IBM patents granted on 23 November 2010

125 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,840,995 File level security for a metadata controller in a storage area network
2 7,840,965 Selective generation of an asynchronous notification for a partition management operation in a logically-partitioned computer
3 7,840,954 Compilation for a SIMD RISC processor
4 7,840,950 Programmatic compiler optimization of glacial constants
5 7,840,948 Automation of keyboard accessibility testing
6 7,840,946 System and method for matching a plurality of ordered sequences with applications to call stack analysis to identify known software problems
7 7,840,945 Software resource testing
8 7,840,942 Configuration file sharing
9 7,840,940 Semantic management method for logging or replaying non-deterministic operations within the execution of an application process
10 7,840,933 Software application management for distributing resources and resource modeling
11 7,840,916 Structure for on-chip electromigration monitoring system
12 7,840,894 Web page thumbnails and user configured complementary information provided from a server
13 7,840,864 Functional frequency testing of integrated circuits
14 7,840,863 Functional frequency testing of integrated circuits
15 7,840,860 Double DRAM bit steering for multiple error corrections
16 7,840,857 Method and system for automated handling of resolvable and non-resolvable errors in execution of system management flows consisting of system management tasks
17 7,840,856 Object introspection for first failure data capture
18 7,840,855 System and method for capturing significant events at web portlets
19 7,840,848 Self-healing cache operations
20 7,840,846 Point of sale system boot failure detection
21 7,840,834 Multi-directional fault detection system
22 7,840,825 Method for autonomous dynamic voltage and frequency scaling of microprocessors
23 7,840,801 Architecture for supporting attestation of a virtual machine in a single step
24 7,840,787 Method and apparatus for non-deterministic incremental program replay using checkpoints and syndrome tracking
25 7,840,779 Line-plane broadcasting in a data communications network of a parallel computer
26 7,840,774 Compressibility checking avoidance
27 7,840,764 Apparatus and method for sharing a virtual file system between logical partitions
28 7,840,759 Shared cache eviction
29 7,840,758 Variable store gather window
30 7,840,757 Method and apparatus for providing high speed memory for a processing unit
31 7,840,748 Buffered memory module with multiple memory device data interface ports supporting double the memory capacity
32 7,840,744 Rank select operation between an XIO interface and a double data rate interface
33 7,840,720 Using priority to determine whether to queue an input/output (I/O) request directed to storage
34 7,840,719 System and program products for facilitating input/output processing by using transport control words to reduce input/output communications
35 7,840,718 Processing of data to suspend operations in an input/output processing log-out system
36 7,840,717 Processing a variable length device command word at a control unit in an I/O processing system
37 7,840,707 Reverse proxy portlet with rule-based, instance level configuration
38 7,840,705 System and program product for replicating message status changes across messaging systems
39 7,840,703 System and method for dynamically supporting indirect routing within a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
40 7,840,681 Method and apparatus for integrating wearable devices within a SIP infrastructure
41 7,840,677 Systems, methods and computer program products for improving placement performance of message transforms by exploiting guided replication
42 7,840,673 Method and apparatus for management of hosted applications
43 7,840,672 Adaptively processing client requests to a network server
44 7,840,656 Policy control architecture for blade servers upon inserting into server chassis
45 7,840,655 Address resolution protocol change enabling load-balancing for TCP-DCR implementations
46 7,840,643 System and method for movement of non-aligned data in network buffer model
47 7,840,642 Selective transmission of an email attachment
48 7,840,635 Method and system for monitoring performance of processes across multiple environments and servers
49 7,840,622 Method and floating point unit to convert a hexadecimal floating point number to a binary floating point number
50 7,840,610 Apparatus, system, and method for map definition generation
51 7,840,603 Method and apparatus for database change management
52 7,840,596 Method and apparatus for persistent real-time collaboration
53 7,840,592 Estimating a number of rows returned by a recursive query
54 7,840,588 Real-time attribute processor and syntax schema for directory access protocol services
55 7,840,584 Iterative data analysis enabled through query result abstraction
56 7,840,582 System and method for retrieving information from the internet by means of an intelligent search agent
57 7,840,574 Computer program product and system for mapping source and target objects
58 7,840,567 Method and apparatus for deriving optimal physical space and ambiance conditions
59 7,840,554 Method for evaluating a conjunction of equity and range predicates using a constant number of operations
60 7,840,552 Cost-based subquery correlation and decorrelation
61 7,840,550 System and method for monitoring database queries
62 7,840,549 Updating retrievability aids of information sets with search terms and folksonomy tags
63 7,840,545 Method and system for providing access to a database
64 7,840,542 Method and system for controlling access to semantic web statements
