IBM patents granted on 24 April 2007

42 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,210,143 Deployment of applications in a multitier compute infrastructure
2 7,210,126 Using identifiers and counters for controlled optimization compilation
3 7,210,125 Method and system for application installation and management using an application-based naming system including aliases
4 7,210,122 Method for reducing write barrier overhead
5 7,210,118 Method and apparatus for modifying relocatable object code filed and monitoring programs
6 7,210,109 Equivalence checking of scan path flush operations
7 7,210,096 Methods and apparatus for constructing semantic models for document authoring
8 7,210,094 Method and system for dynamic web page breadcrumbing using javascript
9 7,210,093 Method, system, and program for displaying pages downloaded from over a network in an application window
10 7,210,091 Recovering track format information mismatch errors using data reconstruction
11 7,210,088 Fault isolation through no-overhead link level CRC
12 7,210,085 Method and apparatus for test and repair of marginally functional SRAM cells
13 7,210,084 Integrated system logic and ABIST data compression for an SRAM directory
14 7,210,071 Fault tracing in systems with virtualization layers
15 7,210,058 Method for peer-to-peer system recovery
16 7,210,030 Programmable memory initialization system and method
17 7,210,018 Multiple-stage pipeline for transaction conversion
18 7,209,977 Method and apparatus for content-aware web switching
19 7,209,963 Apparatus and method for distributed monitoring of endpoints in a management region
20 7,209,962 System and method for IP packet filtering based on non-IP packet traffic attributes
21 7,209,948 Collaborative review of distributed content
22 7,209,943 Method and system for efficient file transfer to/from a local traffic system with a DMD system
23 7,209,932 Method, system, and program for allocating tasks to a plurality of processors
24 7,209,927 Adaptive resource management helper component for facilitating autonomic management of subject entities
25 7,209,925 Method, system, and article of manufacture for parallel processing and serial loading of hierarchical data
26 7,209,920 Low-overhead consistency check for shared resource using flux indicator
27 7,209,919 Library server locks DB2 resources in short time for CM implicit transaction
28 7,209,913 Method and system for searching and retrieving documents
29 7,209,906 System and method for implementing a metrics engine for tracking relationships over time
30 7,209,843 Circuit inspection method, method of manufacturing liquid-crystal display, and circuit inspection apparatus
31 7,209,807 Virtual signs for improving information communicated to the automotive driver
32 7,209,264 Pre-connection telephony data signal exchanges
33 7,209,137 Efficient triangular shaped meshes
34 7,209,034 Providing services with respect to a building according to the condition of the building
35 7,208,972 Circuit for generating a tracking reference voltage
36 7,208,948 Non-contact, high resolution magnetic sensor system
37 7,208,730 Programmable molecular manipulating devices
38 7,208,414 Method for enhanced uni-directional diffusion of metal and subsequent silicide formation
39 7,208,133 Method for the preparation of IV-VI semiconductor nanoparticles
40 7,207,119 Controller
41 7,207,096 Method of manufacturing high performance copper inductors with bond pads
42 D541,270 Rugged portable computer