IBM patents granted on 24 January 2006

58 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 6,990,668 Apparatus and method for passively monitoring liveness of jobs in a clustered computing environment
2 6,990,663 Hypervisor virtualization of OS console and operator panel
3 6,990,661 Apparatus and method for downloading data to electronic device
4 6,990,655 Apparatus and method of providing a pluggable user interface
5 6,990,648 Method for identification of sub-optimally placed circuits
6 6,990,645 Method for static timing verification of integrated circuits having voltage islands
7 6,990,644 On chip timing adjustment in multi-channel fast data transfer
8 6,990,638 System and method for using shading layers and highlighting to navigate a tree view display
9 6,990,606 Cascading failover of a data management application for shared disk file systems in loosely coupled node clusters
10 6,990,590 Strategic internet persona assumption
11 6,990,585 Digital signature system, digital signature method, digital signature mediation method, digital signature mediation system, information terminal and storage medium
12 6,990,560 Task synchronization mechanism and method
13 6,990,556 System and method for simultaneous access of the same doubleword in cache storage
14 6,990,545 Non-disruptive, dynamic hot-plug and hot-remove of server nodes in an SMP
15 6,990,528 System area network of end-to-end context via reliable datagram domains
16 6,990,515 Secure method and system to prevent internal unauthorized remotely initiated power up events in computer systems
17 6,990,510 Wide adder with critical path of three gates
18 6,990,509 Ultra low power adder with sum synchronization
19 6,990,494 Identifying links of interest in a web page
20 6,990,492 Method for controlling access to information
21 6,990,491 System and method for accessibility data maintenance and privilege authorization
22 6,990,486 Systems and methods for discovering fully dependent patterns
23 6,990,483 Method, system and program product for automatically retrieving documents
24 6,990,478 Data management application programming interface for a parallel file system
25 6,990,477 Method, system, and program for implementing scrollable cursors in a distributed database system
26 6,990,466 Method and system for integrating core banking business processes
27 6,990,444 Methods, systems, and computer program products for securely transforming an audio stream to encoded text
28 6,990,418 Method and systems for optimizing high-speed signal transmission
29 6,990,165 Phase and frequency lock detector
30 6,990,161 Phase selection mechanism for optimal sampling of source synchronous clocking interface data
31 6,990,079 Optimizing fragment sizes in frame relay networks
32 6,990,025 Multi-port memory architecture
33 6,990,008 Switchable capacitance and nonvolatile memory device using the same
34 6,989,766 Smart traffic signal system
35 6,989,709 CMOS low voltage high-speed differential amplifier
36 6,989,696 System and method for synchronizing divide-by counters
37 6,989,685 Method and system for maintaining uniform module junction temperature during burn-in
38 6,989,683 Enhanced endpoint detection for wet etch process control
39 6,989,607 Stress reduction in flip-chip PBGA packaging by utilizing segmented chips and/or chip carriers
40 6,989,575 Formation of arrays of microelectronic elements
41 6,989,323 Method for forming narrow gate structures on sidewalls of a lithographically defined sacrificial material
42 6,989,322 Method of forming ultra-thin silicidation-stop extensions in mosfet devices
43 6,989,321 Low-pressure deposition of metal layers from metal-carbonyl precursors
44 6,989,318 Method for reducing shallow trench isolation consumption in semiconductor devices
45 6,989,317 Trench formation in semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs)
46 6,989,308 Method of forming FinFET gates without long etches
47 6,989,297 Variable thickness pads on a substrate surface
48 6,989,282 Control of liner thickness for improving thermal cycle reliability
49 6,989,219 Hardmask/barrier layer for dry etching chrome films and improving post develop resist profiles on photomasks
50 6,989,117 Polishing pads with polymer filled fibrous web, and methods for fabricating and using same
51 6,989,105 Detection of hardmask removal using a selective etch
52 6,989,058 Use of thin SOI to inhibit relaxation of SiGe layers
53 6,988,882 Transfer molding of integrated circuit packages
54 6,988,808 Projector with color tape
55 6,988,533 Method and apparatus for mounting a heat transfer apparatus upon an electronic component
56 6,988,310 Method of assembling an interconnect device assembly
57 6,988,308 Method of initializing hard bias of a magnetic read head
58 D513,751 Disk drive bezel tray