IBM patents granted on 24 May 2011

97 US patents granted on 24 May 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,950,064 System and method for controlling comments in a collaborative document
2 7,950,041 Broadcasting for browsing the web
3 7,950,019 Method and apparatus for checkpoint and restarting a stream in a software partition
4 7,950,018 Synchronizing execution using a single-threaded scripting model
5 7,950,015 System and method for combining services to satisfy request requirement
6 7,950,008 Software installation in multiple operating systems
7 7,950,007 Method and apparatus for policy-based change management in a service delivery environment
8 7,950,005 Method and apparatus for performing versioning for loop, method and apparatus for collecting array range check information in basic blocks, method for modifying array range check information, method for optimizing array range checks, method for generating codes for array range checks, method and apparatus for eliminating redundant array range checks, method for selecting array range checks, method for modifying array range checks, method for collecting array range checks, and method for determining handling of array range checks
9 7,950,002 Testing a software product by initiating a breakpoint and executing a probe routine
10 7,950,001 Method and apparatus for instrumentation in a multiprocessing environment
11 7,949,997 Integration of software into an existing information technology (IT) infrastructure
12 7,949,994 Method and computer program product for viewing extendible models for legacy applications
13 7,949,993 Method and system for providing a visual context for software development processes
14 7,949,992 Development of information technology system
15 7,949,989 Methods, systems and computer program products for layout device matching driven by a schematic editor
16 7,949,983 High tolerance TCR balanced high current resistor for RF CMOS and RF SiGe BiCMOS applications and cadenced based hierarchical parameterized cell design kit with tunable TCR and ESD resistor ballasting feature
17 7,949,981 Via density change to improve wafer surface planarity
18 7,949,978 Structure for system architectures for and methods of scheduling on-chip and across-chip noise events in an integrated circuit
19 7,949,972 Method, system and computer program product for exploiting orthogonal control vectors in timing driven synthesis
20 7,949,971 Method and apparatus for on-the-fly minimum power state transition
21 7,949,968 Method and system for building binary decision diagrams optimally for nodes in a netlist graph using don’t-caring
22 7,949,957 Edit selection control
23 7,949,952 Method and system for providing user representations in real-time collaboration session participant lists reflecting external communications together with user representations in external communication applications indicating current real-time collaboration session participation
24 7,949,938 Comparing and merging multiple documents
25 7,949,936 Selecting advertising for a web page
26 7,949,935 Selecting and rendering a section of a web page
27 7,949,931 Systems and methods for error detection in a memory system
28 7,949,918 Asynchronous communication using standard boundary architecture cells
29 7,949,900 Autonomously configuring information systems to support mission objectives
30 7,949,894 Self-healing capabilities in a directory server
31 7,949,880 Secure remote password validation
32 7,949,879 Secure password entry
33 7,949,859 Mechanism for avoiding check stops in speculative accesses while operating in real mode
34 7,949,858 Multifunction hexadecimal instruction form system and program product
35 7,949,857 Method and system for determining multiple unused registers in a processor
36 7,949,853 Two dimensional addressing of a matrix-vector register array
37 7,949,836 Memory controller and method for copying mirrored memory that allows processor accesses to memory during a mirror copy operation
38 7,949,830 System and method for handling data requests
39 7,949,826 Runtime machine supported method level caching
40 7,949,806 Apparatus and method to provide an operation to an information storage device including protocol conversion and assigning priority levels to the operation
41 7,949,789 Distance extender for serial attached SCSI and serial ATA
42 7,949,756 Method and apparatus for monitoring web services resource utilization
43 7,949,736 Centralization configuration of data processing systems
44 7,949,721 Subnet management discovery of point-to-point network topologies
45 7,949,717 Method, system and computer program for correcting e-mail messages with missing receivers
46 7,949,715 Method, server and program product for delivering messages
47 7,949,704 Administration of a broker-based publish/subscribe messaging system
48 7,949,702 Method and apparatus for synchronizing cookies across multiple client machines
49 7,949,694 Management of contract data
50 7,949,688 Method of recording and backtracking business information model changes
51 7,949,685 Modeling and implementing complex data access operations based on lower level traditional operations
52 7,949,681 Aggregating content of disparate data types from disparate data sources for single point access
53 7,949,679 Efficient storage for finite state machines
54 7,949,676 Information search system, information search supporting system, and method and program for information search
55 7,949,664 Method, system, and storage medium for providing web-based electronic research and presentation functions via a document creation application
56 7,949,656 Information augmentation method
57 7,949,654 Supporting unified querying over autonomous unstructured and structured databases
58 7,949,652 Filtering query results using model entity limitations
59 7,949,631 Time-based rebuilding of autonomic table statistics collections
60 7,949,610 Method and system for discovering dependencies in project plans of distributed system
61 7,949,608 Enabling a software service provider to automatically obtain software service
62 7,949,551 Processing of compensation scopes in workflow management systems
63 7,949,515 Automatically identifying unique language independent keys correlated with appropriate text strings of various locales by value and key searches
64 7,949,489 Detecting cable length in a storage subsystem with wide ports
65 7,949,482 Delay-based bias temperature instability recovery measurements for characterizing stress degradation and recovery
66 7,949,107 Method, system, and computer program product for providing privacy measures in instant messaging systems
67 7,949,008 Method, apparatus and computer program product for cell phone security
68 7,948,999 Signaling completion of a message transfer from an origin compute node to a target compute node
69 7,948,894 Data flow control for simultaneous packet reception
70 7,948,888 Network device and method for operating network device
71 7,948,817 Advanced memory device having reduced power and improved performance
72 7,948,782 Content addressable memory reference clock
73 7,948,757 Multi-fluid cooling of an electronic device
74 7,948,711 Article of manufacture to automatically clean a tape drive
75 7,948,706 Apparatus and method to adjust the orientation of a read head to correct for dynamic skew
76 7,948,535 High dynamic range imaging cell with electronic shutter extensions
77 7,948,373 Method for reducing power consumption of sensors
78 7,948,357 Free-space gesture recognition for transaction security and command processing
79 7,948,307 Dual dielectric tri-gate field effect transistor
80 7,948,211 System and methods to extend the service life of portable devices
81 7,948,196 Plurality of configurable independent compute nodes sharing a fan assembly
82 7,948,084 Dielectric material with a reduced dielectric constant and methods of manufacturing the same
83 7,948,083 Reliable BEOL integration process with direct CMP of porous SiCOH dielectric
84 7,948,077 Integrated circuit chip module with microchannel cooling device having specific fluid channel arrangement
85 7,948,051 Nonlithographic method to produce self-aligned mask, articles produced by same and compositions for same
86 7,948,050 Core-shell nanowire transistor
87 7,947,907 Electronics structures using a sacrificial multi-layer hardmask scheme
88 7,947,599 Laser annealing for 3-D chip integration
89 7,947,580 Hybrid semiconductor structure
90 7,947,566 Method and apparatus for making coplanar isolated regions of different semiconductor materials on a substrate
91 7,947,557 Heterojunction tunneling field effect transistors, and methods for fabricating the same
92 7,947,549 Gate effective-workfunction modification for CMOS
93 7,947,546 Implant damage control by in-situ C doping during SiGe epitaxy for device applications
94 7,947,425 Fluorinated vinyl ethers, copolymers thereof, and use in lithographic photoresist compositions
95 7,947,143 Method for providing uniaxial load distribution for laminate layers of multilayer ceramic chip carriers
96 7,946,763 Multi-layered thermal sensor for integrated circuits and other layered structures
97 7,946,760 Method and apparatus for dynamic measurement of across-chip temperatures