IBM patents granted on 23 October 2007

65 US patents granted on 23 October 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,287,258 Thread consistency support system and method
2 7,287,246 Debugging optimized flows with breakpoints using stored breakpoint trigger indicators
3 7,287,244 Efficiently releasing locks when an exception occurs
4 7,287,239 Performance in model-based OPC engine utilizing efficient polygon pinning method
5 7,287,234 Methods, systems and computer program products for use of color saturation to highlight items in a tree map visualization
6 7,287,228 On-demand and incremental application adaptation
7 7,287,221 Differential dynamic content delivery with text display in dependence upon sound level
8 7,287,217 Method and apparatus for processing markup language information
9 7,287,196 Measuring reliability of transactions
10 7,287,193 Methods, systems, and media to correlate errors associated with a cluster
11 7,287,181 Mirrored volume replication method, apparatus, and system
12 7,287,179 Autonomic failover of grid-based services
13 7,287,177 Digital reliability monitor having autonomic repair and notification capability
14 7,287,164 Method and system for encoding signatures to authenticate files
15 7,287,156 Methods, systems and computer program products for authentication between clients and servers using differing authentication protocols
16 7,287,144 Hit ratio estimation device, hit ratio estimation method, hit ratio estimation program and recording medium
17 7,287,139 Maintenance of persistent data using bitmaps
18 7,287,138 Low cost and high RAS mirrored memory
19 7,287,135 Adapting RCU for real-time operating system usage
20 7,287,127 Adaptive scheduler using inherent knowledge of operating system subsystems for managing resources in a data processing system
21 7,287,122 Data replication in multiprocessor NUCA systems to reduce horizontal cache thrashing
22 7,287,111 Method and system for creating and dynamically selecting an arbiter design in a data processing system
23 7,287,103 Method and apparatus for generating a mask value and command for extreme data rate memories utilizing error correction codes
24 7,287,077 Reservation of TCP/UDP ports using UID, GID or process name
25 7,287,063 Storage area network methods and apparatus using event notifications with data
26 7,287,057 Accessing information using an instant messaging system
27 7,287,053 Ad hoc data sharing in virtual team rooms
28 7,287,048 Transparent archiving
29 7,287,044 Real-time database update transaction with disconnected relational database clients
30 7,287,043 System and method for asynchronous data replication without persistence for distributed computing
31 7,287,037 Method and apparatus for generating service oriented state data mapping between extensible meta-data model and state data including logical abstraction
32 7,287,032 Display of hierarchical data with non-numeric measures
33 7,287,023 Index structure for supporting structural XML queries
34 7,287,015 Methods and apparatus for transmitting signals through network elements for classification
35 7,287,004 System for providing integrated financing services
36 7,286,999 Integrated project management and development environment for determining the time expended on project tasks
37 7,286,991 Computer, display control device, pointer position control method, and program
38 7,286,962 Predictive monitoring method and system
39 7,286,947 Method and apparatus for determining jitter and pulse width from clock signal comparisons
40 7,286,913 Navigating a UAV with telemetry through a socket
41 7,286,889 Method for resource allocation and re-grouping recognizing competing priorities which vary by date
42 7,286,770 Fiber optic transmission lines on an SOC
43 7,286,620 Equalizer for reduced intersymbol interference via partial clock switching
44 7,286,569 Full-rate clock data retiming in time division multiplexers
45 7,286,559 Technique for controlling selection of a peek adapter or a read adapter from multiple adapters connected to a high speed switch
46 7,286,543 Memory system with apparatus and method to enable balanced bandwidth utilization
47 7,286,526 Uniform management of mixed network systems
48 7,286,437 Three dimensional twisted bitline architecture for multi-port memory
49 7,286,425 System and method for capacitive mis-match bit-line sensing
50 7,286,421 Active compensation for operating point drift in MRAM write operation
51 7,286,385 Differential and hierarchical sensing for memory circuits
52 7,286,351 Apparatus and method for facilitating cooling of an electronics rack employing a closed loop heat exchange system
53 7,286,247 Assessment and optimization for metrology instrument including uncertainty of total measurement uncertainty
54 7,285,962 Method and apparatus for evaluating susceptibility to common mode noise in a computer system
55 7,285,860 Method and structure for defect monitoring of semiconductor devices using power bus wiring grids
56 7,285,826 High mobility CMOS circuits
57 7,285,775 Endpoint detection for the patterning of layered materials
58 7,285,488 Method of fabricating strained channel field effect transistor pair having underlapped dual liners
59 7,285,480 Integrated circuit chip with FETs having mixed body thicknesses and method of manufacture thereof
60 7,285,477 Dual wired integrated circuit chips
61 7,285,474 Air-gap insulated interconnections
62 7,285,473 Method for fabricating low-defect-density changed orientation Si
63 7,285,472 Low tolerance polysilicon resistor for low temperature silicide processing
64 7,285,440 Organic underlayers that improve the performance of organic semiconductors
65 7,284,992 Electronic package structures using land grid array interposers for module-to-board interconnection