IBM patents granted on 23 March 2010

153 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,685,645 Security containers for document components
2 7,685,636 System, service, and method for enabling authorized use of distributed content on a protected media
3 7,685,620 Apparatus and method of searching for desired television content
4 7,685,604 Business process execution language (BPEL) application generator for legacy interfaces
5 7,685,600 Synchronizer with out-of-line monitors for shared objects in read-only memory
6 7,685,595 Browser-controlled installation of software on remote computer system
7 7,685,594 Method and data structure for reconfiguring a software package
8 7,685,586 Global escape analysis using instantiated type analysis
9 7,685,584 Heuristic method for the analysis of switch tables in position-independent binary code
10 7,685,579 Method and apparatus for performing adjustable precision exception handling
11 7,685,569 Navigation in computer software applications developed in a procedural language
12 7,685,565 Run time reconfiguration of computer instructions
13 7,685,559 Step-walk relaxation method for global optimization of masks
14 7,685,557 Radiation mask with spatially variable transmissivity
15 7,685,553 System and method for global circuit routing incorporating estimation of critical area estimate metrics
16 7,685,549 Method of constrained aggressor set selection for crosstalk induced noise
17 7,685,548 Detection method for identifying unintentionally forward-biased diode devices in an integrated circuit device design
18 7,685,544 Testing pattern sensitive algorithms for semiconductor design
19 7,685,542 Method and apparatus for shutting off data capture across asynchronous clock domains during at-speed testing
20 7,685,514 Method and system for incorporation of graphical print techniques in a web browser
21 7,685,512 Representing logical model extensions and wire format specific rendering options in XML messaging schemas
22 7,685,509 Dividing a form field into areas associated with separate entry filters
23 7,685,484 Methods for the support of JTAG for source synchronous interfaces
24 7,685,476 Early notification of error via software interrupt and shared memory write
25 7,685,461 Method, apparatus and program storage device for performing fault tolerant code upgrade on a fault tolerant system by determining when functional code reaches a desired state before resuming an upgrade
26 7,685,457 Interlocked synchronous pipeline clock gating
27 7,685,437 Query optimization in encrypted database systems
28 7,685,400 Storage of data blocks of logical volumes in a virtual disk storage subsystem
29 7,685,399 Method, system, and computer program products for data movement within processor storage
30 7,685,394 Method and apparatus for configuring a storage device
31 7,685,392 Providing indeterminate read data latency in a memory system
32 7,685,389 Apparatus, system, and method for setting protection states of protected partitions in storage media
33 7,685,386 Data storage resynchronization using application features
34 7,685,382 Dynamic media format conversion of physical volumes
35 7,685,381 Employing a data structure of readily accessible units of memory to facilitate memory access
36 7,685,375 Protecting confidential information on portable storage media
37 7,685,373 Selective snooping by snoop masters to locate updated data
38 7,685,366 System and article of manufacture for storing data
39 7,685,352 System and method for loose ordering write completion for PCI express
40 7,685,345 Apparatus and method for fairness arbitration for a shared pipeline in a large SMP computer system
41 7,685,335 Virtualized fibre channel adapter for a multi-processor data processing system
42 7,685,334 Method for efficient communication between a host library controller and a medium changer library
43 7,685,330 Method for efficient determination of memory copy versus registration in direct access environments
44 7,685,325 Synchronous bus controller system
45 7,685,321 Native virtualization on a partially trusted adapter using PCI host bus, device, and function number for identification
46 7,685,313 Universal conversion server
47 7,685,300 Method for access by server-side components using unsupported communication protocols through passthrough mechanism
48 7,685,299 Method for minimizing denial of service attacks on network servers
49 7,685,289 Method and apparatus for proxying initial client requests to support asynchronous resource initialization
50 7,685,280 Populating requests to multiple destinations using a mass request
51 7,685,277 Automatically identifying an optimal set of attributes to facilitate generating best practices for configuring a networked system
52 7,685,260 Method for analyzing state transition in web page
53 7,685,252 Methods and systems for multi-modal browsing and implementation of a conversational markup language
54 7,685,251 Method and apparatus for management of virtualized process collections
55 7,685,246 Control of an instant message system that allows multiple clients with identical credentials
56 7,685,235 Method and system for integration of instant messaging and teleconferencing via a telephone network
57 7,685,214 Order-preserving encoding formats of floating-point decimal numbers for efficient value comparison
58 7,685,181 Method and system for utilizing a hierarchical bitmap structure to provide a fast and reliable mechanism to represent large deleted data sets in relational databases
59 7,685,180 System and article of manufacture for transparent file restore
60 7,685,173 Security and authorization development tools
61 7,685,172 In-flight file descriptors checkpoint
62 7,685,170 Journaling database queries for database replication
63 7,685,168 Removing web application flicker using AJAX and page templates
64 7,685,165 Policy based resource management for legacy data
65 7,685,164 Low overhead methods and apparatus for shared access storage devices
66 7,685,159 Creating content associations through visual techniques in a content framework system
67 7,685,152 Method and apparatus for loading data from a spreadsheet to a relational database table
68 7,685,151 Coordinated employee records with version history and transition ownership
69 7,685,147 Automatic management method and system with category-based correlations
70 7,685,143 Unified logging service for distributed applications
71 7,685,140 Dynamic information systems
72 7,685,139 Translating an order’s stock keeping unit hierarchy to an order fulfillment structure
