IBM patents granted on 24 August 2010

154 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,784,069 Selecting divergent storylines using branching techniques
2 7,784,061 System and article of manufacture for communication among nodes in a system
3 7,784,056 Method and apparatus for scheduling grid jobs
4 7,784,053 Management of virtual machines to utilize shared resources
5 7,784,040 Profiling of performance behaviour of executed loops
6 7,784,038 Pattern matching and transformation of intermediate language expression trees
7 7,784,037 Compiler implemented software cache method in which non-aliased explicitly fetched data are excluded
8 7,784,025 Mechanism for using processlets to model service processes
9 7,784,021 Method for specifying, deploying and dynamically updating work flows
10 7,784,012 System and method for creating a standard cell library for use in circuit designs
11 7,784,009 Electrically programmable .pi.-shaped fuse structures and design process therefore
12 7,784,003 Estimation of process variation impact of slack in multi-corner path-based static timing analysis
13 7,784,002 Systems for using relative positioning in structures with dynamic ranges
14 7,784,000 Identifying sequential functional paths for IC testing methods and system
15 7,783,998 Method and system for prototyping electronic devices with multi-configuration CHIP carriers
16 7,783,995 System and method for circuit design scaling
17 7,783,986 Handheld electronic book reader with annotation and usage tracking capabilities
18 7,783,973 Change approvals for computing systems
19 7,783,964 Redundant 3-wire communication system and method
20 7,783,957 Apparatus for implementing enhanced vertical ECC storage in a dynamic random access memory
21 7,783,943 Method and apparatus for testing a random access memory device
22 7,783,933 Identifying failure in a tree network of a parallel computer
23 7,783,931 Alternate communication path between ESSNI server and CEC
24 7,783,928 Description of activities in software products
25 7,783,927 Intelligent processing tools
26 7,783,921 Code recovery system and method
27 7,783,920 Recovery routine masking and barriers to support phased recovery development
28 7,783,917 Selection of data arrays
29 7,783,913 Facilitating recovery in a coordinated timing network
30 7,783,911 Programmable bus driver launch delay/cycle delay to reduce elastic interface elasticity requirements
31 7,783,910 Method and system for associating power consumption of a server with a network address assigned to the server
32 7,783,907 Power management of multi-processor servers
33 7,783,906 Maximum power usage setting for computing device
34 7,783,903 Limiting power consumption by controlling airflow
35 7,783,900 Querying encrypted data in a relational database system
36 7,783,898 Encryption/decryption of stored data using non-accessible, unique encryption key
37 7,783,887 Method and apparatus for providing television services using an authenticating television receiver device
38 7,783,882 Recovering remnant encrypted data on a removable storage media
39 7,783,870 Branch target address cache
40 7,783,867 Controlling instruction execution in a processing environment
41 7,783,866 Method and apparatus for executing instrumentation code using processor instructions
42 7,783,865 Conditional data watchpoint management
43 7,783,864 Vertical and horizontal pipelining in a system for performing modular multiplication
44 7,783,860 Load misaligned vector with permute and mask insert
45 7,783,858 Reducing memory overhead of a page table in a dynamic logical partitioning environment
46 7,783,855 Keymap order compression
47 7,783,849 Using trusted user space pages as kernel data pages
48 7,783,846 Method, apparatus and computer program product providing energy reduction when storing data in a memory
49 7,783,842 Cache coherent I/O communication
50 7,783,841 Efficient coherency communication utilizing an IG coherency state
51 7,783,839 Using different algorithms to destage different types of data from cache
52 7,783,837 System and storage medium for memory management
53 7,783,835 System and method of improving task switching and page translation performance utilizing a multilevel translation lookaside buffer
54 7,783,834 L2 cache array topology for large cache with different latency domains
55 7,783,832 System and method for fault tolerant controller for network raid
56 7,783,813 Multi-node configuration of processor cards connected via processor fabrics
57 7,783,807 Controlling resource transfers in a logically partitioned computer system
58 7,783,806 Deadlock prevention in a computing environment
59 7,783,793 Handling DMA operations during a page copy
60 7,783,783 SCSI device translator for network
61 7,783,763 Managing stateful data in a partitioned application server environment
62 7,783,762 Scalable resource discovery and reconfiguration for distributed computer networks
63 7,783,759 Methods and apparatus for dynamic allocation of servers to a plurality of customers to maximize the revenue of a server farm
64 7,783,747 Method and apparatus for improving cluster performance through minimization of method variation
65 7,783,736 Definition of an active stratum-1 server in a coordinated timing network
66 7,783,728 Concurrent evaluation of policies with synchronization
67 7,783,725 System and method for representing MFS control blocks in XML for MFS-based IMS applications
68 7,783,724 System and method for delivering business intelligence data in a client/server architecture
69 7,783,715 Scheduled electronic mail deletions
70 7,783,704 System and apparatus for geographically distributed VoIP conference service with enhanced QoS
71 7,783,697 Method and apparatus creating network services
72 7,783,696 Aggregating service processors as a cluster
73 7,783,694 Identification of relevant metrics
74 7,783,690 Electronic circuit for implementing a permutation operation
75 7,783,680 Quasi-inverses of schema mappings
76 7,783,663 Dynamic path partitioning to multipath storage devices
77 7,783,662 Federated information management
78 7,783,661 Method and apparatus for optimizing queries in a logically partitioned computer system
79 7,783,659 Method and system for assessing and refining the quality of web services definitions
80 7,783,656 Accessing objects in a service registry and repository using a treat as function
