IBM patents granted on 24 July 2012

197 US patents granted on 24 July 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,230,516 Apparatus, system, and method for network authentication and content distribution
2 8,230,501 Controlling access to an automated media library
3 8,230,495 Method for security in electronically fused encryption keys
4 8,230,487 Method and system for controlling access to a secondary system
5 8,230,478 Flexibly assigning security configurations to applications
6 8,230,477 System and method for the automatic evaluation of existing security policies and automatic creation of new security policies
7 8,230,474 User specified parallel data fetching for optimized web access
8 8,230,455 Method and system for enforcing password policy for an external bind operation in a distributed directory
9 8,230,450 Method for executing a software routine identified in a task object
10 8,230,447 Enhanced staged event-driven architecture
11 8,230,446 Providing a computing system with real-time capabilities
12 8,230,445 Event management method and system
13 8,230,442 Executing an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment
14 8,230,441 Virtual world subgroup determination and segmentation for performance scalability
15 8,230,440 System and method to distribute accumulated processor utilization charges among multiple threads
16 8,230,439 Green computing interchange switching function
17 8,230,438 Dynamic application placement under service and memory constraints
18 8,230,437 Methods and apparatus for detecting deadlock in multithreading programs
19 8,230,435 Authenticating a processing system accessing a resource
20 8,230,434 Entitlement management system, method and program product for resource allocation among micro-partitions
21 8,230,433 Shared performance monitor in a multiprocessor system
22 8,230,432 Defragmenting blocks in a clustered or distributed computing system
23 8,230,430 Scheduling threads in a multiprocessor computer
24 8,230,429 Detecting a deadlock condition by monitoring firmware inactivity during the system IPL process
25 8,230,428 Data management job planning and scheduling with finish time guarantee
26 8,230,425 Assigning tasks to processors in heterogeneous multiprocessors
27 8,230,423 Multithreaded processor architecture with operational latency hiding
28 8,230,422 Assist thread for injecting cache memory in a microprocessor
29 8,230,419 Method, system and program product for capturing central processing unit (CPU) utilization for a process on a virtual machine
30 8,230,418 Computer program product for evaluating the workloads of installation plans in quantity by building a pre-requisite relation knowledge-base
31 8,230,413 Detecting incorrect versions of files
32 8,230,410 Utilizing a bidding model in a microparallel processor architecture to allocate additional registers and execution units for short to intermediate stretches of code identified as opportunities for microparallelization
33 8,230,409 Code optimization when using multiple reader locks and a non-reader lock
34 8,230,406 Compiler option consistency checking during incremental hardware design language compilation
35 8,230,401 Performing regression tests based on test case effectiveness
36 8,230,399 Method for system call interception in user space
37 8,230,397 Automated solution that detects configuration problems in an eclipse-based software application
38 8,230,396 Apparatus and method to debug a software program
39 8,230,393 Template model for metadata capture
40 8,230,392 Determining the reuse value of a service component
41 8,230,391 Correlating events emitted by software components
42 8,230,389 OSGi dynamic bundle generation at runtime
43 8,230,387 System and method to organize assets in a repository
44 8,230,385 Test effort estimator
45 8,230,382 Model based simulation of electronic discharge and optimization methodology for design checking
46 8,230,378 Method for IC wiring yield optimization, including wire widening during and after routing
47 8,230,372 Retargeting for electrical yield enhancement
48 8,230,356 Apparatus, system, and method for concurrent window selection
49 8,230,338 Game determination of tag relevance for social bookmarking
50 8,230,331 Differential dynamic content delivery with indications of interest from non-participants
51 8,230,326 Method for associating annotations with document families
52 8,230,322 Electronic spreadsheet for displaying and/or hiding a range of cells
53 8,230,321 System in an electronic spreadsheet for displaying and/or hiding range of cells
54 8,230,320 Method and system for social bookmarking of resources exposed in web pages that don’t follow the representational state transfer architectural style (REST)
55 8,230,317 Data protection method for variable length records by utilizing high performance block storage metadata
56 8,230,283 Method to test hold path faults using functional clocking
57 8,230,276 Writing to memory using adaptive write techniques
58 8,230,259 Automatic analysis of log entries through use of clustering
59 8,230,255 Blocking write acces to memory modules of a solid state drive
60 8,230,253 Byzantine fault tolerant dynamic quorum using a trusted platform module
61 8,230,249 Dynamic selection of server states for servers in a cluster of servers
62 8,230,238 Estimating power consumption in a computing environment
63 8,230,235 Selective encryption of data stored on removable media in an automated data storage library
64 8,230,228 Support of tamper detection for a log of records
65 8,230,224 Transmitting security data in multipart communications over a network