65 7,840,539 Method and system for building a database from backup data images
66 7,840,531 System and computer program for inserting records into a database
67 7,840,521 Computer-based method and system for efficient categorizing of digital documents
68 7,840,516 Preserving privacy of one-dimensional data streams by perturbing data with noise and using dynamic autocorrelation
69 7,840,461 Method, program, and system for computing accounting savings
70 7,840,452 Application, method and process for managing part exchangeability across functional boundaries
71 7,840,449 Total inventory management
72 7,840,445 Method, system, and program storage device for processing electronic requisitions
73 7,840,441 Method, medium, and system for managing customer order alterations
74 7,840,433 Fluid, depleting chips for obtaining desired service level characteristics
75 7,840,431 Optimal group of service compositions
76 7,840,392 Stabilizing solutions to output feedback pole placement problem with parameter drift and automated alerting of system parameter changes
77 7,840,377 Detecting trends in real time analytics
78 7,840,057 Simultaneous computation of multiple points on one or multiple cut lines
79 7,840,031 Tracking a range of body movement based on 3D captured image streams of a user
80 7,840,011 Method and apparatus for distributed management of files
81 7,839,989 Intermediary device based callee identification
82 7,839,883 Methods and apparatus for implementing a flexible multi-user advance reservation system where reservation requests are specified in terms of multiple options and where each option has an associated business value
83 7,839,799 Middleware components for bundling service invocations
84 7,839,797 Event-driven flow control for a very high-speed switching node
85 7,839,786 Method and apparatus for routing data in an inter-nodal communications lattice of a massively parallel computer system by semi-randomly varying routing policies for different packets
86 7,839,777 Method, system, and apparatus for accelerating resolution of network congestion
87 7,839,742 Digital damage signature of an optical disc
88 7,839,715 SerDes double rate bitline with interlock to block precharge capture
89 7,839,654 Method for ultimate noise isolation in high-speed digital systems on packages and printed circuit boards (PCBS)
90 7,839,601 Method and apparatus for easy spring replacement in a deep slot storage library
91 7,839,599 Combining information from parallel servo channels
92 7,839,598 Balanced linkage actuation of tape head
93 7,839,401 Management of enterprise systems and applications using three-dimensional visualization technology
94 7,839,268 Method, system and program product for tonal audio-based monitoring of network alarms
95 7,839,264 Detection of unplanned waste stream diversion using RFIDs
96 7,839,221 Phase locked loop and method for adjusting the frequency and phase in the phase locked loop
97 7,839,206 Design structure for low voltage applications in an integrated circuit
98 7,839,175 Local clock buffer (LCB) with asymmetric inductive peaking
99 7,839,163 Programmable through silicon via
100 7,839,120 Charging a portable electrical device
101 7,839,002 Partially underfilled solder grid arrays
102 7,838,963 Electrical fuse having a fully silicided fuselink and enhanced flux divergence
103 7,838,958 Semiconductor on-chip repair scheme for negative bias temperature instability
104 7,838,954 Semiconductor structure with solder bumps
105 7,838,943 Shared gate for conventional planar device and horizontal CNT
106 7,838,942 Substrate solution for back gate controlled SRAM with coexisting logic devices
107 7,838,932 Raised STI structure and superdamascene technique for NMOSFET performance enhancement with embedded silicon carbon
108 7,838,913 Hybrid FET incorporating a finFET and a planar FET
109 7,838,908 Semiconductor device having dual metal gates and method of manufacture
110 7,838,873 Structure for stochastic integrated circuit personalization
111 7,838,428 Method of repairing process induced dielectric damage by the use of GCIB surface treatment using gas clusters of organic molecular species
112 7,838,403 Spray pyrolysis for large-scale production of chalcopyrite absorber layer in photovoltaic devices
113 7,838,384 Structure for symmetrical capacitor
114 7,838,372 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices and structures thereof
115 7,838,355 Differential nitride pullback to create differential NFET to PFET divots for improved performance versus leakage
116 7,838,353 Field effect transistor with suppressed corner leakage through channel material band-edge modulation, design structure and method
117 7,838,336 Method and structure for dispensing chip underfill through an opening in the chip
118 7,838,200 Photoresist compositions and method for multiple exposures with multiple layer resist systems
119 7,838,198 Photoresist compositions and method for multiple exposures with multiple layer resist systems
120 7,837,459 Method for fabricating dual damascene structures using photo-imprint lithography, methods for fabricating imprint lithography molds for dual damascene structures, materials for imprintable dielectrics and equipment for photo-imprint lithography used in dual damascene patterning
121 7,837,419 Methods involving marking molds
122 7,837,352 Light source for illuminating an electronics rack to facilitate servicing thereof
123 7,837,121 Secure credit card adapter
124 7,836,935 Apparatus for providing uniaxial load distribution for laminate layers of multilayer ceramic chip carriers
125 7,836,585 Method of operatively combining a plurality of components to form a land grip array interposer (LGA) structure utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries