303 Memory pacing
36 7,552,300 Method for migrating objects in content management systems through exploitation of file properties, temporal locality, and spatial locality
37 7,552,297 Instant copy of data in a cache memory via an atomic command
38 7,552,295 Maintaining consistency when mirroring data using different copy technologies
39 7,552,286 Performance of a cache by detecting cache lines that have been reused
40 7,552,277 Distributed buffer integrated cache memory organization and method for reducing energy consumption thereof
41 7,552,276 System, method and program for managing storage
42 7,552,269 Synchronizing a plurality of processors
43 7,552,247 Increased computer peripheral throughput by using data available withholding
44 7,552,240 Method for user space operations for direct I/O between an application instance and an I/O adapter
45 7,552,237 Network address cache apparatus and method
46 7,552,236 Routing interrupts in a multi-node system
47 7,552,235 Autonomic selection of a request routing policy based upon cache effectiveness
48 7,552,232 Speculative method and system for rapid data communications
49 7,552,230 Method and apparatus for reducing spam on peer-to-peer networks
50 7,552,226 Detecting a timeout of elements in an element processing system
51 7,552,225 Enhanced media resource protocol messages
52 7,552,224 Ubiquitous visited links
53 7,552,220 System and method to refresh proxy cache server objects
54 7,552,219 Methods for sharing session data on a network
55 7,552,215 Method, system, and computer program product for supporting a large number of intermittently used application clusters
56 7,552,212 Intelligent performance monitoring based on user transactions
57 7,552,210 Method of and system for handling cookies
58 7,552,202 System and method to uniquely identify identically configured branches in a distributed enterprise
59 7,552,199 Method for automatic skill-gap evaluation
60 7,552,198 Method, system, and program product for providing access to J2EE application servers from non-J2EE application clients
61 7,552,186 Method and system for filtering spam using an adjustable reliability value
62 7,552,185 Method for associating individuals or email groups with a specific recipient field
63 7,552,184 System and method for allowing a user to ensure actions taken on a document are applied to the most recent electronic correspondence
64 7,552,183 Apparatus for post delivery instant message redirection
65 7,552,182 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for lending e-mail space
66 7,552,178 System and method for response management in multiple email recipients
67 7,552,177 Method for determining availability of participation in instant messaging
68 7,552,174 Method for automatically enabling unified communications for web applications
69 7,552,173 Time zone negotiation in a client-server communication architecture
70 7,552,168 Method and apparatus for exchanging data using programmatic conversion to emulated HTML form data
71 7,552,164 Accelerated prime sieving using architecture-optimized partial prime product table
72 7,552,152 Risk-modulated proactive data migration for maximizing utility in storage systems
73 7,552,151 System, method and program product for adding, updating and removing RDF statements stored on a server
74 7,552,150 Reason-based database changes
75 7,552,147 System and method for minimizing data outage time and data loss while handling errors detected during recovery
76 7,552,144 System and method for central refresh of place objects
77 7,552,137 Method for generating a choose tree for a range partitioned database table
78 7,552,136 Context management super tools and filter/sort model for aggregated display webpages
79 7,552,132 Management of contract data
80 7,552,131 Autonomic retention classes
81 7,552,130 Optimal data storage and access for clustered data in a relational database
82 7,552,129 Automatically binding and populating a selection control with both display labels and identification values
83 7,552,127 System and method for providing platform-independent content services for users for content from content applications leveraging Atom, XLink, XML Query content management systems
84 7,552,121 Autonomic lock escalation in an SQL environment
85 7,552,119 Apparatus and method for skipping XML index scans with common ancestors of a previously failed predicate
86 7,552,117 Using ontological relationships in a computer database
87 7,552,114 System, and method for interactive browsing
88 7,552,110 Method for performing a query in a computer system to retrieve data from a database
89 7,552,109 System, method, and service for collaborative focused crawling of documents on a network
90 7,552,108 System and method for multicolumn sorting in a single column
91 7,552,106 Variable length file entry navigation
92 7,552,099 System and method for indexing a data stream
93 7,552,096 Computer-implemented system and program product for analyzing a collaborative space
94 7,552,088 Personally customizable credit card accounts
95 7,552,081 User rating system for online auctions
96 7,552,078 Enterprise portfolio analysis using finite state Markov decision process
