IBM patents granted on 24 January 2012

116 US patents granted on 24 January 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 D652,835 Storage device cover
2 8,104,067 Apparatus for receiving and playing back data
3 8,104,049 Accessing a compatible library for an executable
4 8,104,047 Processing access requests for a disk drive
5 8,104,046 Polling adapter providing high performance event delivery
6 8,104,042 Load balancing of servers in a cluster
7 8,104,040 Automatic speed and processor capacity upgrade according to the workload
8 8,104,039 Method for balancing resource sharing and application latency within a data processing system
9 8,104,036 Measuring processor use in a hardware multithreading processor environment
10 8,104,030 Mechanism to restrict parallelization of loops
11 8,104,029 Method for computation-communication overlap in MPI applications
12 8,104,028 Method for JIT compiler to optimize repetitive synchronization
13 8,104,027 Architecture for generating intermediate representations for program code conversion
14 8,104,026 Compiler register allocation and compilation
15 8,104,022 Automated method for historical analysis of a memory state
16 8,104,018 Configuring a software product
17 8,104,014 Regular local clock buffer placement and latch clustering by iterative optimization
18 8,104,005 Method and apparatus for efficient incremental statistical timing analysis and optimization
19 8,103,998 Verifying non-deterministic behavior of a design under test
20 8,103,997 Method of employing slew dependent pin capacitances to capture interconnect parasitics during timing abstraction of VLSI circuits
21 8,103,993 Structure for dynamically allocating lanes to a plurality of PCI express connectors
22 8,103,989 Method and system for changing circuits in an integrated circuit
23 8,103,983 Electrically-driven optical proximity correction to compensate for non-optical effects
24 8,103,966 System and method for visualization of time-based events
25 8,103,959 Gesture exchange via communications in virtual world applications
26 8,103,958 User-configured management of IM availability status
27 8,103,956 Adaptive technique for sightless accessibility of dynamic web content
28 8,103,950 Structure and method for linking within a website
29 8,103,948 Method for providing both automated and on demand project performance measurements
30 8,103,930 Apparatus for implementing processor bus speculative data completion
31 8,103,911 Method and system for disaster recovery based on journal events pruning in a computing environment
32 8,103,910 Local rollback for fault-tolerance in parallel computing systems
33 8,103,907 Power architecture to provide power supply redundancy
34 8,103,904 Read-other protocol for maintaining parity coherency in a write-back distributed redundancy data storage system
35 8,103,903 Read-modify-write protocol for maintaining parity coherency in a write-back distributed redundancy data storage system
36 8,103,900 Implementing enhanced memory reliability using memory scrub operations
37 8,103,894 Power conservation in vertically-striped NUCA caches
38 8,103,884 Managing power consumption of a computer
39 8,103,871 Method and apparatus for pervasive authentication domains
40 8,103,863 Workflow management to automatically load a blank hardware system with an operating system, products, and service
41 8,103,860 Optional function multi-function instruction
42 8,103,852 Information handling system including a processor with a bifurcated issue queue
43 8,103,851 Dynamic address translation with translation table entry format control for indentifying format of the translation table entry
44 8,103,850 Dynamic translation in the presence of intermixed code and data
45 8,103,849 Reducing memory usage of kernel memory management structures
46 8,103,836 Snoop filtering system in a multiprocessor system
47 8,103,835 Low-cost cache coherency for accelerators
48 8,103,832 Method and apparatus of prefetching streams of varying prefetch depth
49 8,103,827 Managing processing systems access to control blocks providing information on storage resources
50 8,103,824 Method for self optimizing value based data allocation across a multi-tier storage system
51 8,103,810 Native and non-native I/O virtualization in a single adapter
52 8,103,796 Maintaining communication continuity
53 8,103,795 TCP/IP host name resolution on a private network
54 8,103,791 Synchronized communication in a data processing system
55 8,103,774 System and method for load-balancing in a resource infrastructure running application programs
56 8,103,758 Service processing apparatus, system, and recording medium
57 8,103,748 Rule-based method and system for managing heterogenous computer clusters
58 8,103,737 System and method for previewing hyperlinks with `flashback` images
59 8,103,733 Method of retracting an instant message
