IBM patents granted on 24 March 2015

199 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,990,961 Non-linearity determination of positioning scanner of measurement tool
2 8,990,957 Taking configuration management data and change business process data into account with regard to authorization and authentication rules
3 8,990,954 Distributed lock manager for file system objects in a shared file system
4 8,990,950 Enabling granular discretionary access control for data stored in a cloud computing environment
5 8,990,949 Automatic correction of security downgraders
6 8,990,940 Identifying whether an application is malicious
7 8,990,912 Authentication of data communications
8 8,990,904 Web-based security proxy for computing system environment scanning
9 8,990,903 Extension point application and configuration of a login module
10 8,990,899 Using a local authorization extension to provide access authorization for a module to access a computing system
11 8,990,893 Enterprise application session control and monitoring in a large distributed environment
12 8,990,884 Quantifying risk based on relationships and applying protections based on business rules
13 8,990,883 Policy-based development and runtime control of mobile applications
14 8,990,833 Indirect inter-thread communication using a shared pool of inboxes
15 8,990,831 Framework for scheduling multicore processors
16 8,990,830 Thread management in parallel processes
17 8,990,829 Optimizing virtual machine synchronization for application software
18 8,990,823 Optimizing virtual machine synchronization for application software
19 8,990,821 Task dispatching based on composite queue size and upper and lower compare values
20 8,990,819 Efficient rollback and retry of conflicted speculative threads using distributed tokens
21 8,990,816 Providing logical partions with hardware-thread specific information reflective of exclusive use of a processor core
22 8,990,810 Projecting an effect, using a pairing construct, of execution of a proposed action on a computing environment
23 8,990,794 Porting virtual images between platforms
24 8,990,791 Intraprocedural privatization for shared array references within partitioned global address space (PGAS) languages
25 8,990,790 Java native interface array handling in a distributed java virtual machine
26 8,990,786 Program optimizing apparatus, program optimizing method, and program optimizing article of manufacture
27 8,990,784 Determining control flow divergence due to variable value difference
28 8,990,782 Instrumentation of software applications for configuration thereof
29 8,990,781 Synchronization point visualization for modified program source code
30 8,990,780 Setting breakpoints in optimized instructions
31 8,990,775 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with dynamically displayed chat sessions
32 8,990,773 Retrieving revisions in source code from a plurality of revision history data sets
33 8,990,772 Dynamically recommending changes to an association between an operating system image and an update group
34 8,990,767 Parallelization method, system and program
35 8,990,766 Construction of object-oriented programming (OOP) patterns by behavior delegation
36 8,990,764 Automated analysis of code developer’s profile
37 8,990,736 Fast cursor location
38 8,990,729 Manipulating display of multiple display objects
39 8,990,720 Setting alert thresholds in the context of a real-time dashboard chart
40 8,990,714 Replaying captured network interactions
41 8,990,707 System and method for group control in a metaverse application
42 8,990,705 Color modifications of objects in a virtual universe based on user display settings
43 8,990,697 Associating file types with web-based applications for automatically launching the associated application
44 8,990,687 Database monitor replay
45 8,990,648 Optimized synchronous scan flip flop circuit
46 8,990,643 Selective posted data error detection based on history
47 8,990,642 Managing error logs in a distributed network fabric
48 8,990,641 Selective posted data error detection based on history
49 8,990,640 Selective posted data error detection based on request type
50 8,990,636 Detecting and resolving errors within an application
51 8,990,635 Detecting and resolving errors within an application
52 8,990,628 Unfusing a failing part of an operator graph
53 8,990,626 Method and apparatus for determining relevance of assignments in combinatorial models
54 8,990,622 Post-silicon validation using a partial reference model
55 8,990,621 Fast detection and diagnosis of system outages
56 8,990,620 Exposed-pipeline processing element with rollback
57 8,990,616 Final faulty core recovery mechanisms for a two-dimensional network on a processor array
58 8,990,610 Preferred resource selector
59 8,990,581 Preserving redundancy in data deduplication systems by encryption
60 8,990,567 Message originator token verification
61 8,990,545 Method, system, and computer program for analyzing program
62 8,990,541 Compacting Memory utilization of sparse pages
63 8,990,529 Method for optimizing cleaning of maps in flashcopy cascades containing incremental maps
