IBM patents granted on 24 April 2012

109 US patents granted on 24 April 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,166,480 Reducing lock contention by adding a time slice to an active thread holding a lock
2 8,166,470 Method for replacing code in a running object oriented program
3 8,166,468 Refractor inner class with object-oriented program optimizer tool for reduced footprint and faster application start
4 8,166,465 Method and system for composing stream processing applications according to a semantic description of a processing goal
5 8,166,463 Method of code coverage utilizing efficient dynamic mutation of logic (EDML)
6 8,166,461 Adaptive profiling by progressive refinement
7 8,166,457 Method and system for implementing a complete SAP system landscape on IBM System i
8 8,166,454 Object oriented based methodology for modeling business functionality for enabling implementation in a web based environment
9 8,166,453 Method and system for inconsistency resolution with cycle detection in a model-driven software environment
10 8,166,451 Simultaneous static analysis on disparate resource types
11 8,166,444 Clock gating using abstraction refinement
12 8,166,439 Techniques for selecting spares to implement a design change in an integrated circuit
13 8,166,426 Approximation of a clock gating function via BDD path elimination
14 8,166,423 Photomask design verification
15 8,166,414 Tab order mapping of user interfaces
16 8,166,408 Management of virtual discussion threads in a synchronous conferencing system
17 8,166,400 Notifying blind users of live region updates
18 8,166,396 User interface rendering
19 8,166,368 Writing a special symbol to a memory to indicate the absence of a data signal
20 8,166,357 Implementing logic security feature for disabling integrated circuit test ports ability to scanout data
21 8,166,345 Programming in a simultaneous multi-threaded processor environment
22 8,166,338 Reliable exception handling in a computer system
23 8,166,326 Managing power consumption in a computer
24 8,166,306 Semantic digital signatures
25 8,166,304 Support for multiple security policies on a unified authentication architecture
26 8,166,281 Implementing instruction set architectures with non-contiguous register file specifiers
27 8,166,279 Method for predictive decoding of a load tagged pointer instruction
28 8,166,277 Data prefetching using indirect addressing
29 8,166,256 Using a dual mode reader writer lock
30 8,166,255 Reservation required transactions
31 8,166,254 Hypervisor page fault processing in a shared memory partition data processing system
32 8,166,249 Performing a least recently used (LRU) algorithm for a co-processor
33 8,166,247 Data vaulting in emergency shutdown
34 8,166,246 Chaining multiple smaller store queue entries for more efficient store queue usage
35 8,166,240 Method for inventory of an automated data storage library
36 8,166,239 Translation lookaside buffer and related method and program product utilized for virtual addresses
37 8,166,206 Cancel instruction and command for determining the state of an I/O operation
38 8,166,188 Protocol conversion using facilities and utilities
39 8,166,166 Apparatus system and method for distributing configuration parameter
40 8,166,146 Providing improved message handling performance in computer systems utilizing shared network devices
41 8,166,121 Situation based presence notification leveraging
42 8,166,117 Converting a text-based email message to an email message including image-based fonts
43 8,166,111 Method for correcting a received electronic mail having an erroneous header
44 8,166,094 Coordinated quiesce of a distributed file system
45 8,166,085 Reducing the latency of sum-addressed shifters
46 8,166,080 Optimized computer diagramming method
47 8,166,077 Mapping a class, method, package, and/or pattern to a component
48 8,166,072 System and method for normalizing and merging credential stores
49 8,166,070 Techniques for sharing persistently stored query results between multiple users
50 8,166,054 System and method for adaptively locating dynamic web page elements
51 8,166,027 System, method and program to test a web site
52 8,166,022 System, method, and apparatus for parallelizing query optimization
53 8,166,018 Browsing a list of data items
54 8,166,009 Method and apparatus for optimistic locking using SQL select, update, delete, and insert statements
55 8,166,007 Failure tolerant transaction processing system
56 8,166,006 Invocation of web services from a database
57 8,166,002 Flexible configuration item reconciliation based on data source prioritization and persistent ownership tracking
58 8,166,000 Using a data mining algorithm to generate format rules used to validate data sets
59 8,165,999 XML/database/XML layer analysis
60 8,165,992 System and method for tracking notifications in a publish subscribe system
61 8,165,991 Management of recorded data for online simulations
62 8,165,989 Automated data model extension through data crawler approach
63 8,165,983 Method and apparatus for resource allocation among classifiers in classification systems
64 8,165,979 System and method for resource adaptive classification of data streams
65 8,165,975 Methods and apparatus for monitoring abnormalities in data stream
66 8,165,973 Method of identifying robust clustering
67 8,165,967 Request modification method and system
68 8,165,931 Automated purchase assembly conversion process to support a dynamic configure-to-order production operation
69 8,165,927 Purchasing items in a program
70 8,165,926 Method, medium, and system for detecting errors in item requests
71 8,165,913 System, method, program for assigning virtual attribute to product, and system, method, and program for tracing cause of phenomenon occurring in product
72 8,165,906 Business planning tool
73 8,165,874 System, method, and program product for processing speech ratio difference data variations in a conversation between two persons
74 8,165,869 Learning word segmentation from non-white space languages corpora
75 8,165,864 Method, system and computer program product for verifying address generation, interlocks and bypasses
76 8,165,847 Implementing a programmable DMA master with write inconsistency determination
77 8,165,707 Enterprise factory control method and system
78 8,165,704 Method of release and product flow management for a manufacturing facility
79 8,165,612 Methods and apparatus for accessing computer network accessible service applications via a mobile terminal
80 8,165,350 Assessment of a view through the overlay of maps
81 8,165,349 Analyzing repetitive sequential events
82 8,165,348 Detecting objects crossing a virtual boundary line
83 8,165,317 Method and system for position detection of a sound source
84 8,165,311 Airflow optimization and noise reduction in computer systems
85 8,165,138 Converged infiniband over ethernet network
86 8,164,942 High performance eDRAM sense amplifier
87 8,164,897 Airflow recirculation and cooling apparatus and method for an electronics rack
88 8,164,576 Correcting coordinates on touch panel to true display coordinates
89 8,164,570 Condensed keyboard for electronic devices
90 8,164,443 Group aware tracking of personal property within a bounded zone
91 8,164,420 Transient state information display in an RFID tag having a charge-induced pigment release medium
92 8,164,397 Method, structure, and design structure for an impedance-optimized microstrip transmission line for multi-band and ultra-wide band applications
93 8,164,373 Drive strength control of phase rotators
94 8,164,333 Magnetic resonance force detection apparatus and associated methods
95 8,164,192 Thermo-compression bonded electrical interconnect structure
96 8,164,190 Structure of power grid for semiconductor devices and method of making the same
97 8,164,188 Methods of forming solder connections and structure thereof
98 8,164,128 Magnetic devices and techniques for formation thereof
99 8,163,658 Multiple patterning using improved patternable low-k dielectric materials
100 8,163,640 Metal gate compatible electrical fuse
101 8,163,612 Silicon germanium heterostructure barrier varactor
102 8,163,602 Ultraviolet energy curable tape and method of making a semiconductor chip using the tape
103 8,163,584 Method of minimizing beam bending of MEMS device by reducing the interfacial bonding strength between sacrificial layer and MEMS structure
104 8,163,466 Method for selectively adjusting local resist pattern dimension with chemical treatment
105 8,162,656 Injection molded microlenses for optical interconnects
106 8,162,482 Dynamic projector refresh rate adjustment via PWM control
107 8,162,203 Spherical solder reflow method
108 8,162,200 Micro-fluidic injection molded solder (IMS)
109 8,162,199 Mold shave apparatus and injection molded soldering process