IBM patents granted on 24 February 2009

157 US patents granted on 24 February 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,496,953 Single sign-on method for web-based applications
2 7,496,952 Methods for authenticating a user’s credentials against multiple sets of credentials
3 7,496,948 Method for controlling access to a target application
4 7,496,942 Broadcast content screening service method
5 7,496,935 Rotary information device for removable media
6 7,496,932 Communicating with remote objects in a data processing network
7 7,496,926 Method and apparatus to encapsulate a queue in a namespace
8 7,496,925 Information kit objects for publish/subscribe integration architecture
9 7,496,923 Method and device to process multidimensional array objects
10 7,496,919 Method to support role based prioritization of processes
11 7,496,917 Virtual devices using a pluarlity of processors
12 7,496,916 Service and recovery using multi-flow redundant request processing
13 7,496,915 Dynamic switching of multithreaded processor between single threaded and simultaneous multithreaded modes
14 7,496,913 Monitoring and displaying progress of silent installation of a subordinate program
15 7,496,912 Methods and arrangements for ordering changes in computing systems
16 7,496,908 Method and apparatus for optimizing code execution using annotated trace information having performance indicator and counter information
17 7,496,907 Method and system for profile normalization in an autonomic software system
18 7,496,906 Evaluation of a code segment
19 7,496,902 Data and instruction address compression
20 7,496,901 Method for boundary trace with reproduction facility
21 7,496,900 Method for automatic detection of build regressions
22 7,496,893 Method for no-demand composition and teardown of service infrastructure
23 7,496,891 Real-time dynamic modification of service-oriented systems using annotations to specify real-time system constraints
24 7,496,888 Solution builder wizard
25 7,496,887 Integration of data management operations into a workflow system
26 7,496,885 Method of compensating for defective pattern generation data in a variable shaped electron beam system
27 7,496,877 Electrostatic discharge failure avoidance through interaction between floorplanning and power routing
28 7,496,876 Method for generating integrated functional testcases for multiple boolean algorithms from a single generic testcase template
29 7,496,866 Method for optimizing of pipeline structure placement
30 7,496,855 Method and system for maintaining scroll position in a web user interface
31 7,496,853 Method of managing items on a clipboard
32 7,496,852 Graphically manipulating a database
33 7,496,851 Selective coloring of a drawing surface to indicate a logical grouping
34 7,496,847 Displaying a computer resource through a preferred browser
35 7,496,838 Converting markup language files
36 7,496,832 Web page rendering based on object matching
37 7,496,831 Method to reformat regions with cluttered hyperlinks
38 7,496,796 Apparatus, system, and method for predicting storage device failure
39 7,496,795 Method, system, and computer program product for light weight memory leak detection
40 7,496,790 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for coordinating error reporting and reset utilizing an I/O adapter that supports virtualization
41 7,496,785 Enclosure-based raid parity assist
42 7,496,784 Method and system for thresholding hardware errors
43 7,496,776 Power throttling method and apparatus
44 7,496,772 Method for estimating total power requirement in a computer system
45 7,496,765 System, method and program product to prevent unauthorized access to portable memory or storage device
46 7,496,760 System, method and program product for managing user account information
47 7,496,757 Software verification system, method and computer program element
48 7,496,755 Method and system for a single-sign-on operation providing grid access and network access
49 7,496,753 Data encryption interface for reducing encrypt latency impact on standard traffic
50 7,496,733 System and method of execution of register pointer instructions ahead of instruction issues
51 7,496,731 Two dimensional addressing of a matrix-vector register array
52 7,496,729 Method and apparatus to eliminate interpartition covert storage channel and partition analysis
53 7,496,714 Method and system for adaptive back-off and advance for non-volatile storage (NVS) occupancy level management
54 7,496,711 Multi-level memory architecture with data prioritization
55 7,496,708 Boot read-only memory (ROM) configuration optimization
56 7,496,707 Dynamically scalable queues for performance driven PCI express memory traffic
57 7,496,701 Managing virtual server control of computer support systems with heartbeat message
58 7,496,698 System and method for efficient implementation of a shared receive queue
59 7,496,696 Method and apparatus for evaluating performance on host data transfer within a tape drive
60 7,496,692 Validating chip configuration data
61 7,496,684 Developing portable packet processing applications in a network processor
62 7,496,683 Maximization of sustained throughput of distributed continuous queries
63 7,496,673 SIMD-RISC microprocessor architecture
64 7,496,667 Decentralized application placement for web application middleware
65 7,496,663 System and method for detecting status changes in a network using virtual coordinate mapping
66 7,496,660 Typicality filtering of event indicators for information technology resources
67 7,496,653 Method, system, and computer program product for providing quality of service guarantees for clients of application servers
68 7,496,642 Adaptive vicinity prefetching for filesystem metadata
69 7,496,639 Individually specifying message output attributes in a messaging system
70 7,496,636 Method and system for resolving Universal Resource Locators (URLs) from script code
71 7,496,635 System and method for securing online chat conversations
72 7,496,626 System and method for role pen based messaging in a synchronous collaborative environment
73 7,496,622 Alternative registry lookup of web services
74 7,496,621 Method, program, and apparatus for natural language generation
75 7,496,616 Method, apparatus and system for resistance to side channel attacks on random number generators
76 7,496,615 Method, system and article for detecting critical memory leaks causing out-of-memory errors in Java software
77 7,496,613 Sharing files among different virtual machine images
78 7,496,608 Online system and method for restoring electronic media on electronic storage devices
79 7,496,596 Detecting migration differences of a customized database schema
