IBM patents granted on 23 June 2015

136 US patents granted on 23 June 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 D732,575 Display screen or portion thereof with icon (evidence button)
2 9,066,460 Disassemblable electronic assembly with leak-inhibiting coolant capillaries
3 9,066,451 Free cooling solution for a containerized data center
4 9,066,289 Packet communication system, communication method and program
5 9,066,239 Reducing spectrum interference between wireless networks
6 9,066,113 Method for ensuring reliable playout in a DMD system
7 9,066,082 Forensics in multi-channel media content
8 9,066,063 Enhanced program viewing method
9 9,065,840 Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size
10 9,065,839 Minimally buffered data transfers between nodes in a data communications network
11 9,065,835 Redirecting web content
12 9,065,825 Method and system for license management
13 9,065,805 Issuing, presenting and challenging mobile device identification documents
14 9,065,790 Facilitating the sending of mail from a restricted communications network
15 9,065,778 Dynamic message retrieval by subdividing a message queue into sub-queues
16 9,065,772 Dynamically modifying quality of service levels for resources running in a networked computing environment
17 9,065,760 Priority data transmission using Fibre Channel over Ethernet
18 9,065,752 Dynamic service class upgrades in data networks
19 9,065,745 Network traffic distribution
20 9,065,638 System, method, and program for information management
21 9,065,484 Systems and methods for efficient low density parity check (LDPC) decoding
22 9,065,481 Bad wordline/array detection in memory
23 9,065,035 Cell design for embedded thermally-assisted MRAM
24 9,064,991 Photovoltaic devices with enhanced efficiencies using high-aspect ratio nanostructures
25 9,064,976 Modeling charge distribution on FinFET sidewalls
26 9,064,974 Barrier trench structure and methods of manufacture
27 9,064,972 Method of forming a gated diode structure for eliminating RIE damage from cap removal
28 9,064,946 III-V FET device with overlapped extension regions using gate last
29 9,064,943 Gate-all-around field effect transistor structures and methods
30 9,064,942 Nanowire capacitor for bidirectional operation
31 9,064,937 Substrate bonding with diffusion barrier structures
32 9,064,924 Heterojunction bipolar transistors with intrinsic interlayers
33 9,064,901 Fin density control of multigate devices through sidewall image transfer processes
34 9,064,890 Methods of forming isolation material on FinFET semiconductor devices and the resulting devices
35 9,064,885 Electrostatic discharge resistant diodes
36 9,064,874 Interconnect with titanium–oxide diffusion barrier
37 9,064,871 Vertical electronic fuse
38 9,064,842 Semiconductor device including graphene layer and method of making the semiconductor device
39 9,064,824 In-situ annealing for extending the lifetime of CMOS products
40 9,064,813 Trench patterning with block first sidewall image transfer
41 9,064,801 Bi-layer gate cap for self-aligned contact formation
42 9,064,794 Integrated circuit including vertical diode
43 9,064,789 Bonded epitaxial oxide structures for compound semiconductor on silicon substrates
44 9,064,786 Dual three-dimensional (3D) resistor and methods of forming
45 9,064,776 Radiation hardened transistors based on graphene and carbon nanotubes
46 9,064,748 Graphene and nanotube/nanowire transistor with a self-aligned gate structure on transparent substrates and method of making same
47 9,064,745 Sublithographic width finFET employing solid phase epitaxy
48 9,064,744 Structure and method to realize conformal doping in deep trench applications
49 9,064,743 Flexible, stretchable electronic devices
50 9,064,739 Techniques for quantifying fin-thickness variation in FINFET technology
51 9,064,727 Sputter and surface modification etch processing for metal patterning in integrated circuits
52 9,064,722 Breakdown voltage multiplying integration scheme
53 9,064,717 Lock and key through-via method for wafer level 3D integration and structures produced thereby
54 9,064,698 Thin-film gallium nitride structures grown on graphene
55 9,064,628 Inductor with stacked conductors
56 9,064,602 Implementing memory device with sub-bank architecture
57 9,064,571 Programming at least one multi-level phase change memory cell
58 9,064,541 Tape header format having efficient and robust codeword interleave designation (CWID) protection
59 9,064,533 Tape friction measurement
60 9,064,532 Accurate radius and velocity measurement of tape transports
61 9,064,364 Confidential fraud detection system and method
62 9,064,325 Multi-mode video event indexing
63 9,064,306 Bidirectional blood vessel segmentation
64 9,064,213 Dynamic model-based analysis of data centers
65 9,064,110 Anomaly detection to implement security protection of a control system
66 9,064,087 Semiconductor device reliability model and methodologies for use thereof
67 9,064,085 Method for adjusting target layout based on intensity of background light in etch mask layer