64 8,990,528 Method for fast format of a fully allocated volume when copied from a space efficient volume
65 8,990,514 Mechanisms for efficient intra-die/intra-chip collective messaging
66 8,990,513 Accelerated recovery for snooped addresses in a coherent attached processor proxy
67 8,990,510 Read-copy update system and method
68 8,990,507 Storing data in a system memory for a subsequent cache flush
69 8,990,504 Storage controller cache page management
70 8,990,502 Write cache structure in a storage system
71 8,990,500 Storing the most significant and the least significant bytes of characters at non-contiguous addresses
72 8,990,478 Protection of one-time programmable (OTP) memory
73 8,990,452 Dynamic reduction of stream backpressure
74 8,990,450 Managing a direct memory access (`DMA`) injection first-in-first-out (`FIFO`) messaging queue in a parallel computer
75 8,990,439 Transport mode data transfer between a channel subsystem and input/output devices
76 8,990,415 Method and system for authenticating servers in a distributed application environment
77 8,990,388 Identification of critical web services and their dynamic optimal relocation
78 8,990,387 Automatic completeness checks of network device infrastructure configurations during enterprise information technology transformation
79 8,990,386 Searching virtual resources
80 8,990,385 Systems and methods for managing computing systems utilizing augmented reality
81 8,990,382 Problem determination in distributed enterprise applications
82 8,990,377 Method to effectively collect data from systems that consists of dynamic sub-systems
83 8,990,371 Interconnecting data centers for migration of virtual machines
84 8,990,349 Identifying a location of a server
85 8,990,332 Performance optimization of a publish operation
86 8,990,327 Location estimation of social network users
87 8,990,320 Method, apparatus and computer program for message handling
88 8,990,315 Sending messages with limited awareness of recipients
89 8,990,311 Enhanced instant message connectivity
90 8,990,306 Pre-fetching items in a virtual universe based on avatar communications
91 8,990,301 Broker designation and selection in a publish-subscription environment
92 8,990,294 File system optimization by log/metadata analysis
93 8,990,281 Techniques for improving the efficiency of mixed radix fast fourier transform
94 8,990,271 Specifying data in a standards style pattern of service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments
95 8,990,269 Intelligent client cache mashup for the traveler
96 8,990,267 Synchronization of artifacts across different domains
97 8,990,264 Policy-based management of storage functions in data replication environments
98 8,990,263 Policy-based management of storage functions in data replication environments
99 8,990,262 managing data center using web services
100 8,990,244 System and method of sensing and responding to service discoveries
101 8,990,217 Lossless compression of high nominal-range data
102 8,990,209 Distributed scalable clustering and community detection
103 8,990,205 Data caveats for database tables
104 8,990,192 Search engine optimization using a find operation
105 8,990,189 Determining relevant contacts based on expertise and availability
106 8,990,185 Evaluating reference based operations in shared nothing parallelism systems
107 8,990,173 Method and apparatus for selecting an optimal delete-safe compression method on list of delta encoded integers
108 8,990,170 Method and apparatus for detecting an address update
109 8,990,169 Statistics collection for database tables
110 8,990,158 Copy of replication status for synchronization
111 8,990,154 Request de-duplication for enterprise service bus
112 8,990,149 Generating a predictive model from multiple data sources
113 8,990,145 Probabilistic data mining model comparison
114 8,990,130 Consolidating multiple neurosynaptic cores into one memory
115 8,990,128 Graph-based framework for multi-task multi-view learning
116 8,990,120 Leveraging procurement across companies and company groups
117 8,990,093 Visualizing, navigating and interacting with audio content
118 8,990,070 Computer-based construction of arbitrarily complex formal grammar expressions
119 8,990,062 Method and program for estimating operation of program
120 8,990,058 Generating and evaluating expert networks
121 8,990,033 Monitoring operational conditions of a cargo ship through use of sensor grid on intermodal containers
122 8,989,854 Retrieving mental images of faces from the human brain
123 8,989,532 Integrated circuit package connected to an optical data transmission medium using a coolant
124 8,989,507 Bitmap compression for fast searches and updates
125 8,989,494 Reading order determination apparatus, method, and program for determining reading order of characters
126 8,989,387 Using identifier tags and authenticity certificates for detecting counterfeited or stolen brand objects
127 8,989,313 Adaptable receiver detection
128 8,989,198 Automatic address range detection for IP networks
129 8,989,182 Providing a virtual domain name system (DNS) in a local area network (LAN)
130 8,989,141 Transferring a session for user equipment to a different basestation running a needed edge application