80 7,496,595 Methodology for directory categorization for categorized files
81 7,496,592 Systems and methods for maintaining closed frequent itemsets over a data stream sliding window
82 7,496,585 Methods and apparatus for discovering data providers satisfying provider queries
83 7,496,584 Incremental cardinality estimation for a set of data values
84 7,496,581 Information search system, information search method, HTML document structure analyzing method, and program product
85 7,496,579 Transitioning of database service responsibility responsive to server failure in a partially clustered computing environment
86 7,496,574 Managing locks and transactions
87 7,496,570 Interactive filtering model to enhance a software component meta management system
88 7,496,568 Efficient multifaceted search in information retrieval systems
89 7,496,564 Resource optimizations in computing utilities
90 7,496,563 Method for locating documents a user has previously accessed
91 7,496,557 Microhubs and its applications
92 7,496,552 Method for rule compliance situation checking and related checking system
93 7,496,550 Techniques for reconstructing synthetic networks using pair-wise correlation analysis
94 7,496,544 Method and apparatus for assessing products
95 7,496,539 Systems, methods and computer products for providing tape library dynamic price performance enhancement feature
96 7,496,530 Large inventory-service optimization in configure-to-order systems
97 7,496,514 Method and Apparatus for managing dialog management in a computer conversation
98 7,496,510 Method and apparatus for the automatic separating and indexing of multi-speaker conversations
99 7,496,509 Methods and apparatus for statistical biometric model migration
100 7,496,494 Method and system for multiprocessor emulation on a multiprocessor host system
101 7,496,485 Methods and apparatus for predicting convergence of a transversal waveform relaxation algorithm
102 7,496,477 System and method for efficient and collective adjustment of sensor reporting ranges for long-lived queries
103 7,496,476 Method and system for analyzing performance of an information processing system
104 7,496,459 Intelligent, self-propelled automatic grid crawler high impedance fault detector and high impedance fault detecting system
105 7,496,444 Near route interactive map search
106 7,496,425 Micrologistics tracking system for an automated manufacturing facility
107 7,496,385 Method for viewing information underlying lists and other contexts
108 7,496,352 Environmentally driven phone behavior
109 7,496,251 Apparatus and methods for integrally packaging optoelectronic devices, IC chips and optical transmission lines
110 7,496,230 System and method for automatic natural language translation of embedded text regions in images during information transfer
111 7,496,188 N-ways conference system using only participants’ telephony devices without external conference server
112 7,496,166 Dual clock spread for low clock emissions with recovery
113 7,496,122 High speed data channel including a CMOS VCSEL driver and a high performance photodetector and CMOS photoreceiver
114 7,496,108 Method for dynamic management of TCP reassembly buffers
115 7,496,052 Automatic VLAN ID discovery for ethernet ports
116 7,496,049 Method and system using ARP cache data to enhance accuracy of asset inventories
117 7,496,045 Broadcast of shared I/O fabric error messages in a multi-host environment to all affected root nodes
118 7,496,038 Method for faster detection and retransmission of lost TCP segments
119 7,496,037 Apparatus, system, and method for facilitating delivery of asynchronous response messages
120 7,496,036 Method and apparatus for determining client-perceived server response time
121 7,496,032 Method and apparatus for managing flow control in a data processing system
122 7,495,969 Techniques for improving write stability of memory with decoupled read and write bit lines
123 7,495,950 Voltage controlled static random access memory
124 7,495,949 Asymmetrical random access memory cell, memory comprising asymmetrical memory cells and method to operate such a memory
125 7,495,906 Multiple hard disk drive assembly cooling
126 7,495,902 Storage device enclosure
127 7,495,854 Dynamic method for asymmetry compensation in a storage read channel
128 7,495,743 Immersion optical lithography system having protective optical coating
129 7,495,631 Method, apparatus and computer program product for dynamic display of billboard information
130 7,495,561 Item position indicator and optimized item retrieval for a sensor equipped storage unit
131 7,495,545 Pallet content identification mechanism that converts RFID information to corresponding barcode information
132 7,495,519 System and method for monitoring reliability of a digital system
133 7,495,492 Dynamic latch state saving device and protocol
134 7,495,346 Semiconductor package
135 7,495,342 Angled flying lead wire bonding process
136 7,495,338 Metal capped copper interconnect
137 7,495,291 Strained dislocation-free channels for CMOS and method of manufacture
138 7,495,254 Test structure and method for detecting and studying crystal lattice dislocation defects in integrated circuit devices
139 7,495,135 Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
140 7,494,938 Advanced low dielectric constant organosilicon plasma chemical vapor deposition films
141 7,494,919 Method for post lithographic critical dimension shrinking using thermal reflow process
142 7,494,918 Semiconductor structures including multiple crystallographic orientations and methods for fabrication thereof
143 7,494,916 Design structures incorporating interconnect structures with liner repair layers
144 7,494,915 Back end interconnect with a shaped interface
145 7,494,912 Terminal pad structures and methods of fabricating same
146 7,494,896 Method of forming magnetic random access memory (MRAM) devices on thermally-sensitive substrates using laser transfer
147 7,494,891 Trench capacitor with void-free conductor fill
148 7,494,886 Uniaxial strain relaxation of biaxial-strained thin films using ion implantation
149 7,494,861 Method for metal gated ultra short MOSFET devices
150 7,494,852 Method for creating a Ge-rich semiconductor material for high-performance CMOS circuits
151 7,494,850 Ultra-thin logic and backgated ultra-thin SRAM
152 7,494,841 Solution-based deposition process for metal chalcogenides
153 7,494,748 Method for correction of defects in lithography masks
154 7,494,729 Optimized battery performance
155 7,494,560 Non-plasma reaction apparatus and method
156 7,494,365 Connector ejector lever with a light pipe and method of manufacture
157 7,494,048 System and method for brand name gift card exchange