IBM patents granted on 23 May 2006

71 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,051,341 Method, system, and program for implementing a remote method call
2 7,051,331 Methods and apparatus for monitoring a lower priority process by a higher priority process
3 7,051,326 Code image distribution in a multi-node network of processors
4 7,051,324 Externalized classloader information for application servers
5 7,051,307 Autonomic graphical partitioning
6 7,051,299 Method for generating reusable behavioral code
7 7,051,289 Window display device and method, and a recording medium recording a window display control program
8 7,051,288 Method, system, and product for a java-based desktop to provide window manager services on UNIX
9 7,051,278 Method of, system for, and computer program product for scoping the conversion of unicode data from single byte character sets, double byte character sets, or mixed character sets comprising both single byte and double byte character sets
10 7,051,277 Automated assistant for organizing electronic documents
11 7,051,255 Method and apparatus for reducing power dissipation in latches during scan operation
12 7,051,245 System and method for handling out-of-order data supplied by a real-time feed
13 7,051,230 Method and system for allowing customization of remote data collection in the event of a system error
14 7,051,221 Performance throttling for temperature reduction in a microprocessor
15 7,051,211 Secure software distribution and installation
16 7,051,203 Data watermarks created by using an uneven sampling period
17 7,051,201 Securing cached data in enterprise environments
18 7,051,188 Dynamically redistributing shareable resources of a computing environment to manage the workload of that environment
19 7,051,186 Selective bypassing of a multi-port register file
20 7,051,180 Masterless building block binding to partitions using identifiers and indicators
21 7,051,179 Method and system for supporting multiple cache configurations
22 7,051,177 Method for measuring memory latency in a hierarchical memory system
23 7,051,174 Method, system, and program for restoring data in cache
24 7,051,168 Method and apparatus for aligning memory write data in a microprocessor
25 7,051,159 Method and system for cache data fetch operations
26 7,051,140 Connector that enables aggregation of independent system resources across PCI/PCI-X bus and interlocked method for aggregating independent system resources across PCI/PCI-X bus
27 7,051,120 Healthcare personal area identification network method and system
28 7,051,117 Smart bookmarks
29 7,051,105 System and method for distributing management events to external processes
30 7,051,103 Method and system for providing SNA access to telnet 3270 and telnet 3270 enhanced services over wide area networks
31 7,051,092 Request scheduler for automated software configuration
32 7,051,073 Method, system and program for efficiently distributing serial electronic publications
33 7,051,068 Method and system for changing a collaborating client behavior according to context
34 7,051,049 Real-time chat and conference contact information manager
35 7,051,032 System and method for providing post HOC access to legacy applications and data
36 7,051,026 System and method for monitoring software locks
37 7,051,020 Intelligent query re-execution
38 7,051,013 Database diagnostic system and method
39 7,051,011 Device controller
40 7,051,006 System and method for maintaining customer privacy
41 7,050,940 Method and system for maintaining and examining timers for network connections
42 7,050,932 Method, system, and computer program product for outlier detection
43 7,050,871 Method and apparatus for implementing silicon wafer chip carrier passive devices
44 7,050,796 Method of controlling the auditory response of wireless devices
45 7,050,705 Data recording and reproducing apparatus, method for recording and reproducing video data, disk drive unit, and control unit of data recording and reproducing apparatus
46 7,050,557 E-mail with voice / phone conference feature
47 7,050,522 Phase rotator and data recovery receiver incorporating said phase rotator
48 7,050,478 Apparatus and method for synchronizing clock modulation with power supply modulation in a spread spectrum clock system
49 7,050,440 Method and structure for variable-length frame support in a shared memory switch
50 7,050,437 Wire speed reassembly of data frames
51 7,050,393 Method, system, and product for alleviating router congestion
52 7,050,141 Manufacturing method and bonding apparatus with vacuum chuck with independent retaining portions for liquid crystal (LCD) device
53 7,050,113 Digital video data scaler and method
54 7,050,079 System and method for dynamically generating viewable graphics
55 7,050,060 Data transferring apparatus and its method
56 7,049,970 Tamper sensing method and apparatus
57 7,049,873 System and method for implementing a micro-stepping delay chain for a delay locked loop
58 7,049,864 Apparatus and method for high frequency state machine divider with low power consumption
59 7,049,857 Asymmetric comparator for low power applications
60 7,049,824 Differential particulate detection system for electronic devices
61 7,049,697 Process for making fine pitch connections between devices and structure made by the process
62 7,049,695 Method and device for heat dissipation in semiconductor modules
63 7,049,662 Structure and method to fabricate FinFET devices
64 7,049,660 High-quality SGOI by oxidation near the alloy melting temperature
65 7,049,247 Method for fabricating an ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel dielectric in a semiconductor device and electronic device made
66 7,049,209 De-fluorination of wafer surface and related structure
67 7,049,035 Method for controlling linewidth in advanced lithography masks using electrochemistry
68 7,048,457 Document delivery system apparatus and method
69 7,048,220 Stackable rotary device multi-position indicator for portable data storage cartridge
70 7,048,195 Electronically expiring device
71 7,048,184 Multiple self-checkout system having integrated payment device