68 9,064,080 Transferring heat through an optical layer of integrated circuitry
69 9,064,074 Retrieving odd net topology in hierarchical circuit designs
70 9,064,072 Modeling semiconductor device performance
71 9,064,071 Usage-based temporal degradation estimation for memory elements
72 9,064,069 Creating an end point report based on a comprehensive timing report
73 9,064,065 Coupling architectural and implementation/behavioral models of a computer-based system
74 9,064,057 Processing automation scripts of software
75 9,064,056 Completing functional testing
76 9,064,055 Software development assistant method and system
77 9,064,047 Parallel processing of ETL jobs involving extensible markup language documents
78 9,064,038 Method and system for combining multiple benchmarks
79 9,064,033 Intelligent decision support for consent management
80 9,064,030 Tree traversal in a memory device
81 9,063,997 Asynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups
82 9,063,996 Minimizing replication search on failover
83 9,063,992 Column based data transfer in extract, transform and load (ETL) systems
84 9,063,987 Managing uncertain data using Monte Carlo techniques
85 9,063,982 Dynamically associating different query execution strategies with selective portions of a database table
86 9,063,981 Method and system for searching contact lists quickly–by group name, tags and/or metadata
87 9,063,975 Results of question and answer systems
88 9,063,973 Method and apparatus for optimizing access path in database
89 9,063,966 Selective monitoring of archive and backup storage
90 9,063,959 Decomposing XML schema documents into subsets
91 9,063,945 Apparatus and method to copy data
92 9,063,944 Match window size for matching multi-level transactions between log files
93 9,063,928 Processing data packets from a receive queue in a remote direct memory access device
94 9,063,926 Entity variant generation and normalization
95 9,063,918 Determining a virtual interrupt source number from a physical interrupt source number
96 9,063,906 Thread sparing between cores in a multi-threaded processor
97 9,063,902 Implementing enhanced hardware assisted DRAM repair using a data register for DRAM repair selectively provided in a DRAM module
98 9,063,894 Cascade ordering
99 9,063,887 Restoring distributed shared memory data consistency within a recovery process from a cluster node failure
100 9,063,883 Management of point-in-time copy relationship for extent space efficient volumes
101 9,063,863 Systems and methods for background destaging storage tracks
102 9,063,859 Data returned responsive to executing a Start Subchannel instruction
103 9,063,826 Process mapping in parallel computing
104 9,063,824 Melding of mediation flow service component architecture (SCA) components
105 9,063,815 Provisioning a virtual machine from one or more VM images
106 9,063,809 Content space environment representation
107 9,063,808 Deploying a package for a software application
108 9,063,807 Method and structure for provably fair random number generator
109 9,063,795 Adaptive resource usage limits for workload management
110 9,063,791 Enabling service virtualization in a cloud
111 9,063,789 Hybrid cloud integrator plug-in components
112 9,063,788 Stream processing with runtime adaptation
113 9,063,786 Preferential CPU utilization for tasks
114 9,063,784 Opening a temporary object handle on a resource object
115 9,063,781 Rule-based dynamic resource adjustment for upstream and downstream processing units in response to an intermediate processing unit event
116 9,063,772 Automated caching and mirroring of immutable data in distributed virtual machines via native interface components
117 9,063,760 Employing native routines instead of emulated routines in an application being emulated
118 9,063,759 Optimizing subroutine calls based on architecture level of called subroutine
119 9,063,711 Software engineering system and method for self-adaptive dynamic software components
120 9,063,669 Self-detecting storage bottleneck while handling sequential I/O operations
121 9,063,666 File index, metadata storage, and file system management for magnetic tape
122 9,063,665 Deduplicated data processing rate control
123 9,063,657 Virtual tape systems using physical tape caching
124 9,063,636 Management of input methods
125 9,063,581 Facilitating auto-completion of words input to a computer
126 9,063,565 Automated avatar creation and interaction in a virtual world
127 9,063,542 Data storage drive with target of opportunity recognition
128 9,063,248 RTM seismic imaging using combined shot data
129 9,063,245 Efficient wavefield compression in seismic imaging
130 9,063,184 Non-contact current-sensing and voltage-sensing clamp
131 9,062,389 Electrochemical etching apparatus
132 9,062,388 Method and apparatus for controlling and monitoring the potential
133 9,062,160 Catalyst-free methods of forming polyurethanes from pentafluorophenyl carbonates
134 9,061,473 Method of forming single-mode polymer waveguide array assembly
135 9,061,383 Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling
136 9,061,382 Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling