IBM patents granted on 24 June 2014

107 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,763,147 Data security in a multi-nodal environment
2 8,763,104 Establishing and maintaining an improved Single Sign-on (SSO) facility
3 8,763,092 Implementing secured, event-based layered logout from a computer system
4 8,763,012 Scalable, parallel processing of messages while enforcing custom sequencing criteria
5 8,763,006 Dynamic generation of processes in computing environments
6 8,763,003 Methods and apparatus for detecting deadlock in multithreading programs
7 8,762,998 Computing job management based on priority and quota
8 8,762,993 Method, system and program product for capturing central processing unit (CPU) utilization for a virtual machine
9 8,762,989 Application runtime expert for deployment of an application on multiple computer systems
10 8,762,971 Servicing a production program in an integrated development environment
11 8,762,970 Method, computer program and computer system for assisting in analyzing program
12 8,762,968 Prefetching irregular data references for software controlled caches
13 8,762,965 Simplifying the deployment and serviceability of commercial software environments
14 8,762,955 Event management in a non-stop debugging environment
15 8,762,954 Event management in a non-stop debugging environment
16 8,762,945 Method for managing lifecycles for virtual image assets
17 8,762,944 Build process management system
18 8,762,937 Model driven deployment of composite applications
19 8,762,919 Circuit macro placement using macro aspect ratio based on ports
20 8,762,911 Layout and design system for increasing electric current in CMOS inverters
21 8,762,841 Contextual alert bubbles for alert management
22 8,762,805 Decoding encoded data containing integrated data and header protection
23 8,762,803 Implementing enhanced pseudo random pattern generators with hierarchical linear feedback shift registers (LFSRs)
24 8,762,790 Enhanced dump data collection from hardware fail modes
25 8,762,786 Server throttled client debugging
26 8,762,783 Error identification
27 8,762,781 Method and apparatus useful in manufacturing test case operations
28 8,762,777 Supporting detection of failure event
29 8,762,776 Recovering from a thread hang
30 8,762,743 Encrypting data objects to back-up
31 8,762,724 Website authentication
32 8,762,706 Computer systems, methods and program product for multi-level communications
33 8,762,681 Blocked based end-to-end data protection for extended count key data (ECKD)
34 8,762,680 Scaling energy use in a virtualized environment
35 8,762,674 Storage in tiered environment for colder data segments
36 8,762,667 Optimization of data migration between storage mediums
37 8,762,663 Transparent input / output switching between synchronously mirrored storage volumes
38 8,762,655 Optimizing output vector data generation using a formatted matrix data structure
39 8,762,651 Maintaining cache coherence in a multi-node, symmetric multiprocessing computer
40 8,762,650 Prefetching tracks using multiple caches
41 8,762,646 Destaging of write ahead data set tracks
42 8,762,645 Destaging of write ahead data set tracks
43 8,762,634 Efficiently restoring data from a sequential-access backup archive
44 8,762,615 Dequeue operation using mask vector to manage input/output interruptions
45 8,762,602 Variable-length code (VLC) bitstream parsing in a multi-core processor with buffer overlap regions
46 8,762,539 Semantic- and preference-based planning of cloud service templates
47 8,762,538 Workload-aware placement in private heterogeneous clouds
48 8,762,525 Managing risk in resource over-committed systems
49 8,762,503 Best practices analysis of zones and components in a network
50 8,762,438 Composition of decimal floating point data
51 8,762,428 Rapidly deploying virtual database applications using data model analysis
52 8,762,427 Settlement house data management system
53 8,762,426 Method and system of adapting a data model to a user interface component
54 8,762,424 Generating views of subsets of nodes of a schema
55 8,762,417 Event impact analysis
56 8,762,401 System and method for automated data retrieval based on data placed in clipboard memory
57 8,762,399 Hash collision reduction system
58 8,762,352 Data depulication using short term history
59 8,762,339 Disaster recovery utilizing collapsible virtualized capacity
60 8,762,314 Predictions using aggregate information
61 8,762,309 Storage policy evaluation in a computing environment
62 8,762,250 Asset management system to monitor and control greenhouse gas emissions
63 8,762,235 Apparatus, methods and computer programs for metering and accounting for services accessed over a network
64 8,762,205 Method for delivering businesses enterprises advertising via instant messaging
65 8,762,137 Target voice extraction method, apparatus and program product
66 8,762,126 Analyzing simulated operation of a computer
67 8,762,125 Emulated multi-tasking multi-processor channels implementing standard network protocols
68 8,762,108 Real time device evaluation
69 8,762,060 Pervasive network for environmental sensing
70 8,761,923 Segregating wafer carrier types in semiconductor storage devices
71 8,761,827 Layered control of service interface for a breakout component in a mobile data network
72 8,761,818 Converged dialog in hybrid mobile applications
73 8,761,735 Authenticating identity of caller
74 8,761,517 Human activity determination from video
75 8,761,475 System and method for automatic recognition and labeling of anatomical structures and vessels in medical imaging scans
76 8,761,451 Sequential event detection from video
77 8,761,374 Category based organization and monitoring of customer service help sessions
78 8,761,018 Systems and methods for throttling a fabric login in a Fibre Channel adapter
79 8,760,863 Multi-rack assembly with shared cooling apparatus
80 8,760,831 Bi-directional back-to-back stacked SCR for high-voltage pin ESD protection, methods of manufacture and design structures
81 8,760,827 Robust ESD protection circuit, method and design structure for tolerant and failsafe designs
82 8,760,803 Low track pitch write module and bidirectional tape head
83 8,760,795 Linear recording tape with a reduced servo band width, and system and method for using the same
84 8,760,788 System and computer program product for fast recovery to a write state
85 8,760,781 System utility for controling data synchronization in a tape data storage system
86 8,760,245 Coplanar waveguide structures with alternating wide and narrow portions having different thicknesses, method of manufacture and design structure
87 8,760,186 Probe apparatus assembly and method
88 8,759,977 Elongated via structures
89 8,759,976 Structure with sub-lithographic random conductors as a physical unclonable function
90 8,759,963 Underfill material dispensing for stacked semiconductor chips
91 8,759,961 Underfill material dispensing for stacked semiconductor chips
92 8,759,916 Field effect transistor and a method of forming the transistor
93 8,759,824 Semiconductor structure and circuit including ordered arrangement of graphene nanoribbons, and methods of forming same
94 8,759,415 Aromatic vinyl ether based reverse-tone step and flash imprint lithography
95 8,759,220 Patterning process
96 8,759,213 Buried metal-semiconductor alloy layers and structures and methods for fabrication thereof
97 8,759,210 Control of silver in C4 metallurgy with plating process
98 8,759,200 Methods and apparatus for selective epitaxy of Si-containing materials and substitutionally doped crystalline Si-containing material
99 8,759,194 Device structures compatible with fin-type field-effect transistor technologies
100 8,759,175 Flash memory structure with enhanced capacitive coupling coefficient ratio (CCCR) and method for fabrication thereof
101 8,759,172 Etch stop layer formation in metal gate process
102 8,759,168 MOSFET with thin semiconductor channel and embedded stressor with enhanced junction isolation and method of fabrication
103 8,759,152 Configurable interposer
104 8,759,151 Fixture to constrain laminate and method of assembly
105 8,759,139 Buried selective emitter formation for photovoltaic devices utilizing metal nanoparticle catalyzed etching
106 8,758,962 Method and apparatus for sub-pellicle defect reduction on photomasks
107 8,757,063 Printing on used sheets of paper