66 8,230,222 Method, system and computer program for deploying software packages with increased security
67 8,230,217 Method and system for secure collaboration using slepian-wolf codes
68 8,230,201 Migrating sleeping and waking threads between wake-and-go mechanisms in a multiple processor data processing system
69 8,230,199 Perform frame management function instruction for setting storage keys and clearing blocks of main storage
70 8,230,185 Method for optimizing cleaning of maps in FlashCopy cascades containing incremental maps
71 8,230,181 Multiprocessor computing system with multi-mode memory consistency protection
72 8,230,179 Administering non-cacheable memory load instructions
73 8,230,178 Data processing system and method for efficient coherency communication utilizing coherency domain indicators
74 8,230,176 Reconfigurable cache
75 8,230,139 Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
76 8,230,136 Multithreaded programmable direct memory access engine
77 8,230,131 Data migration to high speed storage in accordance with I/O activity over time
78 8,230,123 Using information on input/output (I/O) sizes of accesses to an extent to determine a type of storage device for the extent
79 8,230,122 Direct provisioning of storage devices to virtual OS partitions
80 8,230,117 Techniques for write-after-write ordering in a coherency managed processor system that employs a command pipeline
81 8,230,107 Controlling workload of a computer system through only external monitoring
82 8,230,086 Hidden group membership in clustered computer system
83 8,230,082 Methods and apparatus for randomization of periodic behavior in communication network
84 8,230,078 Accept and receive enhancements
85 8,230,077 Hypervisor-based facility for communicating between a hardware management console and a logical partition
86 8,230,069 Server and storage-aware method for selecting virtual machine migration targets
87 8,230,066 Location independent backup of data from mobile and stationary computers in wide regions regarding network and server activities
88 8,230,060 Web browser security
89 8,230,048 Client device configuration with hooks
90 8,230,045 System, method, and computer program for determining whether object is genuine or fake in metaverse
91 8,230,042 Policy based auditing of workflows
92 8,230,028 Propagation control system and method
93 8,230,027 Method and apparatus for utilizing portable e-mail addresses
94 8,230,023 Managing email disk usage based on user specified conditions
95 8,230,021 Systems and methods for creating programmable reply functions for an instant messaging client
96 8,230,019 Alerting electronic mail users of undeliverable recipients
97 8,230,017 Optimal page sharing in a collaborative environment
98 8,230,013 Extending name space size of legacy group communication systems
99 8,229,999 Analyzing anticipated value and effort in using cloud computing to process a specified workload
100 8,229,994 Method, system, and program product for providing automatic group subscriptions
101 8,229,993 Method for performing decimal division
102 8,229,992 Fused booth encoder multiplexer
103 8,229,990 Method and structure for producing high performance linear algebra routines using a hybrid full-packed storage format
104 8,229,989 Method for controlling rounding modes in single instruction multiple data (SIMD) floating-point units
105 8,229,972 Extended data storage system
106 8,229,955 Database query optimizer that takes network choice into consideration
107 8,229,940 Query predicate generator to construct a database query predicate from received query conditions
108 8,229,936 Content storage mapping method and system
109 8,229,934 System and program for collecting documents
110 8,229,929 Cross-domain clusterability evaluation for cross-guided data clustering based on alignment between data domains
111 8,229,924 Statistics collection using path-identifiers for relational databases
112 8,229,920 Index selection for XML database systems
113 8,229,917 Database query optimization using clustering data mining
114 8,229,916 Method for massively parallel multi-core text indexing
115 8,229,910 Apparatus, system, and method for an inline display of related blog postings
116 8,229,903 Suggesting data interpretations and patterns for updating policy documents
117 8,229,901 Disk scrubbing
118 8,229,900 Generating a data structure for information retrieval
119 8,229,899 Remote access agent for caching in a SAN file system
120 8,229,897 Restoring a file to its proper storage tier in an information lifecycle management environment
121 8,229,895 Preservation management of digital content
122 8,229,891 Method, apparatus and computer program for model-driven message parsing
123 8,229,890 Opening document stored at multiple database replicas
124 8,229,886 Continuously available program replicas
125 8,229,882 System and method for business intelligence metadata exchange
126 8,229,867 Bit-selection for string-based genetic algorithms
127 8,229,865 Method and apparatus for hybrid tagging and browsing annotation for multimedia content
128 8,229,853 Dynamic itinerary-driven profiling for preventing unauthorized card transactions
129 8,229,836 Method and apparatus for facilitating business processes
130 8,229,814 System for processing a purchase request for goods or services
131 8,229,778 Constructing change plans from component interactions
132 8,229,775 Processing of provenance data for automatic discovery of enterprise process information
133 8,229,765 Automatically assessing drug interactions while protecting patient privacy
134 8,229,737 Name classifier technique
