IBM patents granted on 24 January 2017

106 US patents granted on 24 January 2017 and assigned to IBM

1 9,554,477 Tamper-respondent assemblies with enclosure-to-board protection
2 9,554,474 Debug probing device and technique for use with flexible rework device
3 9,554,402 Freeing up mobile network for important phone calls in case of disaster
4 9,554,273 User identification on a touchscreen device
5 9,553,943 Dynamic push notifications based on indoor micro-locations
6 9,553,893 Enhanced message security
7 9,553,877 Installing virtual machines within different communication pathways to access protected resources
8 9,553,850 Multi-tenant secure separation of data in a cloud-based application
9 9,553,810 Dynamic reconfiguration of network devices for outage prediction
10 9,553,797 Message path selection within a network
11 9,553,789 Inter-node communication scheme for sharing node operating status
12 9,553,785 Smart migration of overperforming operators of a streaming application to virtual machines in a cloud
13 9,553,784 Selection of message passing collectives in presence of system noise
14 9,553,782 Dynamically modifying quality of service levels for resources running in a networked computing environment
15 9,553,771 Bloom filter index for device discovery
16 9,553,765 Geospatial based management of configuration profiles
17 9,553,720 Using key material protocol services transparently
18 9,553,584 Level-shifting latch
19 9,553,429 System for inserting and removing cables
20 9,553,348 On-chip vertical three dimensional microstrip line with characteristic impedance tuning technique and design structures
21 9,553,257 Linear MRAM device with a self-aligned bottom contact
22 9,553,173 Asymmetric finFET memory access transistor
23 9,553,166 Asymmetric III-V MOSFET on silicon substrate
24 9,553,157 Diffusion-controlled oxygen depletion of semiconductor contact interface
25 9,553,153 Post growth defect reduction for heteroepitaxial materials
26 9,553,128 Linear MRAM device with a self-aligned bottom contact
27 9,553,107 Shallow extension junction
28 9,553,093 Spacer for dual epi CMOS devices
29 9,553,088 Forming semiconductor device with close ground rules
30 9,553,079 Flip chip assembly with connected component
31 9,553,056 Semiconductor chip having tampering feature
32 9,553,044 Electrically conductive interconnect including via having increased contact surface area
33 9,553,019 Airgap protection layer for via alignment
34 9,553,015 Fabrication of III-V-on-insulator platforms for semiconductor devices
35 9,553,008 Methods to reduce debonding forces on flexible semiconductor films disposed on vapor-releasing adhesives
36 9,552,988 Tone inverted directed self-assembly (DSA) fin patterning
37 9,552,961 Scanning transmission electron microscope having multiple beams and post-detection image correction
38 9,552,869 Random access memory with pseudo-differential sensing
39 9,552,851 Current-mode sense amplifier
40 9,552,841 Magnetic tape servo format allowing for increased linear tape density and systems thereof
41 9,552,814 Visual voice search
42 9,552,810 Customizable and individualized speech recognition settings interface for users with language accents
43 9,552,661 Distinguishing superimposed links to a node by spreading connection points of links to node according to coordinates of bend point or opposite end point of links
44 9,552,595 System and method for item inquiry and information presentation via standard communication paths
45 9,552,561 Incorporating user insights into predicting, diagnosing and remediating problems that threaten on-time delivery of software and systems
46 9,552,542 Encoding information in multiple patterned layers
47 9,552,517 Tracking eye recovery
48 9,552,512 Personalized, automated receptionist
49 9,552,480 Managing software deployment
50 9,552,451 Cross-hierarchy interconnect adjustment for power recovery
51 9,552,449 Dynamic fault model generation for diagnostics simulation and pattern generation
52 9,552,446 Mapping circuits
53 9,552,442 Visual meme tracking for social media analysis
54 9,552,441 Database mapping of models for reporting tools in model driven development
55 9,552,429 Product evaluation system featuring user context analysis
56 9,552,410 Document order management via relaxed node indexing
57 9,552,402 System and method for exporting data to web-based applications
58 9,552,401 ETL tool interface for remote mainframes
59 9,552,394 Generation of multi-faceted search results in response to query
60 9,552,389 Apparatus and method of semantic service correlation system
61 9,552,386 Reducing lock occurrences in server/database systems
62 9,552,381 Limiting the rendering of instances of recursive elements in view output
63 9,552,372 Mapping infrastructure layout between non-corresponding datasets
64 9,552,360 Resource reconciliation based on external factors
65 9,552,358 Guiding a user to identified content in a document
66 9,552,349 Methods and apparatus for performing spelling corrections using one or more variant hash tables
67 9,552,346 Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature
68 9,552,344 Producing visualizations of elements in works of literature
69 9,552,333 Identification of multimedia content in paginated data using metadata
70 9,552,330 Indicating a page number of an active document page within a document
71 9,552,324 Dynamic data collection communication between adapter functions
72 9,552,319 System interconnect dynamic scaling handshake using spare bit-lane
73 9,552,312 Executing virtual functions using memory-based data in a PCI express SR-IOV and MR-IOV environment
74 9,552,305 Compacting dispersed storage space
75 9,552,304 Maintaining command order of address translation cache misses and subsequent hits
76 9,552,296 Verifying shared memory integrity
77 9,552,291 Memory management method
78 9,552,278 Configurable code fingerprint
79 9,552,264 Server-side failover between dedicated VNIC servers
80 9,552,263 System, apparatus, and method to dynamically change system recoveries based on system load
81 9,552,262 Method, system and program product for deploying and allocating an autonomic sensor network ecosystem
82 9,552,261 Recovering data from microslices in a dispersed storage network
83 9,552,243 Detecting an abnormal subsequence in a data sequence
84 9,552,236 Tasks.sub.–RCU detection of tickless user mode execution as a quiescent state
85 9,552,223 Post-return asynchronous code execution
86 9,552,222 Experience-based dynamic sequencing of process options
87 9,552,218 Network resource management system utilizing physical network identification for load balancing
88 9,552,204 Context-specific view of a hierarchical data structure
89 9,552,202 Automated and heuristically managed solution to quantify CPU and path length cost of instructions added, changed or removed by a service team
90 9,552,196 Schedulers with load-store queue awareness
91 9,552,167 Raid array transformation in a pooled storage system
92 9,552,160 Preserving data availability and I/O performance when creating virtual raid volumes
93 9,552,158 Conditional stack frame allocation
94 9,552,150 Scroll bar control
95 9,552,146 Notched slider control for a graphical user interface
96 9,552,007 Parallel technique for computing problem functions in solving optimal power flow
97 9,551,981 Real-time monitoring, controlling, and optimizing electrical generation assets based on emission level measurements
98 9,551,924 Structure and method for fixing phase effects on EUV mask
99 9,551,780 Locating an object based on charging/response time
100 9,551,747 Inserting bypass structures at tap points to reduce latch dependency during scan testing
101 9,551,707 Gold ion beam drilled nanopores modified with thiolated DNA origamis
102 9,551,640 Wire-pull test location identification on a wire of a microelectronic package
103 9,551,583 Hybrid road network and grid based spatial-temporal indexing under missing road links
104 9,550,863 Polymers from stabilized imines
105 9,550,266 High speed barrel polishing device
106 9,549,996 Matrix incorporated fluorescent porous and non-porous silica particles for medical imaging