131 8,989,067 Hosting edge applications at the edge of a mobile data network
132 8,989,057 Selective teleconference interruption
133 8,988,998 Data processing environment integration control
134 8,988,987 Technology for network communication by a computer system using at least two communication protocols
135 8,988,963 Intermediate circuit and method for dram
136 8,988,940 Structure and method for narrowing voltage threshold distribution in non-volatile memories
137 8,988,897 Electromagnetic interference mode stirrer
138 8,988,874 Cooling and noise-reduction apparatus
139 8,988,835 Contact recording tunnel magnetoresistive sensor with layer of refractory metal
140 8,988,817 Tape storage medium
141 8,988,815 Dynamically controlling magnetoresitive bias
142 8,988,806 Tape drive buffer utilization
143 8,988,798 Iterative data storage read channel architecture
144 8,988,769 Optical spectral filtering and dispersion compensation using semiconductor optical amplifiers
145 8,988,567 Multiple image high dynamic range imaging from a single sensor array
146 8,988,460 Displaying nodes visually offset from associated components
147 8,988,428 Representing a moving object in a three-dimensional coordinate system
148 8,988,427 Management of a history of a meeting
149 8,988,421 Rendering avatar details
150 8,988,299 Integrated antenna for RFIC package applications
151 8,988,257 Data compression utilizing variable and limited length codes
152 8,988,245 Cable management display
153 8,988,218 Self-detection of lost device status using device-to-device communications with one or more expected neighboring devices
154 8,988,216 Audio positioning system
155 8,988,193 Method and apparatus for locating tires using RFID
156 8,988,166 Structure and compact modeling of variable transmission lines
157 8,988,140 Real-time adaptive voltage control of logic blocks
158 8,988,139 Self-selected variable power integrated circuit
159 8,988,119 System, a method and a computer program product for electronic sub-integer frequency division
160 8,988,031 Dynamic configuration of a calculation function that optimizes dynamic reconfiguration-switching of windings in an electric motor
161 8,987,843 Mapping density and temperature of a chip, in situ
162 8,987,837 Stress enhanced finFET devices
163 8,987,827 Prevention of faceting in epitaxial source drain transistors
164 8,987,823 Method and structure for forming a localized SOI finFET
165 8,987,800 Semiconductor structures with deep trench capacitor and methods of manufacture
166 8,987,790 Fin isolation in multi-gate field effect transistors
167 8,987,789 Transistors having stressed channel regions and methods of forming transistors having stressed channel regions
168 8,987,740 Graphene photodetector
169 8,987,722 Self-aligned bottom-gated graphene devices
170 8,987,705 Carbon nanotube transistor employing embedded electrodes
171 8,987,693 High density memory device
172 8,987,590 Thin film solar cells
173 8,987,138 Nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanocrystals and method of forming same
174 8,987,135 Method to control metal semiconductor micro-structure
175 8,987,133 Titanium oxynitride hard mask for lithographic patterning
176 8,987,132 Double solder bumps on substrates for low temperature flip chip bonding
177 8,987,131 Formation of through-silicon via (TSV) in silicon substrate
178 8,987,130 Reactive bonding of a flip chip package
179 8,987,093 Multigate finFETs with epitaxially-grown merged source/drains
180 8,987,084 High density low power nanowire phase change material memory device
181 8,987,078 Metal semiconductor alloy contact with low resistance
182 8,987,073 Self-protected metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor
183 8,987,070 SOI device with embedded liner in box layer to limit STI recess
184 8,987,069 Semiconductor substrate with multiple SiGe regions having different germanium concentrations by a single epitaxy process
185 8,987,067 Segmented guard ring structures with electrically insulated gap structures and design structures thereof
186 8,987,031 Fabricating a small-scale radiation detector
187 8,987,010 Microprocessor image correction and method for the detection of potential defects
188 8,986,980 Fabricate self-formed nanometer pore array at wafer scale for DNA sequencing
189 8,986,921 Lithographic material stack including a metal-compound hard mask
190 8,986,918 Hybrid photoresist composition and pattern forming method using thereof
191 8,986,824 Structure including a material having a predefined morphology
192 8,986,596 Methods of forming nanoparticles using semiconductor manufacturing infrastructure
193 8,986,524 DNA sequence using multiple metal layer structure with different organic coatings forming different transient bondings to DNA
194 8,986,523 Biosensor capacitor
195 8,985,863 Method to reorder (shuffle) optical cable waveguide layers
196 8,985,847 Thermal resistance-based monitoring of cooling of an electronic component
197 8,985,785 Three dimensional laser image projector
198 8,985,437 Creation and management of dynamic quick response (QR) codes
199 8,984,897 Endothermic reaction apparatus for removing excess heat in a datacenter