81 7,783,646 System, method, and computer readable media for identifying and rating virtual universe objects
82 7,783,643 Direct navigation for information retrieval
83 7,783,638 Search and query operations in a dynamic composition of help information for an aggregation of applications
84 7,783,633 Display of results of cross language search
85 7,783,627 Database retrieval with a unique key search on a parallel computer system
86 7,783,626 Pipelined architecture for global analysis and index building
87 7,783,625 Using data in materialized query tables as a source for query optimization statistics
88 7,783,609 Storing information in otherwise unused space in VTOC and VVDS for recovery of data
89 7,783,602 System and method for achieving deferred invalidation consistency
90 7,783,586 System and method for deriving a hierarchical event based database optimized for analysis of biological systems
91 7,783,534 Optimal method, system, and storage medium for resolving demand and supply imbalances
92 7,783,521 Electronic sales and contracting method, system and program product
93 7,783,499 Framework for dynamic composition of web services
94 7,783,469 Methods and computer program products for benchmarking multiple collaborative services provided by enterprise software
95 7,783,466 IC chip parameter modeling
96 7,783,453 Method, computer program product, and system for rapid resultant estimation performance determination
97 7,783,439 Signal generator device and data eye scan system
98 7,783,342 System and method for inferring disease similarity by shape matching of ECG time series
99 7,783,279 Handling location determinations in a telecommunications network to reduce subscriber-experienced latency while conserving network resources
100 7,783,045 Secure approach to send data from one system to another
101 7,783,028 System and method of using speech recognition at call centers to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction
102 7,782,995 Low latency counter event indication
103 7,782,888 Configurable ports for a host ethernet adapter
104 7,782,863 Method and apparatus for data transfer
105 7,782,845 Arbitrated loop address management apparatus method and system
106 7,782,796 Method for generating an annotated network topology
107 7,782,792 Apparatus and methods for determining availability and performance of entities providing services in a distributed system using filtered service consumer feedback
108 7,782,691 Apparatus for guaranteed write through in domino read SRAM’s
109 7,782,660 Magnetically de-coupling magnetic memory cells and bit/word lines for reducing bit selection errors
110 7,782,646 High density content addressable memory using phase change devices
111 7,782,621 Circuit module and manufacturing method thereof
112 7,782,606 Hard disk drive carrier latch apparatus
113 7,782,603 Tool-less electronic component retention
114 7,782,580 Stacked power clamp having a BigFET gate pull-up circuit
115 7,782,567 Cleaning system for tape head and tape drive system implementing same
116 7,782,564 Methods for enabling functionality in multi-modal data storage systems
117 7,782,445 Reducing contamination in immersion lithography
118 7,782,336 System and method for communication among embedded devices using visual images
119 7,782,318 Method for reducing network bandwidth by delaying shadow ray generation
120 7,782,227 Dynamic vehicle grid infrastructure to allow vehicles to sense and respond to traffic conditions
121 7,782,208 Dynamic inventory management of deployed assets
122 7,782,198 Apparatus and method for detecting tampering of a printer compartment
123 7,782,188 System and program product for signal transmission between a sensor and a controller in a wireless sensor network
124 7,782,181 Telematic parametric speed metering system
125 7,782,146 Interleaved voltage controlled oscillator
126 7,782,126 Detection and accommodation of hot-plug conditions
127 7,782,114 Design structure for a high-speed level shifter
128 7,782,092 Cascaded pass-gate test circuit with interposed split-output drive devices
129 7,782,076 Method and apparatus for statistical CMOS device characterization
130 7,781,883 Electronic package with a thermal interposer and method of manufacturing the same
131 7,781,871 Structure for reduction of soft error rates in integrated circuits
132 7,781,847 Device patterned with sub-lithographic features with variable widths
133 7,781,817 Structures, fabrication methods, and design structures for multiple bit flash memory cells
134 7,781,800 Embedded silicon germanium using a double buried oxide silicon-on-insulator wafer
135 7,781,797 One-transistor static random access memory with integrated vertical PNPN device
136 7,781,782 Device for defeating reverse engineering of integrated circuits by optical means
137 7,781,781 CMOS imager array with recessed dielectric
138 7,781,733 In-situ high-resolution light-optical channel for optical viewing and surface processing in parallel with charged particle (FIB and SEM) techniques
139 7,781,332 Methods to mitigate plasma damage in organosilicate dielectrics using a protective sidewall spacer
140 7,781,321 Electroless metal deposition for dual work function
141 7,781,292 High power device isolation and integration
142 7,781,288 Semiconductor structure including gate electrode having laterally variable work function
143 7,781,283 Split-gate DRAM with MuGFET, design structure, and method of manufacture
144 7,781,278 CMOS devices having channel regions with a V-shaped trench and hybrid channel orientations, and method for forming the same
145 7,781,273 Semiconductor structure with multiple fins having different channel region heights and method of forming the semiconductor structure
146 7,781,267 Enclosed nanotube structure and method for forming
147 7,781,239 Semiconductor device defect type determination method and structure
148 7,781,232 Method to recover underfilled modules by selective removal of discrete components
149 7,781,157 Method for using compositions containing fluorocarbinols in lithographic processes
150 7,780,801 Flux composition and process for use thereof
151 7,780,368 Method and apparatus for reconfigurable key positioning on a keyboard
152 7,780,347 On chip temperature measuring and monitoring circuit and method
153 7,780,063 Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
154 7,779,975 Shock absorbing and indicating impact bumper and method