135 8,229,736 Transforming a natural language request for modifying a set of subscriptions for a publish/subscribe topic string
136 8,229,731 Systems and methods for fast and memory efficient machine translation using statistical integrated phase lattice
137 8,229,729 Machine translation in continuous space
138 8,229,727 System and method for incorporating design behavior and external stimulus in microprocessor emulation model feedback using a shared memory
139 8,229,713 Methods and techniques for creating and visualizing thermal zones
140 8,229,691 Method for using real-time APC information for an enhanced lot sampling engine
141 8,229,683 Test circuit for bias temperature instability recovery measurements
142 8,229,593 Document destruction management
143 8,229,400 Granular control over access to data by a device
144 8,229,396 Wireless service purchasing system
145 8,229,251 Pre-processing optimization of an image processing system
146 8,229,191 Systems and methods for metadata embedding in streaming medical data
147 8,229,168 Fast license plate verifier
148 8,229,158 Method, system, and program product for determining a state of a shopping receptacle
149 8,229,083 Method and system for automatically connecting to conference calls
150 8,229,082 Awareness and negotiation of preferences for improved messaging
151 8,229,081 Dynamically publishing directory information for a plurality of interactive voice response systems
152 8,228,948 Segmenting data packets for over-network transmission at adjustable fragment boundary
153 8,228,913 Implementing system to system communication in a switchless non-IB compliant environment using InfiniBand multicast facilities
154 8,228,898 Method and system for distributed call recording
155 8,228,830 Using a transmission control protocol (TCP) channel to save power for virtual private networks (VPNs) that use user datagram protocol (UDP)
156 8,228,825 Delivering unified user experience by automatically teaming up information appliances with general purpose PC through internet
157 8,228,805 Systems for detecting nagling on a TCP network connection
158 8,228,713 SRAM having wordline up-level voltage adjustable to assist bitcell stability and design structure for same
159 8,228,706 Magnetic shift register memory device
160 8,228,635 Friction engaged tilting roller bearing tape guidance
161 8,228,532 Hardware controlled one-time write for fiscal printers
162 8,228,380 Informing a driver or an owner of a vehicle of visible problems detected by outside video sources
163 8,228,359 Device, method and computer program product for responding to media conference deficiencies
164 8,228,345 Hand image feedback method and system
165 8,228,269 Inspection device and inspection method for active matrix panel, and manufacturing method for active matrix organic light emitting diode panel
166 8,228,213 Data compression system and associated methods
167 8,228,171 Methods and systems for RFID tag geographical location using beacon tags and listening tags
168 8,228,170 Using sensors to identify objects placed on a surface
169 8,228,112 Switch with reduced insertion loss
170 8,227,918 Robust FBEOL and UBM structure of C4 interconnects
171 8,227,896 Resistive switching in nitrogen-doped MgO
172 8,227,891 Striped on-chip inductor
173 8,227,874 Semiconductor transistors having high-K gate dielectric layers and metal gate electrodes
174 8,227,870 Method and structure for gate height scaling with high-k/metal gate technology
175 8,227,867 Body contacted hybrid surface semiconductor-on-insulator devices
176 8,227,865 Low cost fabrication of double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with built-in shallow trench isolation in back gate layer
177 8,227,849 Method and structure for creation of a metal insulator metal capacitor
178 8,227,844 Low lag transfer gate device
179 8,227,792 Relaxed low-defect SGOI for strained SI CMOS applications
180 8,227,774 Method and system for feature function aware priority printing
181 8,227,339 Creation of vias and trenches with different depths
182 8,227,336 Structure with self aligned resist layer on an interconnect surface and method of making same
183 8,227,333 Ni plating of a BLM edge for Pb-free C4 undercut control
184 8,227,318 Integration of multiple gate oxides with shallow trench isolation methods to minimize divot formation
185 8,227,316 Method for manufacturing double gate finFET with asymmetric halo
186 8,227,311 Method of forming enhanced capacitance trench capacitor
187 8,227,310 Integrated circuits comprising an active transistor electrically connected to a trench capacitor by an overlying contact and methods of making
188 8,227,307 Method for removing threshold voltage adjusting layer with external acid diffusion process
189 8,227,304 Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) structure and method of forming the SOI structure using a bulk semiconductor starting wafer
190 8,227,301 Semiconductor device structures with floating body charge storage and methods for forming such semiconductor device structures
191 8,227,300 Semiconductor switching circuit employing quantum dot structures
192 8,227,264 Reworkable electronic device assembly and method
193 8,227,180 Photolithography focus improvement by reduction of autofocus radiation transmission into substrate
194 8,227,171 Photosensitive self-assembled monolayer for selective placement of hydrophilic structures
195 8,226,985 Surface modified nanoparticles, methods of their preparation, and uses thereof for gene and drug delivery
196 8,226,838 Method of forming polymer features by directed self-assembly of block copolymers
197 8,226,414 Generating policy driven meal plans