60 8,103,728 Database synchronization on a network
61 8,103,726 Analyzing email content to determine potential intended recipients
62 8,103,724 Method and program product for securing privacy of an e-mail address in an e-mail
63 8,103,714 Transactional quality of service in event stream processing middleware
64 8,103,705 System and method for storing text annotations with associated type information in a structured data store
65 8,103,661 Searching for a business name in a database
66 8,103,660 Computer method and system for contextual management and awareness of persistent queries and results
67 8,103,657 Locating and retrieving data content stored in a compressed digital format
68 8,103,653 System for locating documents a user has previously accessed
69 8,103,648 Performing searches for a selected text
70 8,103,640 Method and apparatus for role mapping methodology for user registry migration
71 8,103,624 Apparatus and method for automating the logging of table changes in a database
72 8,103,621 HSM two-way orphan reconciliation for extremely large file systems
73 8,103,574 Online offer and bid management with sealed bids
74 8,103,559 Maintenance of group shared inventories in a virtual universe
75 8,103,552 Dynamic content configuration for microbrowsers by state, resource allocation and user preferences
76 8,103,535 Evaluation of fitness for a contractual agreement related to provisioning information technology services
77 8,103,511 Multiple audio file processing method and system
78 8,103,481 Processing irregularly occuring data events in real time
79 8,103,454 Spatially heterogeneous stochastic petri-net modeling
80 8,103,414 Adaptive vehicle configuration
81 8,103,391 System for detecting interrupt conditions during an electric vehicle charging process
82 8,103,388 System for prediction and communication of environmentally induced power useage limitation
83 8,103,291 Leveraging location based services for power conservation in multi-mode wireless communication devices
84 8,103,257 Data transmission method and system
85 8,103,132 Fast key-in for machine-printed OCR-based systems
86 8,103,125 Generating an amalgamated image including a static image and a dynamic image
87 8,102,987 Adjusting music length to expected waiting time while caller is on hold
88 8,102,982 Credit card activation processing system and method
89 8,102,939 Link adaptation
90 8,102,884 Direct inter-thread communication buffer that supports software controlled arbitrary vector operand selection in a densely threaded network on a chip
91 8,102,855 Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric supporting concurrent operations of varying broadcast scope
92 8,102,753 Method for forming deformed regions in a resin layer
93 8,102,724 Setting controller VREF in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
94 8,102,651 Airflow barriers for efficient cooling of memory modules
95 8,102,617 Method for transporting a tape cartridge within a tape library storage system utilizing a curved rack section and independently rotatable teeth
96 8,102,599 Fabrication of optical filters integrated with injection molded microlenses
97 8,102,547 Method, apparatus, and program to prevent computer recognition of data
98 8,102,391 Hybrid rendering of image data utilizing streaming geometry frontend interconnected to physical rendering backend through dynamic accelerated data structure generator
99 8,102,389 Box casting using an integrated acceleration data structure
100 8,102,369 Method and apparatus for dynamically modifying web page display for mobile devices
101 8,102,273 Guidance system by detecting tapped location
102 8,102,246 Resetting a target device
103 8,102,238 Using an RFID device to enhance security by determining whether a person in a secure area is accompanied by an authorized person
104 8,102,236 Thin film inductor with integrated gaps
105 8,102,194 Dual frequency divider having phase-shifted inputs and outputs
106 8,102,169 Cable tracing system and method for cable management
107 8,102,042 Reducing plating stub reflections in a chip package using resistive coupling
108 8,102,033 Reduced soft error rate through metal fill and placement
109 8,101,856 Quantum well GaP/Si tandem photovoltaic cells
110 8,101,518 Method and process for forming a self-aligned silicide contact
111 8,101,505 Programmable electrical fuse
112 8,101,494 Structure, design structure and method of manufacturing a structure having VIAS and high density capacitors
113 8,101,474 Structure and method of forming buried-channel graphene field effect device
114 8,101,456 Method to reduce a via area in a phase change memory cell
115 8,101,236 Method of fabricating a SiCOH dielectric material with improved toughness and improved Si-C bonding
116 8,101,150 Control of carbon nanotube diameter using CVD or PECVD growth