73 7,685,138 Virtual cursors for XML joins
74 7,685,136 Method, system and program product for managing document summary information
75 7,685,131 Web services database cluster architecture
76 7,685,128 Remote access agent for caching in a SAN file system
77 7,685,120 Method for generating and prioritizing multiple search results
78 7,685,107 Apparatus, system, and method for scanning a partitioned data set
79 7,685,106 Sharing of full text index entries across application boundaries
80 7,685,104 Dynamic bitmap processing, identification and reusability
81 7,685,103 Method, system, and program for predicate processing by iterator functions
82 7,685,101 Query directives and access plan hints
83 7,685,098 Estimating the size of a join by generating and combining partial join estimates
84 7,685,092 Automatic problem-oriented transformation of database performance data
85 7,685,088 System and method for generating new concepts based on existing ontologies
86 7,685,086 Method for discovering undeclared and fuzzy rules in databases
87 7,685,027 Method and system for enterprise-wide migration
88 7,685,023 Method, system, and computer program product for virtualizing a physical storefront
89 7,685,016 Method and system for analyzing relationships between persons
90 7,684,976 Constructing regular-expression dictionary for textual analysis
91 7,684,975 Morphological analyzer, natural language processor, morphological analysis method and program
92 7,684,969 Forming statistical model of independently variable parameters for timing analysis
93 7,684,963 Systems and methods of data traffic generation via density estimation using SVD
94 7,684,673 Managing a digital video recorder via a network
95 7,684,666 Method and apparatus for tuning an optical delay line
96 7,684,646 System and method of determining image skew using connected components
97 7,684,622 Method, system and program product for representing a perceptual organization of an image
98 7,684,556 Conversational biometric coupled with speech recognition in passive mode during call hold to affect call routing
99 7,684,547 Wiretapping VoIP calls
100 7,684,534 Method and apparatus for handling of clock information in serial link ports
101 7,684,533 Phase lock loop jitter measurement
102 7,684,517 Reducing power consumption in signal detection
103 7,684,478 Generating an eye diagram of integrated circuit transmitted signals
104 7,684,349 Method and system for transparently controlling the behavior of service methods in a service oriented architecture
105 7,684,263 Method and circuit for implementing enhanced SRAM write and read performance ring oscillator
106 7,684,224 Structure comprising 3-dimensional integrated circuit architecture, circuit structure, and instructions for fabrication thereof
107 7,684,208 Adapter blade for a blade server system chassis
108 7,684,196 Enhancing the cooling of dual in-line memory modules
109 7,684,194 Systems and methods for cooling an electronic device
110 7,684,148 Magnetic head with a conductive underlayer above substrate
111 7,684,143 Apparatus, system, and method for limiting frame spacing error during timing-based servo pattern fabrication
112 7,684,141 Determining a reel motor angle using an estimated interval to degrees translation factor
113 7,684,140 Determining angular position of a tape reel using timing based servo format
114 7,684,139 Read channel apparatus for asynchronous sampling and synchronous equalization
115 7,684,021 Method and apparatus for real-time measurement of trace metal concentration in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry
116 7,683,902 Method to visualize performance data of a multi-layered state diagram
117 7,683,833 Phase shifting and combining architecture for phased arrays
118 7,683,787 Systems, methods, and media for managing electronic asset tags for asset devices
119 7,683,786 Article case with RFID tag and RFID system
120 7,683,725 System for generating a multiple phase clock
121 7,683,675 Radiation hardened phase frequency detector for implementing enhanced radiation immunity performance
122 7,683,670 High-speed low-power integrated circuit interconnects
123 7,683,665 Multiple parallel programmable finite state machines using a shared transition table
124 7,683,662 Method and apparatus for implementing complex logic within a memory array
125 7,683,651 Test structure for electromigration analysis and related method
126 7,683,644 Extrusion failure monitor structures
127 7,683,493 Intermetallic diffusion block device and method of manufacture
128 7,683,478 Hermetic seal and reliable bonding structures for 3D applications
129 7,683,434 Preventing cavitation in high aspect ratio dielectric regions of semiconductor device
130 7,683,428 Vertical Fin-FET MOS devices
131 7,683,418 High-temperature stable gate structure with metallic electrode
132 7,683,416 Post STI trench capacitor
133 7,683,267 Collapsible EMC gasket
134 7,682,968 Self-aligned metal to form contacts to Ge containing substrates and structure formed thereby
135 7,682,961 Methods of forming solder connections and structure thereof
136 7,682,945 Phase change element extension embedded in an electrode
137 7,682,941 Integrated circuit with bulk and SOI devices connected with an epitaxial region
138 7,682,936 Reduction in thickness of semiconductor component on substrate
139 7,682,922 Post STI trench capacitor
140 7,682,917 Disposable metallic or semiconductor gate spacer
141 7,682,915 Pre-epitaxial disposable spacer integration scheme with very low temperature selective epitaxy for enhanced device performance
142 7,682,913 Process for making a MCSFET
143 7,682,910 Method of selectively adjusting ion implantation dose on semiconductor devices
144 7,682,896 Trench metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors integrated with middle-of-line metal contacts, and method of fabricating same
145 7,682,887 Transistor having high mobility channel and methods
146 7,682,866 Non-planarized, self-aligned, non-volatile phase-change memory array and method of formation
147 7,682,859 Patterned strained semiconductor substrate and device
148 7,682,846 Single and double-gate pseudo-FET devices for semiconductor materials evaluation
149 7,682,842 Method of adaptively selecting chips for reducing in-line testing in a semiconductor manufacturing line
150 7,682,591 Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface
151 7,681,796 Mobile device tracking
152 7,681,793 Multi-format magnetic head
153 7,681,628 Dynamic control of back gate bias in a FinFET SRAM cell