97 7,552,072 Compensation of data item processing
98 7,552,053 Techniques for aiding speech-to-speech translation
99 7,552,047 Instance-based sentence boundary determination by optimization
100 7,552,043 Method, system and program product for selectively removing instrumentation logic from a simulation model
101 7,552,041 Method, system, and computer program product for determining an optimal database refresh rate
102 7,552,040 Method and system for modeling logical circuit blocks including transistor gate capacitance loading effects
103 7,551,853 Data communications apparatus
104 7,551,850 Highly available redundant optical modules using single network connection
105 7,551,787 Adaptive compression quality
106 7,551,737 Cryptographic keys using random numbers instead of random primes
107 7,551,621 Method for detecting and reducing packet drops
108 7,551,563 Routing diversified session via multiple network connections
109 7,551,557 Method and system for ensuring arbitration fairness in bus ring topology
110 7,551,525 Method for preventing excessive skipping on audio disks
111 7,551,508 Energy efficient storage device using per-element selectable power supply voltages
112 7,551,475 Data shifting through scan registers
113 7,551,470 Non volatile memory RAD-hard (NVM-rh) system
114 7,551,468 276-pin buffered memory module with enhanced fault tolerance
115 7,551,457 Apparatus for inserting and ejecting an electronic enclosure within a cabinet
116 7,551,453 Optically connectable circuit board with optical component(s) mounted thereon
117 7,551,444 Method and computer system with anti-tamper capability and thermal packaging structure for implementing enhanced heat removal from processor circuitry
118 7,551,421 Capacitor having electrode terminals at same end of capacitor to reduce parasitic inductance
119 7,551,393 Tape recording head with multiple planes of transducer arrays
120 7,551,392 Power system for a robot accessor of an automated data storage library
121 7,551,385 Systems and method for selectively controlling a state of hydration of a magnetic data storage medium
122 7,551,378 Tri-state servowriter driver with slow return to zero
123 7,551,292 Interferometric Height Measurement
124 7,551,291 Interferometric height measurement
125 7,551,266 Distance determination and virtual environment creation using circle of confusion
126 7,551,165 Updatable electronic labeling of electronic devices
127 7,551,090 Method and system for aggregation of RFID signal sources and composite to develop a unique signature
128 7,551,073 Method, system and program product for alerting an information technology support organization of a security event
129 7,551,006 Low voltage differential signalling driver
130 7,551,002 Method and apparatus for implementing balanced clock distribution networks on ASICs with voltage islands functioning at multiple operating points of voltage and temperature
131 7,550,987 Method and circuit for measuring operating and leakage current of individual blocks within an array of test circuit blocks
132 7,550,840 Apparatus for effecting reliable heat transfer of bare die microelectronic device and method thereof
133 7,550,808 Fully siliciding regions to improve performance
134 7,550,789 Using electrically programmable fuses to hide architecture, prevent reverse engineering, and make a device inoperable
135 7,550,787 Varied impurity profile region formation for varying breakdown voltage of devices
136 7,550,773 FinFET with top body contact
137 7,550,730 Method for detecting alpha particles in SOI technology
138 7,550,671 Electrical bifurcated splice
139 7,550,370 Method of forming thin SGOI wafers with high relaxation and low stacking fault defect density
140 7,550,369 Method for fabricating low-defect-density changed orientation Si
141 7,550,364 Stress engineering using dual pad nitride with selective SOI device architecture
142 7,550,361 Trench structure and method for co-alignment of mixed optical and electron beam lithographic fabrication levels
143 7,550,359 Methods involving silicon-on-insulator trench memory with implanted plate
144 7,550,354 Nanoelectromechanical transistors and methods of forming same
145 7,550,351 Structure and method for creation of a transistor
146 7,550,338 Method and structure for forming strained SI for CMOS devices
147 7,550,337 Dual gate dielectric SRAM
148 7,550,330 Deep junction SOI MOSFET with enhanced edge body contacts
149 7,550,323 Electrical fuse with a thinned fuselink middle portion
150 7,550,313 Method for delineation of phase change memory (PCM) cells separated by PCM and upper electrode regions modified to have high film resistivity
151 7,550,303 Systems and methods for overlay shift determination
152 7,550,254 Fluorinated silsesquioxane polymers and use thereof in lithographic photoresist compositions
153 7,550,044 Hard mask structure for patterning of materials
154 7,549,917 Methods for distributing air in a blade server
155 7,549,886 Remote blind mate connector release system for a scalable deep plug cable
156 7,549,814 Compact low paper sensor mechanism
157 7,549,581 Mechanism for ensuring authenticity of written and printed documents